Shared by Paul Adams on August 6, 2020
I'm 60 now and I shared the planet with Bryce for all 40 of his years.  2/3 of my time orbiting the sun has been with Bryce.  We didn't always agree, but we always respected and loved each other.  I will eternally cherish our all too brief time together.  Based on the notes, cards and messages I received, Bryce was a very rich man indeed - so wealthy with friends.  Thanks all for your love and kind words.

I will miss you

Shared by Tamara Marquez on July 31, 2020
Bryce and I met 5 years ago. We never let a day pass without talking. Bryce shared his life with me and often found humor in the impossible situations he found himself in.
He did not often say it but he loved his family. He spoke often of his Grandfather and the time he spent with him. He worried about his adored Grandmother and frequently spoke about Spencer’s and her galavanting all over.  Of course there were stories about his mother, father and brother too!  
When I didn’t hear from him, I knew. Our last conversation was when he was released from the hospital and I was worried that they were sending him home to soon.
He was my knight, sworn to protect me and defend my girls and I, come what may. It was too soon but I know he was tired of fighting.  Thankfully, he can lay down his sword and rest. Rest in Peace. I will love you always. 
Shared by Ronda Wheeler on July 27, 2020
I meet Bryce through a friend back in 2007. We first started talking on the phone, on the first day that we meet we talked forn3 hours.  He always made me smile and laugh all the time. I was afraid to tell him that we were going to be parents in September 2008. We both told our parents that they will become grandparents and they were all surprised by thought it was a good blessing. So on August 27th our beautiful daughter, Isabella Aphrodite Mae Adam's was born and that is when I saw tears in his eyes and he kissed me to tell me that she was beautiful little girl that looks like me. He was a super funny dad and friend. 

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