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She soars on angel wings

Shared by Whisper Mondragon on May 20, 2019

Carisia a soft spoken yet such an impactful young lady. You always had a smile and such a gentle demeanor that is was always a pleasure to be around you. I always remember our sleep overs in our mansion in aspen as we would called it lol Gina would make us dinner and we would all lounge out in the living room laughing and relaxing all night. You wore your health challenges with such a beautiful grace it’s was hard to notice and that’s what make you the stronwarrior in my eyes. Until we can have another all girls sleep over in our hearts we keep these cherished memories friend

Shared by Felisa Torres on May 18, 2019

I will always remember Carisia as a happy girl she always had a smile every time I would see. I remember she would come over and visit when gina lived with me. She would come over and always play with azalea, she would always ask if she can change her outfit and she would go to the room and find her a new baby outfit with matching everything and she would come back and dress her it was so cute! She would always tell me that if i ever needed a babysitter she would watch azalea for free. Or when she was over at the house laughing and making fun of gina because gina was trying to make all of us chili rellenos that night and we didn't eat till almost 10pm. I'm happy to have been able to make memories with her that i will always remember when i think of her.

My beautiful Niece

Shared by Myra Trujillo on May 18, 2019

Where do I begin so much to say! Carisia you have showed us a lot trough out your life. You thought us how selfish we really are complaining about everything & here you were fighting hard to continue to live another day without ever blaming anyone. Your truly a Hero always making sure that none of us worried about you but little did you know that we knew when you were hurting or sad but you always stayed strong & put a smile on your face for all of us. I am so lucky to have spend a lot of time with you and your siblings and because if that I have so many beautiful memories with you. I will never forget our last drive up to children’s hospital together we had fun. Thank you for letting me be part of your life. I was so lucky to have you as my niece. Your home with no more pain I bet your dancing up there or maybe already running your little beauty salon. You will for ever be in our hearts ♥️ and we will make sure that my grand kids, your Nieces and nephews know what kind of a hero auntie & cousin they had. I love you so much 

Shared by NeaNea Segura on May 18, 2019

I remember when me and my daughters father broke up i was really depressed and wanted to give up. Carisia wouldnt let me . She believed in me and told me how good of a mother I am and that my baby looks up to me. She helped me understand that i dont need anyone other than myself and my baby to be happy. She never gave up on me and my daughter and I love her so much. She opened my eyes and i could never thank her enough for that. I love you Carisia always and forever❤

The last time

Shared by Anita Salazar on May 18, 2019

The last time her and I had a sleep over was for my birthday at this hotel and omg this girl made everyone’s night with her funny jokes and her unforgettable laugh. I remember we went swimming the only reason I choose that hotel bc it had a slide well the slide was broken but that definitely wasn’t gonna stop Carisia and I. We both had a shirt on so we climb the stairs to get to the water slide and we took our shirts off *we had a Bikini top underneath* and Squeezed out the water on to the slide and went down it then we played this game where she is holding me and I have to say a color she was thinking of in the room and if I got it wrong she would dunk my head under water then getting back to the hotel room we listen to music and was just dancing. I will forever miss her so much she really was a great time and truly one of a kind

My Hero

Shared by Noelia Trujillo on May 16, 2019

 Who can forget some one who was a one of a kind, No one in this world can ever replace the hole in our hearts no one can take a place of someone Irreplaceable thats impossible even if they try to immitate you only you could be you thats a fact, You spread your wings mija cause its your turn to fly free nothing holds you back now your finally at peace pain free all we know is that Heaven is lucky to have your presence I know you have the royal Golden crown because THE BADDEST BITCH IN HEAVEN IS YOU 

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