Bryan Charles Rodgers
  • 45 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 13, 1968
  • Place of birth:
    Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 2, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Reseda, California, United States
Let the memory of Bryan be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bryan Rodgers, 45, born on August 13, 1968 and passed away on December 2, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 27th August 2017

"A belated "Happy Birthday" from your ever faithful buddies Stark & Jon Lee ! We saw each other earlier this summer and talked about the good times w/ BR. All is okay down here, kind of crazy times, but you are ALWAYS on our minds and we miss you terribly. Football season around the corner, plus success of your beloved Dodgers should be keep us entertained. I hope the "big guy in the sky" is taking good care of you !  You made an impact on a lot of our lives !  We are grateful to have had you in our lives ! God Bless ALWAYS Mr. Bryan Rodgers !!!
Stark/ Jon Lee"

This tribute was added by Bill Dusenbery on 17th August 2017


This tribute was added by michelle rodgers on 13th August 2017

"Hi Sweetie. Hard to believe that another birthday has come and gone. There are so many things I want to tell you. I thought I could get thru the day without crying, but of course I didn't. Well I'm your honor I am sitting here having one of my fruity drinks watching the Cardinals play the Raiders (preseason of course). Nonetheless you are always on my mind and in my heart. Love you!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 16th February 2017

"I am sad today Bryan because I miss you. I feel alone in my sorrow and the pain I feel in my heart. You were the only decent man friend I ever had. I knew you for over 25 years. And you friendship meant the world to me. Our friendship weathered the test of time and even distance. The songs that I hear that remind me of you. The tears well up in my eyes and I feel a weight on my heart from the sadness. You were genuine in all the things you said and the way you acted. A true friend like one I have never known or probably will ever know again. There were no hidden agendas with you. It was all out there for everyone to see. You cared deeply. You were sensitive to those around you. I wish I had one more day with you to laugh and go for a long drive to nowhere. I am sorry I didnt recognize it was you when you came too visit me that one day. The physic said Bryan is here but I was focused on Lori, my other best friend. I lost you both within 1 year and now I wander around aimlessly wishing I had both of you still here with me. You knew me better than I knew myself and you never let me down Bryan. I wish I could speed up the clock to the day when it was my turn to leave this world, then I could be with those I most loved in this life again. Some days are harder than others, today is one of those days. Thanks for being there for all those years. Hang out with me sometimes if you can and try to let me know you are around. That would make me happy. Love you Bry........................."

This tribute was added by Brenda Craig on 15th February 2017

"It is a normal day, a Wednesday, memories are just flowing through my head of you today.   I have two grandchildren now and they are fabulous, so is Amanda.  She married a good one,  you would approve.  I sit here thinking you should have been here for all of this. I finally did forgive you for leaving me way to early. I hope you knew how much you meant to me, you really were my best friend, and you will smile at this knowing that the position has not been filled."

This tribute was added by Jason L on 7th January 2017

"Happy New Year's Big B,
watching football and thinking of you.  I'm sure you and Dave are up there yelling at the TV while watching the games.  You'll always be here with me and my family.  Miss u bro."

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 17th December 2016

"God Bless you ALWAYS our dearest Bryan Rodgers !! Not a day goes by where we don't think about how fortunate we were to have known you and most important to have you as  great a friend one could ask for. We watched the Army- Navy game last week and remembered how much you loved that game and many other sporting events we were so lucky to have attended. Hope heaven is treating you great up there !! We all miss you and just know that the "spirit" of Bryan Rodgers lives on !!
See YA buddy !!
Stark/ Jon Lee"

This tribute was added by Rick Gari on 4th December 2016

"Hey Bryan.  Passed by Little Toni's today. Remember how much you liked the place. Know your smiling wherever you're at."

This tribute was added by Charles Rubia on 2nd December 2016


Charles here hope your doing good up there. Your in a better place. Thank you for what have you done you are one of few people that got my career started. I regert to say thank you in person, I apologize. You were always good to me, and for that I will always remember. Thank you again  BR.

Charles Rubia"

This tribute was added by michelle rodgers on 2nd December 2016

"Hello Sweetie! I can't believe you've been gone 3 years. Some days it seems so long ago , and some days it seems like yesterday.  I miss you everyday. I hope your talking baseball with dad. Until we meet again.
Love you - xoxo"

This tribute was added by Mark Sprague on 16th September 2016

"Bryan -
We have our 30 year Taft High reunion tomorrow night.  Really thinking about you. I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed you won't be there.

This tribute was added by Michelle Rodgers on 25th August 2016

"Hi Sweetie. Today we would be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe you've been gone for 3 birthdays and 3 anniversaries. I am or the same person without you, but I always keep you close no matter where I am. You are always and forever in my heart.
     Love you (c-ya) GKG"

This tribute was added by jeff sill on 18th August 2016

"You were gone too soon and have been gone too long...miss you my brother."

This tribute was added by Mark Sprague on 15th August 2016

"Bryan -
I think about you a lot.  Happy Birthday BR!  Tough couple of years for your family.  Praying that some great things will happen for them.  Miss you.

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 14th August 2016

"Happy Birthday Bryan who we miss so much !! As football season approaches its so hard not to think of his beloved Cardinals and all the great times we spent in  Phoenix and other NFL cities !! We will NEVER forget the best friend one could ever ask for. Love you ALWAYS- John Starkins/ Jon Lee"

This tribute was added by Robert Mozee on 28th January 2016

"Bryan, you will all ways be remembered, as a great person, a good friend, & a good official."

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 27th January 2016

"I love you Bryan. I miss you and I think about you almost daily. Someone told me that when we talk to those who have passed on, they can hear us. So then, as you know, I talk to you a lot when I am at home. I have your photo in my room and I smile every time I look at it. There was no one else like you Bryan. The thousands of fond memories I have with you, carry me through the days when I am sad to not have you in my life as my friend anymore. You were my bodyguard and my friend.
Thank you to everyone who has posted photos of you Bryan. I love them all."

This tribute was added by Rick Gari on 13th December 2015

"Hey Bryan,

Still can't believe your gone. It is a true measure of what a great friend your were because you are still in the hearts and mind of the people you touched. We can't and won't forget until we join you."

This tribute was added by Michelle Rodgers on 2nd December 2015

"Sweetie, how time has changed things. Every day brings new adventures for Hank and I. Of course it's not the same without you, but you are always in my heart.
Love you always"

This tribute was added by Dan Teola on 2nd December 2015

"Bryan, I still haven't hired a process server. Nobody was as good as you. You will forever be in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 2nd December 2015

"Hello our "dearest" friend !! It's Stark and myself missing you always as we keep the spirit of Bryan Rodgers and of course the memories. Your beloved Cardinals, Kings are doing well and heading to see Army-Navy next weekend which we all really enjoyed. Thanks again, buddy for being the greatest friend one could ask for !! See ya!!
Stark/ Jon Lee"

This tribute was added by Andrea Rodgers on 2nd December 2015

"I miss you everyday, this year hasn't been very good but I know you're watching over us. More and more Brandon reminds me of you, you made a great impression on him. I'm sure you would be sending him a condolence card for his Chargers, they're terrible this year. We took him to his first NFL game and he stayed till the bitter end, and it was bitter 33-3 KC over SD. He did get bragging rights though, he saw them retire Tomlinson's number at half time. I love you forever!"

This tribute was added by Judy Bernstein on 2nd December 2015

"Always thinking about you. Miss you lots. You always made the tough times bearable and the good times great. No one replaces you.
"See ya""

This tribute was added by Mark Sprague on 2nd December 2015

"Think about you a lot Bryan."

This tribute was added by jeff sill on 14th August 2015

"Hardly a day passes when I don't reach for the phone to call Bryan.  Whether it was to discuss Unit biz, get some advice, or just to shoot the s**t, it was always time well spent.  Miss you Bro."

This tribute was added by Michelle Rodgers on 13th August 2015

"Happy Birthday Sweetie! It's your 2nd birthday since you've been gone. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Especially during baseball season, I mean football season, I mean hockey season, well every season. I imagined us growing old together. I looked forward to turning 50 with you. We had so much left to do together. Hopefully you are watching over us and guiding us in the right direction.  Miss you Mrs. Voice"

This tribute was added by Mark Sprague on 13th August 2015

"Bryan -

It was great to read tributes from Judy, Bill and Jon Lee today.  Three people you cared so much for. Thanks Dwayne for the reminder.  I really regret that my kids won't grow up knowing you better - a stand-up guy with no agenda.  Really miss you BR!  I think about you a lot.  Feel so bad for your parents and Michelle.  Loved it when Dwayne said no one called balls and strikes better than you.  Laughed today when I met some people from Encino Little League and I told them the story of you punching out the batters in girls softball when we umped together,

Hope you know how much you were appreciated!

It's been over 40 years since we met and miss you a lot.


The iceman touches and cools you off!"

This tribute was added by Judy Bernstein on 13th August 2015

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!! I think about you everyday. You are always in my heart and soul. You will always be my GPS to every destination. You've touched my heart and my children's hearts forever.
I wish you were here to meet the new addition A BOY!! only two weeks out. He would have loved you, too. See Ya"

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 13th August 2015

"Happy Birthday Bryan !! There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you !! Its so hard to not to be able to hear your voice or to plan when we will meet for dinner or plan a sports trip together !! When Stark & I speak, most of our conversation is about you and all the memories. Again Happy Birthday and we hope your calling balls & strikes in that officiating heaven in the sky !! We sure had so much fun having Bryan Rodgers in our lives. See ya !!
Stark- Jon Lee"

This tribute was added by Bill Dusenbery on 13th August 2015

"Bryan Rodgers I want you to know on this day all my thoughts go back to a time when you were here..  Your star will always shine the brightest!"

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 19th December 2014

"bryan.....the happiest of times wherever you are in the kingdom of afterlife...we are all together at valley view reminiscing over all our good times....andrea and jon are with me.....whenever christmas comes around i look for those certain light bulbs that make me think of you....because you are the friendship eternal bulb that keeps on shining.....everyday you mean more and more to all of us.....our love will always continue to grow.....peace from me to you.....see ya....stark"

This tribute was added by Andrea Rodgers on 6th December 2014

"Bryan, I want you to know that you're influence on me has continued and I'm constantly thinking of you. I asked you around your birthday that with some pull maybe Simi could beat Royal. Well they did and won their league and went to the playoffs and for the first time in the history of Simi football they made the semi finals! Thank you!
I also have several times gone to my phone to tell you something, especially when they made me the play by play announcer for the freshman football games! I know you would laugh and tell me that no one goes to the freshman games but I've actually shocked a few people, they're suprised I can talk football like that.... I tell them "I'm channeling my brother!" I love you and miss you, thanks for the $20 I won a scratcher on 12/2! ---love, the sister."

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 5th December 2014

"Thanks again to Dwayne for this wonderful "Memorial" web- site for our dearest friend Bryan Rodgers. Bryan you've got some of the greatest friends one could ask for. I saw Michelle, her folks and some friends this summer. The Army- Navy football game will have extra special meaning as well as following your beloved Kings and Cardinals. Stark and I talk about the good times we had with you all the time. We miss you and were very fortunate to have you in our lives. Take care Bryan and of course "See Ya" !!"

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 5th December 2014

"I wanted to also add that I really enjoy all the photos that folks are adding to the site. They make me smile and makes it seem like he is still here. May we all fondly remember our dear friend Bryan."

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 5th December 2014

"First I would like to thank Dwayne for setting up this website for us. It is nice to see all the posts. Reminiscing about the days when Bryan was still with us. I especially missed you Bry at the UCLA vs USC game. Best tailgate parties EVER. You would have loved the game this year. UCLA beats SC 3 years straight. I LOVE IT !!!
I can't even hear the word hockey, baseball, basketball or football without thinking of you. I miss you my dear friend. If you knew Bryan then there had to be at least a dozen Bryan stories to laugh about. I am sure heaven is beautiful, no place like it huh Bry? Save us a place. I hope to see your smilin face again one day."

This tribute was added by Rick Gari on 4th December 2014

"Hey Bryan, just wanted to let you know that your missed.  Feels like you're still around and that is somewhat comforting.  Glad to know that you touched so many people and they haven't forgotten you. I'm not surprised by that at all."

This tribute was added by michelle rodgers on 3rd December 2014

"Hi again sweetie . I can't believe it's been a year already that you've been gone. So much has happened in the past year I wouldn't know where to begin. I am doing okay and miss you everyday. I take with me the good times we had as well as the bad. I try to take the good things you stood for and the things I've learned with me daily. In honor of our first date I went to see the Kings play. You would've enjoyed the way they played. I hope you keep looking out for me and the dogs. Until we meet again. Love you!"

This tribute was added by Brenda Craig on 20th November 2014

"So, Garth is coming in concert in Tulsa, everyone is talking about it.  All I can think is I love Garth but I don't think that I could see him without you.  This past year has been hard!  Miss you daily, just when I think I am okay, a song comes on and I think of you again.  I can only hope that you knew how much you meant to be as a friend! Cause there will always be a piece of my heart that is your special place.  Geez,  I guess I just realize that I miss you so much today!"

This tribute was added by Bill Dusenbery on 15th August 2014

"This tribute is to honor a very good friend, Bryan Rodgers.  Happy birthday Big Guy!  Even though you're not here, I think of you all the time.  I  know I've lost a true buddy.  I feel so lucky that God allowed me to have known this wonderful man."

This tribute was added by michelle rodgers on 14th August 2014

"Hi sweetie. I still can't believe your not here with us. I miss you every day. I miss your voice and your smile and you being you.wish I could say I went and had Sushi in your honor , but we both know that didn't happen. Miss you more then there are words . Hope you are watching your Cardinals up there. I'll be watching them down here. Love, the wife (Aka "Mrs. Voice")"

This tribute was added by Andrea Rodgers on 14th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Bryan! Not only is this your first birthday not being here but it's also your first football season not being here. I will miss us talking football, high school, college and pro. If you have any pull up there, please let Simi beat Royal!

I love you and miss you so much- The Sister"

This tribute was added by Brenda Craig on 14th August 2014

"It is your first birthday that you are not here, I miss you immensely!  So grateful for the years we were able to share!"

This tribute was added by Dave Mendoza on 13th August 2014

"Brian  is definitely not forgotten.  A man who cared about people and about his job.  Coincidently Brian and I share the same birthday, and Brian was the first umpire to kick me out of game one day at Oxnard College many moons ago. I have always considered him a class act, and more importantly a friend."

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 13th August 2014

"Michelle, your in- laws and some close friends had some cake this past weekend in your honor. God I miss you so much !! Happy Birthday Bryan !!!"

This tribute was added by Judy Bernstein on 13th August 2014

"Happy Birthday my Forever Friend. You are greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Dwayne Finley on 13th August 2014

You are celebrated and missed today as much as you are the day you left us to join the Angels. I will tip a cold frosty one in your honor today. I still pick up the phone out of habit and begin  to dial your phone number. You were always there for a few minutes of verbal give and take, jibber jabber or intelligent counsel and advice about a wide variety of subjects. You were always the smart one. Your wry sense of humor, sarcasm and pointed commentary are missed today more than ever. I am hopeful that the L.A. Kings made you proud and that UCLA and Arizona Cardinal football will do the same. Love you buddy, D. F."

This tribute was added by scott keene on 13th August 2014

"Happy birthday Bryan. I miss our many talks. Thank you for always making me feel like a better person after we were done. You were always so complimentary to me. I valued the trust you had in me. I valued your trust. I miss hearing "how ARE you?" whenever you called or I called you. You will ALWAYS be fondly in my heart. Blessings on you, your wife and your family. Respectfully. Scott"

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 13th August 2014

"Bryan - A BIG Happy Birthday to you my dear friend.

Do they celebrate birthdays in heaven? I imagine everyday is a celebration up there.

I miss you, but oddly enough I feel you around sometimes. When I do sense you around, I stop and smile and tell you thank you for still being a dear friend. Life is odd and sometimes things don't make sense, like your untimely departure. I must believe that God is good and because he is, he allows you to come and check in on us from time to time.

I think about you all the time in the smallest of ways when I hear a certain song, watch a Dodger or Kings game or just driving on the freeways. You were my GPS before it was invented.

Today I am so sad to be reminded that you are no longer here with us. When I saw all the new photos that were added here, I was reminded how fortunate I was to have you as my dear friend for all those years.  I imagine that was the work of your Mom or Andrea. Thanks for adding them to the website.

I love you, I miss you and I wish you could still be here with us. But I happy you are no longer suffering and that now you are in the presence of our Father in Heaven. How truly magnificent that must be. Save a spot for me :)


This tribute was added by john starkins on 13th August 2014

"Happy birthday Bryan.......it has almost been a year since we last saw each other at our favorite meeting venue......you, me, and Jon lee at los toros reminiscing about our golden memories together......everyday I see your smiling face calling out hey stark, how and the hell are you....then we would tell each other another story that would bust us out in laughter.....so many cherished times together......but that goes to show you how much you are missed......I hope there is some game going on in the HEAVENLY KINGDOM that you are having fun calling.....from your lifelong friend.....stark.......go kings go.....2014 Stanley Cup champions"

This tribute was added by Rachael Leshnov on 13th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Bryan!! Wish I had a chance to tell you in person. Thank you for all of the memories that shaped my teen years. You were one of the best people I ever knew. Sending love over the rainbow.
See Ya................."

This tribute was added by Rick Gari on 26th June 2014

"Bryan was a good friend. He had so many stories and everytime he would tell one, you were mesmerized. When I went to a Miami Heat game in Miami and texted him a picture and told him I was there, he texted back "Go to Shula's, they have great food". He'd been to so many places and had so many experiences. An honest and good  guy . Bryan, you will be missed my friend."

This tribute was added by Rachael Leshnov on 10th June 2014

"I am heartbroken to learn of Bryan's passing. I met Bryan when I turned 15 years old and our first date was on his 17th birthday. He was such an instrumental part of my life from the start.....teaching me how to drive, taking me to the track, taking me to Las Vegas for my Sweet 16. Of course he introduced me to sports including many Kings games and Raiders games (when they were still in LA). We even got in the occasional fight with fans of the opposing teams. Even though I haven't seen or spoken with Bryan in 17 years, I never forgot his kindness or generosity of spirit. I am so happy that he found love and made a career in sports. He has been and will forever be etched in my heart."

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 27th December 2013

"Your first Christmas in Heaven. How wonderful a thought to know that you are in his loving presence. Imagining the angels singing and the love that surrounds you gives me peace.
One year I had no where to go for Christmas and what did you do? You invited me to Dave and Cathy's. That was a fabulous day that I will never forget. Always there for me through think and thin. Always a comforting word to put things back in perspective.
As we get ready to roll in a new year, I am reminded of how blessed I was to have you as such a dear friend for all those years. And how much I will miss you for the rest of my days. Please save a place for me in the presence of our Father."

This tribute was added by Rob Frey on 21st December 2013

"Too many stories, too much history. From our youth,  through Tarzana Park, dunk ball at the nearest elementary school, years working together through Park & Recs. . . road trips  . . .being thoroughly annoyed with Bryan, and thoroughly pleased at the same time. Never seen a referee make a call from the opposite base line, never seen a ref wear a muni sports jersey, wrap around glasses and beach jams after arriving 25 minutes late - and get away with it with the classic BCR CHARM. To Mich his darling wife, faithful and true. For his family - the Frey's tip our hats in deep loss of a childhood friend - we shall see him soon."

This tribute was added by Mark Arthur on 16th December 2013

"To have a friend who accepts you for who you are, without judgement, expectations and genuine compassion was Bryan. Over the years we became more than just Assignor & Umpire. The layers of the onion started to peel itself and revealed the better man in both of us. Your freakish intelligence, and your aptness to enjoy life was infectious. You were/are truly one of the finer human beings I have EVER met. Love to you Brother."

This tribute was added by Malcolm Norrington on 15th December 2013

"Just an all around wonderful man. Always a calm spirit, honest, non-confrontational, and willing to challenge what appeared to be unfair. I've know Brian for over 20 years and never heard anyone speak an ill word about him. It saddens me that we lost a good official but a better man but I am so thankful that we have a wonderful angel to watch over us as we navigate life's journey. Brian you are forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by David Henderson on 14th December 2013

"It had been 24 years since I'd last seen Bryan or as I'd call him B Rogers. I was holding my first tournament with another team and he told me first off how proud he was of me for doing it and how special it was to be doing it in the area where it was held. I was totally nervous about it and stressing out, but we talked on the phone  several times and Always kind and special words came from him, and I'd like to say B Rodgers how special you are and proud of you that I am for your friendship, support and what you've done  for me and my  life you were a blessing from God, A remarkable person irreplaceable, bless you my friend."

This tribute was added by Brian MacGregor on 14th December 2013

"Bryan Charles always said hi to me by saying "BRIAN CHARLES" and I would say "BRYAN CHARLES"..sometimes that's all we said.  

Rest in Peace - Bryan Charles"

This tribute was added by Kent Jacobsen on 13th December 2013

"Bryan, you will forever be missed.  Each of us that were privileged to share time with you became better.  You are a man with humility, grace and a sincere caring for all who came into contact with you.  It is my hope that we all can leave the world a better place as you have done.  I feel very privileged to have known you. R.I.P my friend."

This tribute was added by Spencer Mathis on 12th December 2013

"Bryan Rodgers is a Great Man and he motivated and encouraged many officials.  I was one of them.  He was always kind to me and he was always willing to help me in refereeing and umpiring in any way he could.  I met Bryan 4 years ago and I am thankful I got the opportunity to spend some moments with Bryan.  "Bryan, your legacy will live on."  Thank you for your time with all of us.  Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Dax Villalta on 12th December 2013

"Farewell Dear Friend; You are Missed...

Although unheard I thank you
For always being there
Even when you were bedridden
You always seemed to care

You meant so much to so many of us
you were special and that's no lie
you brightened up the darkest day
and even the greyest sky

Many tears I have seen and cried
They have all poured out like rain
I know that you are happy now
because your no longer in pain.

For years on, we will remember you
And what you used to say
You made each of us smile
And live to the fullest each day

They say in time it gets easier,
this I hope is true

I was not ready to say goodbye
Your frailties just over took you,
So on this day we remember you
and take a second look

Our friendship is forever
Until death did we part
Although your away physically
You’re always in our hearts

                                   "Time is Meant to Heal"            
                                    -KIM THOMPSON"

This tribute was added by Rob Harding on 10th December 2013

"I first met Bryan 3 seasons ago during my first softball meeting for NSFV.  I was new to this unit as I came from another unit.  Bryan was very open to me and made me feel welcome to the new unit.  Bryan always had my back and when he needed an umpire on a last minute assignment he knew he could always count on me to be there.  I would do anything to help Bryan because he was such a great guy and worked very hard for all of us. Both Bryan and Terry were my biggest supporters to get a final some day..... it is sad we lost both of these great guys in the same year.  I hold my wife a little tighter each night knowing life is so precious and so short.  I will truly miss Bryan.  RIP my friend."

This tribute was added by Mark Lopez on 10th December 2013

"My first BB playoff game was with Bryan.  He was a great partner and had a such a level-headed perspective on officiating.  I wish I had got to know him better.  RIP and God's blessings to his family."

This tribute was added by Tom Dill on 10th December 2013

"Brian...how many times did I bother you and call you on the phone at night to talk about "the right call"??? You have always been there for me and other coaches, always being fair and a straight shooter with everyone.  Men of integrity are hard to come by Brian....I am thankful that I was able to meet someone like you!  I know coaches and umpires sometimes clash, but in your case, I always trusted your judgment. You will be missed a great deal in the community as a great umpire and a better man!  I pray that God will take care of your family during this time and we will pray without ceasing!  Love you brother...."

This tribute was added by john starkins on 10th December 2013

"Ode to Bryan Rodgers.......
He was just a kid when I met him.....
A kid with a thirst for sports....
A kid who at 15 wandered into division 4 basketball territory....
A kid who turned into a man that dominated adult league hardwoods....
From tarzana park to winnetka park to mason park you always officiated with fairness and an everlasting smile....
He epitomized joy and class as a referee and umpire.....
He helped many future officials along the way.....
He never let adversity slow his quest for good times with people.....
He cheered me up one Christmas Eve when I was sick and downtrodden.....
He always greeted me with a happy face with "stark, how the hell are you?"......
His departing message each time was "see ya" with a loud high pitch sound......
He nicknamed his tarzana league the 't' pot dome......
The best players in the valley once played for him......
He was proud of his accomplishments........
But never bragged about himself.....
His love for his family ran deep....
His love for his friends was always steadfast.....
He will always be remembered for his loyalty to all....
Sometimes life throws us a curve ball that we sometimes can not see coming....
He could hit many of them out of the ballpark...
There comes a time when all of us will miss one....
This is so unfortunate at a time when this was so unfair....
The term the good pass on young is so true in this instance....
But remembrances of only the finest of times should always stay with us in a positive manner.....
He was and always will be my closest of friends....
He is Brian Rodgers
Go Cardinals...."

This tribute was added by Amanda Craig on 9th December 2013

"Bryan was such a wonderful man. His passion for life and sports was inspirational. He cared for everyone! He always made sure I was in good hands for anything I needed. He was always there for me and mother. I could go on and on about how great of a man, friend and husband he was. He will be truly missed and I will never forget him and his passion for sports."

This tribute was added by Lori Chandler on 9th December 2013

"Bryan, you were a true friend...always looking out for me. I so appreciated your generosity and kind words. You will be missed both on and especially off the field. Thanks for making life better...much love my friend. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Brenda Craig on 9th December 2013

"Bryan was an incredible friend!  So thankful for all of our adventures! He will be greatly missed!"

This tribute was added by Bill Dusenbery on 9th December 2013

"I first met Bryan Rodgers when he was in high school.  I had just been transferred to Tarzana Rec Center as Director in Charge. The previous director had mentioned to me that Bryan could help me with the sports program  and the rest is history.   Bryan helped me establish Tarzana as one of the best parks in the city .
Through the years at Tarzana, Bryan was like a little brother to me.
His specialties included running tryouts, working with coaches  and always representing himself as  caring about the Tarzana community..   Working with him made my stay at Tarzana incredible!
Everybody who knew him couldn't help but love him.  I feel so privileged to have known Bryan Rodgers.  He will always have a shining place in my heart."

This tribute was added by Howard Taylor on 9th December 2013

"Bryan, thank you for allowing me to spend time in your world. You'll be missed by a lot of people."

This tribute was added by Jared Snyder on 9th December 2013

"Brian you will be missed by all.  You were a wonderful human being who always had time for us coaches.  Sadly it always takes absence to value presence and Brian I can assure you your presence will always be on the diamond.  Thank you Brian for all you did for our boys over the years.  R.I.P."

This tribute was added by bob messina on 9th December 2013

"Another shocking reminder of living each day to its fullest.  Frank Sinatra's "I Did it My Way" is a fitting tribute to Bryan.  Bryan was an excellent official and leader in the San Fernando Valley Officials Association.  The last time I worked a game with him was the 2007 CIF Semi-Final in Riverside, a game which took over 3 1/2 hours for 7 innings. To Bryan it was a pleasure knowing you and the times we worked together."

This tribute was added by Sean Nielsen on 9th December 2013

"I didn't know Brian, however we shared the same passion for the love of sports and officiating. May his passing be a reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams. I have a feeling that's exactly how Brian lived...to the fullest. You will missed but not forgotten.

Sean Nielsen
1st year volleyball official"

This tribute was added by Anthony Ford on 8th December 2013

"My FRIEND Bryan, your passing has left us all with heavy hearts, but your legacy and great spirit will live on forever. GOD called you home in my opinion "way too soon", but we know that he makes no mistakes. Thank you for touching many of us with your true friendship. Until we meet again in that Sports Arena in the sky, GOD bless you..."

This tribute was added by Dan Murphy on 8th December 2013

"I was so sad after hearing of Bryan's passing after only seeing him a few weeks before at his home.  Bryan was very special to me as a fellow referee, umpire and friend.  As the assigner for the SFV baseball and softball unit, his goal was to be fair to everyone and more specifically, without harboring animosity toward anyone.  He was a consummate professional.  We got to know each other even better when we worked a few days on that Gridiron Gang movie.  I will always remember Bryan's concern and love for his sister too and his ardent support for her medical issues.  My heart, condolences and best wishes go to Michelle, his family and to everyone who knew Bryan's great humanity.  I will miss Bryan dearly."

This tribute was added by muideen Afolabi on 8th December 2013

"I remembered working a high school basketball game with Brian during my first year, I was nervous, but Brian made me feel at ease and confident with his mentoring. Hearing the news about his passing was heartbreaking for me. God knows why his calling was quick, but for me his memory will forever last. May the Almighty soothe the pain of his passing for his wife and family. REST IN PERFECT PEACE, MY DEAR MENTOR !"

This tribute was added by Angel Bruno-Vantoux on 6th December 2013

"I can't believe this has happened. I will never see that goofy Bryan grin again. I will never work another game with you......
You were my bodyguard at all those basketball and volleyball meetings. Remember how everyone always thought we were an item? Everyone would always ask me, "Hey where's Bryan". We would sit in the back of class and always saved a seat for each other. So funny all those 28 years. You kept me going when I wanted to give up. "Boys to Men" will always remind me of you and I can never see another baseball or hockey game without shedding a tear. So blessed to have known you. Rest in Peace my dear friend, you are now in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Hopefully he will allow you to watch over us from heaven and help us stay safe from harm. My bodyguard from heaven, that is where you are now my blessed friend. Please be there to greet me when it will be my time to come home............
THANK YOU DWAYNE !!!! Michelle, Andrea, Cathy and Dave, Aunt Betty and even Aunt Jane.. my prayers are with you all. Help us to mottle through this most difficult time in our lives. I love you all."

This tribute was added by Mel Gatson on 6th December 2013

"Brian is going to be missed by all sports figures and friends.  Here was a man of superlatively high standards, complete integrity, and boundless enthusiasm for whatever task he took in hand.  No one, whose privilege it was to know him, is likely to forget the candor of his speech, the courage of his faith, the warm and glowing brightness of his friendship.  He never dodged a responsibility, never refused to take on a hard job if it needed to be done.  He was an asset to sports officiating.  What he preached, he practiced.  What he believed, he believed with heart and soul.  He fought hard for every cause to make all officials better.  The causes for which he fought were good and right.  Rest in Peace my Friend."

This tribute was added by Jon Slater on 6th December 2013

"We have always enjoyed our association with Bryan.  It was fun conversing with him about his Dodgers, Lakers and Cardinals.  His passion for his teams and knowledge of the games made it a pleasure.  We will miss the friendly banter after Lakers/Jazz games.  It has been our fortune to know and associate with he and Michelle!   We wish peace to all in this heartbreaking time.

Jon and Laurie Slater and family"

This tribute was added by Alvaro Gonzalez on 6th December 2013

"On behalf of Liga Latina Unida, thank you for working with us since our league was established back in 1995.
Bryan was a good man, when I showed interest in becoming an official, he offered up his time to mentor me without being asked, that was much appreciated. You will be missed, God Bless."

This tribute was added by Kenny Parzych on 6th December 2013

"When I think of easygoing and just someone who always took a moment out of his time to make his way over and say "hey" whenever I saw him (usually thru the world of stripes), it was Bryan.  From reading these other posts, he obviously made an enormous impact on the lives of others, and my grandfather always told me that's how you measure the value of a human being.  Always a good guy from the experiences I had with him, so my condolences go to all those affected. . ."

This tribute was added by Jack Getskow on 6th December 2013

"It was a pleasure to have known Bryan as a fellow basketball official in the San Fernando Valley Basketball Unit.  Bryan and I worked many basketball games together.  It was easy to work with him and we had a good time.  I first met Bryan when I became the Secretary-Treasurer of the San Fernando Valley Unit.  He will be missed all those who knew him."

This tribute was added by James Ozella on 6th December 2013

""The measure of a man is his involvement and love for others, and truly Bryan was respected by all of his friends, fellow umpires, coaches and family.  To be involved in helping guide our youth with his umpiring skills demonstrates his love for his fellow man.  My prayers to the family in this time of reflection.""

This tribute was added by Marcus Johnson on 6th December 2013

"Bryan was always good to me and looked after me. A great guy, superb  assigner and friend. You will be truly missed. Looking forward to the next late night call or text for last minute games. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Ted Vargas on 6th December 2013

"I officiated many games with Bryan, an very good official. He was always willing to go out of his way to help you improve your game. He will be truly miss. My deepest sympathy to his wife and famiy.

"Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us everyday". Bryan may you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Melanie Bernard on 6th December 2013

"We are sadden to hear that Bryan, a great human being, has passed on.  You will be missed!  
Henry and Melanie Bernard"

This tribute was added by Danny Yee on 6th December 2013

"Great man. What more can be said. Words don't express enough about him. Never a bad word to say about him nor were they uttered by him. Total class."

This tribute was added by Mel Fleeman on 6th December 2013

"I also pledge my game checks from this Friday and Saturday to Bryan's fund.  It's a small thing I can do for someone that did a lot for others during his days with us.  Thanks again for staying true to yourself.  May God Bless your wife and family in their time of need."

This tribute was added by Mel Fleeman on 6th December 2013

"I remember Bryan from way back when we went for drinks after working summer league games.  He would always take the time to ask how my wife and son were doing after meeting them when they came to watch me play at Granada Rec when my son was just a toddler in a stroller.  All the way back to an old San Fernando Valley Alumni hoop tournament where we played against each other I always liked Bryan.  You will be sorely missed for your smile and giving nature.  Rest peacefully."

This tribute was added by Jon Lee on 6th December 2013

"We all were truly blessed to have Bryan Rodgers in our lives. He loved Michelle, his family and of course all his many friends. I had the best of times officiating, going to our numerous sporting events, bbq's, parties. Wow we had so much fun !! I miss him so much as I'm crying writing this. Yes Bryan did it his way that's for sure. I was so honored to have been his best man. I was so fortunate to have Bryan in my life. God Bless you my dearest friend !! Thanks Dwayne for letting us post our feelings !!

This tribute was added by patrick kanan on 6th December 2013

"Brian, you a pleasure to do business with and always a fair assigner.
You were  dry approachable on discussion on how rules were applied.
Thank you my friend.-- Pat Kanan"

This tribute was added by JAMES WHITE on 6th December 2013

You wi be missed!"

This tribute was added by Dan Teola on 6th December 2013

"Brian was my process server, fellow official, and friend. He was a good man. I remember the time he was umping a play off game at Kennedy High School and he took the time out to say Hi to my young son who was in awe that an ump said Hi to him. That day will always stay in my heart.
Brian worked hard and always filed my documents when they needed to be done and served people when they needed to be served. When I gave an assignment to Brian, I know that it was handled.
On a personal note, I remember the time I went to Arizona and was on the field for the ASu vs. Washington State and then Philadelphia vs. Cardinals. What a thrill for me. My family's prayers are with you and Michelle at this time. God Bless you my friend."

This tribute was added by Dan Teola on 6th December 2013

"Brian was my process server, fellow official, and friend. He was a good man. I remember the time he was umping a play off game at Kennedy High School and he took the time out to say Hi to my young son who was in awe that an ump said Hi to him. That day will always stay in my heart.
Brian worked hard and always filed my documents when they needed to be done and served people when they needed to be served. When I gave an assignment to Brian, I know that it was handled.
On a personal note, I remember the time I went to Arizona and was on the field for the ASu vs. Washington State and then Philadelphia vs. Cardinals. What a thrill for me. My family's prayers are with you and Michelle at this time. God Bless you my friend."

This tribute was added by Dwayne Finley on 5th December 2013

"Best ball and strike umpire I ever worked with. You were a great guy and a true friend, no one had a bigger heart than you did. A life well lived, but much too briefly. Your pain is now over. You will be forever missed my good friend. See you at the TGIF in the sky, R.I.P."

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