This memorial website was created in memory of our sunshine, Caitlin Flanagan, 19 years old, born on April 28, 2000, and passed away on July 21, 2019. She will live forever in our hearts.

I invite everyone to please share a song, video, story, photo, or memory of Caitlin at this site. As I'm sure many of you do, I find comfort in hearing her laugh in a video, peace in recalling some of our adventures together, solace in listening to her favorite songs, reassurance of her happiness when I see that infectious smile in photos, and support in sharing all of these with family and friends. 

Of course, some of this is for my own selfish reasons and healing, for there is no loss greater than that of a child.  But I do hope to help others heal and find peace in knowing that the bond we each had with Cait was just as special as she was. Please join me keeping her spirit and memory alive.  

All of my love-

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her Life

Caitlin as a baby

Caitlin was born April 28, 2000 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.  Caitlin was the first born.  We came home from the hospital just over 24 hours after she was born.  When we came home, we had a lot of sleepless nights.  Our new precious angel had colic. There were just a couple of things that helped with her fussiness- swinging in her swing and constant bouncing in her baby bouncer.  I remember my sister Shelley came to help right after Caitlin was born and she told me that she would take the night shift so that I could get some rest. I don't think poor Aunt Shelley knew what she was getting herself in to.  She let me rest for about 3-4 hours and came in to get me. Caitlin had cried the entire time. 

Her pediatrician, Dr. Couchman, would tell me that she would grow out of it by 3-6 months.  I remember going to his office for her 6 month check-up and asking why she hadn't grown out of it yet. :-)  He said, "Well, some babies take a little longer".  During all of this, we did discover that Caitlin had a milk allergy, so we switched her to soy formula (just like me when I was a baby!). That helped some, but I don't think Caitlin was too content until she was about 12-15 months old.  I don't think it is a coincidence with that timing, because that is when her baby brother, Shawn was born.  I think her crying all of those months was her expressing her frustration that she was ready for her "partner in crime" and best friend to make his presence in the world. Shawn Jr. was born just 15 short months after Caitlin.

Her fussiness and colic did resolve, but she never lost that fighting spirit and attitude.  When she was happy and laughing, the whole room was filled with light.  When she was angry, frustrated, sad, or tired, well, we all knew it and it was best to give her space.  Isn't it funny how traits we have as infants follow us throughout our lifetime?  
Recent stories
Shared by Yvette Avila on April 11, 2021
Caitlin and I would practice two stepping in our living room around the couch. She thought she was too stiff
A few months ago I had a dream with Caitlin in it. I don’t ever remember my dreams but I did this one...
We were at a party on the beach. It was crowded, people everywhere. They switched the music to country and we both made eye contact right away. She stretched her arms out, like come on lets dance.  We two stepped to the entire song from Midland, Burn Out.We danced as if we had been dancing together forever.
Can’t wait until we dance together again. XO