Posted by Alma Cabral on May 18, 2019
Omg im so bad at thiS but omg see im alrdy crying but i remember 1 if the times noelia u brought the girls too my hs y we went to walmart y leS empeSe a platicar d la pelicula q it was sooo cariSa in it called my Sisters keeper y pinche cariSa made me fukn cry she juSt starded buSting up on me calling me crybaby all the way home ! Mi nina hermoxa q Dios la tenga en su gloria
Posted by Renee Ruiz on May 18, 2019
Man i will never forget the pain I had that day standing over you with my tears hitting your forehead and I thought that was pain until the next day at 245 on January 19 you took your last breath it was so hard on me and it still is I can’t believe you been gone for 4 months already, everything been so different not having a best friend to talk to all the time I always keep your memory alive everywhere I go I’m always thinking about the last time we spend together carisia and I cherish those memories because I can never make new ones bestie you were the biggest fighter I knew no matter what you always had a smile on your face and even when you didn’t I was still right there to hold you i love you so much bestie your my hero and you’ll forever live in my heart, I can’t wait until I see you again !
Posted by Davonte McCabe on May 18, 2019
Carisia "sis" I miss you alot baby girl lol i remember the times u used to roast my ass back in middle school lol or u used to tell me to shut up because u nd your mom was arguing nd you didn't give af about wah was said u always sent her risky texts..i could always vent to you about something nd you would take ur time to write me paragraphs ❤ i miss everything about your goofy ass like there wasn't a time u wasn't laughing lol.. We used to always meet up to go do sum dumb shit or i remember in 5th period u was crying and i followed u every wher to make sure u wasn't on no crazy shit but i remember when ur mom pulled up to 711 nd we all took u out to eat nd u had us walking everywhere lol then u was Roasting my legs the whole time nd i wanted to fight u nd u said come on then nd wass finna knock my ass outbut i hella miss u a lot nd thanks for making me a better person R.I.P
Posted by Noelia Trujillo on March 17, 2019
I watched you Suffer I watched you slowly die & All i can do was stand by your side holding your hand, You closed your beautiful eyes Forever and we had to part God eased your pain But he broke our Heart. As they checked your pulse and I heard "Shes Gone" at that very moment I went numb i felt my
Heart shattered into a billion pieces i wanted to lose my mind then my whole world turned black I didnt want to accept that it was our final Goodbye. Still til this day I ask myself why? We had So many Plans so much to still do, like we were suppose to grow old together, This was not suppose to happen this way my Beautiful daughter I have learned to slowly accept that You just went ahead of me and everyone else and that this is not the end its temporary so my Child I know that you are waiting for me when I get there and then we will be in eternity forever. I keep you alive in my heart with every breath i take until I take my last one. I will carry your Legacy make sure You will never be forgotten Im always Thinking of you with every aching beat of my heart you left us with so many memories that we can never forget who "THE BADDEST BITCH" of our house continues to be CARISIA MY ANGEL MY WARRIOR MY HERO WE MISS YOU SO MUCH MY FUDGEE!!!

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