Placement days

Shared by Dom Neverson on October 14, 2019
I remember the day Camilla came to placement it was so funny cause we knew each other and we was rockin and rollin from the first day she came there we would call each other cousins. I had got my home pass before she did and she had a fit cause she wanted us to come home at the same time I ended up staying backwith her so she didn’t have to be there by herself I miss you milla ❤️

School day

Shared by Monique Powell on May 21, 2017

Mann this girl used to have me rollin in school signing all the time very helpful didn't play any games but shy I could go on nd on about her greatness just continue to rest up love 

highschool memories

Shared by Crystal Fike on December 11, 2012

 when i first met Camilla it was in spanish  class and dhe always used to stop the bullies fomr bullyiing me and from there on we we was two best friend it doesn't even seem like she went to be with god  but she there now shes an angel looking down on all her family  and friend she truly loved  she used to always have me cracking up and you could hear her voice a mile away singing her favorite songs 

Shared by Nay Edwards on October 25, 2011
I really can't believe u gne cannon ....we had da youth nd Texas popin I miss u jus playing ya lil beat talking bout get em...u use ta always walking around da unit singing 5 steps by dru hill dat was ya song...wen we got in contact wen we came home I was so shocked...imu milla and I cherish every moment I had around u ily u milla


Shared by Ms Mitchell on October 19, 2011

Remembering Camilla will not be a hard task, as she was one of those people that you just don't forget.  When I first met Camilla, she was about 13 or 14 years old and could be as sweet as pie, or she could be a fiery ball.  Camilla spent lots of time in and out of the Youth where so many of the staff came to know and love her as one of their own.  Camilla had a beautiful singing voice and was sometimes too shy to share her gift.  She and I would sing together or wait for the the other to sing and then join in.  Camilla was loved by so many and will truly be missed.  Her life was short lived and I am saddened by her loss.  Somewhere Camilla is smiling or laughing.  Prayers and sympathy go out to the family and friends of Camilla.  May God continue to keep and bless you always. 

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