Posted by Akira Fudo on February 13, 2022
Posted by Akira Fudo on October 1, 2021
Today...the thought of You is particular intense♥️
Posted by Marco Bruni on August 24, 2021
RIP Brittany. You are always in our hearts. Jesus loves you.
Posted by Akira Fudo on April 8, 2021
It seems she has a bf in her last period.
Why this little mini kid didnt help, save &, especially, protect her???
If i just can take him wihh my hands....

So much rage & pain Italy
Even after these years...

Posted by Bella Blaze on March 3, 2021
I just heard the horrible news that Brittany has passed away. I was watching a video of Brittany and it made me think of her. She was such a good person and gave the best possible service to everyone around her. It comforts me at this difficult time that there are videos and pictures of her doing her favorite thing on the internet. I will send your mom the best pictures of you so that these pictures will go into the family album and your legacy will live on.
R.I.P. little angel
Posted by BOB BOB on August 15, 2020
I'll never forget when I saw your scene for the first time. I felt like I was touched in a way that I have never been touched before. R.I.P.

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