Luv my first born FOREVER!!!!!
  • 19 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1991 in Camden, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on May 25, 2011 in Camden, New Jersey, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Byron Bright 19 years old , born on June 29, 1991 and passed away on May 25, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tracey Bright on July 1, 2019
Good morning my 1st born I know your birthday was Saturday but I wasn't in the best place, I didn't do anything my spirit was so broken, I was fighting within myself. I found myself asking why once again...I know I am not supposed to but the pain in my heart knows no logic on boys are my everything and missing you and Tyii never gets any easier the ache never lets up...I don't understand why it was said it would get easier to manage over time...well it's been 8 years for you and 4 for Tyii but some days I feel like it just happened all over again...My heart is aching so badly I miss both of you sooo much...Happy heavenly birthday you're missed more than you know:( Mom still loves you most
Posted by Shannon Wimer on June 29, 2019
B, I love you. Forever. Happy heavenly Birthday sweetie xoxo
You're truly missed. Give everyone love from me
Posted by Shannon Wimer on May 25, 2019
It is today it usually rains. It is today that first left me feeling helpless. It is today 8 years ago that you gained your angel wings and things started to change forever. Love you, B. Rest on nephew. Xo
Posted by Shannon Wimer on June 29, 2018
I love you, nephew! Happy Birthday, B! Miss you xoxo
Posted by Tracey Bright on June 29, 2018
My beautifully handsome Byron with a smile that the angels adore.. Happy Heavenly 27th Birthday....I miss you sooooo much I wish you could just walk thru that door smiling one more time... save me the spot between you Tyii and Mommy...I luv you all sooooo much... continue to rest up baby boy
Posted by Tracey Bright on June 29, 2017
Happy 26th birthday my first love Byron..I could only imagine the party we'd be having this weekend for I miss you so much son... thst smile will forever brighten my cloudy days...Muy 1st everything.. your brothers miss you terribly.. continue to watch over us from up above...mommy loves you forever.. until I see you again... you'll hold my heart...Luv mom Mom
Posted by Mereaca Wood on June 29, 2017
Happy birthday Byron always forever in our hearts.
Posted by Shannon Wimer on May 25, 2017
Good morning B it was just like this moment our lives changed forever. I hand been awake with the rain most of night. Just like with your brother it seems to always rain. I pray you don't have a sad moment. I hope you are enjoying your moments with family. I love you always. Continue to watch over us all. The times we spent together i will cherish forever. Again we meet again; stay the strong, respectful & goofy nephew I adored❤ xoxo
Posted by Shannon Wimer on June 29, 2016
Good morning my dearest nephew. I'm sending you the biggest birthday wishes. I wrote to you the other day I guess I was confused with all your pictures flooding my memories. I definitely know your birth. I miss you & love you bunches. I pray you continue to watch over your family. I wish you boys were still here. Everything is changed. Nothing really is the same. Guide your brothers & your baby nephew peacefully. Enjoy your celebration I know you guys cutting up lol
Love & miss you forever.
Posted by Shannon Wimer on May 25, 2016
Hi my oldest nephew. I miss you! Boy you are so missed! I hope you & Tyii aren't causing too much troubles ;) I can't believe it's been 5 years B. I know you're watching everything. Keep a close eye on your baby nephew & guide Tyii hands in helping to guide him. Xo
You two need to guide Brianna too in all her sporting ventures. She could use some cousin skill building & since you both thought you were pro athletes help a lit' girl out.
B time here without you both doesn't get easier. Things are so different. I miss you greatly!! Love you bunches xoxo thanks for always looking out & keep your brothers & mom encouraged. They miss you bunches.
Posted by Iris Turner on May 25, 2016
Hey B its been five yrs since u left us and it still doesn't feel real.
U and Tyii were my babies matter of fact all of u are boy does the family miss u guys. Seems like all the laughter has gone from the family.
Please continue to watch over the family and hug ur mom she needs u guys the most tell Tyii I said aunty loves him too. Continue to watch over everyone and pluck ur uncle Tony when he gets off track. Love u and continue to RIP
Posted by Tracey Bright on May 10, 2016
I love you Byron.. There's still not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and wonder how it would be with you here now... How you'd be an awesome uncle/dad to your nephew TJ and how you'd still be the best big brother to Ky.... Until I'm with you again... Not in my presence but always in my heart... Luv u son
Posted by Shannon Wimer on March 30, 2016
Hey B, it's me auntie! I miss you lit' punk! lol I don't know which one of you were worse with wanting to fight & trouble make with me; you or Tyii. I crack up everytime I think of you getting all mad & trying to get your shirt off. You were a great role model for your brothers & my girls looked up to you as well. Every time you left me you would always kiss & hug me unlike that tyii; I would get a "get out of here old lady" or he would try to mug me ;) miss you B & love you more! Xoxo till we meet again
Posted by Mereaca Wood on March 30, 2016
You were such a respectful gentlemen and that's rare in this day and time I admire the love you have for your mom and brothers . You are truly missed
Posted by Iris Turner on March 30, 2016
Hey my guardian , u were always looking out for aunty Iris and I will never forget that! B when u passed I would get out the car and expect to see u there on the steps waiting for me to get in from work. But then I didn't see u no more boy how life have deal us a dirty hand. Just like I said to Tyii I smile knowing I'll see u again. In the mean time continue to watch over ur mom and the family Lord knows what's best. I love u B and continue to RIP

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