• 91 years old
  • Born on August 18, 1903 in Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on March 22, 1995 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Bush Lambert who was born on August 18, 1903 and passed away on March 22, 1995 at age 91 in Michigan.

Bush Joseph Lambert was born in Iowa. His father, Dr. Joseph Samuel Lambert, and his first wife had one son, Max, who became a prominent businessman and political figure in Pittsburgh. Later Dr. Lambert wed Emile Bruzik Lambert (16 June 1877-  ); they resided in Chicago. Dr. Joseph and Emile had several children: Enos, Joseph, Bush, Ruth and Esther. At 17 years of age, Bush "ran away" to join the U.S. Navy and spent a long tour of duty in China hunting river pirates, led by "Big Foot Mary". She was alleged to be the model for The Dragon Lady (Lai Choi San) in Milton Caniff's popular adventure comic strip, "Terry and the Pirates". Bush also acquired some facility in speaking Mandadin Chinese while in China. Later he was stationed in Vladivostok. There he fell in love with a White Russian woman named Eugenia Bolotov. Forbidden by the U.S. Navy to marry a non-American, he was caught at the alter and sent to the navy brig in the Phillippines. During his long period of incarceration, he taught himself calculus.
    Upon returning to the U.S., he was sent to Seattle, where Bush met and married Justina Fredericka Heuperman on April 16, 1927. They had three sons: Joseph Frederick (10Apr1928/Chicago-  ), Norman Bertram (02Mar 1929/Chicago-20Sep2008/Ocala, FL), and Richard Allen (06May 1932/Chicago-17May2003/Astoria, Oregon).
     Bush remained in the U.S. Naval Reserve, but returned to actual service in WWII, serving as quarter master and the pilot on the first U.S. cargo vessel entering the waters off North Africa in the 1940s.  He retire as a Chief Petty Officer, and later served a stint as the police chief of a small town in MIchigan. Both he and Justine were active in politics.
     Bush and Justine divorced on October 10, 1960, after 33 years of marriage. He remarried shortly thereafter. Bush and his second wife , Phyllis, remained in the Dowagiac area for the rest of his life. He was a longtime member of the VFW.  Bush died from kidney failure in Kalamazoo, Michigan, at the age of 91. 

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