Shared by Te Dougher on November 15, 2019
Carl and I were friends and room mates at UCSD, 1979-84.  He was gentle, strong and always had a big heart and a smile that reflected his kind soul.  He made me laugh all of the time and I have many fond memories of our time together.  I think of the verse 2 Tim 7: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  Carl was a courageous christian and always spoke up for this faith.  He was also very strong in body and self-control.   He loved to surf, swim and work-out and took his training goals seriously.  One of the best memories I have was when Carl and I went on a ski trip to So Lake Tahoe.  We stayed with his gracious parents in Genoa NV and enjoyed the peaceful serenity of the Sierra and the Carson Valley. We would drive to Kirkwood and Heavenly for long days of skiing.  On our way back to Genoa, he would pretend to fall asleep while driving just to see me freak-out and then laugh about it.  Fun times.  ---  May I live in the courage of Our Lord in remembrance of my friend and brother Carl D Funk.
Tom Dougher
Shared by ALIX RICKMAN on November 11, 2019
My name is Alix Friedman Rickman, I was a class mate at Carlthorp many years ago. I will always remember Carl for his big smile and he always liked to hold my hand on the playground.I guess it was a mutual crush! He was kind and sweet all the years I knew him in school.

Contagious and Overflowing

Shared by Mike Ebert on November 6, 2019
Carl’s contagious enthusiasm for all of life experiences was unmistakable!  I was not in Carl’s first circle of friends/roommates but rather in that second circle of shared friendships. I only mention that because his life joy easily and impactfully overflowed normal bounds. I can still indelibly remember his excitement of going on his first college mission trip, his being stoked about a great set of waves, his wanting to learn through a mentoring relationship with interns at La Jolla Pres, or his being moved by seeing Les Mis at the Schubert Theater.  Such sincere and deep joy lapped over and are still vivid and wonderful memories for me 35 years later.

Life has so many jagged edges.As I read the tributes posted here, Carl was a part of God’s temporal hand of grace that helps soften those edges in many lives.  Now Carl has a glimpse and unending stake in the eternal hand of grace which will turn all swords into plowshares.

Shared by Eric Lehmkuhl on November 3, 2019
When i think of Carl, i smile.  He was such a fun, loving, thoughtful, gentle man.  Carl and I were roommates in our college years.  We shared an apartment on Temecula Street in Point Loma, affectionately known as "The Ranch".  Our roommate was Brad Bailey.  Kevin, Jeff, Tony, Jerry, Dave, Chris and various homeless people lived in that place. It was an exciting and formative time of my life.  Lots of surf, potlucks, church, and hanging out.  Whether it was talking theology or surf, Carl was always such an encouragement.  His smile and his encouragement are two of my strongest memories of him.  One fun memory is of Brad and I trying to surprise Carl and tackle him.  He was so big and strong we thought it a great challenge to try to knock him down.  We tried many times with little success.  Carl would just overpower us and by the time we hit the ground he was on top!  With a huge smile!
Shared by Jeff Dowler on November 2, 2019
Carl was one of the most well-liked people I've ever known. Friendly. Fun. Funny. Loved God. Goofy. Big hearted. Generous. Sensitive. Kind. Courageous. Transparent. Self-doubting. Deep. Well read. Smart. Wise. Savvy. Incredibly Charismatic. I could go on and on – as many of you could.

A couple quick stories:

When we were in our early twenties, I was out with Carl, and I mentioned to him that I was getting sick. He immediately prayed for me. That night I could feel the sickness accelerating thru my body. I've never felt anything like that since. The next morning, I was fine. It was my first experience with the power of prayer for healing.
On one of our Baja surf trips we drove down to Cuatros Casas, which is about 5-6 hours down and a place we went to often back in the day. We drove in Carl’s black Ford truck with a white camper shell. Awesome truck -- it was lifted and may have even had 4-wheel drive. Carl, Eric Lehmkuhl and I were checking out the surf between Cuatros and Little Rincon/Shipwrecks. It was getting dark so we started heading back to Cuatros, where we were camping. There was a marsh/salt flat that looked like a makeable shortcut. I talked Carl into taking it and he apprehensively gunned it. About 50 yards in we got totally stuck. Orange clay muck. Probably a foot deep. We were toast. Eric got out of the truck and the mud sucked his shoe right off. We tried everything - rocks, seaweed, wood, everything except sacrificing one of our boards – which we considered. It started getting dark so we trudged thru the muck to dry land and crashed out. The next morning we flagged down a fisherman who went into town, which was about 20 minutes away. An hour or so later he came back with about 150 feet of 1 ½ inch rope. Thankfully he was able to pull us out of there - for the bargain price of $100. Eric said it was best $100 bucks ever spent.

Looking forward to eternity with our dear Brother Carl. It’s going to be so fun to see him completely whole, healthy and happy. That’s how I like to think of him. But I also had so much respect for his intellect, depth and heart. Just a remarkable human being. I still can’t really talk or think about him much. Loved him a lot like do many of you, and like many of you I will continue to pray for Janine and his family. Bless you all.

JoAnne and Rich Abrassart

Shared by JoAnne Abrassart’s on November 2, 2019
What a shock to the system to hear this news!  The last time the four of us were together was a wonderful dinner at Ponte on a beautiful day.  We hadn’t seen one another in a while so there was so much to catch up was wonderful.  I first met Carl when he contacted me on a professional matter.  We had several conversations back and forth and he ended up inviting me to address a soecial Ed class he was taking.  From there he encouraged us to start attending Gateway Nazarene church which we did.  For a period of time our lives intersected rather often with Janine and Carl.  We shared a great enthusiasm for the Jewish people and attended a Night to Honor Israel in San Diego.  I routinely asked him if HE  was Jewish...that usually prompted a big smile. He loved to tell me how he came across Arnold Fruchtenbaum  (a leading expert in Messianic Theology) while eating at a restaurant.  Of course Carl introduced himself and to his great delight was invited to sit down for a bit of conversation!   One day I shared a book with him called The Invisible War.  It really ignited his awareness of spiritual warfare and he wanted everyone at church to have a copy!  We will certainly miss Carl and we grieve for Janine and children as they sort through life without him.  We have the assurance that this did not take God by surprise and that one day ALL things will be made right

Fresh Hope’s Last Night with Carl

Shared by Zelda Griffith on October 25, 2019
I took this picture on October 10th with the intention of looking up the book he was reading so I could check it out. As I was taking the picture, HE was trying to comfort another fellow participant who was feeling down with a bit of humor.

 He was very open when he spoke that night. He said, “I know I have to be honest with how I’m actually feeling. Even though my hope tank is empty, my faith in God remains. I know He’s with me, even though I can’t feel Him right now. I know He’s there.”

 He never stopped loving God. Even in his greatest time of need, Carl still had the strength to care and love on others around him.

Brother in Christ

Shared by Pamela Goodwin on October 25, 2019
My family and I met Carl and his family at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in 2010. I was immediately drawn to his sweet kind spirit and the knowledge of God's Word. We were in the same Bible studies and we had a blast acting and singing in the Church's Christmas and Easter musicals. One of my fondest memories of Carl is when he taught our Sunday school class the Seder. My heart aches at his passing but I know I will see him again. I love you brother

UCSD and Campus Crusade

Shared by Joann Basaran on October 19, 2019
I remember meeting Carl when I was in High School.  He and Jon were best friends and Carl was like a big teddy bear, a gentle giant.  He had the biggest smile and such a warm laugh and kind spirit. We had such a great time of fellowship, and my sophomore year Carl and Tom Dougher lived above Keryn, Kimmie, Diana and I.  We shared many dinners together and times of prayer.  Carl would play his guitar and sing at night sometimes and I recall banging in the ceiling to get him to quiet down.  
  That thanksgiving we had an amazing  group of students and we all came together and shared what we had.  Carl was a big eater and would consume a huge amount of food.
  One adventure I will never forget is when a bunch of us from church pulled into Carl’s van and went skiing together at Bear Valley, and we stayed in a cabin and sang worship songs, prayed together, laughed so hard and enjoyed sweet fellowship. 
 I hadn’t seen Carl in years but he was such an important part of my life.  I will truly miss him and will be praying for his wife and fami

Carl's Prophecy

Shared by Eddie Feuer on October 17, 2019
I remember hanging out with Carl here in the late 80s.  He had just moved back down to San Diego and was living with Jonny on Ravina in La Jolla.    At that time, he was super excited about Christian men's groups.  He said to me, "There's going to be a movement of men coming together."  I just thought at the time that he was way too excited about something like that.  Then the Promise Keepers thing happened a few years later in the early 90s where men were creating accountability groups and filling stadiums to worship God.  It was an amazing phenomenon.  I often thought about Carl's "prophecy" during that time.   I also remember surfing with him for the first time.  His smile when he stood up on a wave at the Shores on his longboard will forever be engraved in my mind.  He was always filled with positive energy when he was around me.  

I used to take people like Carl for granted.  Now, I realize that people like him are rare and precious.  Nobody will know the pain that Carl was feeling and I feel for his family.   I'm thankful that I got to spend time with him recently and I'm thankful that I'll see him again.

Carls Influence on my life

Shared by Jon Sundt on October 16, 2019
My family moved from SD to LA for a while. I ended up as Carls neighbor. There he was playing volleyball in his front yard. We were 14. We immediately became friends. Junior High was a jungle but we had each other. It was because of Carl I became a Jesus follower. It was because of Carl I became a surfer. He was vocal about his faith in 9th grade! Soon we were going to ventura on surf trips with friends who had cars. 
We went to ur first dance together and I taught him the basic moves(which still are horrible to this day).

I could taljk for hours about Carl. He was my spiritual  brother.  
He always wanted to do the right thing. He always had a Jesus lens as he walked through life. 

Thank you Carl for helping me find Jesus. I will see you again my friend.

Big Carl in Europe

Shared by Jon Sundt on October 16, 2019
We went to Europe at 16yrs  with Carls Mom and Dad. We flew over early and visited some relatives in England. At the table, a British cousin asked Carl "What did you say your last name was? " Carl said Funk, as in funky music...Funk" The cousin exclaimed" Good God Funk"  what a name! It became our rallying cry for years  "Good God Funk!"

In France he  started greeting everybody with a Clousseau Pink Panther accent and that became the norm for all English spoken on foreign soil. He was hilarious.  Huge dude speaking in English with a thick french accent ordering from a menu in France. Couldnt stop laughing when the waiter would repeat the English in the same accent back to Carl.

Carl was always finding the humour in almost any situation. The kind of humour that was comforting and "i was so embarassed to ask her to dance I turned beet red and had to flee" or if he dropped something in public he would say SUPER loud "OOOOOOOPS" to be funny and diffuse the embarassment. He was always making us feel like life was an adventure and relationships were the heart of it and it was OK to be yourself! I am soo deeply going to miss his friendship and company. 

Carl was always kind, always thoughtful and always available to listen.
Shared by JERRY SELLERS on October 16, 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters, D. Carl Funk was one of a band of brothers, who were all my roommates in Ocean Beach in the early 1980's, and he was more than generous with everything God gave him... That huge smile, and his even 'huger' bro-hugs! Always ready with an encouraging word of God's endless love. I believe that Carl and Phil Keagy were 'Brothers of different mothers', and also know that they shared the same Loving Father whom we all know... or should know, if Carl has anything to say about it! When I first married in 1983, Carl graciously adopted my Golden Retriever, Josh, when the appartment we could afford wouldn't take pets. Those two were a perfect pair... both with boundless love to share! The 6'2" Caster Thruster, he gifted me, nearly 40 years ago, now hangs on my son's wall, as tribute to the man who lived the Love of Christ. I can't wait be in his massive embrace again, in God's perfect timing. I love you forever Carl, Jerry
Shared by Brew Briggs on October 16, 2019
Carl your strong gentle way has always blessed me. Your feet were always so well planted securely on the ground. Your ears and heart were so willing to be used. Though our closeness was limited you always showed me care and interest and concern.      Your faith was obviously being lived out, I will miss the Earthly more, but excited to experience the More with you, and our Lord in Heaven!

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