papa portrait
C.P.N Vewessee
  • 74 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 3, 1938
  • Place of birth:
    Shisong - Kumbu, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Jan 15, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Limbe, South West Province, Cameroon
"I am not a journalist and I have never dabbled in that noble profession since I was born... I have always had the believe that one has to be terribly religious to engage in this profession" CPN

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Schola Viyoff on 15th January 2016

"May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.  Adieu papa."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 15th January 2016

"Papa I love you and I miss you terribly. Always laughing to myself, with tears in my eyes, reminiscing of time gone by. You are forever in my heart. You will always be the best father ever. May your soul rest in perfect peace in the Lord's bossom.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 15th January 2015

"My dearest, my daddy, my role model; I miss you so much words cannot describe. Rest in peace papa. Till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by malcolm vewessee on 15th January 2015

"Daddy today marks 2years since you passing away from mother earth.I pray continuously dat the good Lord should grant you eternal rest. RIP daddy I promise to make u proud n kip up ur legacy u whr a great man an a good father to all I miss u alot"

This tribute was added by malcolm vewessee on 3rd April 2014

"Dad I cnt stop thinkx o u ever since ur dead is lk im alone in this wide world bt I stil survive cuz I blv ur spirit stil guides andd protect me im sorry 4 e many times ive wrongd u dad pls alwayz b by me.daddy why did u leave in dis lonely world I miss u daddy......."

This tribute was added by AGIAM LWANGA AKULI on 16th January 2014

"A year is gone no doubt but the feeling of your presence is still fresh as you used to call names with a tone that expresses command.  We know you are still up to your principles as well as we are consoled that you are in the lords bosom for you are the lords bosom buddy.
We will forever miss you."

This tribute was added by ELVIS VULUYEN on 16th January 2014

"Everyday in some small way
Memories of you come our way.
Though absent, you are always near
Still missed, loved and always dear"

This tribute was added by Stella Vewessee on 15th January 2014

"Dear Dad,

I had a conversation with you today that felt so almost seemed like you were right here in the room with me. I can't tell you enough how much you are my greatest inspiration! We will carry on with your mantle and your grand children and the generations after will all know that they are the descendants of a true man of valor! Journey on dad to your place of rest; we are at peace now for we truly believe your mission here was accomplished! We love you and you will forever inhabit a special place in our hearts..."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 15th January 2014

"Papa, it's a year gone now that I haven't heard your voice. A year gone. I pray that the Lord keep you in His bossom till we meet again. Love you always. Li"

This tribute was added by Schola Viyoff on 15th January 2014

"Papa I miss u.  U will never be forgotten. Forever in my heart, always remember u when something goes wrong.  May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by akwo eseme on 15th January 2014

"A year went so fast. It seem just like yesterday. Today I remember a great man who touched so many people. A man who opened his home to so many. A man who was a father to many and a man who was truly a family man. A man who instilled values into  his children and a man who brought happiness and love into my life in a way he did not even know. You maybe gone but will always be alive in my heart."

This tribute was added by Akuli Innocent on 15th January 2014

"A special uncle is hard to find,
You uncle I'm keeping in my mind,
I wished you could have stayed forever,
But I will never forget you oh not ever.

If dreams weren't dreams and dreams came true,
I wouldn't be here I'd be with you.
Distance is one thing that keeps us apart,
But uncle you will always remain in my heart.

A special smile, a special face, a special someone I can't replace,
I love you and I always will,
You filled a space that no one will ever replace."

This tribute was added by enanga emmanuela on 5th April 2013

"Grandpa,i was shocked when i heard you were  no more.Where shall we take another grandpa like you  because you were  so precious  to  us.You will forever be remembered.May  your soul  rest  in perfect  peace.Your grand daughter."

This tribute was added by grace Mbeng on 21st February 2013

"I have been devastated from the day of Pa' s and do not know if how to recover, but  we all have a lesson to learn from the life he lived while visiting with us  on earth ; if  everyone of us has'nt learnt anything from the time he was with us and tomorrow is last day..look within your hearts , stop all the hating & celebrate the life of a great man who has touched everyone's life in every"

This tribute was added by Roland Nshieteh Mumuluh on 21st February 2013

"Mbah was a very kind, generous and caring person. Your death creates a very large vacuum within our local community. You were patient to listen to complaints and provide helpful solutions. You made significant sacrifices to help me get a job. Thank you.
May the almighty God guide and protect you as you travel to the regions beyond. RIP"

This tribute was added by ELVIS VULUYEN on 21st February 2013

"It's hard to imagine you are gone forever. Like a shepherd you watch us all grow. Your unigue voice still echoing in my head as you call me "Alefoin". Pa you left a huge vacuum in our hearts no can ever fill. You shall forever be missed. All we can say now is farewell as tears roll down our cheeks."

This tribute was added by Saviour Faire on 19th February 2013

"You will always be remember with love and never forgotten! Your brothers, sisters, children and the entire Vewessee family will for ever miss you. Be our guardian angel and watch over all of us and know that we'll meet some day in Heaven. Je'eh ta kain a Ba..."

This tribute was added by Festus stone on 18th February 2013

"Is hard to believe.Uncle,pa,grand pa,great grand pa and great great grand pa.In the begining was pa Vewessee Peter Akuli,a wise man that every name he gave his children,reflected in his or her practical live.Vuloyien,Akembom,Ghondoh and pa Coli,Ngaimte.Pa you did your best to handle all  issues tabled infront of you.Everybody feld your love.I miss you.May the good Lord grant you peace4ever"

This tribute was added by Damian Akuli on 18th February 2013

"The cold hands of death again! We thank God for your life Uncle Coli. May your soul rest in perfect peace. May God have mercy on us. As you join with all the others who have gone ahead, intercede on our behalf as we still continue the journey here on earth."

This tribute was added by vewessee patrick on 17th February 2013

"Dad your were always the 1st thing i thought of when i was in difficulties, the closest friend i ever had. you know the bond we had together was very strong for i was always by you when you needed me but God had decided to call you to his kingdom; Adieu papa. I'll always be praying for you till we meet again. i know your dead physically but spiritually your still there.RIP by Malcolm. V"

This tribute was added by Esther Abonge on 16th February 2013

"papa, I can hear you say": take my life and let it be, not a mite would I withhold" and saying it is well with my soul! papa goodbye... |we' 'll try to live up to your expectations" it is good to do good" as you told us ten years ago in our family meeting in kejom.Thanks for being there papa to help us give our father a befitting burial. RIP"

This tribute was added by Esther Abonge on 16th February 2013

"yes papa! its becoming real. as we get ready to travel down to Victoria as you would have preferred to call it. this time not to enjoy and spend good time with you, but to convey your remains in tears to your final resting place. we give God the glory for His Mighty works. we will forever miss you. but we pray others learn to live as you did. adieu!!!"

This tribute was added by Akuli Innocent on 16th February 2013


This tribute was added by tane nogho on 14th February 2013

"finally the music is cut off after 74yrs the lord decided to call you home soo you can have some did every thing you were send here to do and wanted to do more at the age of 74 lord have left us all with a piece of you we are very thankful.for those who did'nt take advantage of you may you ask the lord to send them another c.p.n for things will never be thesame. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by MEKEME Christian on 14th February 2013

"Pa i still not believe you are no more,when i think of how you use to call Christian,'' come and take me to town' i still wait to here you calling again but i will here no more.I know you are still went the family b/c you where a caring father for 74 years of living and your name shall last forever and forever.May you have peace wall ever you are Pa.I MISSED U FOREVER love u.R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Schola Viyoff on 14th February 2013

"I cant believe that you are dead because everytime I close my eyes I see you. Even while sitting in the office it always seems to me that u are standing at the secretariats door calling me Luwain. You were a wonderful person always taking peoples problems as yours. I miss your comfort when ever I complain of anything. Papa I missed u so much. Adieu Papa."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"Papa, death is inevitable. I remember your last hours how you were in pains and could not talk to me. Tragedy has knocked on our door once again and in a very untimely fashion. In moments like this, we are consumed with a lot of anger and are predisposed to question the fairness of the Almighty, but only Him knows why. We promise to live by your excample. Daughter, Martha Vebain Vewessee."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"My dearest papa, death came too soon. I received the greatest shock in my life ever was when I got the news of your death. What a vacuum you have left in my life. At this moment in life I a so devastated. No one else can feel my pain but God. Why have you left us so soon? You will be remembered forever. May the Almighty grant you a place in heaven.     Daughter,  Cornelia Anembuom Ngamteh."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"Grandpa, we are very sad. It is heartbreaking to hear that you are dead. We are going to miss you. To whom shall we come for holidays in Limbe? we will miss you forever. You are always in our hearts. Goodbye. Emmanuella, Roy and Pascal."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"Grandpa, no words to tell you just what I feel inside. The shock, the hurt, the emptiness and sad tears which will not subside too soon. A million times I will need you, a million times I will cry. I will miss you forever for sure. You will always be in my thoughts no matter my endeavours. Farewell, Adeline A. Ngiamteh"

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"Dear father, under the stormy weather you prepared a banquet for me. I saw much blood in your sweat. You are the symbol to my future, the light to my future. Giver of my wealth, I will always pray for you, never to forget you. Always to dance to our song of joy, proud I am. My life flows like a great harmonic chord.          I LOVE YOU ALWAYS PAPA.           YOUR LAST SON,         MALCOLM."

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 12th February 2013

"Your thundering voice is still echoing in my ears, ''aleh Njikebeng''. The night prior to your demise, you assured me everything will be fine.At 4:00am the next morning, I was up, took you to the hospital where your doctor's response was prompt. Surprisingly by 8:00am you had gone. Daddy, I wish to ask if everything is alright as you promised. ADIEU PAPA,        YOUR SON;     SHITI CLETUS."

This tribute was added by KAZE SIMEON DUPLEX on 10th February 2013

"Toi et ma sœur Nogho Marie Gisele étiez tout pour moi. Elle t’a devancé en Juillet 2002, toi aussi le 15 Janvier 2013 tu nous as abandonné; tous ceux qui t’onc connu et aimé.Ta disparition laisse un grand vide une fosse incomblable dans ma vie. Je t’ai aime et je vous aimerai encore toi et ma sœur Gisele jusqu’au jour où le Seigneur m’appellera aussi puisque c’est un passage obligé.Adieu Papa."

This tribute was added by ABONG Reagan Shitih on 10th February 2013

"hmm. Itz hard to but I must bid thee it. Fare thee well grandpa."

This tribute was added by Esther Abonge on 3rd February 2013

"Papa!!!! happy birthday to you!!!! because i know you are celebrating this one in grand style, right beside your creator and the entertainment done by the Heavenly choir, and your special birthday gift is sparkling on your head" A CROWN OF GOLD MIXED with other Heavenly Material just for You" Your suit is too bright for my eyes.... relax and enjoy yourself, for you worked so hard. Adieu Pa"

This tribute was added by Maralee Gutierrez on 31st January 2013

"The days following his earthly departure it rained as if the heavens joined us in mourning such a loss. Someone once said "When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced.  Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." ....And although Pa Vewessee is rejoicing at a life well lived, the world cries. Our prayers go out to the Vewessee family."

This tribute was added by cornelia ngamteh on 29th January 2013

"My dearest, your sudden departure from this earth has stabbed me on the  back, i am speechless but one thing i know is that you were a role model not only to us but to the entire nation cameroon. you will forever be remembered, your grandchildren bid you farewell. we promise to emulate your example. REST IN THE BOSSOM OF THE LORD. ADIEU"

This tribute was added by FORSOH FAMILY on 29th January 2013

"The proclamation of the departure of our father,son and inlaw were like arrows into our hearts.Though death is a journey in life,it's abrupt nature here is unwelcoming.We only take solace in the fact that you're in the Lord's vineyard.Rest in peace till we meet again to part no more!!"

This tribute was added by RITA FORSOH on 29th January 2013

"Oh Papa,you're gone without bidding us farewell.When I envisage all that transpired that morning:-"Where are my spectacles,phone?Which car are we using?"Then-death-who can comprehend this!Memories of you will forever remain green.We celebrate your legacy 'cause you lived an examplary life,being an architect of that bond of care and concern,love and parent to all,a freedom fighter.RIP Papa!"

This tribute was added by SHITI NYIMEH-INDIRA on 29th January 2013

"Little do I know about Grandpa,but much I've heard about him:A man who is strong-willed and resolute.With his sudden death,it confirms it all from the number of tears I've recieved around me..All I promise you now are the sincere prayers I'll offer for you,and I pray you present to God the family you've left behind!"

This tribute was added by SHITI JOSEPH-COLBERT on 29th January 2013

"What amuses me greatly when I think of this man of principles is the day he came home in Bamenda with his newspaper in his hand.He then asked for sugarless tea which he kept sipping every now and then.I vowed I was going to be like him thereon.But I never succeeded till date.You've left a legacy for your children and children's children.I'll keep striving to inherit your virtues Grandpa!!"

This tribute was added by SHITI JUDE-THADDEUS on 29th January 2013

"I kept telling myself:"Summer break,please come quick so I take my results and show Grandpa."Your physical strength was the kind one would hardly believe you were counting your hours.Oncemore,God has proven to us His thoughts are not our thoughts.I'm shocked beyond words,but I know you're in a world void of prejudice and sin.Please pray for us Grandpa.Bye"

This tribute was added by SHITI PETER-NIGEL on 29th January 2013

"Grandpa,why didn't you bid me farewell that morning before I left for school?The news of your death made me ask if it was an accident.Who'll call me GB or Shitebongnju?All the sugar balls and yogurt,I've already seen a curtail within the past weeks.I love you Grandpa,but I don't cherish your absence.Wherever you are,I'm still waiting for you!"

This tribute was added by SHITI NANCY on 29th January 2013

"Dearest Grandpa,it's with sadness I'm leaving this epistle.Is it really true you're gone forever?It's unbelieveable!I remember when you used to call me Nancy "mama",and I'll answer "yes Grandpa."Then,"How are you?Come take this!"Who'll play this role again?My prayer has always been to grow up and do likewise to you.You've left indelible memories in me,and I'm sure in God too.RIP Grandpa!"

This tribute was added by SHITI NADIA on 29th January 2013

"Grand Dad,the sudden sad news breaks my heart,after going into December nostalgia.Thank you for mentoring the lives of we all.Since God has called you to be by His side,please remain the Njikebeng of those gone ahead and the entire family left behind.You'll be greatly missed.Even in death,I love you dearly.Rest in the bosom of the Lord with the Angels and saints.Adieu my Beloved Grand Dad."

This tribute was added by SHITI PETRA on 29th January 2013

"Dearest Grand Pa,who'll call me "Ma Moh" again?You showered me with so much love and care that I always hoped it lasts forever.Grand Pa your death was the greatest shock ever had.I do love you so much but God loves you most.May that virtue of love and concern which you had be transposed into all those who had a taste of it,for you've done your part.It's hard to say it but ADIEU Grand Pa!!"

This tribute was added by NJIKEBENG SHETEH on 29th January 2013

"Our Beloved Father,how can I believe your exit to eternity when I still see you doing what you loved most;writing & listening to the underprivileged narrate their horrors in the hands of draconian employers.I still hear your thundering voice echoing:“Alé’eh Njikebeng?”Your swift departure that faithful morning keeps me wondering the emptiness of life.What a great loss,this wonderful leader"

This tribute was added by SHITI ONORINE on 29th January 2013

"My beloved Papa, it’s still like a dream.Your departure has left a great vacuum in our lives. I’ll always remember your voice,smile and even the fun times we had together.You were a loving,caring,dynamic and an intelligent father,uncle and grand father.You’ll forever remain in our memories.The Bible says:“A humble,kind and loving person finds favour in God.”RIP Papa till we meet again."

This tribute was added by SHITI PETER-ROCK on 29th January 2013

"Oh life, Grand Pa has “redustified” in the twinkle of an eye! Yes, I thank God for letting you attain the tail end of life’s sigmoid curve though your sudden demise is traumatizing.“Shiteh, I’ve got this newspaper for you,” were the words you once told me. You’ve always searched and advocated for those who love to win, and in their absence, went for those who hate losing.Farewell Great Dad"

This tribute was added by Justus Betanga on 28th January 2013

"Pa,brought so many gifts to our life. We will never forget him.May you fine peace in the Lord."

This tribute was added by ida carlson on 27th January 2013

"I just lost my dad all over again". Daddy, i miss you... you were a significant part of my life.. i am so glad i met with you 4 years made me feel like i had a offered your love , your home, your heart, to me and my family and i will forever love you for this.Stella, you are my sister,you know this. Kevin, Alain, Taneh, Guy, LI.. Malcom, Stella... it shall be well.."

This tribute was added by akwo eseme on 26th January 2013

"I remember visiting the Vewessee family in middle farms those days. His home was always open to us. I remember sitting on the floor in his living room watching Indian and Chinese movies. His home was very warm and I was felt at home. He was a father to all of us .My memory growing up is incomplete without his family. In his house I felt loved and I thank God for his life."

This tribute was added by yvonne Abuh on 25th January 2013

"What a lost to the Vewessee's  family!! Our Mediator is gone to his Glory. Our Husband,Brother, Father, Uncle, grandpa will be missed for Ever but the Virtues he thaught us will ever remain  in our hearts and memories.We thank God for the gift he gave us through Vewessee Peter & Cecilia Movuh. The virtues we benefited from him was installed by them. We have tasted God goodness. RIP Uncle"

This tribute was added by Chantal Abonge on 25th January 2013

"Pa Vewesse from stories, I know you were a wonderful,out spoken and decipline person.I know without any contradiion that you had completed your mission in this world.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Esther Abonge on 25th January 2013

"Hello Papa was my reply each time you called, and you will reply" Mama Ngieh how" my visit on 18/12/2012 at Alpha Club limbe deceived me.I left with a positive impression but... Papa, TRUE TRUE PAPA, Peace Maker, workman for God, our hearts are bleeding, we are terribly grieved. We pray that The Almighty God gives you rest in His Kingdom; for You Fought A Good Fight. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Yufanyi Choppa on 24th January 2013

"Your name CPN Vewessee alias " Opong". The man of all time Charity. You gave light to those who needed it most and they did not only grow in loving spirit as you did but prospered and florish as you did. your loving kindnesses and charity was beyond mankind. i will really miss you sincerely for that always available piece of advice that is worth a spring board to someone life.Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Olga Menang on 24th January 2013

"Oh my dearest uncle, it's with a heavy heart that I leave this tribute. I have always known you as a pillar, it is unbelievable that you are gone. You were a great person with a good heart and touched so many people. Our summer holidays in Limbe are forever engraved in my memory. I pray we all follow your example of love, care and hardwork. Rest in peace my beloved uncle."

This tribute was added by Caroline Ngome Eneme (Menang) on 24th January 2013

"Uncle Coney, (as we used to call you) your death has left me speechless! I feel so sad! Take heart my dear brothers and sisters.
May God comfort you as only HE know how. May you RIP, Uncle.
To God be the glory and we thank HIM for Papa's life!
Much love, CNE"

This tribute was added by Kevin Vewessee on 24th January 2013

"Dad your passing still hurts. I lost my idol,my role model, my father. Words cannot begin to explain how I feel right now, I appreciate everything you have done for me to mold and shape me into the man that I am. Out of sight is never out of mind. I have and will always love you. May your soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again. R.I.P Papa. With love your son"

This tribute was added by Jane Shiti on 24th January 2013

"Papa, you have done more than your fair share in this troubling world. It is now time you rest. If age was a reflection of how many lives you have touched, then you have lived as longer than anybody ever lived on this earth. You were a great father and teacher who embraced everybody irrespective of age or social class. You will forever be missed. RIP Grand Pa!!!!"

This tribute was added by Jane Shiti on 24th January 2013

"Still with a heavy heart and sleepless nights I just can't belief it is true. I still ponder on what we could have done different. However, you lived an extremely fulfilled life. Words cannot describe the kind of life you led the teachings you gave us one after another and we came to greet you whenever we could. I could only hope we got it!!!"

This tribute was added by Bernice Angoh on 23rd January 2013

"My darling Stella, words can never express the pain of losing a father. It has only been four and a half years since mine went away but every now and then I remember him with a lump in my throat. Eventhough I am far away, I hug you every day in my knowing and comforting arms. He is in heaven for sure smiling down and thinking what I know "What an amazing daughter I have." With love, B."

This tribute was added by Lisette Betanga on 22nd January 2013

"A heart so kind...I remember when you used to take us to school and you will play music all the way. I admired how you disciplined me as necessary - you loved thy neighbor as thy self. You will forever be remembered in my heart , and the hearts of those whom you touched. May your soul rest in peace. We love you, but as we all know He loves you more. Adieu Papa."

This tribute was added by Judith Mbu on 22nd January 2013

"Pa Vewessee was a kind and open hearted man, who sees every child as his own. Pa, i can never forget how you welcome us in Cameroon last march. Your kind is hard to find, my eyes are full with tears i can still remember all the lovely things u said to us it was some fun. REST IN PEACE"

This tribute was added by Niboh Pamela on 22nd January 2013

"R.I.P Pa Vewesssee!"

This tribute was added by Christel Gaba on 22nd January 2013

"paaa for the time i knew u, u were a wonderful man.... i will fqrever miss uu"

This tribute was added by gaba mary on 21st January 2013

""What a wonderful in-law you were" Always doing the right thing at the right time.  Our relationship for this short period was very cordial.  We miss you. The Gaba Family."

This tribute was added by AGIAM LWANGA AKULI on 20th January 2013

"Uncle, Parting is inevitably the most painful thing when human relationship is concern talk less of the bond you built within the family. You were always there when everybody needed you. You gave a smile on every face and had the interest of every one.Your spirit will live with us for ever ffor you are still with us. RIP  CPN VEWESSEE."

This tribute was added by Nyama Thomas on 20th January 2013

"Dear Uncle, Why did you leave us so soon? Words are inadequate to express the  sadness I feel. I know you are resting in a place full of warmth and comfort. A place filled with indescribable joy. Uncle, I also know that nothing Loved is ever lost. You will forever live in my heart."

This tribute was added by Takere Diony on 19th January 2013

"A father not for one but for all you did touched and cared for. For the words of great wisdom and the bond you shared amongst people,you were a good father ,uncle and community leader. May the Lords call for you be blessed in all ways. You did your part and shared your love,thoughts,wisdom and riches. its a heart break to see u go.I will love you always and remember you as DAD."

This tribute was added by Bern Attia on 19th January 2013

"U were always kind to me when i was in PNEU and always made me laugh.It came as a shock to me,u left us so soon Unkle,when i for one had become so excited learning u were coming to visit! I know God has a better plan for u.I will miss u dearly,may your gentle soul Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by alain edgar on 18th January 2013

"My heart is in pain and wish it was a dream. We planned to spend Easter together and I intended to thank you for being my Dad and tell you how much I love you. My kids will miss their beloved grandad, Edgar Ngamteh is weeping. I know there is joy in heaven for you were a very good man. Papa, my love for you will never die."

This tribute was added by John Menang on 18th January 2013

"Dear uncle. I was stunned to learn that you left us.We may not have talked in a long time and I never got the chance to tell you how awesome you are.I planned to come home last year but my plans fell through.Visiting you in Limbe was top on my agenda.clearly that wont be happening as planned.congratulations uncle, on a life of achievement.only good memories uncle, only good memories.R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Gaba tedonzo on 17th January 2013

""A precious one from us has gone"A voice we love is still.A place is vacant in our hearts which no one else can fill.After our lonely heartaches and our silent tears,we will still have beautiful memories of the one we love so dear.May your kind and gentle soul rest in peace Papa."

This tribute was added by Mekeme Blaise on 17th January 2013

"I love you Uncle, I know u love me too, You took me from nowhere to somewhere, when there wasn't life you gave me life. It makes me think when i always teach you computer,  you tell me "hey Blaise you are so fast take it easy' . Your departure place a wound in my heart!  Thnk u! May u find everlasting happiness wherever u are. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Vewessee Jude on 17th January 2013

"Uncle, talking to you on Saturday 12th January 2013, you told me that you are preparing to go to the USA and I said I will definitely call again before you leave and we talked about the memorial of your brother (Pa DD).....I called on Tuesday and Mather picked your phone..not the heavy voice I wanted to hear. You taught us to be responsible, and we re grateful for that. Adieu Pa our HELPER"

This tribute was added by Li Vewessee on 17th January 2013

"Every time I close my eyes, I see your face, and remember how we spoke on the eve of your demise. I remember the man who will play Don Williams in the car when he is coming to pick me up from PNEU, the man who will buy me delicacies when I close everyday from kindergarden. My father, my pillar of strength. Writing this is like accepting that you have gone, which I havent.I love you so much"

This tribute was added by Stella Vewessee on 16th January 2013

"Your name "Ngiamteh" means in Babanki "Helper" and you indeed lived up to your name. You have accomplished in one lifetime what others would in three or more. Your sudden departure has left us hearbroken but admist our tears we know Heaven has just gained an angel. We love you Papa and you will forever be in our hearts!"

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