Brave Warrior- Sweet Soul. In the arms of Jesus now. Let the memory of Carl be with us forever.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on November 8, 1960 in Santa Monica, California, United States.
  • Passed away on October 13, 2019 in san diego, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carl Funk 58 years old. Husband, Father  Brother and dear Friend.

We will be having a Celebration of Life for Carl. All are Welcome. Please spread the word.   Invite friends through this site.

       Carl Funk Celebration of Life
            November 16th   2 pm 
           Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach
           6450 Carlsbad Bl. Carlsbad Ca.  

Please RSVP to  Gretchen Vurbeff at   
Rooms are available  at a courtesy rate of 125$ a night
  Call 1-760-476-0800 and reference Carl Funk group
or visit

Ways to Help Janine Funk and the children:

1. Meal delivery for the Funk's through
Janine, Jordan, Jessica and Tianna would love to have nutritious organic meals that are pre-made to help out during this time of loss.  Thistle even has nutrient packed smoothies for the days they lack time or energy to prepare food.  You can go to to purchase a gift certificate to THISTLE if you'd like to follow the included steps:
Step 1. Choose your gift card value $20-$200
Step 2. Select "email the recipient directly" + "asap"
Step 3. Add the Funk's name and email
Step 4. Add your name and email
Thistle cards never expire and the Funk's can modify, skip, start, and stop their delivery at any time.
2. Cards to Janine and the kids can be sent to: 35825 Abelia St, Murrieta, CA 92562
3. Gift cards are a helpful way to provide support and allows them to choose their own likes and dislikes.  Some ideas include: Trader Joes, Sprouts, Panera, Chic-Fil-A, El Pollo Loco, Starbucks

Thanks again for all your love and support.  - Friends of the Funk family

Posted by Doug Erickson on November 18, 2019
Carl stands Tall in my personal memory of important encounters. Carl came to stay in our men's discipleship home for one month some 25 years ago. He was struggling with depression at the time, yet he was standing in his faith in Christ. We had many deep conversations and Carl was quickly endeared to my heart forever. In spite of his own struggle, he was an encourager to the other men there. His insight into faith and his questions kept me engaged and the bond we formed lasted through out the years. Every few years, we would connect when I traveled to So. Cal. or by phone, the last call being about seven months ago. My heart is saddened to see Carl gone from us so young, but I continue to hope in the resurrection and the reunion it promises. Love and Blessings to all who will be sorrowing in the season to come. Carl, I love you and will miss our conversations and your very large hugs! 
Posted by Kevin Kidd-Tackaberry on November 16, 2019
There are many people who pass through our lives.....all impact us in a variety ways. Carl has and will continue to affectionately foster a blessing of genuine love and selfless servitude. My dear brother was used by God to bless so may people. For me he was the eternal optimist, the encourager fellow adventurer and dear friend that genuinely loved me and others even during challenging dark times in his own life. In the 35 plus years that I knew Carl, he often brought the best out of people and situations. During our numerous adventures, Carl evoked a deeper sense of appreciation for all situations, even challenging ones......his perspective was almost always one that emphasized a trust in God and to try and find blessings and humor in the challenges of life.......I just realized the other day that Carl's MANY (lol) stories   where fondly told about his experiences with others had an emphasis on others and not himself, something true to Carl's character.........I will dearly miss (in person) his genuine love, bear hugs, adventurers, wisdom, enduring smile and echoing greeting he often gave me (howzit Bra) and bigger than life presence. Christ used Carl to positively touch so many lives, I pray I can pass on a bit of Carl's legacy by carrying forward the Godly attributes he genuinely and selflessly passed on to us. Love you brother.  
Posted by Susan Morris on November 13, 2019
I had the privilege of working with Carl at the Virtual Learning Center teaching online classes for three years. We had a unique shared lab space. Most teachers have about 50 hours a year to collaborate, but our team had 500 hours to learn and grow together. This time shaped my approach to teaching. 

Carl made the VLC cozy, setting up tables, a coffee maker, decorating, and he always brought a guitar out when we were stressing. When we were placed at Lakeside High, he always had a box of Kind bars for his 5th period, and made it his mission to touch base and talk with each student about all of their classes. His phone calls home were filled with love and hope. He was rarely seen without a pack of healthy snacks, his mysterious green juice, and health tips were given without any pushiness. 

Carl could easily drop everything and pray or find the lines to a song or poem; he walked with His Savior. He was super smart and had such a big heart. He would always share fun tech tips, and gave me some of the best advice about how to approach our struggling students. He was a solid mentor, could put a positive spin on any situation, and he had the biggest smile, always ready with edifying laughter. It looks like he taught every person on this page how to surf, including my family. He had so much to give. I have been so blessed by his kind, gentle, thoughtful, and fun personality in my life. He modeled the Fruits of the Spirit with such grace. He will be so missed. 

Dear Lord, we know that these bodies weren't made to last forever. Thanks for the promise of the resurrection of the dead and the life to come. Thanks forever that Jesus endured our death and was raised up again so we can live with hope and the promises of Christ. Comfort the mourning and with the Gospel and that whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. Amen
Posted by Bernie Gregory on November 8, 2019
Carl Funk, the coolest bass player on our worship team at Calvary Chapel Bear Creek. I forever thank our Lord Jesus for him. He knew more about Judaism than me and I'm Jewish (now a Jewish believer in Yeshua Hamashia)
He GAVE me his wonderful Honda Element suv as he knew my old car was breaking down. Hebrew Christian worship songs, he is all about them.
I know we will be jamming again in planet Heaven someday. SHALOM for now Carl and LEITRAOT (see you soon in Hebrew).
Posted by Roslyn Boop on October 30, 2019
We met first Carl and Janine at Gateway Nazarene Church in Murrieta about 10 years ago.
The Lord used Carl’s enthusiasm for the Word when he co-taught in our fellowship class at Gateway.
I also remember how Carl passionately loved the Jewish people and loved to share the gospel with them using the Jewish roots of Jesus. We even attended a Messianic church with Carl and his family.
Carl boldly shared his faith with nearly anyone he came in contact with.
Carl also introduced our younger daughters to the Civil Air Patrol which gave them so many skills they used in their youth, college and in their careers.
I will forever remember Carl’s smile, vivacious personality and his Christlike love for others.
He knew no stranger.
Carl loved his family deeply and always desired to bring God glory with his life.
The Lord is sovereign over everything in this world and eternally and even in things we do not understand.
My hope is that through Carl’s life and death, that the Lord will be glorified.
We grieve but not as those who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13❤️
Posted by Stephanie Roberts on October 28, 2019
I have known Carl for many years. Carl was my wonderful brother-in-law. He was much loved by our entire family.  Carl loved the lord and his family. He was larger than life, so caring, outgoing, friendly and talkative. His smile would light up the whole room. My family had so much fun pulling him behind our boat at Bass Lake when vacationing there one summer. He had a great love for the water and was such a great sport. During one visit to the Funk home, Carl was overjoyed that there was a computer in the guest room. He was so excited to share his surfing cds with us and was very animated while pointing out various things during the showing. He was an avid surfer and had great stories about his surfing experiences. He also had such great passion about his faith and current events. He shared his opinions and knowledge openly and honestly. There was never a dull moment with Carl around. When our mother had a medical event some years back Carl went down to San Diego and helped her during what was a very difficult time for her and could not have been pleasant for him. That was truly admirable. He did it without complaint. I am truly going to miss Carl. We lost a really good man and friend.
Posted by Bob Harris on October 27, 2019
Carl was one of my kids at calvary church in the palisades. He was always a great fun loving guy who loved Jesus. After I left he contacted me and wanted to restart wcsa (world christian surfing assoc.) of which I was with and was chaplain for a number of years. We talked a number of times and I told him to pray about it and would help if i could. I do not know if he ever got it going but that was his heart to do something for the Lord. Sorry to hear about his depression problems. But I am assured I will see him up yonder.  Pastor bob harris
Posted by Zelda Griffith on October 25, 2019
I met Carl around 2016, when I first began attending the Fresh Hope Ministry at Calvary Chapel Murrieta. I was in the midst of my own depression and struggling to accept that my relationship with my father was never going to get better.

It was immediately clear to me that Carl was looked upon as the Prayer Warrior and our personal worship leader in group. He often came with his acoustic guitar and led us in worship, so confident yet so gentle as he sang. Wayne, one of our facilitators, frequently called on Carl to close us out in prayer because he had an eloquent voice, a way with words, and never failed to mention anyone who needed an extra word of prayer.

Each week, I grew fonder and fonder of Carl. I loved hearing him speak about his love and devotion to his wife and children. Talking about them brought a big smile to his cheeks, and in my mind I thought that it would have been such a blessing to have a dad like Carl. I stopped going to Fresh Hope later that year.

Early in 2019, I found out the ministry went on a hiatus, but recently returned a couple months ago. When I came back, I could see that Carl had changed quite a bit in appearance, but he still had his big smile.

What I admire most is that he never actually gave up. Carl battled depression like a valiant Warrior, and he will ALWAYS be remembered that way.

Until we meet again, in the House of our Heavenly Father, you will be dearly missed.
Posted by Carol Baldon on October 25, 2019
Carl was such an inspiration to me and the church family at Calvary Chapel Bear Creek. He led us in prayer at our prayer meetings and ministered to us. He is great loss to his church family here and he will always be remembered as that sweet, kind giant of a man who was on fire for the Lord
Posted by Gretchen Vurbeff on October 23, 2019
Gentle Giant - Mighty Warrior - Carl Funk - our forever friend

The day after I heard of Carl's passing, I took a personal day off from my planned work day to spend with the Lord and be available for Janine, reflecting on our friendship with Carl and what a blessing he was to Scott and me. 

As I was on my run that day, soaking in the ocean and fall air, while listening to worship music and crying out to God for the Funk family, I received a vision of Carl standing before the Lord as a mighty warrior and the Lord was welcoming Carl into heaven, saying "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Little did I know that Jon, one of his closest friends who created this site, also identifed Carl as a mighty warrior. 

I wanted to share this vision of Carl as an encouragement to his family and to all of us who loved Carl. Carl's struggles were real, but this never took away from his love for his family or from his walk with God.  We will see Carl one day again!
Posted by Gretchen Vurbeff on October 23, 2019
This tribute is from Carl and Janine's dear friends, Jose and Fiona Salsido:

Carl, you will be forever missed our dearest friend and brother. Over the past 27 years we have all shared many adventures, endless deep, conversations as well as light hearted fun times. (Re runs of The Princess Bride and What About Bob are forever etched in my thoughts!) Group Hugs! Hours of Phil Keggy's cds. Your love to eat! Beach days! The family get together dinners across the years.

I love that our families have always stayed close, and Janine has become one of my most treasured friends as are your beautiful kids to Jose, Gabby, Sophia and me. Our families have been so blessed by our long standing friendship - even standing the test of distance across the miles as we are in Asia. We hold onto so many precious, beautiful memories. We mourn your passing greatly, my friend. You loved Jesus and He loved you passionately. I know you are now face to face with Him, free from pain at last. In freedom. Worshipping and dancing as David did! And one day we will all be together again.

We love you brother and are here for your beautiful family - Janine, Jordan, Jessica and Tianna always.

Love, Jose, Fiona, Gabby and Sophia

"Those we love can never be more than a thought away...for as long as there's a memory they live in our hearts to stay."

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