Memorial Day 2018

Shared by Wilma Jones on December 20, 2018

I did not get a chance to do our balloons because of the weather but I did wear one of my shirts that I had made with your picture on it.  I remembered everything that happened that day and relived it all over again.  I still laugh because you did not know that I could braid hair and you made me do yours.  You left to go over to your friend's house and I waited for you to come back and instead I got this terrifying call that you had been shot.  It was like a nightmare that I will always relive.  I love and miss you so much and I am ashame to say that I still say good nite to you every night.  Love ya, Grandma


Shared by alicia Washington on December 3, 2018

Last time I saw you I’m so glad I got to spend your last days with you I really wish you were here right now but my last memory you left the house to go to church hugged me and said Love you cuz I’m going to church I cherish that day you just don’t know your brothershas lost there minds 

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