Let the memory of Butch [ Chalmers ] be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on June 23, 1937 .
  • Passed away on March 30, 2006 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Butch [ Chalmers ] Barnes 68 years old , born on June 23, 1937 and passed away on March 30, 2006. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Chalmers Barnes on 15th October 2018
DAD you know how much i love you and miss you i will see soon enough
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 12th October 2018
Miss you so much every day. But you have Scott up there with you. I know I will see you again , but until then. Know that we all love and miss you and Scott. All my love Ilene
Posted by Cindy Laux on 12th October 2018
I love you and miss you so much, but I will see you soon
Posted by Cindy Laux on 5th July 2018
June 23rd 2018 you would of turned 81 it's so hard believe my dad 81 years old but Happy Belated Birthday dad I sure do miss you but I know God's keeping you pretty busy up there, I hope your taking care of Scott he always need you to look after him and now you have each other, but am sure we will be together soon and we can rejoice with our Lord and Savior until then just know I love you so much
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 5th May 2018
I was late with this .My email was messed up. So now ,to say that my love will always be for you alone. You were a very special man and no one can replace you.till I see you again love Ilene .
Posted by Cindy Laux on 30th March 2018
It's so hard to believe its been 12 years it feels as if it was only yesterday. Dad I love and miss you every day, but the day is coming when I will see you again until then I love you.
Posted by Bill Barnes on 30th March 2018
you know how i feel i will see you later dad
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 30th March 2016
I miss you just as much as if you just passed away. I can't wait to see you again. When God calls for me it would be a great day. Love you and I will see you there. Ilene
Posted by Kathy Spence on 25th June 2015
Posted by Kathy Spence on 25th June 2015
Happy Birthday Dad, I posted on your Birthday but for some reason it didn't post it, but I need not worry or get upset because You Already know how I feel, how much I really need SOMEONE TO CARE, Our Family is falling apart, Scott has Cancer & I'm not ready to deal with losing my Brother, I will be Praying for Scott, I just wished You was here to tell Me what I need to do to get off these Prescription Pills and get control of my Life w/o depending on them for Pain Control, Sleep, CFS, FMS, IBS, RLS, I need You Dad, Scott needs you right now Big Time, Well one day I will join you in Heaven with Jesus, OH I CAN'T WAIT, TIL THEN ""I LOVE & MISS YOU MORE THAN I CAN SAY ♡♡♡♡
Posted by Cindy Laux on 24th June 2015
Happy birthday Dad, it's hard to believe it's been 9 years since you were called home to be with the Lord and I miss you every day . I love you dad
Posted by Cindy Laux on 27th April 2014
I miss you so much dad o how I wish for just one more day with you
Posted by Cindy Laux on 2nd April 2014
Dad I miss you so much it's so hard to believe you've been gone 8 years because the pain is still the same as the day you died but I think that's a good thing cause I never want to forget you . I know that God wanted you and I know how hard you fought to stay but God said no come home, and I know in my heart that you with the Lord but boy how I wish you were here . I love you so much And I thank God that you were MY Dad . But I will see you again when God calls me home to , God please take care of him till we can be with him again.
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 30th March 2014
Well it is march 30th and it seems like just yesterday that you went to be with god. I know you are in a better place but I miss you so. It has been really hard this year for some reason . Just know how much you are still loved and missed and I will see you when it is my turn.
Posted by Devon Wells on 16th March 2014
ilene and family... My condolences to all ... He was a great man and I think of all of you often...hugs....rip Butch
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 7th March 2014
Well it is almost 8 years since you left this earth,seems like just yesterday. You are always in my heart and prayers, & i can not wait to see you again. I miss you and think of you everyday.All my love till i see you again
Posted by Cindy Laux on 22nd September 2013
daddy's little girl and thank you I love you
Posted by Cindy Laux on 22nd September 2013
Daddy I miss you so much the hurt never stops missing you never stops there days that I have to force myself not to think of you, Reba sang a song The greatest man I ever knew well that would be you 6 little kids and your wife past away at the age of 28 and there you were and even though people told you to put us in a home you refused and kept us not ever many men would or could do that.
Posted by Barbara Gay on 20th September 2013
I met this wonderful man 40 yrs. ago. I think of him often. He never knew a stranger. He treated everyone he met like family! He had a heart of gold & is missed daily by all the lives he touched! To this day, I have never met another man like him. He was truly..1 in a million! I feel peace in knowing he is one of Gods angels helping to shelter all who loved him! <3 Always, Barb
Posted by Kathy Spence on 6th September 2013
Hi Dad, just wanted to drop a line or two cause you was on my mind today, I hope you are running though the fields, playing with Ashley & Blake & all the rest that went home to soon, but thats ok cause Heaven is when our real life begins!!!!! Enjoy Dad, I'll see ya one day, hopefully not to far off. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! SING TO JESUS!
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 20th July 2013
there isn!t a day that goes by that I don!t think of you. And wonder why I was left here without you,but I know God had a plan and i have to believe that I will see you when it!s my time . God Bless till I see you again,All my love forever
Posted by Kathy Spence on 11th July 2013
Hey Dad, enjoying yourself with our Lord, I know you are, you are the lucky one, you get to sit at the feet of Jesus and sing praises to him, Sing your heart out Dad, can't wait to sit with you at the feet of Jesus, to look into the face of Christ, oh my That is going to be AWESOME....... til I see you Dad, I Love You & Miss You so much............
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 31st March 2013
It has been 7 years and it hurts as much as the day it happened. I will always love and respect him today as I did then. He was a great man and the love of my life. His memorial was in the paper as usual.I can't wait to see you again, all my love forever
Posted by Maxine Ruble on 30th March 2013
miss u butch but u r home with jesus now i hope u r playing music for jesus i know i sure miss u playing butch rox clay and robert all miss you to all our love
Posted by Kathy Spence on 30th March 2013
Its been 7yrs & I miss you as much as I did when you first went home to be with our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, & though I'm happy for you, I still miss you & wish you was still here with us. I Love you Dad & can't wait to see you, til then enjoy being with our Lord & I'll see you when its my time. Hope you are Singer for Jesus.
Posted by Dave Spence on 27th December 2012
Butch I thank you for the guitar. i only wish you could be hear to show me and teach me more. I always think about you when i here country.. miss you pap i always called you that...See you some day i hope & pray.
Posted by Kathy Spence on 27th December 2012
I miss you so much, I wish u was still with us, I know its selfish of me but I do. Atleast you are with JESUS & Ashley, & others & some day I will join you in Heaven, so til then I LOVE & MISS U...... You will always be on my mind & in my heart Dad.
Posted by Kathy Spence on 23rd June 2012
Happy Birthday Dad, I wish u was here to celebrate it with all of us, but that is selfish of me cause u are with our Lord & Saviour 'Jesus Christ' & finally at peace, no more pain or trouble breathing, so have a blast with Jesus & hopefully Mom too. I know you're with Ashley & Blake and all the other babies in heaven. Just know u are missed & loved big time.
Posted by Kathy Spence on 17th June 2012
My favorite memory Dad is the fun we had with you when we would be out listening to you SING, you was the best singer & guitar player there ever was, oh how I miss hearing you play & sing.......... Happy Father's Day to U, Dad. I know you are with the greatest Father of all, GOD, I'm happy for you but it still hurts when I think about you, I can't wait to see you in heaven. I Love U, Dad.
Posted by Kelly Dabrowski on 16th June 2012
One of my best memories of Uncle Butch is his laughter. I always got a kick out of seeing him grin when he found something amusing! His laughter.. a little ornery and a little childlike.. the heart of a little boy who had stuck a frog in his pants pocket and found a way to get it passed his mom... and I'm sure that she is eternally enjoying her son.. his smile, his music..his love.
Posted by Jessica Shoemaker on 1st June 2012
We Love and Miss you Uncle Butch! You were one of a kind! Some of my best memories from my childhood include you - sitting on your porch in Loomis, or at your kitchen table. Although we all have a void because your not here- I am at peace knowing you are with God and in paradise- it's something I can only imagine and can't wait to share with you. Miss U always!
Posted by Sharmon Barnes on 31st May 2012
Posted by Eva Dabrowski on 31st May 2012
Think of u everyday But I know your with mom and carl and all who left before you. You would want us to go on till its our time to join you. Till then brother your always in my heart and mind.
Posted by Robin Elliott on 30th May 2012
I miss you soo much Pap...the world is missing out on all that beautiful music you played, but I know the Lord above is enjoying it!!
Posted by Ilene Barnes on 29th May 2012
He was and always will be the love of my life. Till we meet again.All my love
Posted by Kathy Spence on 26th May 2012
We miss U Dad, but one day we will all be together with Jesus & that gives me peace. til then I Love U.

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