This memorial website was created in memory of our son, Campbell Doty, 15 years old, born on May 23, 2005 and passed away on July 17, 2020. Cam was a cherished son, grandson, nephew, cousin, teammate and friend. We will remember him forever...

Due to Covid-19 concerns, in person service information is still pending.

In lieu of flower/gifts please consider showing your affection towards Cam via a recently created Campbell Doty Memorial Fund. The Campbell Doty Memorial Fund was created to help honor and promote activities and areas of our son's life which he loved. He was our heart walking around outside of our body and he is forever missed.

If you would like to join us in helping Campbell live on, please contribute at whatever level you wish via this secure donation site. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and will be used to support youth soccer, student-athletes, and animal causes

About Campbell

We were blessed to welcome Campbell Brian Doty to the world on May 23, 2005.  

Campbell was energetic, athletic, funny, brilliant, and most importantly kind.  We had the pleasure of watching him grow up and transition into an incredible young man who will be missed by all who knew him.  His smile and energy changed whatever room he was in. He was charming, witty and wise beyond his years. 

Whether it was just relaxing around the house playing video games, going to countless soccer practices and games, watching La Liga, Bundesliga, EPL and MLS soccer, visiting family in the midwest or west coast, or traveling to England, Spain, Italy and throughout the US, we were fortunate to be able to spend so much time with Campbell, creating so many wonderful memories, some of which we will share with you on this memorial site.  

He was so excited about moving to the U16 Elite Strikers soccer team, playing for U16 Futsal United, playing for the Freeman High School team in 2020-2021, going to ID camps later in the summer and getting back to school as a Sophomore with his Freeman friends. 

Campbell left us far too early due to a tragic, freak accident on Friday, July 17th, 2020. He took a hard fall Friday morning on our back driveway, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. After 12 hours on life-support at VCU trauma center he passed peacefully Friday evening. 

We encourage you to share a funny or poignant story, picture, video or even your own direct message to Campbell to help commemorate his amazing life. We will be adding to his memorial page more and more as we can. 

Posted by Rye Haddad on July 26, 2020
Campbell was a very kind person. He would come into class with a smile on his face no matter what the circumstance. I am torn by this news.
Posted by Raine Haddad on July 26, 2020
I met campbell in math this year, and sat at his table for the majority of the year and he was an awesome, funny, smart, and witty guy always helping someone out.
Posted by Deonna Edmonds on July 26, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since 7th grade but we didn’t really talk much until 9th. I saw him everyday and I remember that my computer would constantly need charging because I would forget to charge it. He would bring his charger almost everyday in case I needed it. He was so sweet and funny. He always had funny comments about what was going on. I will miss seeing him. Rest in peace.
Posted by Richard L. Orr, Jr. on July 26, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Doty -

You all were raising an amazing, caring young man who was wise beyond his years. My heart is broken at the thought of him not being with you and all of us at Freeman being able to see him fully develop into the incredible person he was becoming. He was loved by everyone who came in contact with him. 
Posted by Nicholas Farnwalt on July 26, 2020
Campbell was always such a nice person, I had known him for a long time and it seemed like in almost every situation he knew what to do and how to handle things, I am so glad to have met him. He will be forever missed.
Posted by Laura Wheeler on July 26, 2020

My son Braden Wiegan played soccer as your opponent. We may not have known you or your family personally, we were part of your Strikers Soccer and Futsal community. May God bless you and keep you. May your family be comforted. This link inspires us all to have Strength, Courage, Compassion and Hope.
Posted by Silvio Gabriel on July 26, 2020
Campbell was a dedicated young man. I remember how well he would do in class and how supportive he was. Sadly i didn’t get to know him well but we had many friends in common and i’d see him every 2nd block and we’d have small convos. He’ll be missed. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Raidah Hudson on July 26, 2020
Chad and Julie, oh my heart. Sweet dear Campbell. Such a bright sweet young man who seemed so engaged with so many interests. Samuel and I will treasure our memories of play dates and cotillion treats with Cam. Love to you both.
Posted by Ryan Trinite on July 26, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since sixth grade and in the time I’ve known him I realized he was one of the nicest people I had ever met. Me and him never had a close relationship but we were good friends and he was never mean to me. He was always a good person to be around and I am really going to miss him. I’m not gonna realize how bad I will until we go back to school and I don’t get to see and talk to him. He is gone too soon but I will never forget him.
Posted by Mason Ross on July 26, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since the 1st grade at TES. We were on the soccer field playing and we were put on the same team. He was a very smart, athletic, and easy-going person all around. We have been friends forever and just this past year me and a couple of my other friends sat with him at lunch. Campbell had this certain energy where people were very welcome to talk to him at anytime. I’m going to miss him and his presence. Thank you Campbell for the amazing memories.
Posted by Marcy Green on July 26, 2020
Chad and Julie - it had been a while since I had seen Campbell but I will always remember him at our Brookside and Baldwin bus stop playing soccer and coming to my driveway for breakfast on Walk to School Day. Didn’t matter if any of the other kids were playing soccer that afternoon, Campbell was always practicing and you could see his love for the sport.  Charlie and I are so deeply sorry over the loss of Campbell. I wish I had more eloquent or comforting words for you both, but please know our hearts and prayers are with you and we will always remember Campbell with a big smile on his face kicking a soccer ball.
Posted by Clare Bland on July 26, 2020
Chad and Julie, I am so sorry, my heart is so heavy after hearing this news. I did not know Campbell, but I know he must have been a wonderful person knowing you both. My deepest condolences, sending love and healing thoughts your way. ❤️
Posted by Rory Notley on July 26, 2020
I knew Campbell since 4th grade and played soccer with him for years. He was a fantastic soccer player, a good friend, and an amazing young man. Nothing will ever quite fill the void of the funniest person at our lunch table or the best defender I’ve ever met. He was kind, outspoken, and a joyful guy who really was the best of us.
Posted by Tavis Steele on July 26, 2020
Campbell was one of my best friends and it was amazing to know him during middle school and 9th grade. We had a lot of fun during gym and I will miss those times I had with him. He was a caring, funny, and understanding person who was fun to be around. I send my regards to his family and his friends. I will miss him dearly as I know everyone else will too.
Posted by Hayes Gelsomino on July 26, 2020
I met Campbell in sixth grade and we never had a dull conversation. You were extremely funny and a caring person in general. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Christian Sleman on July 26, 2020
It was a pleasure to know you for six years, you were one of the funniest people i’ve ever met. Praying for you and your family, Rest in peace 
Posted by Erin Collier on July 26, 2020
Although I didn’t know Campbell for very long, I got to know him extremely well. I ate both lunches with him, shared many friends, and had a couple classes together. He always managed to find a way to make me laugh. One thing I always laughed at about campbell, he never brought lunch to school, and we would jokingly fight over our close friends belvita cookies. I am so sorry to the family and have you all in my prayers.
Posted by Richard Barlow on July 25, 2020
Campbell; you were a bright light. We watched you grow up in soccer and Futsal and had the absolute pleasure and joy of knowing you.

Every time I saw you; you made me smile. You always had a joke, a story, a pun, an incredible wit that would always make me laugh. Whenever I saw you, I wanted to say “hi” because I wanted to be one of the “cool kids” who knew Campbell.

I loved watching you play. You were focused and fierce. Seeing you run down the field was like watching a speeding freight train and heaven help anyone who got in your way. Your slide tackles were a thing of beauty.

I know Aiden was so looking forward to playing with you this year in Strikers Elite and Futsal United. Thank you for being such a friend and support to him.

We miss you Campbell. We love you. There is a new bright star in the sky watching over us.
Posted by Chad Doty on July 25, 2020
Son, I miss you. Your mom and I will always miss you. Your grandparents miss you. Your uncles and aunts and cousins miss you. Your friends, coaches, teammates, teachers, neighbors, and more miss you. You made an impact on almost everyone you spoke with and knew in your amazing 15 years. I will always love you and am so incredibly proud of you. 
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Posted by Paige Ross on August 1, 2020
There is really no words to express how sorry we are for the loss of Campbell. Our memories of Campbell date back to the early Richmond Striker days on the U10 Bates team. Campbell was fun to watch as he was a fearless defender with a huge smile on his face. 

There was one time at a team dinner in VA Beach where kids were being kids, if you know what i mean.. and I saw my son Sam with Campbell making paper airplanes. I want to thank Campbell for keeping him company. 

We'll miss you Campbell.. Jim, Paige, Matt, and Sam Ross
Posted by Jesika Doty on July 31, 2020
My Family and my dear nephew Cam,

I'm so grateful for the years spent with you and watching you grow into a wonderful young man. Though we share different coasts, we have been able to come together and create memories that I will cherish. I will always remember how Liam was always excited for his cousin Cam to visit and loved hearing the laughter that ensued. I remember watching Cam when he was only a few months old prior to marrying his Uncle Doug while Mom and Dad could get some alone time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Having Cam snuggles was a great addition to our family celebration.

Funny moments include maybe or maybe not having flipped the bird in reaction to Cam saying I couldn't fly in the helicopter when I was 9 months pregnant with Liam because I wouldn't fit well (don't worry - he didn't see it but I do believe there's a picture of it happening floating out there somewhere - and he was also right...those R22's are not made for pregnant women about to pop!). I also cherish and remember you visiting us and having a water slide day out in the backyard with you and Liam. One of the best memories is taking you to a Sporting KC game with Liam...your Dad was just a tiny bit jealous. Your eyes were so big the entire time - watching a great game, great team, in the best stadium ever...

My last fond memories of you were at Wallawa lake in Oregon where we kayaked, hiked, played card games, and enjoyed each other. I'm so glad we had that chance with you and those moments with you and I know Liam holds that week he spent with you and our East-Coast Doty's in his heart and always will. He misses you greatly and I will miss the combined laughter the two of you had.

I remember how proud your Uncle Doug was when you were born and to this day remember how his eyes lit up and had this great smile when we heard you had arrived. I'm quite positive he's holding you and though knowing you are with him, it does not make this any easier kiddo.

I will always hold you in my heart and in my memories.

My work is to carry this love as comfort
for those who long for you,
to go everywhere you’ve walked and
gaze at the pressed-down dirt. - Rumi

Always your loving Aunt and Cousin,

Jes and Liam
Posted by Steve Gampher on July 31, 2020
Chad and Julie,

All that he was, he learned from you. He was so cool. How could he not be.
Can't take a deep breath. We love you.

Steve and Terry Gampher
Recent stories
Shared by Jenny Nelson on July 26, 2020
This picture was snapped at the end of a beautiful fall evening together. I can still see you running around and giggling with my three kids with that brilliant smile of yours. I remember thinking two, I wished you lived closer because you made us laugh with all your silliness, and because you made my kiddos feel special just by how you engaged with them. And two, you had the most charming, genuine personality. I can tell people were drawn to you. I was. You seemed to be a light in the darkness, a bright spot that people gravitated toward. As time marches on, we will show our kids this picture of their cousin and remind them of your captivating laughter, kind heart, and our love for you and your parents. 
Shared by Maggie Newton on July 26, 2020
Campbell was one of those genuinely nice kids. I’ve known him since elementary school. I was in the same class as him a couple times and he was always kind. I remember in 5th or 6thgrade I went trick or treating with him and a couple of my friends who were his neighbors. He brought an extra mask with him so he could go up to the same house twice without the people recognizing him! It was a lot of fun. He was fun spirited and I feel lucky to have been able to know him. We may not of been that close but I considered him as my friend. He will be missed.

From your Nana

Shared by Barb Grzella on July 26, 2020
I have known and loved you since you were just the realization of your parents dream and watched you grow into a kind and compassionate young man.  You were a wonderful addition to our family and I feel so blessed to have shared so many experiences with you.

I hold you in my heart forever.

Love you, Nana