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This tribute was added by Joseph Shinkwin on January 15, 2020
Brother Michael was a pen friend, and inspired me very much. I used to continually update him with the progress of the group, the children, the litergy and personal event. Letters used to fly to Caldey and back regularly. The responsibility of the role of the Group Nurse seemed less, with Brother Michaels' involvement. He really was a very special person. I am so glad tohave met him.
Such a true inspiration. Rest in Peace.
This tribute was added by Bridget Hanlon on January 8, 2020
I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to sit and chat with Bro.Michael over the past few years. He was a truly humble, caring, compassionate, inspirational and deeply spiritual man. He will be missed by so many people, but his legacy lives on and will continue to grow.  Thank you
Rest in Peace Michael

This tribute was added by Rachael Hulks on January 8, 2020
I met my husband through HCPT and we have two beautiful girls. Without Brother Michael's vision, I might not have the life I have now. Thank you for what you created. RIP
This tribute was added by Peter Strode on January 8, 2020
I am overwhelmed by all these wonderful tributes that people have written about Michael, my brother. He was truly a very great man, but to him there was nothing more important than the person he was talking to or what they were saying. The number of people whose lives he has influenced directly or indirectly is vast, and known only to the good Lord. Michael suffered a lot during his last months, and bore his suffering with great patience. Thank God he is at last at peace.
This tribute was added by Phil Detlo on January 7, 2020
May Gob bless each and everyone of them who've changed their lives to do God's will.

To change in a better way the vision of those who do not know God yet for the better.

God have mercy on the soul of your servant.Amen.
This tribute was added by Gary Wright on January 6, 2020
I met Dr Michael while a helper with the Royal Navy groups during the 1980s. He was so kind and considerate to all. I remember a comment from one of our helpers after the meeting saying I think I have just met a saint.

I had to agree
This tribute was added by Glyn Lloyd on January 5, 2020
I met the doc as we called him, when as a pupil of chailey in the 1950s 1960s
he was always someone you could turn to when any problems arose, and in those days many did. As you can imagine being alone in a school with a strict regime, thier was all sorts of troubles, but not a lot of listeners===========he was one of the listeners. R.I.P. Doc 
This tribute was added by Stuart Bromham on January 5, 2020
My wife Pauline and I met Doc at Leyden House. A truly gentle and generous man who made a huge difference. Thoughts of a few nights when Doc bought drinks for volunteers at the Peacock are only surpassed by memories of seeing him with children in his care. A great man in so many ways.
This tribute was added by Rob Trent on January 5, 2020
I knew "Dr Strode" as a Chailey scholar from 1966-1975. He was a kind man and I remember him fondly to this day.
This tribute was added by Ann Aka Patsy Ann Goodhal... on January 5, 2020
A wonderful, gentle man. He was the calm eye in the storm.
I shall always remember him as the doctor with a white mouse in his pocket who reassured a small girl with a lovely smile and kind words.
This tribute was added by David Turner on January 4, 2020
Br Michael was a true friend and inspiration. I met him through another charity that he started in Sussex called the Leyden House Trust (1970-2008 approx.) When he was a doctor at Chailey Heritage he bought a house and encouraged one of the nursing sisters and her husband to move in and become a foster mum and dad. This provided a homely environment for some disabled children from Chailey and allowed them to experience living in a real house. I was one of those early volunteer helpers in the 70s, and like HCPT, the young army of volunteers met their future partners while caring for others. Doc, as we called him like all the Chailey children, often stayed as a volunteer himself so we all truly got to know him.

In 1979, he took a small party of very young Chailey children in a mini-bus to Caldey Island for a wonderful beach holiday which then continued annually for about ten years with Pat Hall.

Br Michael saw a need and filled the gap and in turn influenced so many lives through his generous heart. May he rest in peace.

This tribute was added by Andrew Keogh on January 4, 2020
Brother Michael, THANK YOU for fighting the Good Fight, for supporting the most vulnerable in society, for encouraging us not to rest on our laurels and for being a Great Ambassador for Christ's Merciful Love. We salute you for all of your service, encouragement and Inspiration throughout the years. Lots of Love, HCPT-POLAND.
This tribute was added by COLLEEN VENDRYES on January 3, 2020
Brother Michael invited us Windies to come to know the love and safety of Our Lady of Lourdes and Her Son. That changes lives. We none of us returned home the same as we came.

The warmth of Brother Michael’s welcome, the words of wisdom, encouragement and praise, the Prayer Cards.

We understood in a special way that kindness and goodness exist, God the Father is keeping watch.

So, farewell Brother Michael, please “tell those Angels we're coming toosie, toosie Children of the Lord.”

Walk Good.

This tribute was added by Peter Campbell on January 2, 2020
Thank you for the fantastic charity and legacy you leave behind. Please be reassured that your work will continue to flourish year after year.

May God take you home to Heaven to him All the saints especially our beloved St Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes and may you Rest In Peace forever

This tribute was added by John Wolff on January 2, 2020
His was a life of real prayer and service, of unselfishness and not a little suffering.

He deeply understood and very much wanted to share with us our need for God.

The rich harvest that Michael’s life yielded is a wonderful example of what can happen if we do so.

Let us choose to follow him.
This tribute was added by Marie-anne King on January 1, 2020
I first met Michael when he and Peter Keevney brought a small ,number of handicapped children from Chailey Heritage to Lourdes with the Schools pilgrimage in 1955. Soon after that the Trust was formed . Michael had a wonderful way with children and was great at coming down to their level. I don’t think I have met anyone so humble and so caring of everyone he met . Even towards the end of his life he was thinking about booklets and prayer cards that would help others. He has been a good friend and listener to me over many years and I feel privileged to have known him. He will be remembered with great affection, a truly holy man and loved by so many.
This tribute was added by Olivier RIBADEAU DUMAS on December 31, 2019
Arrivé il y a juste quelques mois comme recteur du Sanctuaire ND de Lourdes, je mesure tout ce que nous devons à HCPT et à son fondateur dans la manière de concevoir et vivre les pèlerinages en étant ensemble, en apprenant de la personne qui est à nos côtés, quelle qu'elle soit. Je demande au Seigneur d’accueillir dans sa paix son serviteur et de rendre féconde son oeuvre.
This tribute was added by David Silver on December 30, 2019
Doctor Michael, Brother Michael, his effect upon the lives of tens of thousands of people has been incalculable.
My own life and those of all my family have been enhanced in so many ways by Michael and HCPT.
His goodness, wisdom and vision are unparalleled and he remained humble and approachable for all his life.
We all have so much to be grateful for that it is overwhelming to begin to contemplate. Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Anthony McEwen on December 30, 2019
Inspirational, imaginative, visionary, humble yet determined and always with a twinkle in his eye Brother Michael has changed the lives of so many.
A chance encounter on the zig zag path early in my time with HCPT made me feel I was in the presence of a saint. Nothing has changed my view. And if the Vatican searches for a miracle or two in support of beatification or sanctification they only need to attend our next pilgrimage!
This tribute was added by John O'Reilly on December 30, 2019
Brother Michael had extraordinary vision when he started HCPT in the mid-1950s, he has been inspirational to all who followed; a Holy Man who understood the grace we receive from the helping hand of Our Lady of Lourdes.

My stand out memory of Brother Michael was at a Trust Mass probably 5 to 7 years ago, he walked with a slight stoop, slow but sure footed. I watched as he came to receive Holy Communion walking by himself among the vast congregation of the HCPT Family, his and our family. A tear came to my eye realising that this amazing annual event and the love we all share every day during our pilgrimage to Lourdes was because of this one man; it shows that if one believes in something strong enough, it can happen. Requiescat in Pace.
John O'Reilly, Irish Pilgrimage Trust.
This tribute was added by Dinah Simmons on December 30, 2019
What a lovely man! Had the pleasure of meeting him when I joined Chailey Heritage in 1976.
He was a caring kind and dedicated doctor there. We were so sad to see him leave there to follow his calling, but we knew it was what he wanted and many years on he is still in our hearts. 
My husband and I were only talking about him last week.
RIP Dr Strode.

This tribute was added by Paul O'Brien on December 30, 2019
Brother Michael was and will always be an inspiration to us all through his work in creating HCPT and giving children this amazing opportunity to experience the Shrine of Lourdes on Pilgrimage in family groups.
May he rest in Peace secure in the knowledge his legacy will continue to flourish.
Paul Merseyside and 133
This tribute was added by Elizabeth Bryan on December 29, 2019
Without Brother Michael none of us would have been able to share the joy of HCPT,wonderful memories,friendships and special times shared in our groups and in Lourdes. A humble man whose mission to enable people with special needs to travel to Lourdes and be able to have the same experience as other pilgrims grew to be the amazing achievement of HCPT. Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Michael KIng on December 29, 2019
I was so glad to have seen Michael Strode a couple of times earlier this year in Cardiff and to thank him for what he had done to create a fresh way of answering the call of Our Lady to come to Lourdes and to get closer to God. In addition to the immense work done over the last 70+ years by HCPT with and for disabled children - and later adults - the creation and development of HCPT has had a profound effect on the Hospitalité N D de Lourdes, on the Administration of the Sanctuaries and on many other pilgrimage organisations. 
Michael was always too humble a man to accept the fact that in creating the concept of the family group "travelling on holiday with Our Lady" he was a major innovator, as well as bravely insisting that "handicapped children" did not need to be housed in the Lourdes hospitals. He stands alongside Bernadette Soubirous as a truly inspiring person, unafraid to speak truth to power. He will already have been welcomed into Heaven by both those ladies.
To have worked with Michael as a trustee and group leader has been a real blessing in my life.
This tribute was added by Jonathan Strode on December 29, 2019
My dearest Uncle Michael will always hold a very special place in my heart. As a child, I recall the regular trips up to Chailey Heritage, in Sussex, where he worked as the senior Doctor for many successful years.

Our family used to stay in his flat at Red House, just down the road. Wonderful memories of swimming in the hot Chailey in- door pool, and the many walks we took on the downs together with my Father, Peter Strode and Mother, Marie-anne, who just happened to meet in Lourdes.

Michael was always so approachable, kind and understanding, providing sound advice for whatever the issue was. Having spent many years in various groups taking handicap children on pilgrimage to Lourdes, starting in Jet Set 2 with my dad, and moving into several groups in the coming years, I have vivid memories, and met many dedicated Christians, spending time with families such as the Holford's, Wolf's, Bennetts, the Bruce's and Bedfords etc.
Michael and I had a special saying for each other. We used to say, "time for a booster" which always made us laugh.

Having spent a very full life, I believe he is now in a much better place, with no pain and full of joy, worshiping and praising our Lord Jesus in heaven. I hope to see him in paradise in time, but until then, he will be missed by many many people whose lives he touched.

God Bless

This tribute was added by Anne-Marie Finn on December 29, 2019
Thank you so much for the ripples of love you created through HCPT. Due to my first pilgrimage with the trust when I was 17 I have made lifelong friends who l have amazing times with. Now as l enter my 60 th year l am still able to go as a pilgrim with HCPT making new friends and memories and seeing evidence of love and hope everywhere. You’re one act of starting the Trust has and will still create love and friendship across the globe. God Bless you always ❤️
This tribute was added by Tony Jarvis Jarvis on December 29, 2019
It is with great sadness that I learn of the death of Br. Dr. Michael Strode.
He was very helpful and good to me when I first joined HCPT as a Pilgrimage doctor; a role I continued in for 23 years. I always felt when in his presence that here was a saintly man.
Dr Tony Jarvis
This tribute was added by Simon Strode on December 29, 2019
Bro Michael, Uncle Michael and Godfather to me, you will be deeply missed. Such a caring person, always thinking of others first and from a family perspective, always showing great interest in our individual pursuits but always keen to help and offer advice in times of struggle or pain. His work and dedication with HCPT has been huge, I personally took part in the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes (group 33) in my teens/early 20's and have not been back for many years but always reflect on the trips, so many good memories and friendships made with helpers and children. I am sure this is the same with anyone that has travelled to Lourdes with the HCPT and Michael will be remembered, for creating what some might consider quite a unique experience with the HCPT annual pilgrimage! You are in our thoughts and prayers and rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Joseph McGovern on December 28, 2019
I am profoundly grateful that I met Brother then Dr Michael as a volunteer helper at Chailey Heritage in the 60s. I subsequently became helper, group leader (HCPT, Hosanna House and ASCPG) and Regional Chair and Trustee with HCPT so Brother Michael’s impact on me was immense, not to mention on my family since my siblings and later my wife and children have all enjoyed the gift of service as helpers. Brother Michael always brushed off compliments saying it was the work of others that made HCPT happen but he set direction and inspired in a way that had remarkable impact. A year after Brother Michael “retired” following a heart attack in 1986 I asked him if he would be well enough to act as our regional doctor (N.W. Met). He said he would be delighted. I learned in working with him that his focus was way beyond medical care, taking children safely to and from Lourdes. That must be done incredibly well but more importantly he would ask, does the child want to go on the Pilgrimage? Will they enjoy, be enabled, expand their horizons, make new friends and be changed by a week in Lourdes with Our Lady and other remarkable people? Thank you Brother Michael. We will miss you but I know there are many old friends welcoming you in Heaven today.
This tribute was added by Daniela Lattuada on December 28, 2019
"Deeply true thanks to you, Brother Michael. Thank you for creating,believing and supporting a project as HCPT. A nobel, special, unique project. I am deeply grateful to you because I am so lucky to be part of the family you created. I received and i still receive so much, and I hope I will be able to give back something, in my own small way. I will do my part, I will do the best I can, together with my travel companions, to carry on the awesome legacy you left us. May God hold you in the palm of His hands" Emanuele- CPT Italia
This tribute was added by Clare Gummett on December 28, 2019
I first worked with dear Dr Michael (as I will always remember him) at HCPT in 1972. I was Pat Porter's assistant, but a most important job was working with Dr Michael to put together the medication booklet which covered every child's needs for the pilgrimage - a copy was provided for each of the doctors (just in case) - and this was way before electric typewriters, let alone computers.  Gentle, caring, loving, respectful, intuitive, spiritual, but with a lovely sense of humour - what a soul - what a legacy! Rest in Peace.
This tribute was added by Paul McGinn on December 28, 2019
My first experience with HCPT and Dr. Michael was in 1964 (Group 11). He was someone with whom every person mattered and was listened to. His humility and love for all shone out. His brother Hugh taught at my school (St. Edmund's College, Ware). I believe Hugh has died. My condolences to his other brother, Peter. May the lovely Michael rest in peace and rise in glory
This tribute was added by Maureen Mullen on December 28, 2019
It was an absolute privilege to meet Brother Michael, a very gentle man, several times in Lourdes with Group 72 and also visit him on Calder Island just before his 90th Birthday. We both celebrated our Birthday on the same day. Thank you for having the vision to set up HCPT and for bringing so much joy and happiness to so many, and especially my daughters Katie and Keeley over the years. May you now Rest In Peace. You will never be forgotten. God bless and Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette pray for him xx
This tribute was added by Michael Burgess on December 28, 2019
The extended Burgess/Bruce/Flood/Wortley family will forever be grateful to Brother Michael. A dear and very humble friend, an inspiration and a personal counsellor for over 57 years, we will miss him and now we pray for him. On a note of some levity I can see him even now being welcomed with great joy (but also some solemnity) by all the many HCPT pilgrims - children, helpers, chaplains, group leaders, trustees, HCPT staff and many others - who predeceased him. What a great party that must be! May he now rest in the Peace of Christ.
Our Lady of Lourdes pray for him.
St Bernadette pray for him.
This tribute was added by Robert Haddad on December 28, 2019
God gained another Saint
May he rest in peace with all the Saints
Robert Haddad
Group 87 & 12
This tribute was added by Peter Fitch on December 28, 2019
When I was a Child I went twice with the HCPT and then as a priest several times. I continue to go today with the HCPT. I have seen how it has changed my own life but also countless number to peoples lives. Thank you for what you started my God reward you for your goodness. Rest in Peace and rise in Glory Brother Michael
This tribute was added by John Flood on December 27, 2019
Farewell Brother Michael. Your foundation of HCPT has brought countless blessings to so many, but in my and Celia’s case, it led to our meeting in Group 24 and through this to our marriage 42 years ago and to 4 children who have themselves benefitted tremendously from their experiences within the Trust. This has included one marriage through a similar introduction in Group 42. What more could we have asked for than this and so far, 7 prospective helpers in the years to come!
There are a myriad of memories – those that stand out are Brother Michael’s visits to Group 24, including his engaging with the children in the Group, and my liaison with him during the planning of the Hosanna House Chapel Easter Window, when he borrowed the Abbot’s phone to make clandestine calls to me and incorrectly christened me “the great communicator”, an accolade that regrettably I have since singularly failed to fulfil! His influence on the design of the windows was typical of him and will live on for many generations to enjoy in the future.
It was an honour to visit him several times with one of his closest friends, Pat Hall, and most recently with Pat’s son, Fr Simon, and nephew, Julian, this August, when he held court for 2½ hours! I was privileged and delighted to have my last brief chat with him earlier this month. His interest and desire to engage and to influence the choices one made were remarkable even then.
His self-effacement and his humour coloured everything he did and his memory and engagement in the last decade were incredible. Perhaps his superlative legacy and its influence on all those who have been and will be part of HCPT, is best measured by the happiness and holiness his initiative has brought to every HCPT pilgrim and will bring to all their successors who follow in his gentle but resolute footsteps to visit Our Lady’s Grotto in Lourdes.
This tribute was added by Andy Nelson on December 27, 2019
For nearly 20 years I had the privilege of taking part in the HCPT pilgrimage. It transformed my life, as it did for so many, many others. I will be forever grateful for the work of Brother Michael in establishing this wonderful organisation.

May you be rewarded for your many good deeds and may you rest in the light of His Face.
This tribute was added by Maria Browne on December 27, 2019
We were honoured to have Bro Michael at our pre-pilgrimage meetings. He always had pearls of wisdom to offer. What a great thing he started. “For it is giving that you receive”.
Bro Michael may you reap what you have sown.
May he rest in peace.
Our Lady & St Bernadette pray for him , pray for us x
Maria 547
This tribute was added by Michael Halford on December 27, 2019
I was fortunate enough to visit Brother Michael a few months ago at Nazareth House and he was as humble and gracious as ever and so modest about starting an organisation that would change the lives of both children and adults alike. His work and dedication inspired everyone to make HCPT the wonderful and rewarding charity it is today that continues to grow in strength, faith and love. He certainly was my inspiration to lead a group and to make Easter the highlight of my year. Although he would not want it, I do hope that eventually a permanent monument to this great man will exist in Lourdes. If you see a bright star shining over Lourdes when you next visit, it will be this wonderful man smiling down. "Well done good and faithful servant". May you rest in peace with Bernadette and Our Lady. From all the helpers and children of HCPT Group 99.
This tribute was added by Sheila Price on December 27, 2019
Brother Michael . You were a golden light. You touched the hearts of more than you would ever know. God bless and be at peace you created something that will never end
This tribute was added by Ben Foy on December 27, 2019
I thank the Lord for giving us a model for christian living in Michael who integrated love of others, especially the children and sick; service to all - reflecting God's love in practice; and prayer which inspired all that he did and all that he was. He is one of my personal heros whose richness in reflecting God's presence i have been happy to share with so many other young people for 40 years.

This tribute was added by Lucy Honeyman on December 27, 2019
Your charity helped me to find my faith again ❤️ RIP
This tribute was added by Steve Briegel on December 27, 2019
My wife and I (both Chailey pupils) both remember Dr Strode very fondly. I first met Dr Strode when on his first round on my ward at Chailey in 1953. I went to Chailey in 1949 with TB and I didn't know at the time that Dr Strode had also had an attack of the ilness. Like all Chailey children I was to have much contact with the Doc until leaving at the age of 16.
I have many fond memories of him: for example the time he covered me from chest to toe with plaster of Paris as though he was creating a sculpture, much to the iritation of the orderlies who just wanted him to get on with it!
Then there was a great Christmas party at St Georges when the Doc charged in on roller skates dressed as Father Christmas!
All the children at Chailey were his family and he would often get stopped on his walk abouts for chats and he always had time for everyone.
I was lucky to be able to go to Lourdes on Dr Strode's second trip and subsequently two more.
All the Chailey children will have fond memories of Dr Strode, a man with the most amazing humanity who will always be remembered by those of us who were lucky enough to receive his care.
This tribute was added by Marie Marshall on December 27, 2019
I’m so lucky to be able to call you my god father. You have had such an impact on so many peoples lives. I still miss visiting you on the island and going for a strawberry ice cream which was always your favourite. ❤️
Every year I looked forward to you coming over to visit us on holiday in Tenby in our caravan for a 3 course meal and a game of bowls which you always let me win ❤️

Heaven has gained a true angel today. You will be truest missed here however we know you are where you have always wanted to be ❤️

I hope the island still keep their Harry Potter fan club going that you always told me about.

Rest in peace
This tribute was added by Alison Bebb on December 27, 2019
Sincere sympathies to all. Very sad news. He made the world a better place

Lots of love Luke and Ali
This tribute was added by Laura Hindle on December 27, 2019
I was very privileged to meet Brother Michael on a couple of occasions as I travelled to Lourdes as the Group Nurse of HCPT 72. He took his time to speak to our children and volunteers about love and friendship. He gifted us all a teddy monk from Caldey and reminded us of the wonderful memories we make in Lourdes, he also said about how we are part of God’s family. Our group remained in touch with Brother Michael in his later years, our children would write a postcode and send a group photo. Brother Michael was a truly humble man and who has left an incredible legacy behind, and the amazing work of HCPT will continue in his memory. RIP Brother Michael and many happy memories are yet to be created by our special children. God bless.
This tribute was added by Ruth Pandole on December 27, 2019
I never met Brother Michael myself but my husband was lucky enough to do so. Thanks to Brother Michael setting up this amazing charity I have met so many special friends, supported wonderful children and young adults on the most amazing trips to Lourdes and also met my husband which has led to us having two wonderful children. Thank you Brother Michael got your gifts. God bless you! 
This tribute was added by Angus Bruce on December 27, 2019
I have been going to Lourdes with HCPT for many years and have had the honour and privilege of meeting Brother Michael on a number of occasions. When ever I have met him, he has always made time to stop and talk to others. His down to earth modesty along with a great sense of humour and a kind word is what he has always been about, for me.
I feel truly blessed to have known him. His influence will continue through my life with HCPT and beyond. RIP BR. Micheal
This tribute was added by Gerald Murphy on December 27, 2019
Thank you Brother Michael for having the vision and love to see Lourdes through the eyes of children. Because of you many children and adults have experienced the love of God and Our Lady.
Please pray before the Lord for the continuing work of HCPT, so that many more children will also know the love of God.
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