Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2018
Happy birthday honey and I am sorry but I have had so many deaths this year and I am suffering from depression. But I love and miss you and your mother is not talking to me but you are used to that. Please send an angel down to see about me.
Love ya, Nana
Posted by alicia Washington on December 3, 2018
First I’m a let u know I’m so proud of you for watching over our family I miss you incredibly I think I see you sometimes walking down the street It’s crazy!!!! Your cousin Dante look just like you it makes no sense I wish we can turn up for you today Bryan Washington Happy Birthday you will be forever missed Love you too death!!!
Posted by Wilma Jones on May 31, 2017
Well honey, today was not a bad day. Your cuz Brandon graduated this week-end and is going away to college. I miss you like crazy and I have been remembering our last day together and I am calm; but sad. You are so precious and will always be My Brandon. Love Nana.
Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2016
Happy Birthday honey and you are needed so badly right now because your mother has lost her mind. Love grandma!
Posted by Wilma Jones on May 31, 2016
Well, I am trying to hang in here but it is too much for me. My aunt died this month in Okla and our family is so far apart. I miss and love you and please send an angel down to take care of your mother. Love Nana
Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2015
Happy 24th birthday Grandson and I cannot believe that you have been gone that long because I still say good nite to you every nite. I am so proud of your mother and I am so thankful that she is back home. Our cousin Malcom died this morning and he was only 24. You are missed and loved and your nephews are looking just like you. Grandma!
Posted by Wilma Jones on July 6, 2015
Hi Honey, I am so sorry but my aunt Sylverta almost died and I have been in Okla since April 20th. I did not have access to a computer and I just got back home Friday. I did my own celebration for you by myself and I did not forget about you. I love and miss you like crazy. nana love ya!
Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2014
Happy 23rd Birthday to you and you are missed everyday and will never be forgotten. Love Grandma!
Posted by alicia Washington on August 20, 2014
Hey cousin miss u so much love u and thanks for lookin out for thr family can u do,me a favor n get us back closer i miss everybody thanks love
Posted by Wilma Jones on June 2, 2014
I cannot believe that it is 3 yrs already. We had a wonderful ceremony for you at Auntie Kim's. We had your ashes, candles, 30 balloons and your twin Bubba held the box. We all miss you so much and I thank God your mother is back in Missouri to live. Love, Grandma
Posted by Wilma Jones on May 31, 2013
Hi Honey, I cannot believe that it is that time again and I feel like it was only yesterday. They have not found the guy that shot you and I guess we will never know. I love and miss you so very much and it is not getting any easier. I thank God for the beautiful memories of you and all of the people that you helped by being a doner. You will be forever missed and loved. Nana
Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2012
Happy 21st birthday grandson! Your brother Anthony got shot in NJ last week and is out of surgery and we are hopeful. I miss you so much and I am trying but it is so hard. Everyone is wearing your shirts we had made and we are all going to celebrate tomorrow. Love ya, Nana!
Posted by Wilma Jones on May 31, 2012
I cannot believe that it's been a year. I have been thinking about you all week and the precious time that I had with you. I thank God I have all those memories and I am still hurting and I miss you so much. I will never forget you and it help to know that you helped so many people to live by being a organ donor. Nana love ya!
Posted by Wilma Jones on December 3, 2011
Happy Birthday Grandson and today's been the hardest day of my life but I am okay. Miss and love you very much!
Posted by Wilma Jones on October 31, 2011
This is so hard for me because I miss you so. You were taken away from us much too soon by someone that did not realize how precious you were to your family. I thank God for the time that he allowed me to spend with you and I still get up in the middle of the night to check on you, lol. Thanks for taking care of me when I was visiting New Jersey when your mom had surgery. Love Ya, Nana

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