Let Cains's life encourage you to inspire others!
  • 24 years old
  • Born on August 17, 1986 in Dallas, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on March 7, 2011 in Carrollton, Texas, United States.


W. Cain Sczepanski was called to his eternal home at 12:05 pm on March 7, 2011. We will not tell you how he died; we will tell you how he lived! He lived a full, 24 years with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defects.  Cain’s remains were donated to the UT Southwestern Medical Center – Transplant Services where his bones, skin, arteries and corneas were used for the urgent medical needs of the living.  He lived to serve his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as an acolyte and crucifer at Lamb of God Lutheran Church. He lived for his Special Olympic sports of basketball, bowling, bocce and soccer. He lived to be with his Special Olympic team mates, Katana, Samantha, Cameron, Willy, Spencer, Willy, Nick, Carter, Terrence, Thomas, Nick, Matthew, Katie, Elise and Sarah and their families. He loved for his Yi-Gi-Oh cards and Monday Night Wrestling.  He lived making others laugh. He loved to laugh!  He’s now in eternity with his Creator, in perfect mind and body. His spirit was as Jesus commanded in Luke 18:15-17. It was our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who welcomed Cain into his Kingdom, with the words: “Welcome home faithful servant!” Cain leaves his mother and father, Carolyn and Bill Sczepanski (Highland Village, TX) and a sister Cara Sczepanski (Highland Village, TX); Grandmother Dorothy Hoeh, Bonus Grandpa Ken Hoeh (Vista, CA); aunts Cheryl Smith (San Marcos, CA); Christine Edwards (Weaverville, CA); uncles Randy Nickolei (Vista, CA); Robert Sczepanski (St. Louis, MO); Dave Sczepanski (Buffalo Grove, IL) and cousins Chrystal Whitcomb (Weaverville, CA); Christopher Nickolei (Vista, CA) Lauren and Kristin Sczepanski (Buffalo Grove, IL) .  But we will all be re-united with Cain at the time of God’s choosing for those who believed like Cain that Jesus was nailed to the cross and rose from the dead for his eternal salvation, and all who believe in Jesus. He will be missed!  Bill, Carolyn and Cara have established the Cain Sczepanski 2011 Memorial Foundation in Special Education with the with the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation, Inc.  Please go to www.lisdef.com or call 469-948-2022 for more information or how to contribute.


“My Beloved Son”Matthew 17; 5bThe following is the Sermon Pastor Braun gave at Cain’s Memorial Service on March 11, 2011. “Bill and Carolyn and Cara, I have been listening and praying. Searching for God would have me say this afternoon, for way in which He would tie together all that I have been hearing. Then yesterday morning I wrote a verse of Scripture into my message for Sunday. Then, as I always do when I quote scripture, I highlighted it so I could put in bold print. The moment I highlighted it, it was as if God spoke in my thoughts. “This is the Word I want you to share with Cain’s family and friends." The word God has for you today actually comes from the Gospel text that we read last Sunday, the day before Cain died. It’s these words of our Father in heaven, from Mathew 17:5 – “This is my beloved Son, whom I am well pleased…” Now I know the Father in heaven spoke those words about His own Son, Jesus. Yet after all I have heard you say this week, I can imagine that you understand what He meant. These words describe your feelings for Cain. I will always remember the meeting where you described what it was like when you were told Cain had Down syndrome. You were in shock. You said it was like taking off on a trip to Rome but then getting off the plane only to discover you had landed in Holland. It just wasn’t what you expected. Yet pretty soon you discovered that Holland had great history, beautiful buildings. Holland has Rembrandts just like Rome does. And Holland has many things that Rome doesn’t---like windmills and the North Sea. In the same way, while 24 years God gave you with Cain may not have been the trip you have expected, they have been a wonderful adventure filled with great, unimaginable blessings. In the midst of being very say about Cain’s passing this week, what a wonderful joy it has been listening to you sit and talk about him. He touched a lot of lives. I haven’t met anyone at Lamb of God who doesn’t know Cain. I love the story of how he would “borrow” and hide things from your office, Carolyn, whenever you went out of town….about his love for Sea World and Shamu…about how he and Cara getting on to each other just like any brother and sister, throwing a video tape at you when you came into his TV room and you throwing it right back…about how he and the two friends in the back seat singing along with the radio on one note, as loud as they could…about how he strut down the court in that certain proud way after making a basket – knowing he had down something good…and about how he would strut back forth in the yard wearing his Dracula cape…his love for movies and especially horror movies….that he was your biggest Cara for your high school and college basketball teams and how all your team mates love him… about how he loved basketball and bocce and bowling, loved his Special Olympics team mates… about how when any of you would come into the front room he would stand in front of the TV with the remote and order you our…about his belly laugh as he would replay again and again the DVD of one of his friends getting hit with a basketball…about that day at Marcus when the whole school cheered as they gave Cain his letter jacket. I could go on… But the best stories are about Cain’s faith is Jesus, aren’t they? Everyone who knew Cain knew he was believer. I don’t know if that could be said about all of us. Trent was recalling for the day Cain made his presentation confirmation, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when he got done sharing his faith. You don’t have the collage anymore because he wore is out, taking it to school to teach people about Jesus. You told me he was witnessing to Pastor Brian from First Baptist trying to convert him…how he loved the prayers on the Catholic radio channel every morning and watching his “God Play” from Prestonwood over and over again. All we here know him as that faithful servant always ready to carry the cross and lead us into the house of God. He would act out the story from the Passion movie to tell people about how Jesus suffered and died for them. His first reaction to a crisis was always to pray. And that day you had your heart problem, he told you Bill, “Don’t worry, Jesus is at the end of your bed.” It’s so very obvious how proud you are of him. In that way you share these words with our Father in heaven…”This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased…” Now today, you find yourself in Holland again. You expected this day would come later, after you were gone. You didn’t expect to be here today. That’s why our Father in heaven would speak these words to you today. He would have you know that these words he spoke about Jesus, He would also speak today about Cain. “This is my beloved Son, with Him I am well pleased.” How could this be? Cain was a sinner just like you and me. Death reminds us of that fact beyond all doubt for the wages of sin is death. All true, but equally true is the fact that the fee gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. You see, our Lord left heaven to come to Holland too..to join us as we journey through the places where we never expected to be. He came because God loves the world, God loves you and me, God loves Cain that much – that he would give His one and Only Son…” He came to pay the price for our sin, to be punished in our place….to offer His life on the cross for you and me and Cain….to rise again so that Holland doesn’t always have to be or home. Because of Jesus, God could look at Cain and say, “This is my beloved Son, with Him I am well pleased.” Indeed God did day it again and again – He said it on the day when Cain was baptized into the family of God at Medical City in Dallas…God said it on the day Cain made his confession of faith and was confirmed here at this altar…God said it to him every Sunday when Cain would kneel here to receive the body and blood of our Lord in Holy Communion – that great visible assurance that God really does love use and forgive us and call us His dear children.Now today God would have you hear Him say it one more time. “Because of my Son Jesus, Cain also my beloved son, with him I was well pleased. He would have you know that as much as you love him…He loves Cain even more. Because of that great love, Cain is walking that certain strut through the hall of heaven wearing something more precious than even Special Olympic gold – wearing the crown of righteousness which the Lord, His Lord purchased for him on the cross and has awarded him for all eternity. Cain doesn’t live in Holland anymore. He has made the journey and has landed in the place God Promised…in the home His savior has prepared. Just as he couldn’t wait to show us his Special Olympic medals…Cain can’t wait to show you…to share with you the crown given to him by our savior. And then to pick up the processional cross and lead us into God’s eternal home. Amen"

Posted by William Sczepanski on August 17, 2019
I miss you! This day we would have laughed...as we did on your last birthday. You had a silly moustache painted on your face...you sat next to Katana...you...ate cake. Asmuch as I miss you...it would selfish to want you back...back to Down syndrome...back to glasses...back to small hands...back to...now...you have what we all have an inkling of...every so often...you have Joy. The Joy available...never changing...never less...never more...always Joy. Love...Dad
Posted by Melissa Snyder on August 17, 2019
Happy birthday in heaven Cain!! You are missed❤️❤️
Posted by Lauren Sczepanski on March 7, 2019
You're always in our thoughts and prayers, Cain.
Posted by Julie Lanford on March 7, 2019
I can't believe it has been eight years since you went to be with Jesus. We all miss you....your pictures pop up on our computer screen saver and make me smile. I miss your half-court shots. I thought of you at Cici's Tuesday night when I ate a cinnamon roll. The last time I saw you, you were happily eating a plate of those delicious things! I will always remember your smile.
Posted by Melissa Snyder on March 7, 2019
You are so missed Cain - we can still hear your laugh!!!
Posted by Gloria McGuire on August 17, 2018
Happy Birthday to you as you celebrate in heaven! You are still very much missed! Your energy, your smile, the joy of watching you play basketball. You gave everything your all! You were a blessing to all who knew you!
Posted by William Sczepanski on August 17, 2018
Dear Cain...
We shared not enough birthdays!
I miss you each day...but...I know your smiling...laughing...running...at Home....a home I could not make for here! You are at the perfect home...made by your friend...especially for you...forever! Until I see your smile and hold you again.
Posted by William Sczepanski on March 7, 2018
It has been 7 years since I last saw Cain...sleeping...sleeping...in the hospital. Gone from this life...arriving at his eternal Home. I eagerly await the moment He races past Jesus and gives me hug...at the gates of Heaven.

I miss him!!!!!!
Posted by Melissa Snyder on March 7, 2018
Cain you are so missed.... your smile, your boots,, and the way you always would steal my hats!!!
Posted by William Sczepanski on August 17, 2017
I miss Cain...on this day...which would have been his 31st birthday.
Posted by Kelly Fairall on August 17, 2017
Dear, sweet Cain... first of all happy heavenly birthday! I hope that you and all of the angels are celebrating with cake and ice cream! I think of you so often... I hope that you know what a huge, wonderful impact you had on my life...and still do. I also wanted to share with you that a year ago, my daughter blessed me with twin baby girls and I am the happiest Grammy in the world! When she told me she was having twin girls I was so excited… When she told me that Quin had down syndrome I was sad for about 30 seconds and then I was absolutely thrilled and I couldn't wait to meet her. Quinny (as we call her) has been in and out of the hospital four or five times in her first year with many health issues but she is amazing, she is smart and she is beautiful. She and her sister Ryan love each other so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of these amazing baby girls. I left 3 pictures for you to enjoy. God bless you sweet Cain.
Posted by Gloria McGuire on August 17, 2017
Cain, you are still missed a bunch. Happy Birthday in Heaven. I still chuckle when thinking of you flirting with the girls!
Posted by Gloria McGuire on March 7, 2016
We can't believe it's been five years since you have left us for your eternal home. We, McGuire's miss you and will never forget you and the joy you brought to all of us!
Posted by Chris Winston on March 7, 2015
Time has passed, but still a part of my best memories at Lamb of God. When I go to your memorial - I hear Autumn Leaves Forever - and it brings back to mind all of those dear to me that are gone. Always one of my favorite songs.
Posted by Lauren Sczepanski on March 7, 2014
Saying a prayer for you. Love, Lauren
Posted by Alison Abell on October 4, 2013
i miss your hugs and watching monday night wrestling with cain. he also gave me a diet root beer once after basketball practice.
Posted by Gloria McGuire on August 17, 2013
Thinking of you today on your birthday.  Cain you haven't been forgotten and still leave a
smile on my face thinking of you. I still get tickled thinking of you flirting with my nephew's wife at soccer....you would never let a pretty girl go by!  You are missed!
Posted by Gloria McGuire on March 7, 2013
Just thinking of you and your family today Cain. We miss you and the way you always made us laugh! But I know you are having a wonderful time in Heaven.
Posted by Julie Lanford on March 7, 2013
Bill, Carolyn and Cara you have been on our minds today as well as memories of Cain. I couldn't help to think of him at Cicis the other night and the last time I saw him with his plate of cinnamon rolls. He is missed by many......
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on October 21, 2012
been missing you a lot lately. think about you all the time. i love you and miss you more than you know
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on August 17, 2012
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on August 17, 2012
wish you could've been here to help carry stuff up to my 3rd floor apartment. i know there would have been some yelling and laughing going on with you carrying up one thing while the rest of us carry everything else :)
Posted by Carolyn Sczepanski on August 17, 2012
26 years ago you entered our lives. One of the happiest days of my life. It seems like only yesterday. Even with all your physical issues you showed us you were a fighter and were meant to touch the lives of all you came in contact with while here on earth. Even today we still hear Cain stories and enjoy them all. We love you and miss you so much. Happy Birthday. Love Mom
Posted by Gloria McGuire on August 17, 2012
Happy Birthday Cain.  Our family thinks of you often and miss you! We know you are having a grand party now!  Love, Mark, Gloria and Elise
Posted by Melissa Snyder on March 7, 2012
We all miss you Cain....you will never be forgotten!
Posted by Kelly Jacob on March 7, 2012
Still missing you buddy! Hope You guys are doing as well as you can be... I love you all!
Posted by Lauren Sczepanski on March 7, 2012
Remembering how much you loved your casio type keyboard and dancing in your diaper, I have the home videos as proof. You are missed everywhere...near and far. Loved hearing the story about how you would call Cara and just breathe into the phone... YOU MAKE ME SMILE. YOU ARE LOVED.
Posted by Lauren Sczepanski on March 7, 2012
ALSO....We are rocking out our Flower Mound t-shirts in the Midwest today.
Posted by Kelly Fairall on August 17, 2011
Dear Cain, I wanted you to know that on this special day, the day you came into this world, was an awesome one! And every day since, you touched someone's life in a wonderful way. You left this world too soon, but continue to bring joy to so many! Happy Birthday Cain! I miss you!
Posted by Gloria McGuire on August 17, 2011
Elise and I were talking about Cain today and about his birthday party. We remember his "Crown" and the big smile on his face! Elise remembers his painted face with the mustache. He is still bringing smiles to our faces and is still greatly missed! Happy Day of Cain's Birth!
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on July 13, 2011
i miss seeing you in person

love cara
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on June 16, 2011
Miss You!
Posted by Brian Dodridge on May 24, 2011
Since I was not able to attend Cain's memorial I read the pastor's message today. I echo his words. He said it well and Biblical and it should encourage your family. Cain was awesome and I love thinking through him receiving his rewards in heaven as
Posted by Brian Dodridge on May 5, 2011
First basketball practice I have been at without Cain. A significant someone was absent. Warm ups, layups, coaching...all different without the Cain-man. Still, I enjoy doing it because I know Cain enjoyed doing it too.
Posted by Lauren Sczepanski on May 5, 2011
Cain lived an awesome dash. (see link below)
Posted by Christine Edwards on April 30, 2011
I will miss him. I wish I could have spent more time with Cain.. Living in another state made it hard, but he sure touched my life. He will never be forgotten.
Posted by Jackie Trutter on April 26, 2011
As neighbors, we enjoyed driving by and seeing the holiday decorations that Cain's family would put up, knowing that it brought him so much joy. We will miss seeing him outside as we drove by, and I know he will be forever in your hearts. God Bless
Posted by Gloria McGuire on April 15, 2011
Cain is missed SO much by Elise and our family. What fun he was and he is thought of often which always brings a smile to our face. We were blessed to have known him!
Posted by Chris Winston on April 14, 2011
When I first came to be the Music Director at Lamb of God, Cain was 12 years old. He didn't say much to me at first, but since his mom was singing in the choir, I got to see him more and more...as he warmed up to me, he would come over to say hi at
Posted by Chris Winston on April 14, 2011
passing of the peace. Eventually, he would sit on the organ bench as I played the postlude...Every week for the last 12 years, he shook my hand and said peace. I look for him every Sunday and miss him dearly.
Posted by Melissa Snyder on April 13, 2011
We know your boots will always keep on walking....we all miss you so much!!
Posted by Susan Sczepanski on March 28, 2011
Although I only met Cain twice, news of his passing from this life has been difficult to accept. I know that he awaits us in heaven with hugs for all.
Posted by William Sczepanski on March 24, 2011
D Toney...I just got back from the wonderful service for Cain, and although I didn't come by the reception afterwards (thought I'd be too weepy), I just wanted to say that the service was one of the nicest celebrations of someone's life I have ever b
Posted by Claudette Varanko on March 23, 2011
Just met you two years ago in St. Louis but knew you were so loved and had a rich full life. Rest in the peace of Jesus and my prayers are with your family. Love and prayers Cousin Claudette
Posted by Kelly Krause on March 23, 2011
I miss your big bear hugs, your smile and your belly laughs. You are loved and missed, but I know you are up in heaven with our Lord and savior looking down on us. Love you Cain!! You have taught me what TRUE friendship really means!!!
Posted by Cara Sczepanski on March 20, 2011
Love you Cain. Miss you so much!
Posted by Hannah Higgins on March 20, 2011
we missed our goalie at practice the day. carter is trying to take over the roll. miss you cain.
Posted by Kelly Jacob on March 20, 2011
Miss you Cain...your smile, your antics, and most of all your ability to make me laugh!
Posted by Tanya Massengale on March 20, 2011
Cain...we go back a long way! We didn't see each other as we got older, but I still sign your name when I see your picture! I know your in the arms of Jesus and HE understands you perfectly! Your friend, Abby Massengale
Posted by William Sczepanski on March 20, 2011
Miss your smile and belly laughs!

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