You can shed tears because she is gone,
or smile because she lived.
  • 14 years old
  • Born on February 16, 1997 .
  • Passed away on November 29, 2011 .

I created this website in memory of my amazing daughter, Cameron Lee DeVeronica,  to celebrate her life.  Cameron was born on Sunday, February 16, 1997 and became an angel on November 29, 2011.

Cameron brought love, happiness and laughter every where she went, and to everyone she was around.  She lived her life to the fullest with compassion and strength.  I am so blessed and proud to be her mother.  I will forever cherish the beautiful memories I hold close to my heart.  She taught me to appreciate life and have fun along the way.  Thank you for all you taught me and the constant encouragement you gave to me.  I will love you forever and someday, will see you again.

Love Always,


Posted by Lauren Marie on 28th September 2013
Your smile popped into my head today randomly. Thinking about you. I miss you. I love you. I wish I could've told you that more. Keep smiling up there :)
Posted by Deb Boyer on 19th April 2013
Cameron~ I did not know you. But from all the wonderful things I've heard, you have always been an "Angel". Cherished and loved by all. Such a sweet girl with an angelic face. Please watch over your mom...comfort her and grant her with strength, til someday you both shall meet again.
Posted by Taylor Burton on 18th February 2013
Hi Cam, We all miss you so much, Love! I still remember all those times at the swing set with all our "neighborhood friends". We always had a blast.. We kind of lost touch when I moved and when I heard I was devastated.. I love you darling and I can't wait to reunite with you again! You're an amazing impact in others lives! Love you <3
Posted by Joetta DeVeronica on 16th February 2013
Happy 16th birthday Cameron. I love you.
Posted by Julia Vigil on 16th February 2013
Hapy birthday beautiful! I got you something, i hope it makes you smile. I really miss you.. Cant wait to see you again. I love you cameron. Fly high ~
Posted by Christy Kimanski-turpyn on 16th February 2013
Happy sweet 16!
Posted by Robyn Moore on 16th February 2013
<3 Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Cameron <3 RIP angel---fly high...
Posted by Joetta DeVeronica on 20th December 2012
Christmas will never be the same without you. I love and miss you so much my soul aches. My only Christmas wish is to have you back. Merry Christmas Cameron. Love, Mom
Posted by Jasmin Cruz on 3rd December 2012
Hey beautiful girl, I miss you so much. We were just becoming such close friends before this happened. I remember all the times we had, just chillin in town and laughing forever. You truely were, and will forever be remembered as a great person. Youve changed all of our lives. Rest in peace Cameron.
Posted by Rose Stiner on 2nd December 2012
I remember seeing you at Grandpa's birthday party., You figured it out I was your great great Aunt! Think you were bout 8 or 9! I remember telling your Daddy I wanted to put you in my pocket and take you home. Gosh you were so full of fun. We just sat and visited. .
Posted by Gail Nowak on 1st December 2012
Cameron, I didn't know you but had leased my horse COLT to my friend Jaqui Evans. A couple days before your passing, I found a pic of a young lady riding my COLT... My friend Jaquie called me crying over you and explained you were the young lady riding my COLT in the pictures. Wish I had met you but COLT enjoyed your riding him. God Bless yoAy
Posted by TomLinda DeVeronica on 30th November 2012
Cameron, I wish we had spent more time together, believe me the time we did spend was awesome. So many great memories that your Grandpa and I have. So many great moments, like the time you "stole" the huge frog Grandpa won when we were in Canada. That still makes us laugh. We always will hold you dear in our hearts. Love you.
Posted by Susan Martinelli on 29th November 2012
In many ways I cannot believe that today marks one year since your passing--it seems like yesterday you were running around my house with Caleb. In many ways I cannot believe that it has just been a year--it seems like forever ago that we heard your laughter. I know you are watching over us all. Thank you for allowing my family to be a part of your life. We love and miss you dearly!
Posted by Amanda Hefner on 29th November 2012
I know we weren't the best of friends. But we talked and joked everyday in town and at lunch. You are such a beautiful and funny person, one of which I was always happy to be around. Though you're jn a better place, the day you left was a tragedy and your absence will always be a mark on the life of everyone's you've touched. You and your family will always be in my thoughts. RIP<3
Posted by Christy Kimanski-turpyn on 29th November 2012
I know how much the family misses you and I wish I could go back in time for everyone. I still remember the zoo and taking Brent to play with you when you were with your grandma and you visiting us in Hilton. Such a playful and silly kid, so much fun to be around. Memories keep you here with us all. <3
Posted by Rebecca Raisman on 29th November 2012
Cameron we weren't that close but when we would hang out it felt add if we knew each other forever. You didn't deserve what happened to you. Your goons miss you down here, hopefully your tearing up heaven for us :) I just can't believe its been a year since you've been gone.. Rip angel
Posted by Jennifer Fitzwater on 29th November 2012
Cameron, You have touched so many lives in your short time here.It was a blessing and honor to have had you im my life and to be your"Aunt Jenn".I will cherish every memory of you from the day you were born,1st camping trip, and countless weekends all of us together.You will never be forgotten sweet girl.Until we meet again,you are in my heart and on my mind...I love you,Cam-Aunt Jenn
Posted by Leah Herlan on 29th November 2012
cameron you mean the absolute world to me. i cannot explain how much i misss you. all i have leftare the amazing've changed my life forever. i love you.
Posted by Jay Preedom on 28th November 2012
Cameron, we all miss you and loved by many. No one will forget the day of 11/29. You are in many hearts and won't leave <3 R.i.p. Beautiful girl<3
Posted by Abbie Hibsch on 28th November 2012
Cameron, it is still the little things I remember about you that mean so much to me. I remember sitting in art and talking about different colors that we wanted to dye our hair. You have helped me and so many others stay strong from all the way up there in heaven. If heaven wasn't so far away, I'd be up there in a heartbeat to thank you for everything. Stay beautiful Cam, and fly high.
Posted by Shaylyn O'Neal on 28th November 2012
"Cameron you are still that beautiful girl you were when you were here. Your smile and laugh are still imprinted in my head when I think of you. I didn't know you that well but I will always have the memory's of you and your amazing personality. Fly High Beautiful Angel."
Posted by Maryann Mcmahon on 27th November 2012
Dear Cameron... I know you can't hear us...but who knows! The day of the announcement in school last year...we all new instantly who it was. Me and my cousin cried for three days straight. I will be wearing all white on thursday. I showed you around school your first year. I love you and miss you baby girl. I will wear a smile when you are mentioned.
Posted by Jacqui Tarnowski on 27th November 2012
Cameron, You have touched so many people without realizing it. My husband and I LOVED when you came over to hang out with the girls. You were so funny and we loved talking to you about anything. I always remember you when I go to "Solutions" because that is where your mom went for massages and you suggested that gift for me from Jim for Moms Day one year. I will always love you.
Posted by Alyssa Cutaia on 27th November 2012
Cameron, We were such good friends in 6th grade. I remember me, you, Lauren, and Morgan did almost everything together. I will never forget when me, you, and Morgan were all on crutches at the same time. We had so much fun! We called eachother "crutch buddies" and the 3 Muskateers. We shared many laughs, smiles and memories that I will never forget! Love You Cami! RIP Angel<3
Posted by Madison Freiermuth on 27th November 2012
Cameron, I met you at bring your child to work day, you were on crutches for spraining your ankle but you were the funniest girl I've met, you were outgoing and you were happy, I will always remember you that way you are forever loved, and forever high babygirl
Posted by Chelsea Bauld on 27th November 2012
Cameron, I never actually met you, but I have seen many pictures of you and heard so many things about you. You were absolutely beautiful and you were so much more than the words that caused you to end your life. I would have loved to be friends with you. You will be in out hearts forever. Rest in peace beautiful <3
Posted by Nina Gentile on 26th November 2012
Cameron, I've never met you personally, but since everything has happened, you haven't left my mind. Every student in Spencerport is part of the same family, and you're a big part of it. You've brought everyone closer, even through such a hard time. It's a miracle. I regret not getting close to you. I hope we have the opportunity to meet someday. Cameron, you are truly an angel. -Nina
Posted by Brandi Gibson on 26th November 2012
Sweet Cami- you have captured the hearts of many not only as a child but as a young lady. Your beautiful eyes, bouncing curls and free spirited personality were only some of your wonderful traits. We all miss you so much fly high sweet girl!! Love you!
Posted by Sarah Stanley on 26th November 2012
Thinking about you everyday beautiful <3 not only does spencerport think about you, but so does everyone else in the surrounding community. you were a beautiful girl who touched and warmed so many hearts. Always in our hearts may you rest in peace, angel <3 love you
Posted by Robyn Moore on 13th November 2012
Cam-I am so happy that your mom made this site for everyone to come see your beautiful smile.<3 As the date of your "Angel-versary" approaches, it is hard to believe that a year has passed since you left. Everyone loves and misses you immensely honey, but are comforted knowing you are at peace and in Paradise, watching over your loved ones. Keep smiling down on them Cam.,,,RIP Sweet Angel
Posted by Elizabeth Albanese on 13th November 2012
Thank you for being his first kiss...I hope up in heaven u are sneaking a kiss for me.
Posted by Joetta DeVeronica on 12th November 2012
Cameron, I loved you from the moment I discovered I was pregnant with you. I carried you inside of me and watched you grow into a happy, loving person. I will always cherish the many wonderful memories I have of you. I can still hear your laughter and see your smiling , beautiful face. I am so proud and blessed to be your mother, love you.
Posted by Alex Iacchetta on 12th November 2012
Cameron, I miss you so much I can't even describe it. I will always remember the times we shared and hugging you back in the halls of Cosgrove. I am so blessed I gotten the chance to have someone as speical as you in my life. I miss you so much Cameron. Love you Angel -Alex Iacchetta

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