Dr. Burain Carew Memorial
Burian Carew
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 11, 1944
  • Date of passing: Dec 6, 2013
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This memorial website is created in memory of a great man, Dr. Burian Carew, 69, born on October 11, 1944 and passed away on December 6, 2013.

He was the Originator and Co-founder of Telnet Nigeria Limited and ipNX Nigeria Limited; the first Managing Director and Chairman of Telnet and Director of ipNX.

His ideals and exemplary life will continue to be a source of inspiration and motivation for us.

His iconic legacy of excellence, ethics, humanity and uncommon technological innovation remains timeless and shall propel us to greater heights.

Dr. Carew, thank you for sharing your space and time with us. Your contributions to the Nigerian Telecommunications Industry will be forever remembered.

He is survived by his wife Suzanne Markham and children Quinton, Vanessa and Julia. 

We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Abdulganiu Mapelujo on 6th December 2017

"My dear and beloved uncle, you will surely be forever missed.
If it's true that the spirit of the dead lives among the living, make sure you watch over your siblings that you left behind.
Continue to rest on in peace...."

This tribute was added by Olawale Osimosu on 11th October 2017

"Remembering "My Big Oga" Forever in my heart. You are a Champ forever"

This tribute was added by fabian uzoechi on 7th December 2016

"Dr Carew was a great man, lived a fruitful life. His true test of his leadership lies in his succession. His greatest gift of life was spent for something that outlast. He will be remembered for good."

This tribute was added by Kayode Nuga on 7th December 2016

"Who would have guessed that our paths in this life-time would forever spit after GCI? But then, we part to me again either in this life or in another re-birth. Meanwhile, rest securely in the Consciousness of Divine."

This tribute was added by Chinyere Chinedu on 7th December 2016

"Your legacy lives on. May your soul continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Peace Oji on 6th December 2016

"It's been 3 years now since Dr. Carew passed. I could still remember how I felt (shaken and saddened) when I got the news. About a week later, I had a dream. In that dream, I attended a concert. As I walked in I was surprised to see Dr Carew on stage delivering a rendition. At the end of his performance people were on their feet cheering. I wanted to walk up to him and greet him but  he took the other side of the stage. I could see him smiling as he left the venue. I ran out but did n't see him. I woke and realized it was not just an ordinary dream. It was a message to me that he is in a 'good place'.  I had so much peace afterwards. It is difficult not to remember those who touched our lives in no small ways. It is an honour to them when we express it. What more can I say?. May his soul continue to Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by kemi shnayder on 22nd October 2016

"Dear friend and mentor, news of your passage is still like a dream. I miss your roaring infectious laughter. Though you are not physically here, but you will indeed be forever missed. Continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by fabian uzoechi on 11th October 2016

"This is three years you left this world to a great beyond. The great memory of you will ever continue to stay with every one you have touched his or her life by your good works. Thus, a man will continue to live even thou he dies, when his great and good works he did when he was life continues to live in the memories of those he left behind. We shall continue to appreciate your wisdom, good works here on earth and thus emulate and live by them. Peace be with you."

This tribute was added by Olawale Osimosu on 11th October 2016

"He was a man blessed with wisdom. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Writing a tribute about Dr. Carew is good, but we should live his legacy.
One great stuff I got from him is "Flexibility in Mgmt as a tool to Greatness""

This tribute was added by Shade Efiong-Bassey on 7th December 2015

"Time flies ...but  your values remain timeless...

Rest on, Dr. Carew...."

This tribute was added by Josy Medugu on 7th December 2015

"Visions don't die, and so is Dr. Carew.  Dr. Carew's vision have put so many of us on perpetual victory for life:Through his vision many have discovered God's deposit in themselves and found their life destiny. Dr. Burian was an uncommon reputable achiever, a unifier and detribalized Nigerian. Not how long one lived that matters, but the impact one made in  lifting others."

This tribute was added by Peace Oji on 6th December 2015

"Dr Carew/Uncle B. never wanted to be celebrated, praised or honoured. He never wanted to be recognized by tribe and did not tolerate tribalism. He promoted a single language (English) of communication. He wanted everyone to be heard and understood. He goes out to look for people and have a chat with them. He puts the interest of the company and staff first. A great blessing to know him. He will always be remembered by what he did. Sleep on Dr. Carew till resurrection morning Amen!"

This tribute was added by Andrew Adeche on 6th December 2015

""You will forever be remembered! Rest in peace""

This tribute was added by Mapelujo Abdulganiu on 6th December 2015

"The memory of your good soul, good heart and love to all will always live in me.  Continue to rest in peace my beloved Uncle and mentor."

This tribute was added by Olawale Osimosu on 6th December 2015

"What a great opportunity to have worked with a GREAT MIND! I can still remember great things you shared with me.


This tribute was added by Chux Chukwuemeka on 12th October 2015

"A man with a vision, he left legacies that still impact on the living. He lives with us forever....gone too soon."

This tribute was added by Olawale Osimosu on 11th October 2015

"He was a GREAT LEADER. Forever in my heart"

This tribute was added by Peace Oji on 8th December 2014

"Today as always I remember my role model, mentor & 'father' with fond memories. Dr. Carew had passion for people development. His gifts to staff at Telnet were books, books and more books (he added some chocolates). Twice every year, he travelled to Canada and on return to Nigeria on each trip, handed over a bag containing books to me for the Company Library. He would then follow up to know who was reading what book. Dr Carew also spent time with staff discussing what they learnt and encouraged knowledge sharing. Many ex-Telnet staff would identify with the reading culture. To God be the glory for the life in Dr Carew’s years. He was a blessing indeed.  Also, thanking God for keeping every member of his family and granting them comfort and courage over the past year. Dr. Carew lives on."

This tribute was added by Kasumu Salawu on 6th December 2014

"Carew please, unspoken, you showed me that self-mastery is necessary to move forward boldly to pursue ones agenda; to demonstrate the courage of ones conviction. Burian, now and then I check on Sue; the news is good on the home front. Sleep well!"

This tribute was added by Tim Chima on 6th December 2014

"My brief meeting with this great man changed my life and inspired vision in me.  very honest and sincere and focused leader.  I must say you are thoughtfully remembered this day.#Tim Chima"

This tribute was added by Chidinma Amakwe on 6th December 2014

"Just like yesterday. The pain lingers but the joy that you live on in every life you touched surpasses it all. RIP Great man!"

This tribute was added by Chidinma Amakwe on 10th March 2014

"Great man!

Like a comet blazing across the evening sky...gone too soon
Like a rainbow fading in a twinkle of an eye...gone too soon
Like a castle built upon a sandy beach...gone too soon
Like a perfect flower withers in the sun....gone too soon
Shining, sparkling, smiling down on us all...gone too soon

Like a candle in the wind, shining for all....gone too soon
Like the sun sets in the evenings....gone too soon
Like the loose of warmth on a breezing night...gone too soon
Grinning, cheering and raising his fist in victory...gone too soon

Gone too soon.

He lives on in us all. RIP DR!"

This tribute was added by Kasumu Salawu on 28th February 2014

"“Carew please,” as it was customary to address ones senior at Government College Ibadan in 1962 when I was in the Lower Sixth Form and he was in “Upper Six.” We were both in Swanston House and we both studied “maths, maths, physics.” He treated me as well as any of my blood brothers, putting an exclamation mark on things when he asked me to be his roommate at Cornell University in 1966/7. In 1967, he invited me to his class in Quantum Mechanics taught by a new Nobel Laureate in physics, Professor Hans Bethe. Since our days in Ithaca, New York, we have been most at ease in each other’s company; whenever I visited Lagos, he would have me driven to Ibadan to spend some time with him at the Green Springs hotel. One can imagine how incredulous and devastated I was when I learnt he died; may his soul find sweet repose with the Lord!

Dr. Burian Carew was a visionary; he founded Telnet Nigeria Limited, along with his trusted business partner, Dr. (Mrs.) Nadu Denloye. Telnet and other members of its Group of Companies like ipNX and Interswitch took on Dr. Carew’s standards of excellence and professionalism. They remain on the vanguard of the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. In 1993, he and Dr. Nadu Denloye requested that the United Nations Development Program loan me to Telnet under the “Transfer Of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals,” TOKTEN, program. I observed that he extended his generosity, kindness and fairness to all his associates at Telnet. The technical skills of his engineers and computer scientists were world class; he motivated and mentored them. Several of them were sent abroad, particularly to the US to acquire cutting-edge skills.

Dr. Carew was a family man extraordinaire. From time to time, he would call me to say that he was in Canada to visit his wife, Suzanne, and their three children, Quinton, Vanessa and Julia. He would tell me about the progress of the twins and their sibling in college and the aspirations of one of them to become a CPA-level accountant. May the Almighty comfort and console his survivors and grant them lifelong succor, Amen!"

This tribute was added by Felix Adegboye on 25th February 2014

"Dr, I did not work too closely with you but I watched you from afar and learnt great lessons from you.You are my mentor, your lifestyle has helped sharpened my Christian ministry. I am sure that those of us who worked with you and studied you even if there is no book to read on success will surely succeed . Your life is a message. You were a father to all. We are going to miss u. What are the rest. of us going to be remembered for when our turn comes? We will be remembered  by what we have done."

This tribute was added by Uchenna Nwanze on 25th February 2014


I  never got the chance to meet you. But the legacy of  professionalism and dedication to excellence which you have built over the years, remains an inspiration to me. I pray that God creates many more of your kind for the benefit of our country, and humanity.

God blessed your momentous life, and you have used it to accomplish so much. I am a living testimony. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. (Amen).

Thank you for inspiring me, to touch more lives."

This tribute was added by Zino Edhebru on 25th February 2014

"Dr. I never had the opportunity to meet you in person,  but I am proud to say I am a privilege beneficiary of your dream, Sir, thank you for dreaming.
(TNS Abuja )"

This tribute was added by Obodo Oyagha Helen on 25th February 2014

"The little time i spent working with you reminds me that life is too short hence the need to impact positively in as many lives we can.Your gentle, humble, and disciplined nature is one to emulate, you will be forever remembered.A rare gem! has departed. A man of Integrity you were,Adieu Dr Carew!"

This tribute was added by Lawal Adeshina on 25th February 2014

"Dr. my few privileged encounters with you left me with positive impact of your good nature. So difficult to think of you in the past. You are greatly missed. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Saheed Alao on 25th February 2014

"As day comes and night falls, for the rest of our days we'll miss you...So humble,so exceptional...What a rare gem you were DR.
Thank God I was oppotuned to have met you."

This tribute was added by Abimbola Aina on 25th February 2014

"Time is a special thing to all men,but not all men are special to time.Your time on earth has been a time of impactation and great torch to various destinies.I wish more life could be imparted by other leaders."

This tribute was added by Aina Olatunji on 24th February 2014

"I was privilege to meet you for a short time but the time was short enough that you impacted my life eternally. You humility is too loud to be ignored. Your humanity is deafening. We missed you, the nation lost a pioneer in telecom, you believe in every person."

This tribute was added by Aina Olatunji on 24th February 2014

"I was privilege to meet you for a short time but the time was short enough that you impacted my life eternally. You humility is too loud to be ignored. Your humanity is deafening. We missed you, the nation lost a pioneer in telecom, you believe in every person."

This tribute was added by Anthonia Amadi-Emina on 13th February 2014

"Dr. Burian Carew,
You were one-of-a-kind!

Myself and two other colleagues understudied your Company (then T-CAS) with a view to taking over the consulting services you were offering our Organization. You were incredible on the job!!!

May your soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord and may God grant your family and friends the fortitude to bear your loss in Jesus' name i pray. Amen!!!"

This tribute was added by Oluwole Abayomi on 12th February 2014

"Many claim greatness, but not many are able to exert positive influence in their spheres without commanding; or forge ahead with integrity when there is a huge price to pay in doing so; or inspire others to self-discipline and honour just by personal example; or build up people in such profound ways without making a case out of it; or leave lasting impressions on those who, perhaps, just briefly cross paths with them; or make tremendous imprints on landscapes like the ICT and entrepreneural development without government leverage or resources. Not many measure up to Dr. Carew’s greatness in so many regards. That he shall be deeply missed is truly an understatement."

This tribute was added by Joseph Ogunbiyi on 23rd January 2014

"Somebody said, do not dwell on what your government can do for you but rather dwell on what you can do for the government. I was opportuned to see one of the greatest men in this generation. He had a vision and actualized it. Through his vision platform have emerged great leaders. The values learnt working in Telnet are timeless. Doctor did a lot for us and we thank the LORD for a life well spent and pray that we will be able to impact our world like this great man. RIP Dr Carew"

This tribute was added by VICTOR EZEOKE on 22nd January 2014

"In His Usual Gentle Stride!

As if morning will never come,
When to everyone it’s dawn again.
As if his time is still on;
Our mentor’s words keep recurring again & again..                                                          
Yes, Dr. Brian Carew was here!

An intellectual giant, a perfect gentleman,
Swift in action, yet gentle by nature.
Remarkable son of the land - a true science man!
He sets us on a mission with clear vision to nurture
Now he is home to rest!

A look back into the past
The very one that he gave us.
The memories are indelible blast.
They come to mind with soothing cruise                
Reminding us yet again that life’s just like that!

He definitely left a glorious mark on earth;              
An indelible mark in the sands of time
To always remind us of his birth
Our dear 'engineering giant' lived a science life to its prime.
Then, let us always say, Carew Laws to guide!
Techivest, Telnet, TNS, iTeco, Softworks, Interswitch…where are they?                                                                  
Few of his ingenious inventions – a cofounder.
Those institutions that give us the hay                              
His special gift to us with good intentions                
Oh he has gone home in his usual gentle stride!

Engr. Victor Arinze Ezeoke
Copyright ©December 6, 2013"

This tribute was added by James Amana on 28th December 2013

"Oh Dr B. Carew you have forgotten that we have an unfinished business but am aware that the business of the MASTER supersedes every other one. People have said all about your life but one thing I cannot forget in one of our discussions when I started my own firm was your advice to me that I should not stop capacity building because it was a window to the top.

Oh................ I missed you....... Good night Doctor."

This tribute was added by Tokunbo Carew on 23rd December 2013

"Dr. Burian Carew, Cheerful, Resourceful, Courageous, Kind-hearted, Simple, Unassuming and Lover of Family. The life given by nature to humans may be short, but the memory of a good man is eternal. Your excellent spirit lives in all that you stood for. 
May you find comfort in the arms of an angel. Sun Re O (sleep well)"

This tribute was added by Bimpe Olaleye on 23rd December 2013

"Dr Burian Carew: How greatly I mourn the exit of a mentor and a father, an icon of the Telecommunications industry in Nigeria.  An epitome of professionalism, integrity, self discipline and humility . A perfectionist and highly ethical.  Dr Carew was selfless and his simplicity was incomparable. Dr Carew showed me that honesty and integrity would not only take one to greater heights but would also keep one there. The trust he had in me made me more resolute to remain trustworthy no matter the circumstance. I thank God for giving me the privilege of knowing and working with Dr Carew for 24 years. If we could use our tears to build a floodgate and stop the flow of water so that he could continue to live or be brought back, I am sure all of us, the Telnet/ ipNX family would gladly congregate together and let our tears flow freely till we build one for Dr Carew, but alas, there is virtually nothing we can do now that will bring him back, at least not for now. I however take solace in God’s word that the last enemy, death will be brought to nothing and there will indeed be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. ( 1 Corinthians 15:26; Acts 24:15: John 5: 28,29; Revelation 21:3,4) So all hope is not lost as we can indeed see our dead loved ones again!

By the way, the memory of Dr Carew bringing back chocolates to the whole offices (Telnet and ipNX) from his every trip out of the country especially every February and September coming back from Canada, consistently for about 25years stays with us today and he had unknowingly instituted what has become a tradition at least for us in ipNX that for every foreign trip - be it official or personal, by any employee- no matter at what level, there must be chocolates brought back to the whole office – it was just another way of Dr Carew strengthening the bond of family in the great organisations that he left behind!. I will surely miss him!"

This tribute was added by fabian uzoechi on 19th December 2013

"It is difficult to forget that you have gone to the great beyond. For those who know you in Telnet, You are a very great motivational and inspirational person you are. We shall ever remember and cherish the legacy you made and left behind. May the God lord grant you eternal rest.
Fabian Uzoechi"

This tribute was added by L. Yemi(Ojuri) Oladokun on 19th December 2013

"Dr Carew touched many lives. Goodnight Dr."

This tribute was added by Buchi Igbokwe on 18th December 2013

"Dr. Carew! I learnt a whole lot of life lessons from you, lessons etched in the inner recesses of my being, yet you hardly uttered a word! The beauty of your very soul reflected on your face as a permanent smile that always reassured us that your demand for exellence was not to hurt us. In the midst of all the clutter that unavoidably attend the daily life of a corporate mogul, you always managed to remain untainted, yet shrewdly effective! I will always remember you for your smile, and with a smile!"

This tribute was added by Yewande Adenekan on 17th December 2013

"Dr. Burian Carew, a great ICT Industry ICON is gone and not to be seen or heard again! He was a hardworking, focused, principled and humble man. Full of integrity, an encourager who motivated people to bring out the best in them.
Uncle B, you left your footprints in the sand of time of all those you came across particularly the Telnet family. You will not be forgotten for a long time, your memory will always be blessed. Adieu Doctor, rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Gboyega Akinbaloye on 17th December 2013

"The combination of qualities you carried never seizes to amaze me. Wisdom, strength, dedication, focus, gentleness, intelligence and tenacity are some of your makeup as a leader. No wonder you are regarded one of the greatest leaders of our time, going by the quantity & quality of the leaders you produced, inspired and affected in your life time. Good memories of you will certainly linger for ever. Live on Dr."

This tribute was added by Hajah Shukrah Mojirayo Aranmolate on 16th December 2013

"INNA LILAHI WA INNA ILAEHI RAJIOON (surely we belong to God and to Him we shall return)" Quran 2:156.

"The best human being is the one that makes the best impact in the life of others. The deeds of a dead person are sealed (at the time of death) except the one who stand guard in the way of God" Dr. Carew, I pray your good deeds continue to increase until the Day of Resurrection and protect you from the trials of the grave, as you lay in the bosom  of God in His abode. I pray to God to forgive your sins and grant you Aljannah Fidaus (Paradise) and strengthen your wife, kids, and all of us you left behind. Adieu Uncle B."

This tribute was added by Adeshina Azeez on 16th December 2013

"You're not around, but your memories still remain captured in our hearts. You were like an angel that came and made our lives beautiful, and now that you are in heaven, we know you are doing the same,Your indefatigability struggle remain in the history of TELNET NIG. LTD."

This tribute was added by Okoli Jude on 14th December 2013

"Dr. Carew, you impacted the lives of so many, you inspired uncountable, you remolded thousands of brains. Yours was a life well spent. Rest in Peace Dr. We will greatly miss you. Ike Okoli."

This tribute was added by Mapelujo Abdulganiu on 14th December 2013

"Dr Burian Carew, you are not only there for me as an uncle, but you are more like a father and my greatest mentor ...  U once said to me that "THE LEGACY OF CHILD IS HIS/HER ATTITUDE TOWARDS THEIR EDUCATION, YOU DO NOT DREAM IT BUT WORK VERY HARD TO EARN IT" I will forever be thankful to u....... sun re o"

This tribute was added by nadu denloye on 13th December 2013

"Tribute to Burian Carew at his funeral service, 13/12/2013

We never quite get to know anyone fully no matter how close we are to them as they live out their lives in different roles. It was Steven Covey who said in his book 7 habits of highly successful people - imagine you go to a funeral parlour and you see it's you in the coffin. What would your family, friends, associates, professional colleagues, community say about you?

I stand today to pay last respects to Dr Burian Carew, Originator and Co-founder of Telnet Nigeria Limited and ipNX Nigeria Limited; the first Group Managing Director and Chairman of Telnet, Director ipNX and pioneer Director, Interswitch Ltd.

I do so representing

- the shareholders and board members of these companies that he berthed from his dreams
- the over 2000 direct beneficiaries of his legacy, the men and women who have passed through Telnet & ipNX since Telnet's commencement of operations in Oct 1986
- the thousands more of their own family members and protégés who Dr Carew impacted indirectly

- And the yet still tens of thousands more who have been directly or indirectly impacted by his immense and invaluable contributions to the ICT industry in Nigeria.

We say in one voice "Thank God for the life of this man, Burian Carew" as we extend our condolences to you Suzanne and to Quinton, Vanessa and Julia.

Since he passed away last week Friday, tributes have continued to pour in from all over, his associates, his professional colleagues and from his protégées within and outside Nigeria to show us that indeed the world and Nigeria in particular has lost a great man, one of a kind. At the national and industry level, to business to the personal, from the high and mighty to the lowly, he made tremendous impact, he touched many lives in diverse ways, not least mine. A leader of leaders - he raised champions among who are CEOs of many organizations. He was a detribalized and cosmopolitan Nigerian who interacted with everyone on merit.

The theme is consistent - an icon, a visionary and exemplary leader, a great mind, a coach, father, mentor, role model, a developer of talent, a source of inspiration and motivation and much more.

At the national and industry level, I begin with what was said of him by Engr Olawale Ige, a former Minister of Communications and himself a doyen of the industry.

"Dr Burian Carew was a courageous  compassionate unsung hero and icon of the telecommunication consultancy industry in Nigeria decades before digitalisation enabled convergence of technologies which led to the advent of ICT.

He made tremendous contribution in an unofficial capacity to the success achieved during my tenure in public service. Unknown to many he was the silent adviser during the process of deregulating the Telecomms industry in Nigeria which culminated in Decree 75 of 1992, the benefits of which is transparent today."

I quote from tributes of other captains in the industry -

We mourn the exit of such a Major Nigerian Tech Giant.....

He redefined the ICT and Payment landscape in Nigeria.

A distinguished professional brother. He has originated and accomplished so many positive IT initiatives for Nigeria and his legacy lives on.

He was such a resourceful person who created sustainable value where most of us thought there was none.

Underlying these contributions and accomplishments were his keen intellectual, inquisitive, astute, technical mind, always learning. He was the epitome of professionalism and this was clear to all.

Again I quote from the tributes -

I saw him as an academic, an experienced engineer, a devoted scholar to research in telecommunications, a man of integrity, capable and gifted by Almighty God with rational and logical thinking.

One of the finest professionals I ever had the privilege to know.

A great IT intellect indeed

He had a great mind and achieved massive greatness.

More importantly, it was about his person, his character, his values as so aptly captured by his protégés - ex and current staff alike.

Again the recurring virtues associated with him are excellence, fairness, honesty and integrity, high ethics, hardwork, meticulousness, selflessness, humility, perseverance, compassion, simplicity, composure, forthrightness, perfection and discipline. What more can one wish to be remembered for?

I will quote from just one of very many tributes from staff.

"His discipline and work ethic were just simply outstanding- never late to work, always there before everybody. As a leader he led by example - never asking you do what he himself was not ready to do. He was very professional and had a keen eye for detail - he hardly missed anything. In self sacrifice he empowered and impacted many people and built lives helping them achieve their dream. In humility he would extend a helping hand to assist any employee no matter how junior."

Success is not achieved overnight and indeed there were challenges particularly when as a successful engineer in Canada, Dr Carew first came back to Nigeria to set up a consultancy practice. But as was his nature, he persevered. He wanted to make a difference in Nigeria through technology and in doing so, also elevate the Nigerian engineer and by extension, the Nigerian nation. Dr Carew lived out this passion and purpose. God used him to start great companies that have been such awesome blessings to many. He dreamt big for the business. He gave of himself in profound ways.

It was not all serious. Fondly called "Uncle B", Dr Carew laughed and played and enjoyed every bit of it. We thank God that he lived to see quite a lot of his dreams materialise, even though the dreams never ceased. He was wont to say in recent times that God has been good to us. Indeed He has!

Dr Carew never wanted to be celebrated but this is one celebration he has no say over. We stand as one today to salute his life and impact.

We are all so privileged to have worked with or been touched by him in one way or the other. To say that he will be missed immensely is an understatement.

His ideals and exemplary life will continue to be a challenge and a source of inspiration and motivation for us all. God helping us, we pray to continue to follow his leadership example and ensure his legacy lives on “beyond his space and time”.

Indeed, we thank God for his life as we celebrate his iconic legacy of vision, excellence, dynamism, creativity and immense contribution to the lives of others.

Burian Carew, can we forget your piercing gaze which always kept one on one's toes? Fare thee well, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Bakau Onafuwa on 13th December 2013

"As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says:

"The lives of all great men
All reminds us.
We can make our lives sublime
And after departing, leave behinds us
Footprints on the sands of time"
You came, you saw, and you conquered; you have left indelible marks in the lives of so many.
I will cherish those unforgettable interactions i had with you whilst in Telnet.
Such a humble, disciplined, and visionary fellow; shame on death.
Your legacies live on; Wishing you many successes in the great beyond.
Rest In Perfect Peace"

This tribute was added by Akinwole Olabiyi on 13th December 2013

"Dr. Carew, many of us were remolded by the uncompromising ideals that you were born with. You were such a blessing to all the young generations that went through your purposeful path. I learnt a lot of life lessons from you personally, but no one lives forever. Goodbye my teacher and big boss."

This tribute was added by Ogundipe Kehinde on 13th December 2013

"Sir you were an individual that will want others to live, as such I pray your children will continue to find favors. Your believe in equity will one day materialise in this our country- Nigeria. I cherish you because you not only gave me the opportunity to survive but to transfer same to so many. God bless soul sir."

This tribute was added by Ralph Atansuyi on 13th December 2013

"Remembering my mentor, a boss, a friend, a good man, a pioneer and the finest of all - late Dr. Burian Carew. Uncle B, yours was a life well spent. It is not how long but how well you lived life. The mark you left on many will forever be remembered. You should be mentioned with the likes of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Alexander Bell (even though you worked at one time in Bell/AT&T). Your actions created a lot of IT professionals that are contributing to the world at large. Apart from your ability to design technical solutions and manage technical people you were a generous, down to earth non-materialistic gentle soul. No amount of glowing tributes could fully describe you uncle B. Your work here is done and you needed to rest from this stress-filled physical plane of ours. Sleep tight in the arms of the lord. Rest in peace buddy."

This tribute was added by Pelumi Osibemekun on 13th December 2013

"Dr Burian Carew a kind, humble, hardworking and thoughtful man whose was passionate about growing the next generation. I miss you"

This tribute was added by Sayo Olawole on 13th December 2013

"“Goodnight Dr. Carew! Thank you with all my heart for your love and your vision. Your sun may have set but you will never be forgotten”.
Sayo Olawole"

This tribute was added by Funmi Mapelujo on 13th December 2013

"My incredible Uncle. Love you always and may your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Adio Lateef Olawale on 13th December 2013

"Dr, you came to this world to pave way for many and you try your best. The legacy you leave behind will always follow you. May your soul rest in perfect peace. I pray that may Almighty Allah grant you the perfect place in the paradise.

This tribute was added by Josy Medugu on 13th December 2013

"In life, not how long you lived that counts but how much you accomplished by touching lives. Dr. Burian Carew did not only changed lives, but gave lives a meaning in the ICT world. One thing I learned from this great man was moral excellence. You came to the world and made an indelible mark of success by making positive changes in your world. You will ever remain green in my memory sir!. Good nite boss!. ADIEU!."

This tribute was added by Abolade Akanbi on 13th December 2013

"I was privileged to know the great, humble man. He was inspiration to all that ever came in contact with him. He was a detailed man and also compassionate, who also believed in oneness. Why good people don't last?. You will be remembered for your good works."

This tribute was added by Yejide Adebiyi on 13th December 2013

"A real Icon!!! A man of honour and integrity, a rear gem. You impacted me and all of us. Your memories will forever live in my heart. Thank you for selfless work to humanity. I thank God for the privilege to have worked with you.
Rest on Dr Carew, you will be greatly missed!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Funke Adekanye on 13th December 2013

"I am privileged to have known you and was greatly impacted by your humble disposition.You will be sorely missed, RIP Dr."

This tribute was added by Jude Ohas on 13th December 2013

"RIP Dr. Burian Carew"

This tribute was added by Mfon Issac on 13th December 2013

"He was indeed a humble man.

Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Olusegun Oresotu on 13th December 2013

"Whao! An ICT icon just departed. How I wish he was given the opportunity to transform NITEL, how I wish Nigeria give this man opportunity to showcase the stuff he is made of, TELNET, IPNX, INTERSWITCH, etc. would have been incomparable to the heights the whole country would have witnessed.

I'm fortunate to come across you through TELNET and I always remember you as you stand to address the entire staff after the failed NITEL bid. We all left encouraged and revived."

This tribute was added by Damilola Farayola on 13th December 2013

"Even though, I didn't know you too long... All indications and testimonies points to the fact that indeed you are a rare gem.... I regret your death this time. You have left an indelible mark in the lives of many and we are living your dreams. You are greatly missed. Sleep on....."

This tribute was added by Segun Odumosu on 12th December 2013

""What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead" - Nelson Mandela.
Dr. Burian Carew, your life was significant,  you made a great difference in every life that had the opportunity to come in contact with you. You were a great teacher, mentor and a leader indeed who never compromised quality. You brought out the best in everyone of us within and outside the Telnet group. You always had the vision of what we could become. I appreciate and cherish the memory of the days in Telnet.  We all, shall miss you greatly. Rest in peace Dr. Carew."

This tribute was added by Nd Uche on 12th December 2013

"A simple man. A brilliant professional. Simply brilliant. More than that, a hugely effective and very accessible human being. A real joy to have known him and seen him at work. Very saddening to now have to speak of him in past tense. But he will always be present through the enduring marks he left on our sand. We'll miss him for all the right reasons.
As we say farewell to this fine man, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and corporate families. Good bye, Dr. Carew. May your path remain smooth."

This tribute was added by Olawale Osimosu on 12th December 2013

"Dr. B. Carew was a Great Coach, Humble, and a man of Peace

Your legacy will continue to be my guide

Forever in our Hearts"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Enejah on 12th December 2013

"You touched people's lives positively! You will be forever missed in the Great Telnet Family! Adieu Dr. Carew!"

This tribute was added by ademola adesalu on 12th December 2013

"You created the platform for learning and building solid ICT foundations which lives with those who make the best of such rear opportunities. I thank you and pray that your soul rest in perfect peace Dr......."

This tribute was added by Abba Maraoke on 12th December 2013

"Even in death Dr. I can only say thanks for the opportunities extended to us all. You were a good man. Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Folake Kolade on 12th December 2013

"Good night Dr."

This tribute was added by Bukky Oisaghie on 12th December 2013

"Privileged, to have met you. Dr Carew was indeed an amazing boss. I learnt so many values I have carried along with me through the years."

This tribute was added by Bidemi Olaiya on 12th December 2013

"He was a great man. A Visionary! A man who was dedicated to doing something that is needful rather than things that make people want to respect him alone. He never stopped having vision and birthing ideas to make humanity think(especially in our environment). He, actually, was able to prove to every citizen of this nation that, no matter how harsh and corrupt this nation is, we can still have a gentleman approach to doing business come what may. You were a rare Gem! You were never celebrated like a Politician but I believe, there's a witness in the heart of everyone you have influenced for good either it is noticed and accepted or not...... We are in business of building Vision and we will not stop! You already have people you have mentored passively and we are doing the business and will not stop "Come what May" Goodbye Dr. Carew!"

This tribute was added by Rita Okoji on 12th December 2013

"The Telecoms Industry has been robbed

An ICON has slept to rise no more

A man of VISION has departed

A GREAT man is gone

YOU gave many reasons to believe in themselves

YOU left a MARK

Sleep On ! Sleep Well !"

This tribute was added by VICTOR UDOFIA on 12th December 2013

"Dr. your departure is painful but we find solace in the fact that you touched many lives positively during your time and space on earth. You were the epitome of a humble and hard-working gentleman. I will miss you greatly, ICT Industry in Nigeria will miss you, the world will miss you.Good-night Dr. Carew and rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Sumbo Osonuga on 12th December 2013

"I was privileged to have met this great man, Dr Carew. In everything he exuded calmness, humility and integrity. He led by example and interacted with everyone regardless of age or stature. The Telnet family has lost a rare gem but your legacy lives on. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace, Dear Dr."

This tribute was added by Peace Oji on 12th December 2013

"“My father, mentor and role model is gone.
It is unfortunate and sad. A big vacuum that will be difficult to fill has been created. Dr. Carew stood for ‘best’. He was very meticulous and hardworking. He wanted the right things done the right ways.
He contributed immensely to the growth of telecommunications in Nigeria. He raised champions who are leaders in different fields all over the world. He was selfless. He gave his all. He died empty. He left a legacy. To say that he will be missed immensely is an understatement.
I have happy memories of him. May his soul rest eternal in the bosom of the Lord Amen!”"

This tribute was added by yemisi elegbede on 12th December 2013

"Waoh! dr carew will be mightily missed. He left an indelible mark in the sands of time. I can never forget his integrity, his forthrightness, his openness( no gossips around dr carew). He's a wonderful man, i am privileged to have met you and worked for you. adieu great man....."

This tribute was added by Muideen Omotoso on 12th December 2013

"A role model, true visionary leader and uncommon mentor. Rest in Peace Dr Carew"

This tribute was added by Shade Olusope on 12th December 2013

"I have a loving memory of Dr Burian Carew, whose Obituary i shockingly saw in the papers today. You were such a disciplined and fair minded technocrat. An excellent man, a rare breed, and one of the finest gentlemen I have come across. I continue to remember the days at Telnet with you as GMD. Thank you for your impact. Rest in Perfect Peace, Dr Carew. God bless your memory!"

This tribute was added by Andrew Adeche on 12th December 2013

"Rest in Peace, Dr Carew.  An Icon in the Telecommunication Industry will be highly missed."

This tribute was added by Henry oboro on 12th December 2013

"An Icon in the ICT industry will be missed .....His achievement is a positive impact in the present day to day activities of individual in Nigeria as a whole.RIP Dr Carew"

This tribute was added by Lanre Johnson on 12th December 2013

"Dr Carew was a brilliant man with a far reaching ambition to leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian telecoms industry and he did!!! perhaps in a capacity many do not yet realise. I however remember this great man more for his integrity, admirable self discipline, honesty, humility and simplicity!!! these are personal traits that outstrip any other material or physical achievements any man may lay claim to. Rest In Peace Sir my mentor and inspiration."

This tribute was added by Uche Ogbonna on 12th December 2013

"Rest in Peace, Mentor Extraordinaire!"

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Ezeh on 12th December 2013

"Just like yesterday! Dr I worked closely with you for many years serving in the capacity as your secretary, in those years I learnt so many good virtue from you. You were a great man yet very humble. A compassionate soul, hardworking, strong even in the heat of trials, focused, to mention just a few. You believed in everyone no matter their status. If tears could bring you back I am sure that the Telnet/ipNX family will  fill up a tank to do that. What can I say at this time but that you will be greatly missed. Adieu Dr and may the good Lord grant you eternal rest in his bosom. Its a big loss but we are consoled by the legacy  you left behind...ADIEU....Great man."

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