Let the memory of Bruce "Skip" be with us forever.
  • 68 years old
  • Born on April 4, 1950 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on January 18, 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bruce "Skip" Koons, 68 years old, born on April 4, 1950, passed away on January 18, 2019. 

Skip is survived by his wife, Jo Ann; father, Jack; mother, Jeannine; sister, Lucier; daughter, Laura; grandson, Brandon; as well as numerous extended family and friends. 

No funeral services planned at this time. We are making arrangements to take his ashes to Arlington Cemetery Columbarium in Washington DC in May or June 2019.

Posted by Ajax Now on 24th January 2019
Skip20, although I did not know you long, I and so many others enjoyed your YouTube videos, postings, and the many conversations we had on the cars, their parts, and the back stories, of those experiences unique to DIY auto builders ..... Rest in peace in the Final Garage until God's Son calls you to shine your headlights again (John 5:28,29)... Together then, we may travel about with new and different ways we can not even now imagine... Regards, recog......
Posted by Audrey Wrushen on 24th January 2019
I will definitely miss this dude. I was looking forward to seeing him this year but God had a different plan. I always thought of him as the "older cool guy". Always coming to the office on his motorcycle, smoking a cigarette. Rough around the edges but a completely endearing soul. The ultimate handyman. He loved animals and sometimes he would bring the "dogchild" to the office. That was always a special event. The love and friendship that Jo Ann and Skip had was inspiring. I remember thinking "I want to have a connection like that with my future husband". My prayers are constantly going up for Jo Ann and the family. Thank you God for Skips life.
Posted by Bob Black on 23rd January 2019
Good Ole Skip HERE.. He would always answer the phone as Skip here.. SO that was what I called him... We had many many early morning chats and visits to work on projects over Skype. Attend shows and tinkers for hours. I 3d printed so many parts for his projects so he wouldnt have to learn how to use the software. Gizmo was always on his mind and I guess went everywhere he did.. I know he would not book a room in a hotel unless he could also bring Gizmo. His crazy add-ons sometimes drove me nuts trying to make them work. but as soon as he bought something he would disassemble it to make improvements spending hours on the YouTube researching anything to make it better...even if it was working perfectly. I will surely miss Skip HERE... we had many good times. A true friend,
Posted by Lucie Sharer on 23rd January 2019
Hello Brother, I light a candle as I cherish memories of you. I will always remember you in my heart as a loving, caring and forgiving man, your unique humor/smiles, relentless teasing and your amazing creativeness. You will be missed. I will always love you
Posted by SHERRY MOYERS on 22nd January 2019
Memories of Skip (Bruce) Koons: Skip was an excellent singer even ran his own Karoke biz in his younger days. His favorite Karoke song "I Did It My Way" is a testament to his philosophy of life. Remember singing with him at FOY Karoke in CA and Bullfeathers in Knoxville TN our "Country Roads" duet. Only Skip could get me up to sing! Skip had a certain charm when he found himself in a pickle. One time he was driving a carload of all women thru Parker AZ all directing him and he ran a stop sign in his frustration. Zap the blue light special was pulling him over. The cop walked up and stared in the window and Skip pointed to all us with his crooked smile. The cop said never mind pal no ticket this time and went on his way. He was lucky like that... So many Skipee stories to tell will have to return with more later. You will be missed!
Posted by PATRICIA MOYERS on 22nd January 2019
Skip was my son-in-law, and he really loved my daughter, Jo Ann and Gizmo, their pet dog. He was a good and kind man. He loved working on vehicles, repairing them. He turned their garage into a Work Shop. He often took trips to the junk yard to pick up parts for repairing vehicles or other items. He even created vehicles on his own, one of which was a 3-wheeler with a dog seat that Gizmo rode in on several road trips with Skip. That was a real sight! He also loved chocolate cake that I baked for him. He would pick up a Roasted Chicken at Cosco and deliver to me. One day I was not home, but he left it at my door on the front porch, then called me to let me know, "There's a 'bird' on my front porch!" His death was so sudden, and he left this world much too soon. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Eddie Henke on 22nd January 2019
Skip was and always will be my best friend! So many road trips and building kit cars and motorcycles/VW trikes, we never took time away from it. We'd go to car shows together, Pull-A-Part (You'd think we lived there), Home Depot, Harbour Freight, and down to bullfeathers bar Skip and I got into building CNC machines and 3D printers and Skip always had ideas that he wanted to do. He had some good ones and some off the wall ones, but that was what made him, him. Anytime I needed something, he would stop what he was doing and help me out, as I did for him. I still hear him calling me "The Edster"... We would talk on the phone for hours... I'm going to miss him a lot. He wasn't supposed to leave yet, we had made plans to see each other this summer. Thank you Skip for always being there and for being my best friend. You are truly missed and I know that you are in a much better place. One day I will see you again, and we'll resume what we had!!! Your best friend forever, Eddie
Posted by SHERRY MOYERS on 22nd January 2019
Skip was my brother in-law but he really felt like another brother to me. He really loved my sister Jo, adored her and was always good to her and our family. He was a good guy and had much to teach about living life and all his mechanical and technical projects. When I left TN just before Christmas he was feeling sick and I was worried for him. Little did we know our good-byes and HUGS and love yous would be our last... He is missed by Sherry & Annie & Lisa here in So CAL at FOY Spa where he loved sitting in Hot Tubs and talking with new friends. He was way to young to leave this planet. Love to Jo and rest of his family and friends. May he be at peace and pain free. See him on the other side.
Posted by Heather Sharer on 22nd January 2019
Written By Jo Ann Koons: Skip was my Heart, mi Corazon, me amore He was my Rock He was a good man He was kind & giving Yet fueled by justice & occasional tantrums. He was my best friend for 25 years My Buddy Gizmo’s Daddy, Laura’s Dad, Brandon’s GrandPa He had a good and strange sense of humor He was trainable And he taught me a lot, but not enough (time) to learn more He was smart in practical ways, I have the book smarts, and we were a Great Team. He was inventive and creative Sometimes lacking with the follow-thru he loved his projects from 3D printers to Bradley car building. He was fidgety and unfortunately a heavy smoker (of Marlboro’s). I actually miss his “bugging and irritating” as he called it. Gizmo does not cry and sob as much as me. Skip’s loving Spirit stays in our hearts Forever.
Posted by Heather Sharer on 21st January 2019
I light the first candle today in your memory. I'm going to miss you Uncle Bruce, I am so blessed to have had you in my life. You will forever be in my heart! R.I.P.

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