Let the memory of Bryan be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on August 13, 1968 in Santa Monica, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 2, 2013 in Reseda, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bryan Rodgers 45 years old , born on August 13, 1968 and passed away on December 2, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jeff Sill on 18th February 2019
I miss the good humor, common sense and trust. So little of that in the world. I miss you every day, brother.
Posted by Mark Sprague on 5th January 2019
BR - I always get emotional reading all these tributes. I think I'm happy that you touched the lives of so many people and to see how much you are missed but it also reminds me how much I miss you. Mark
Posted by Leslie Buell on 4th January 2019
Thinking of you today! I hope my Dad has found you! MIss you!
Posted by Rick Gari on 9th December 2018
Hey Bryan, Can't believe it's been 5 years. Nice to know you are still in the thoughts of loved ones and friends.
Posted by Bill Dusenbery on 8th December 2018
Posted by Mark Arthur on 3rd December 2018
Hey Bryan, Five years .... WOW! You are sorely missed down here. It's just not the same without you. You were an angel on Earth and now you're up there with the big Guy. Sometimes I still here your voice in my head, and it's welcomed.
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 2nd December 2018
Hi sweetie. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I last saw you. So much has happened (good & bad)) since you passed and that is when I miss you most. Watching the Kings is defintnot the same without you. Please keep an eye on us and keep us safe down here. See ya-
Posted by Jon Lee on 2nd December 2018
Hey Bryan, Can't believe its been 5 years, BUT not a day goes by we don't re- live the great times we spent together. Stark came out to the "Heartland" for a little football trip (Kansas- Kansas State) & Chiefs vs. your "beloved" Arizona Cardinals. Stark and I had a "terrific" time and yes you were there the whole time. We miss you terribly, and hope your calling balls and strikes, occasional penalty flag or whistle up there. We're still "keeping the faith" down here ! Love you buddy ! Stark/ Jon Lee
Posted by Bill Dusenbery on 15th August 2018
Bryan-another year and I miss you even more. Things in this world are really different. I miss the good old days and fun we used to have. Always, Bill Dusenbery
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 13th August 2018
Hi Sweetie!! Can’t believe you would be the big 50 today. I would like to think we had big plans to celebrate. Well at least you have more company this year. My mom and dad are there to join you. Miss you more and more every day. Love ya-
Posted by Andrea Rodgers on 13th August 2018
Happy 50th Birthday! 2018 started out rough and I even thought I might be joining you but I was able to push my luck one more time! I missed you coming to visit me in the hospital and I was in there a long time this go round. I just really miss you, always will.
Posted by Rick Gari on 13th August 2018
Hey Bryan. Happy Birthday. Will probably take the train to Del Mar race track next weekend. I still appreciate that tip.
Posted by Jon Lee on 13th August 2018
Hey Bryan, Stark & Jon Lee are offering our birthday wishes to you #50. We still remember all the good times. I hope all is well up there in the big sky. Football right around the corner, all the best times of our lives and you were a big part. God Bless you BR !! The memories will always be there for us !! See ya !! Stark/ Jon Lee
Posted by Jon Lee on 14th December 2017
Hey Bryan !! Its Stark and Jon Lee paying tribute to one of the greatest friends all could ever ask for. So fortunate to have you in our lives w/ all the memories and tremendous times we spent together. Stark And I will be at the Rose Bowl New Years Day wishing you were here w/ us, but you'll be there in "spirit" !! I hope the "big guy in the sky" is taking good of are of you !! You're probably officiating a baseball- basketball- football-volleyball game as of this writing. God we miss you as do all of your family and friends !! You made an impact on all of us ! God Bless and ALWAYS "Keep the Faith" !!! See Ya !
Posted by Jason L on 5th December 2017
Hey Big B, I think you're speaking to me through my neighbor....an AZ Card fan! Every time I see his banners and flags I'm thinking of you. And of course, especially of thinking of you this time of year. Sitting here talking about you with my family, which you'll always be a part of. R.I.P. bro
Posted by Brenda Craig on 4th December 2017
Hey Bryan! Learning to live without you is proving to be hard lesson. The only thing that eases the pain is the hope that we will have many more adventures in heaven. Thank you for being such a fabulous friend over the years. Love you much!
Posted by Bill Dusenbery on 4th December 2017
Bryan another year has pass, and I miss you even more. God threw away the mold when you came into the world. You are forever missed.
Posted by Rick Gari on 3rd December 2017
Hey Bryan. Hard to believe it's been 4 years. Every time I pass Little Toni's I remember how much you loved that place. Miss you buddy.
Posted by Charles Rubia on 2nd December 2017
Hey Bryan, hope everything is well up there. I believe everyone is missing you. Stay good up there. Happy belated birthday. Charles Rubia
Posted by Andrea Rodgers on 2nd December 2017
Hi Bryan, I miss you everyday and I can’t believe it’s been only 4 years. For me it seems longer, probably cause a lot has happened. I’m sure you’re shocked to see that I now live in Las Vegas, NV! You would’ve been a regular house guest I’m sure. Bran graduated and is in EMT school. Leanne is doing well, she stays with mom and helps her out. She also has a boyfriend, Timmy Lopez from around the block! I know we use to throw oranges at him & the DeQuires girls but he’s really been an angel and helps out a lot. Well that’s the update, miss you & love you- the Sister
Posted by Jon Lee on 27th August 2017
A belated "Happy Birthday" from your ever faithful buddies Stark & Jon Lee ! We saw each other earlier this summer and talked about the good times w/ BR. All is okay down here, kind of crazy times, but you are ALWAYS on our minds and we miss you terribly. Football season around the corner, plus success of your beloved Dodgers should be keep us entertained. I hope the "big guy in the sky" is taking good care of you ! You made an impact on a lot of our lives ! We are grateful to have had you in our lives ! God Bless ALWAYS Mr. Bryan Rodgers !!! Stark/ Jon Lee
Posted by Bill Dusenbery on 17th August 2017
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 13th August 2017
Hi Sweetie. Hard to believe that another birthday has come and gone. There are so many things I want to tell you. I thought I could get thru the day without crying, but of course I didn't. Well I'm your honor I am sitting here having one of my fruity drinks watching the Cardinals play the Raiders (preseason of course). Nonetheless you are always on my mind and in my heart. Love you!!!!!!
Posted by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 16th February 2017
I am sad today Bryan because I miss you. I feel alone in my sorrow and the pain I feel in my heart. You were the only decent man friend I ever had. I knew you for over 25 years. And you friendship meant the world to me. Our friendship weathered the test of time and even distance. The songs that I hear that remind me of you. The tears well up in my eyes and I feel a weight on my heart from the sadness. You were genuine in all the things you said and the way you acted. A true friend like one I have never known or probably will ever know again. There were no hidden agendas with you. It was all out there for everyone to see. You cared deeply. You were sensitive to those around you. I wish I had one more day with you to laugh and go for a long drive to nowhere. I am sorry I didnt recognize it was you when you came too visit me that one day. The physic said Bryan is here but I was focused on Lori, my other best friend. I lost you both within 1 year and now I wander around aimlessly wishing I had both of you still here with me. You knew me better than I knew myself and you never let me down Bryan. I wish I could speed up the clock to the day when it was my turn to leave this world, then I could be with those I most loved in this life again. Some days are harder than others, today is one of those days. Thanks for being there for all those years. Hang out with me sometimes if you can and try to let me know you are around. That would make me happy. Love you Bry.........................
Posted by Brenda Craig on 15th February 2017
It is a normal day, a Wednesday, memories are just flowing through my head of you today. I have two grandchildren now and they are fabulous, so is Amanda. She married a good one, you would approve. I sit here thinking you should have been here for all of this. I finally did forgive you for leaving me way to early. I hope you knew how much you meant to me, you really were my best friend, and you will smile at this knowing that the position has not been filled.
Posted by Jason L on 7th January 2017
Happy New Year's Big B, watching football and thinking of you. I'm sure you and Dave are up there yelling at the TV while watching the games. You'll always be here with me and my family. Miss u bro.
Posted by Jon Lee on 17th December 2016
God Bless you ALWAYS our dearest Bryan Rodgers !! Not a day goes by where we don't think about how fortunate we were to have known you and most important to have you as great a friend one could ask for. We watched the Army- Navy game last week and remembered how much you loved that game and many other sporting events we were so lucky to have attended. Hope heaven is treating you great up there !! We all miss you and just know that the "spirit" of Bryan Rodgers lives on !! See YA buddy !! Stark/ Jon Lee
Posted by Rick Gari on 4th December 2016
Hey Bryan. Passed by Little Toni's today. Remember how much you liked the place. Know your smiling wherever you're at.
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 2nd December 2016
Hello Sweetie! I can't believe you've been gone 3 years. Some days it seems so long ago , and some days it seems like yesterday. I miss you everyday. I hope your talking baseball with dad. Until we meet again. Love you - xoxo
Posted by Charles Rubia on 2nd December 2016
Brian, Charles here hope your doing good up there. Your in a better place. Thank you for what have you done you are one of few people that got my career started. I regert to say thank you in person, I apologize. You were always good to me, and for that I will always remember. Thank you again BR. Charles Rubia
Posted by Mark Sprague on 16th September 2016
Bryan - We have our 30 year Taft High reunion tomorrow night. Really thinking about you. I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed you won't be there. Mark
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 25th August 2016
Hi Sweetie. Today we would be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe you've been gone for 3 birthdays and 3 anniversaries. I am or the same person without you, but I always keep you close no matter where I am. You are always and forever in my heart. Love you (c-ya) GKG
Posted by Jeff Sill on 18th August 2016
You were gone too soon and have been gone too long...miss you my brother.
Posted by Mark Sprague on 15th August 2016
Bryan - I think about you a lot. Happy Birthday BR! Tough couple of years for your family. Praying that some great things will happen for them. Miss you. Iceman
Posted by Jon Lee on 14th August 2016
Happy Birthday Bryan who we miss so much !! As football season approaches its so hard not to think of his beloved Cardinals and all the great times we spent in Phoenix and other NFL cities !! We will NEVER forget the best friend one could ever ask for. Love you ALWAYS- John Starkins/ Jon Lee
Posted by Robert Mozee on 28th January 2016
Bryan, you will all ways be remembered, as a great person, a good friend, & a good official.
Posted by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 27th January 2016
I love you Bryan. I miss you and I think about you almost daily. Someone told me that when we talk to those who have passed on, they can hear us. So then, as you know, I talk to you a lot when I am at home. I have your photo in my room and I smile every time I look at it. There was no one else like you Bryan. The thousands of fond memories I have with you, carry me through the days when I am sad to not have you in my life as my friend anymore. You were my bodyguard and my friend. Thank you to everyone who has posted photos of you Bryan. I love them all.
Posted by Rick Gari on 13th December 2015
Hey Bryan, Still can't believe your gone. It is a true measure of what a great friend your were because you are still in the hearts and mind of the people you touched. We can't and won't forget until we join you.
Posted by Andrea Rodgers on 2nd December 2015
I miss you everyday, this year hasn't been very good but I know you're watching over us. More and more Brandon reminds me of you, you made a great impression on him. I'm sure you would be sending him a condolence card for his Chargers, they're terrible this year. We took him to his first NFL game and he stayed till the bitter end, and it was bitter 33-3 KC over SD. He did get bragging rights though, he saw them retire Tomlinson's number at half time. I love you forever!
Posted by Jon Lee on 2nd December 2015
Hello our "dearest" friend !! It's Stark and myself missing you always as we keep the spirit of Bryan Rodgers and of course the memories. Your beloved Cardinals, Kings are doing well and heading to see Army-Navy next weekend which we all really enjoyed. Thanks again, buddy for being the greatest friend one could ask for !! See ya!! Stark/ Jon Lee
Posted by Dan Teola on 2nd December 2015
Bryan, I still haven't hired a process server. Nobody was as good as you. You will forever be in my prayers.
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 2nd December 2015
Sweetie, how time has changed things. Every day brings new adventures for Hank and I. Of course it's not the same without you, but you are always in my heart. Love you always
Posted by Mark Sprague on 2nd December 2015
Think about you a lot Bryan.
Posted by Judy Bernstein on 2nd December 2015
Always thinking about you. Miss you lots. You always made the tough times bearable and the good times great. No one replaces you. "See ya"
Posted by Jeff Sill on 14th August 2015
Hardly a day passes when I don't reach for the phone to call Bryan. Whether it was to discuss Unit biz, get some advice, or just to shoot the s**t, it was always time well spent. Miss you Bro.
Posted by Bill Dusenbery on 13th August 2015
Bryan Rodgers I want you to know on this day all my thoughts go back to a time when you were here.. Your star will always shine the brightest!
Posted by Jon Lee on 13th August 2015
Happy Birthday Bryan !! There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you !! Its so hard to not to be able to hear your voice or to plan when we will meet for dinner or plan a sports trip together !! When Stark & I speak, most of our conversation is about you and all the memories. Again Happy Birthday and we hope your calling balls & strikes in that officiating heaven in the sky !! We sure had so much fun having Bryan Rodgers in our lives. See ya !! Stark- Jon Lee
Posted by Judy Bernstein on 13th August 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!! I think about you everyday. You are always in my heart and soul. You will always be my GPS to every destination. You've touched my heart and my children's hearts forever. I wish you were here to meet the new addition A BOY!! only two weeks out. He would have loved you, too. See Ya
Posted by Mark Sprague on 13th August 2015
Bryan - It was great to read tributes from Judy, Bill and Jon Lee today. Three people you cared so much for. Thanks Dwayne for the reminder. I really regret that my kids won't grow up knowing you better - a stand-up guy with no agenda. Really miss you BR! I think about you a lot. Feel so bad for your parents and Michelle. Loved it when Dwayne said no one called balls and strikes better than you. Laughed today when I met some people from Encino Little League and I told them the story of you punching out the batters in girls softball when we umped together, Hope you know how much you were appreciated! It's been over 40 years since we met and miss you a lot. Mark The iceman touches and cools you off!
Posted by Michelle Rodgers on 13th August 2015
Happy Birthday Sweetie! It's your 2nd birthday since you've been gone. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Especially during baseball season, I mean football season, I mean hockey season, well every season. I imagined us growing old together. I looked forward to turning 50 with you. We had so much left to do together. Hopefully you are watching over us and guiding us in the right direction. Miss you Mrs. Voice

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