This tribute was added by Aimee Snopik on August 5, 2020
Campbell I’ve struggled with having the words that can possibly describe what you’ve added and how much you’ve added to my life and our memories.
You have an uncanny ability to create smiles, and reach towards people with your engaging smile, beautiful bright eyes, curiosity for learning facts and about people... Not just what they can do for you but what their hearts are about, who they are and what they love because you can do real. I love that!
You’ve stood up for yourself with humility and grace and stayed true to who you are and what you want to be about even in the hard days of teen hood and boyhood.
You’ve brought joy and laughter with such bravado and sometimes even at your own demise by using yourself as a silly prop in jokes. All to get others to smile, be positive and have a better day.
You’ve educated me on history and the roots of politics and royalty, kindly informed me on grammar oversights and have grown my heart for what a boy and a son would be like in my all girl household.
You’ve honored me by quickly accepting my momma needs and letting me be an honorary half-mom as you’ve called me. Favorite memory is the first time you honored me with that nickname... that heart string is why you will always sit in my heart.
You were bright and open and the inner light in you couldn’t help but seep out through your playful, kind and sometimes energetic YOU-ness!!
I struggle with these words. I don’t like “was”; for me you will always be. I want to use the words “are” and “is”. You won’t disappear from my memory or my heart. You will still stay as the best of what I’ve been SO honored to be part of with you. The living, very real and active silly memories of you and us will help me to smile a thousand times in the coming years... And when I do cry, which is often now, I hear you coming through the backyard gate for a snack and always leaving me with a hug or brilliant sparkling smile, a devilish grin and a chuckle. In honor of our fav movie together, I give you a Nacho Libre ooxxooXoXXx from your forever half-mom
This tribute was added by Betsy Bray on August 5, 2020
Julie and Chad,

What a beautiful way to remember Cam!

The Brays are so heartbroken for the loss of Campbell. Our hearts go out to you and everyone that he touched in his life. Harrison was fortunate to play with him learning to be a better player through this. Harrison always said Cam never quit, he always worked hard, and always motivated others in positive way. I think for me as a parent, watching many games that they played, the biggest take away I have is how he grew into such a mature player. As we all now if you got in his way, good luck. Thankfully we were always on the same team. :-) . I noticed what a true sportsman he became. If someone was unfortunate to be in his way, he always went back to help them up or give a tap on the back. I think for me as a parent that said a lot about his character. He will truly be missed. 

Hugs to you both!
This tribute was added by Rob Jannotte on August 4, 2020

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a life taken too soon. Know though that in your short time on this earth, you left your mark. For me, it was the way played the game you loved. You played with an edge, and I loved watching you play. What I saw in you was a love to compete, play hard, a desire to win....and that edge also translated to being a great teammate, someone you would hate to play against but would LOVE to have playing with you, shoulder to shoulder. Off the field, an infectious smile, a genuinely great kid. I really enjoyed watching you grow as a player the last 2 years, and especially enjoyed getting to know you and your parents. I hope that all that played with you can take something from the way you played the game, and carry it forward. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Chad and Julie,

Our hearts break for you. I can’t fathom the sense of loss and pain you are enduring. Take some solace in knowing that the tributes and the stories left here are only a fraction of how Cam left his impact on those who knew him.

This tribute was added by Trish Riggan on August 3, 2020
Campbell always showed up for fun!

The Riggan family was so lucky to share many great “cut loose and be yourself” moments. He always brought enthusiasm as he joined with smiles and laughter. He was an amazing close friend to Carly for many years and took the time to listen to a soft voice to pull out her best laughter.

We met up for holidays, partied with neighbors, found each other at TES, TMS socials, Dungeons and Dragon meet ups, board games and swimming pool fun. Years of fun.  Campbell always made us laugh and smile. He was never afraid to speak up and indulge. Yet he also listened in a caring way in small settings. He spoke to me often about his love for history, travel and of course...his passion of soccer.

A special day was at Bush Gardens where Campbell reminded us all to have no fear, ride all the scary rides, and if they were insanely crazy to do them twice to compare to get the most out of it. I will always think when doing something fun, Campbell would tell me to do it again! We timed how long it takes to get a sugar rush from a piece of fudge... less than 3 seconds! 

We will personally remember Campbell for being a perfect son and true friend who followed his dreams and cared to make special those around him.  He was curious, engaging and handsome. A dear friend to all. He was guided by amazingly supportive parents who we will continue to always love.

His smile lives on in our hearts and is deeply missed by so many.

Trish Riggan and Family
Phil, Carly and Mitchell


This tribute was added by Julie Riley on August 3, 2020
Julie and Chad,
Our hearts continue to ache for yours as we all search for and grasp hold to our memories for comfort. Campbell was so sweet, smart, and kind - literally our boy next door. Claire and Finn looked up to him, watching and listening to him for clues about what to expect at the next level up in school and being a wonderful example of a dedicated young man pursuing excellence as a student, as an athlete, as a human. We miss him. We miss him for you and with you. We are here to support and love you through this unfathomable loss. Love and hugs, Julie, Patrick, Claire, and Finn Riley
This tribute was added by Paige Ross on August 1, 2020
There is really no words to express how sorry we are for the loss of Campbell. Our memories of Campbell date back to the early Richmond Striker days on the U10 Bates team. Campbell was fun to watch as he was a fearless defender with a huge smile on his face. 

There was one time at a team dinner in VA Beach where kids were being kids, if you know what i mean.. and I saw my son Sam with Campbell making paper airplanes. I want to thank Campbell for keeping him company. 

We'll miss you Campbell.. Jim, Paige, Matt, and Sam Ross
This tribute was added by Jesika Doty on July 31, 2020
My Family and my dear nephew Cam,

I'm so grateful for the years spent with you and watching you grow into a wonderful young man. Though we share different coasts, we have been able to come together and create memories that I will cherish. I will always remember how Liam was always excited for his cousin Cam to visit and loved hearing the laughter that ensued. I remember watching Cam when he was only a few months old prior to marrying his Uncle Doug while Mom and Dad could get some alone time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Having Cam snuggles was a great addition to our family celebration.

Funny moments include maybe or maybe not having flipped the bird in reaction to Cam saying I couldn't fly in the helicopter when I was 9 months pregnant with Liam because I wouldn't fit well (don't worry - he didn't see it but I do believe there's a picture of it happening floating out there somewhere - and he was also right...those R22's are not made for pregnant women about to pop!). I also cherish and remember you visiting us and having a water slide day out in the backyard with you and Liam. One of the best memories is taking you to a Sporting KC game with Liam...your Dad was just a tiny bit jealous. Your eyes were so big the entire time - watching a great game, great team, in the best stadium ever...

My last fond memories of you were at Wallawa lake in Oregon where we kayaked, hiked, played card games, and enjoyed each other. I'm so glad we had that chance with you and those moments with you and I know Liam holds that week he spent with you and our East-Coast Doty's in his heart and always will. He misses you greatly and I will miss the combined laughter the two of you had.

I remember how proud your Uncle Doug was when you were born and to this day remember how his eyes lit up and had this great smile when we heard you had arrived. I'm quite positive he's holding you and though knowing you are with him, it does not make this any easier kiddo.

I will always hold you in my heart and in my memories.

My work is to carry this love as comfort
for those who long for you,
to go everywhere you’ve walked and
gaze at the pressed-down dirt. - Rumi

Always your loving Aunt and Cousin,

Jes and Liam
This tribute was added by Steve Gampher on July 31, 2020
Chad and Julie,

All that he was, he learned from you. He was so cool. How could he not be.
Can't take a deep breath. We love you.

Steve and Terry Gampher
This tribute was added by Henry Mistretta on July 30, 2020
Chad and Julie  Iam so devastated and saddened by this. I can’t imagine all the pain you both are in. Having my own two young boys I feel it tremendously. I loved cutting Campbell’s hair and listening to his soccer stories. He was a very special child. I will always remember and think of him. You both are amazing kind caring people all my love to you both. Be strong. Love you both. Your friend HENRI
This tribute was added by Cole Dutton on July 30, 2020
Campbell was a wonderful young man and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of being his teacher. When I think of Campbell, the first memory that comes to mind is how he always spoke to me when he entered my classroom or when he saw me on the walkway. One day, I replied with, "What's up, Dotes?" From that point forward, that was his nickname and he would smile almost every time I said it. I never knew him to have a bad day, and if he did he never let it show. He was the friend that everyone was proud to have.

-Mr. Dutton
This tribute was added by Daniel Jones on July 30, 2020
As a father of two girls, age 8 and 10 across the street it was a blessing to have a responsible young man in the neighborhood. Due to the age and gender gap I’m afraid I didn’t get to know Campbell as well as his parents. Based the professionalism and thoughtfulness of Julie and Chad I am confident Campbell demonstrated those traits and more. Sitting in our front window working, I would watch Campbell warm up for his daily wind sprints up and down our street. As a former track and soccer player I was impressed with Campbells commitment to his craft. It takes a strong heart and strong mind to show that type of grit. The future world is missing out on an outstanding exemplar.
This tribute was added by Whitney Hales on July 30, 2020
Chad and Julie,
The Hales family will forever remember Campbell's goals and amazing slide tackles. His dedication, work ethic, determination, and passion for soccer and his team were infectious and benefitted everyone he played with in a positive way. You all should be so proud of the beautiful young man you nurtured and created. Our hearts are broken for you and you both are in our thoughts and prayers.
Rob, Whitney, Griffin, Ila and Millie
This tribute was added by Seth Wolfman on July 30, 2020
I spoke with your father just a few days before your unfair and tragic passing. I will not forget the happiness in his voice and the way he smiled when he spoke about you. May your memory be a blessing.
This tribute was added by Tomoyo Meltzer on July 29, 2020
I met Campbell at the elementary school bus stop. He had just started Kindergarten but talked very intelligently and was very mature for his age. Since our kids graduated from TES soon after, I didn’t get to see him as much recently. I remember his bright smile with big round eyes that never failed to make someone else smile. We are heartbroken to hear that he had to leave this world so soon. Julie and Chad, we extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family.
This tribute was added by Olivia Branch on July 29, 2020
 I have known Campbell since elementary school. Campbell was one of the politest guy I’ve met. He was always positive and was always laughing. I remember one day we needed marbles for an activity, randomly Campbell pulled out a ton of marbles from his pocket and looked at me and we both started cracking up hysterically. I won’t forget that moment. Campbell you will be missed but not forgotten!
This tribute was added by Thomas Viehe on July 29, 2020
Dear Chad and Julie,
I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. 
This tribute was added by Gareth Lockwood on July 29, 2020
Dear Aunty Julie and Uncle Chad,
I don't really know what to say other than simply that I'm so sorry, although sorry isn't nearly enough. Of all my memories of Campbell the ones that are the strongest for me are just playing with him in your backyard as kids, whether shooting each other with nerf guns or dressing up as pirates for his birthday. I just remember having fun, and I can't believe he's gone.
Lots of love,
This tribute was added by Luke Branch on July 28, 2020
I have known Campbell since Elementary school. He was always a very kind, positive, smart and just an outgoing kid. He always had a smile on his face even on bad days. Campbell’s memories and presents will never be forgotten! I know that one day all of us will be reunited again with our truly special friend.
This tribute was added by Aimee Snopik on July 28, 2020
From Emerson... I remember many funny moments with Campbell. Playing soccer in the backyard, Campbell helping me practice soccer, badminton games at night, outdoor movie nights in your yard and lots of other fun times. One example of us joking around together is when you came with my family to the Easter parade on Monument Avenue. It was so much fun and we never stopped laughing as we talked and walked around downtown. On our way back the craziest thing happened as we were walking on that hot day and all sweating. My mom pointed out that on Campbell’s shirt the sweat made a mark on his back that looked like a bunny. We all laughed for some time after that. He was great at laughing together! It was so much fun and I don’t think I’ll ever forget any of the cheesy jokes or funny things he always used to say.
This tribute was added by Carter Wyatt on July 28, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since elementary school. He always said “hi” to me and he always put a smile on my face. We really didn’t talk much until 8th grade social studies when he was the smartest person in the class! Whenever I needed help he would help me, no matter what he was doing. He was smart and nice and will be greatly missed in this world.
This tribute was added by Bridget Cunningham on July 28, 2020
So very sorry for your loss.  My son had a class with Campbell but did not know him well. However, in reading these tributes and stories we feel like we all know what a wonderful young man he was and how deeply he will be missed.  Our hearts go out to your family.  
This tribute was added by Margaret Holland on July 27, 2020
Julie and Chad, I am heartbroken for you. Abby and I so enjoyed being on the 8th grade New York trip with you and Campbell. She has spoken so highly of him as a classmate and told me how GREAT he was at presentations. I know he brought joy to so many people. Praying for you both and for your extended family.
This tribute was added by JAY GAMMON on July 27, 2020
Dear Chad and Julie:

We are so sorry for your loss and we want to let you know that Campbell touched all of us. He was intelligent, driven, talented, humble and funny all rolled into one. He was a role model for what everyone should strive to be. Campbell was such a wonderful kid. I can not help but think of all the times I watched him play soccer. This goes back many years ago during Own Touch camps.  After a strong tackle he would always give his teammates that smile to insure them that he was there for them. He never backed down from a challenge. We learned a lot from Campbell and we are all better people because of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Laura, Jay, Drew and Tyler Gammon
This tribute was added by Julie Levy on July 27, 2020
Campbell was a beautiful soul and the sweetest.
He will remain an extension of Julie and Chad’s loving relationship, compassion and kindness. The three of them shared a smile that Lights up a room.
Julie is a gorgeous ray of humanity & radiance of light and empathy.
Their generosity, zest for traveling and curiosity to evolve was infectious.
Much love to Chad & Julie during this devastating time. Grief is an ongoing process. Hold each other tightly. Much love. 
This tribute was added by Mariia Skalbeck on July 27, 2020
Campbell it was great playing soccer with you. We had a lot of fun memories. I remember how I was so scared to go to middle school and you were the one who said it would all right and you would be there for me. You were so kind. Miss you - Zach Skalbeck

Our family's thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. We will remember Campbell fondly and often through soccer, band, and the coming years - The Skalbeck Family
This tribute was added by Mason Goldstein on July 27, 2020
We hadn’t talked in a few years but we used to be very close when we played for the same soccer team. You were a good player and a great friend. I played behind you as your goalkeeper for three years and I know how much you loved to put in a good, hard slide tackle. You could always make us laugh no matter how bad the situation was. Last year I had the pleasure of playing against you for school soccer, a great defender who was not easy to get by. But I’ll never forget all the times you made me laugh at practice, games, and away tournaments. RIP Campbell. You’ll be missed.
This tribute was added by Scott Word on July 27, 2020
Dear Julie & Chad:
We are so sorry for your loss and hardly know what to say except- in Campbell you have so much to be proud of. He was a special young man, the product of two wonderful parents.
I treasure the connections I had with Campbell before games. As he entered the field, he always looked me in the eyes and said with a pleasant voice, “Hello Mr. Word” and usually added some witty remarks. He was mature- a real gentleman.
Your son was a tenacious competitor. He was an inspiration to his teammates.  He was also fun. And as Thomas reminded me, a pretty darn good goalkeeper.  No one was surprised that he was moved up to the Elite team. I know he would have done many great things- both on and off the field.
Thomas and I have together shared many of our memories of Campbell (“Soup”) - And we both hope, when the time is right for the two of you, that you will join us at a practice or a game (many). We all sincerely want to share a hug with you and let you know that you are a member of all of our families forever. 
Scott, Sheri & Thomas Word
This tribute was added by Dan Chamberlain on July 27, 2020
The day you were born, we raced to the hospital (probably too early for your mom, having just gone through labor), and your parents welcomed us with open arms.

And, so have we witnessed the joy you brought for 15 years through your parent's amazing friendship with us and their love for you. We were extremely proud to be called your aunt and uncle. Uncle Dan lit up when he would hear you say, "Uncle Dan."

Most of our memories of you also have Lilian in them because of your close birthdays, but we also created memories of you from your parents' stories shared with us at lunches, trips, or the office. Stories about your adventures traveling and the stellar skills you developed and demonstrated on the field and in the classroom.

We hear your childhood laughter and see your eyes shining bright in every memory of you, even going back to when you were just a few months old, and you climbed all over Lilian in our family room. Your Dad still laughs about those pictures more than Dan does.

It is important to tell you that your parents were most amazing at being their best for you. They were present at practices, games, camps, field trips; shared your successes and hurdles with pride; respected you; had confidence in you, and; always worked to expand your life-experiences and your perspective through mentoring conversations and one of a kind vacations. Though we didn't see you daily, talking about you and your parents will remain a regular part of our days.

Our family is genuinely heartbroken that the world has lost you. We will honor your memory by trying to personify what made you the best — your smile, your kindness and positivity, your fantastic personality and your love for all things family and life — the perfect mix. Cam, you brought a brightness to all of those you touched and that will never go away. Your light will carry in our hearts. - Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristie
This tribute was added by Eva Milby on July 27, 2020
Campbell was in my 6th and 7th grade French class he sat next to me both years and although he was a year older he was still someone i considered a friend. Him and I have shared many laughs and countless memories. He was always someone who could make me smile. I will miss him forever. 
This tribute was added by Andrea Sovich on July 27, 2020
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know Campbell over the past year playing soccer in the Strikers 3v3 tournament and on the U15 Elite Black team. In addition to his intense competitiveness on the soccer field, Campbell was a nice young man who was genuinely liked by all of his teammates. We will all miss Campbell. Prayers to the Doty family.
This tribute was added by Miles Creason on July 27, 2020
I've known Campbell since 5th grade as a hilarious, kind, and mature classmate and friend. He could make friends in any situation and was always ready with a joke. Campbell made a difference in everyone's life, and I hope he can rest peacefully knowing he will not be forgotten. I send my deepest condolences to the family of Campbell, and wish the best for everyone affected by this tragedy.
This tribute was added by Bray Owens on July 27, 2020
I've known Campbell for a while now, but I didn't really know him that well until this year. I really got to know him this year during gym class. One thing I will miss is talking to him every morning in the locker room. We could talk for hours, but that was interrupted by starting class. He was always so friendly and he never talked bad about anyone. I will truly miss all the deep conversations I had with him this year.
This tribute was added by Joe Little on July 27, 2020

Although we only got to meet you in person once we've known you your whole life. I know jokingly you were referred to as the "other grandson", that lovely connection was one that we will forever cherish. We will miss hearing about you growing up and being the fabulous kid that you were. We will miss seeing you becoming the great adult you deserved to be. All our prayers, love and hugs to your lovely parents Chad and Julie. The Little Family
This tribute was added by Abran N. Shaffer on July 27, 2020
My first year at Tuckahoe Middle School I was graced with having you in my US History Class. Your wonderful smile, kindness, and love of history made your whole class better. I was truly honored to be your teacher and was so proud of all the work you did in my class and your ability to have a positive impact on those around you on a daily basis. Even in 8th grade when you no longer had my class you would make an effort to smile and say "Hi Mr. Shaffer!" when you passed me - I appreciated that recognition and I know you did that for all your teachers and friends, because you are a good person. My heart and thoughts are with your parents and family - Thank you for the time we got to share.
Mr. Shaffer
This tribute was added by Sahel Rahman on July 26, 2020
Campbell, where can I start. It was a pleasure having a class with you for the first time. Throughout the months I’ve known you for, you showed me what it’s like to have  a kind heart, compassion, and a strive to achieve anything. I remember that you would walk into class everyday with a smile on your face which would brighten everyone around you. It’s so sad that I won’t be able to see your smile once more or have you as my classmate next year. Rest easy Campbell.
This tribute was added by Nate Filson on July 26, 2020
Campbell Doty was always great to hang out with. I've known him since 2nd grade, but I really got to know him in 6th grade through 9th grade when we went to the same bus stop together. I always looked forward to seeing him there. Even when the bus was an hour late, we would always wait for the bus together and walk to our classes together. Now that he has passed, it really makes me sad, but I know that he is in a great place. You will certainly be forever missed, Campbell.
This tribute was added by Georgia O’Sullivan on July 26, 2020
Campbell was such a bright light. I had the pleasure of knowing him since elementary school and having various classes with him throughout middle and high school. He was kind, smart, and so hardworking with everything he did. One thing I really admired about Campbell was his ability to make others laugh. As I look back on the classes I shared with him this past year, I remember countless jokes he made that never failed to make me smile. He truly brightened the room with his presence. He had such a hopeful future ahead of him and he was taken way too soon. My heart goes out to his family. Rest easy Campbell.
This tribute was added by Gus Dewald on July 26, 2020
I met Campbell in 8th grade and he was a great friend. He was one of the nicest person and most chill person I've ever met. My prayers are with his family and I will miss him so much.
This tribute was added by Ray Patel on July 26, 2020
Friend of Nick Pate here. Seemed like an amazing friend, athlete, and overall person. Rest easy bro, my prayers are with your family.
This tribute was added by Stephanie Tu on July 26, 2020
We are so blessed to have gotten to know Campbell over the last 4 years through our sons shared love and passion for all things soccer and being close teammates on the field and court. He was a force on the field. But not only was he a talented soccer player but a kind and funny friend to all of his teammates. I would always find him with a smile on his face and he always knew how to make others smile with his funny jokes or just being his charming “Soupy” self. We will miss him tremendously and the team will not be the same without him.
This tribute was added by Betty Grace on July 26, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since elementary school and have had various classes with him throughout the years. Although I was never super close to him we did share a few memories together. Whether it was decorating cookies at a class party in elementary school to hanging out in the hotel during the school New York trip. I can still picture his smile that would light up at room. He was always so sweet, hardworking, and always there when someone needed assistance. I’m so glad I have those few memories to hold onto. My heart hurts for his close friends and family. Y’all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
This tribute was added by Grayson Archibeque on July 26, 2020
Campbell you will be greatly missed! I have to say when writing this I was wondering what was the best thing that would describe you. I have to say there is no ONE word! I remember our last conversation. Walking out of a very hard test in Biology you approached me and said, “Grayson what did you think about that test?” I responded back with “You know I’m really worried about my final grade because that was a hard test.” You simply responded with “Don’t worry everything is going to be alright!” I think that describes you best. You brought me up that day and I think of that now during hard days. Going to miss you man!
This tribute was added by Adair Reid on July 26, 2020
I've known Campbell since 1st grade, and we've had many classes together through elementary and middle school. While we were never close friends, I remember his smile and positive attitude. He was truly a bright spot and he will be missed by all.
This tribute was added by Will Ames on July 26, 2020
It’s hard trying to comprehend the fact that I’ll never get to see you again. I will always cherish the memories we had together. I had a lot of fun with you in nyc and I would always look forward to seeing you when we had lunch together. Wish we could’ve made more memories together.

Fly high.
This tribute was added by Emma Robinson on July 26, 2020
I’ve known Campbell since middle school. Even though I didn’t ever get to know Campbell very well, I could tell from the conversations I did have with him that he was such a smart, caring, and kind person. I remember in our World History class he was always the first one to finish their test, every time, and was the smartest kid in the class. I know that his family, friends, classmates, and teachers will miss him so much. I wish the best for his family and I hope that he rests in peace.
This tribute was added by Charlie Wills on July 26, 2020
I met Campbell in middle school, have had a few classes with him through middle school and part of high school, and played school soccer with him. In the classroom he was a very bright kid, always had a smile on his face and was willing to lend a hand. On the field he was a fantastic teammate with an unmatched work rate and will to succeed, his love and passion for the game was admired by all who had the opportunity to play with him, and it motivated us to be better. An all around great kid we should all strive to be more like, gone far to soon.

Fly high Campbell
This tribute was added by Andrea Post on July 26, 2020
I didn’t know Campbell well personally but I did know him through his Mother, Julie. I know how much she loved him, deep love. I knew Julie before Campbell was conceived and how much she was one day looking forward to being a Mother. Julie would share things about Campbell and all of his loving attributes. He will be greatly missed and I hope he rests peacefully.
My deepest deepest condolences
This tribute was added by Meghan Pearsall on July 26, 2020
Campbell was a nice, kind, smart guy who loved to play soccer. It was always fun playing against him in soccer because of how competitive he was. I am thankful I had 3 classes with him this year and it was a blast. Wish we had more of a soccer season this year at Freeman so, I could've made more great memories with you.

Rest Easy
This tribute was added by PJ Moore on July 26, 2020
I didn’t know Campbell all that well but he was in my English class and we had a few conversations. Everyday Campbell would come in to class with that same giant smile. Seeing that smile made everyone else want to smile. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet him and my prayers go out to his friends and family ❤️
This tribute was added by Jesiah Cox on July 26, 2020
It honestly is a shame to see that campbell passed. I only met him this year and thought I'd see him the next. He had a very unique sense of humor and was a really great person to be around. If only he could be here at least little longer.
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