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Shared by Cookie Lilly on October 20, 2018

miss you and love you! Happy Belated Birthday 

Shared by Pamela Haas-Jelf on December 17, 2011


   I had a dream that you were eating dinner with us and we were laughing and having such a good time! I miss those days! I dream about you every night...and wish so much that I would of been able to prevent you from being taken so soon. Brittany and Brennen talk about you everyday, Dallas misses you having breakfast with him on the weekends at McDonalds..he doesn't even go there anymore b/c it's too hard.  I cant go downtown in the area you lived because it reminds me too much of you! I miss you sooooo much!  I pray for your peace and hope to see you again one day!  Love you. 

Shared by Pamela Jelf on December 16, 2011

Dad, I can't tell you how much i miss you everyday! You were taking away from everyone who loved you so dearly...I hope you like this memorial and it gives everyone who was close to you a way to honor you memory.  You were and still are loved more and more each day.  I love you...Your daughter, Pam 

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