Shared by Jenny Nelson on July 26, 2020
This picture was snapped at the end of a beautiful fall evening together. I can still see you running around and giggling with my three kids with that brilliant smile of yours. I remember thinking two, I wished you lived closer because you made us laugh with all your silliness, and because you made my kiddos feel special just by how you engaged with them. And two, you had the most charming, genuine personality. I can tell people were drawn to you. I was. You seemed to be a light in the darkness, a bright spot that people gravitated toward. As time marches on, we will show our kids this picture of their cousin and remind them of your captivating laughter, kind heart, and our love for you and your parents. 
Shared by Maggie Newton on July 26, 2020
Campbell was one of those genuinely nice kids. I’ve known him since elementary school. I was in the same class as him a couple times and he was always kind. I remember in 5th or 6thgrade I went trick or treating with him and a couple of my friends who were his neighbors. He brought an extra mask with him so he could go up to the same house twice without the people recognizing him! It was a lot of fun. He was fun spirited and I feel lucky to have been able to know him. We may not of been that close but I considered him as my friend. He will be missed.

From your Nana

Shared by Barb Grzella on July 26, 2020
I have known and loved you since you were just the realization of your parents dream and watched you grow into a kind and compassionate young man.  You were a wonderful addition to our family and I feel so blessed to have shared so many experiences with you.

I hold you in my heart forever.

Love you, Nana

The best godfather

Shared by Henry Haggard on July 26, 2020
Campbell, though we weren't as close as I would have liked us to be, I still remember your smile. It would light up whatever room you were in. One time, towards the end of English class in 8th grade, you introduced me to Diplomacy, a game that you and your friends had created. It was part D&D, part Risk and Part Model UN, and it was all online. 8th grade wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for that game. It brought our whole friend group together, and (more importantly) really let me know you better. You were kind-hearted and had a great sense of humor.

Sometime that year I showed you pictures of Monkeymy pet bearded dragon. That day, I named you his godfather. It was a title you bore proudly. Even though we didn't have any classes together this year, you would still ask "how's monkey doing!" when you saw me in the hall. I can't explain the absence in all of our hearts right now, but I know that I'll think of you every time I look at Monkey. 

You were a great friend, and I can't begin to imagine how great a son you must have been. Wherever you are right now, I know you're at peace. 

Knowing Campbell

Shared by Ethan Tlusty on July 26, 2020
I met Campbell in 6th grade with Mr.Gorman. From there we took off and became pretty close and good friends in that class. 7th grade rolled around and we were pretty good friends but had kinda fell off. We ended up having a class together with 2 other friends. There we became best friends we made so many memories messing around with the teacher and being goofy in class from those moments I knew he was a great person. All the way threw this year we kept close and never let a conversation die. I really thought Campbell was gonna be in my life forever. He was everything you could look for in a kid funny, charming and had a huge heart. He was always someone I knew I could count on. I love you Campbell Rest Easy

the sweetest and most honest person

Shared by Lily Morris on July 26, 2020
i met campbell in 6th grade though we didn’t really start talking to him until 9th. we had a very warm and comfortable relationship. he was always there for me even if he didn’t have to. we connected on many levels and i wish that he rest in peace. i am praying for his family and i hope that they are able to grieve in peace 

Date Night

Shared by Jennifer Tompkins on July 26, 2020
Cam and I have been "dating" for about 10 years. (Just to be clear, "dates" were code for "babysitting". Nothing weird.) It started out as pizza and a disney movie at the house while Chad and Julie went out on a real "date night". Occasionally, we'd venture into board games - I was banned from Leggos because Cam said, "Miss Jen, you don't understand Leggo. It's Ok, just watch me." - but when I realized that I was outmatched in games of strategy by the time he was 10 years old, we moved on to sharing books. Apparently, I was lousy at video games too but that was fine with Cam since I made up for it with baking skills.

As Cam got older, he quickly realized the inequity of the "date night" situation and decided that if Mom & Dad were going out, why not us? Soon Julie was making us Open Table reservations and Fandango-ing our tickets. SWEET!  This did mean that I suffered through a Sponge Bob Square Pants movie (after a parent approved glass of wine at dinner - thank you!), but Cam LOVED it! As bad as that movie was, he made everything fun with his goofy, off beat sense of humor.  Yes, we practiced manners and did the math for tipping together, but mostly we hung out and had great time. 

Cam was growing into a wonderful guy. I could see that soon, he'd have no use for our practice dates and I would be retired as his "girlfriend" in favor of someone of a more appropriate age. Fortunately, he wasn't leaving me behind. Cam had a special way of making room in his life for the people who were important him. Although things were changing and we were moving to a more adult friendship, there was still plenty of classic Cam to go around. I will be forever grateful to Julie, Chad and Barb for opening their family and sharing their Campbell with me.  

To my wonderful, sweet boyfriend, thank you Campbell for all of the winks and smirks, hugs and laughs, nutella and bacon fueled hours of joy you brought to my life. There always will be heart shaped pizza and oatmeal cookies for you.  Forever in my heart.  

The missing ball

Shared by John LaPointe on July 25, 2020
It was a crisp, cool Fall evening at Striker Park. The boys were cooling down in our stretching circle where practice turns into The View and the gossip begins. As I begin mandating Luci to follow directions, I realize Campbell is not with the group. “Guys, where is Cam?” As I gaze across the field I hear Luci in the background sarcastically say, “See Coach, at least I’m in the circle!” (Damn, he got me there.) I then see a body appear from the bushes. Its Cam, in a mild panic. I holler over to him “Dude! Care to join us?” He replies back frantically, “Coach, im sorry, but if I don't find my ball MY dad is going to be pissed.” He chaotically rummaged through bags and peeked under every nook and cranny. He finally joined the rest of the team, unwillingly, after I gestured for him to join us for a second time. As we stretch, Campbell was still only concentrated on one thing: the missing ball. His head whipped from left to right. He wasn’t even performing the proper stretch! It was at this time I realized I had become soft, my consequences were laughable compared to the retribution he would recieve at home. I finally cave, “Okay! Everybody up. Lets go find this ball.” After all the panic and dramatics...Get this: The ball was in plain view. Someone found it (probably Bryce) within seconds of scanning the same area I saw Campbell dart out from. From then on, I made sure not start a cool down without inquiring the whereabouts of Campbells ball.
Shared by Wendy Barlow on July 25, 2020
Campbell- you always made me laugh.  You went out of your way to make sure everyone was included.  I will miss your smile and your laugh and you.  I love how you were carefree with the dogs and super focused on the field.  You were and always will be a shining light.  You made us better. Thank you for being there to help Aiden through challenges and helping him to laugh a little more.  Thank you for making me laugh in Spain regardless of the heat.  I will never forget you on and off the field.

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