His Life

Carl was an avid deer hunter! October 1st (opening day of bow season) was a national holiday to him! He was a member of the Pontiac Sportsmans Club. He turned this girl (me) whoed only stay in posh hotels into a tent camper. He loved to fish but never did get me to tooch a worm. He was a lover of Boston Terriers. We first had our Maddie who passed away in my arms. Then we got our beloved Brutus Beefcakes and Maggie Magoo. Those two helped him get through some rough times. They were the king and queen of our house. Carl loved to farm. He spent days and nights in the fields. He worked as plant manager at Custom Farm Seeds, he worked for Cargill, and for Mycogen Seeds. He knew everything there was to know about farming. In 2001 he desperately needed a kidney and couldnt find a match. God found him a match. It was me! I gave him one of my kidneys. That gave him 6 years of no dialysis and a better quality of life! We were the pergect match! ❤