His Life

from your sisters

from lele: bruce i miss u so much and it is so hard to live life when your whole world is gone i love you bruce and i will see u soon love always lele


from bre:bruce i love you and miss you love always bre

bruce and nicoles life together

wen i met bruce i just turned 18 i was liveing with his cousin david and davids wife melissa bruce had just got out of jail,wen i first saw him i thaught to myself i gotta have him bruce was a very sexy man he always new the right words to keep me close to him all the good times with bruce there are so many to mention i remember bruce as a fun loveing person who would do just about anythang for ne body he was a family man and had a great personality and was always fun to be around,i remember a time bruce me and our son zachary were liveing in iowa,he was working at tysons pig plant it was a friday and bruce had been at work all day he didnt come home from work he went streight to the bar and i had called him and called him and he still wouldnt come home so i had to call my dad to go get bruce from the bar and bring him home wen he walked in the door he was full of laughter couldnt stop laughing i told bruce your supper has been done for hours now its cold he laughed and said warm it up please so i did and then i went to give him his supper and it was hamburger helper beef stroganoff and buttered bread he laughed and said thats whats for supper so i said thats what u told me to make and then i took the piece of buttered bread and slapped him in the face with it lol he was laughing so hard he fall back in the chair..........bruce and i had alot of good times as well as bad times but more good times rather then bad

i love u bruce with all my heat and miss you sooo much

what the boys remember about you bruce

i remember when  dad helped me win that chucky cheese game,i remember when dad use to get in his wheelchair and take us out side and give us rides on his wheel chair,i enjoyed the times with dad and braidynn outside when i was rideing my spiderman bike dad baught me i miss u dad and i love u  i remember when dad hit bud in the head with a stick from zachary todd gunnels


i miss u daddy and i love u, and u r now in heaven,i remember when daddy use to help me with the mario game.i also remember wen daddy was in his bed and i use to climb up on his bed and kiss him,i remember wen i would get in daddys lap and we would go for a ride in his wheelchair i remember all the times daddy helped me i love u dad and i miss u from braidynn shane gunnels (buls)

always missed but never forgotten love u and miss u bruce from the gunnels nicole,zach,braidynn