Cure Malaria for Carol Addison Fink
  • 3 years old
  • Born on August 4, 2010 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 10, 2014 in California, United States.

I created this memorial site for my beautiful little girl, Carol Addison Fink who passed away on March 10 2014 at the age of 3 years old. Carol was a big sister to baby Justine Bailey Fink and also a big sister to a sister she never met, Bella Carol Michelle Fink. Carol was so intelligent. She knew so much for a 3 year old. She had shoulder length light brown hair and usually wore it in pigtials like her sister who has dark brown hair. Carol was such a loving soul here on earth but has gone to Heaven.

Carol died because of Malaria. Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a female mosquito. She also got side effects from Malaria called Vasovagal Response which caused weird blood temperature and many more effects from it. Carol knew she had it but recalled it wasn't important. She didn't care and to her, Malaria had no effect. It didn't take her fun away like it tried to take mine. She passed away due to a seizure like shock that occured inside of her while she was at a nursery.

Carol and I were super close. She meant life to me and I miss her so much. She was the only thing that made me smile every morning. Carol was such an angel and I miss her with my heart, soul and mind every moment.

Carol and Justine would have baths with me. I'd put on a bathing suit though. I would put them in their pink and purple highlighter robes. I had the exact same one as Carol. While the bath ran, they'd play with the fur real monkey. It talked. They loved it. It is such a memory of little Carol.

Every night, Carol would wake me up and say she didn't feel good or she was hungry or something because of Malaria. Now, I never get to be awoken with her tapping me. On the night of March 10-11, I was half asleep thinking to myself, "Carol, you can wake me up now." But she didn't. I sat up and cried to myself. I didn't tell her dad, Woody until March 13 2014 because I was too depressed.

Carol tended to call everyone she met "bubby." It was just her word. I was never called bubby. I was always Addi or Addison. For Carol, Addi mostly. She was an amazing girl. Words cannot express what I feel that she's gone.

I miss my Carol. She was such a loving soul and everyone around her loved her so very much. I cannot bare to move on like this. But I know she's in Heaven watching over me and making sure I'm safe here. I want Carol to come home now. I'm just not ready! Carol is gone and I can't take it. My precious angel has passed away. She's gone. Those words will hurt me forever. Carol is gone. The pain is just too real. I don't know what to do. She is my all. She is the only thing that makes me smile every day and night. She cheered me up when I was sad and always made me laugh when I needed it most. Well, I need it most now. I need her here with me right now. I cannot think of March 10th. That day hurts me so much and I can't take it. Carol Addison Fink has gone to Heaven. She's moved on from earth and is with God and Jesus now. She came to church with me lots so she knows God exists. I just hope she's being watched over right by the angels with her. I have to be brave through this. She is the only thing that will ever make me smile. I'll never be the same again. Never.

Ms. Nalonan is the nurse who'd often take care of Carol. She loved Carol so so much and told me to go in peace now that she's gone. She knew so much about Malaria. She said to me that she has Carol's picture up in her office and that touched my heart.

Carol was such a gift to me and I am so upset she has left us. Her little smile and memory will remain here. She went to Heaven and took my heart with her. I miss her so so much and I wish I didn't have to be writing this and I could be playing with her. Carol was so not a picky eater. She'd eat anything. Even plain chocolate spread. She also loved to live the present day. She didn't care for the past or the future. She just loved to live the moment.

Dear Carol,

I miss you with my heart and words cannot express how I feel about you leaving. I miss you my angel and I can't wait for the day we see each other again. Carol, I cannot believe you're gone. It feels like this was a nightmare that will never end. I miss you. Protect me, Justine and Woody and all of your friends. I love and miss you so so much Carol! You will never be forgotten.

Also, please be aware that Carol's story is being promoted as America's Top Malarian Story on the Malaria No More website in September 2014.

Love, Addison!

Carol Addison Fink from August 4th 2010-March 10th 2014

Posted by Samantha Nicole on 10th March 2018
Carol Today was the day you have been taken. We love you it has been 4 years baby girl I love you
Posted by Samantha Nicole on 10th March 2018
Carol Today was the day you have been taken. We love you it has been 4 years baby girl I love you
Posted by Samantha Nicole on 22nd November 2017
Carol, We miss you so much and you meant the world to all of us we are all so sorry you were taken from this world so fast but at least you are at a better place now your family misses you I miss you and everyone else misses you. Rest In Peace sweet girl sleep tight!!! XOXO Samantha
Posted by Mandy Pickler on 14th July 2016
Carol was so beautiful, Addison. Thinking of your precious angel today as her 6th birthday emerges. aww, Addison. Heartbreaking. Thinking of Justine, and how difficult this must be, forgetting her sister.... Praying. Thinking.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 19th November 2014
8 months have gone by Carol. Nothing breaks me more than this. My greatest pain was losing you. Here's a flower into Heaven, baby! Keep living, and keep being 4 years old! ADDISON
Posted by Eugine Clarkson on 22nd July 2014
The pain, the regret you must feel for Carol. she sounded like such a beautiful angel, and i can see it! wonderful angel girl!
Posted by Amy Larenson on 21st July 2014
Hi Addison! I've been dying to talk to you! First of all, I wanted to say I apologize for Carol's death of Malaria and I feel terrible. I cannot even imagine the pain you're going through. I have a little girl myself, and losing her would be so painful. I wanted to say that you have been strong through the sudden loss of Carol Addison, and she was beautiful. You've given me more strength through things. I learn to be happy even when mistakes are made, because I think I could be losing my daughter like you lost Carol. I've seen your YouTube page and videos and feel bad! I cannot imagine the pain you, Woody, Justine, Elliot, and Adalia are going through. I also wanted to let you know you're invited to my Bible Club page to remember all sudden angel losses. I'm so sorry for Carol Addison Fink's loss, and I feel for you and how strong you are. Thank you for being my inspiration, Addison. -Amy Larenson
Posted by Addison And Woody on 8th July 2014
Carol, your new brother and sister Elliot and Adalia love you and wish they could have met you! I miss you too! So does Justine and Woody! I LOVE YOU, CAROL!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 24th June 2014
Carol Addison, I've been thinking about you soo much lately and I just wanted to let you know that I love you. It seems like forever since I've seen you and I love you so much baby! You were my little girl. Ever since you've been gone, there's been something in me that's changed so much. The fact that you're not here. I miss YOU! I love you so. I miss you more then anyone ever has missed.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 18th June 2014
More than 3 months have gone by since we've seen you Carol. I miss you so much, baby. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. -Addi
Posted by Addison And Woody on 9th June 2014
3 months have gone by today that I've seen you my angel. Rest In Peace Carol Addison Fink.
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 4th June 2014
I miss you heavenly angel! I hope to see you again in Heaven!
Posted by Troy Bolton on 3rd June 2014
Carol, I may have never met you but I am sure you were as smart and great as I heard. You really are a beautiful angel.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 1st June 2014
Carol, No More Malaria website is now going to make you America's Top Malaria Story. How does that feel for you?
Posted by Karen Brochere (No More M... on 1st June 2014
Carol Addison Fink, precious child, you will be remembered always and forever. You will never be forgotten, but always have a place in our hearts. We love and support you, Addision Candy, Woody Fink and your precious sisters. We will hold onto your spirit forever. Karen Brochere, No More Malaria
Posted by Addison And Woody on 31st May 2014
I miss you Carol. This candle is lit for you my angel!
Posted by Ashley Mickannast on 31st May 2014
Such a sad and touching story. I am sorry for your loss Addison and Woody. I feel horrible for Carol's loss. Amazing daughter you have.
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 21st May 2014
Dear Carol, I've missed you a lot. The magic of your angel visit on my Birthday makes me wonder, if you are powerful enough to know how I feel, than aren't you powerful enough to fix this? Wouldn't you save me from this tradgic pain? You just might not be that strong, maybe. I sure hope that you and I will never drift apart. You keep me safe and without you, I wouldn't be able to carry on. For you to know just how I feel, makes me realize, there is a point. You make me feel like someone cares because I know you do. There isn't one second I wouldn't spend with you if I could. What's important now is to remember, not forget. Times are tough, but memories are even tougher. I've learned that from experience. You feel like you are going through an awful time, but the good memories make it harder, with my upsetting problems, and the thought of you being gone, it speaks for itself. There isn't enough starts in the galaxy to represent how much I love and miss you. To bring peace to the suffering, healing for the injured, cures for the malarians, and hope for the world, we remember Carol Addison Fink, yourself, to keep that in mind. With the power of God in Heaven with you by his side, anything is possible and nobody is hurt forever. Carol, your memory brings enough joy to my heart to make me cry. I never will forget you, sweet angel. I may never get to see you again until heaven, but I will see you in everything I do. I will see you in my heart, in my soul and in my mind. There is nothing that doesn't matter. And Carol, that includes you and every second you lived. Memories matter, broken hearts matter, malaria matters, pain matters, bullying matters and because of you, there are people who want to make a difference. I love and miss you with everything and nothing less. Yours truly, Bailey!
Posted by Jena Angel on 18th May 2014
Carol was simply beautiful. This truly touched my heart. She was such a blessing and angel. Carol's memory is going to forever remain. I am so sorry to hear this! Whenever I hear a child death I am immidiately heart-broken and try to put out strength to the hurting families like yours. I'm sorry Addison and Woody for the loss of Carol A Fink. Justine will remember her sister forever and what she did and you can tell Bella all about her big sister! God will strengthen you through this painful loss of angel Carol Addison!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 14th May 2014
Goodnight sweet angel! Sleep tight!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 14th May 2014
Carol, can you please help our family get throught this tought time with Justine. We just found something that will scar both the family and Justine forever. Can you help us get through this baby? We are still lost without you and now having the thing with Justine too is so upsetting. Thanks angel. I know you'll do your very best.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 12th May 2014
2 months in Heaven today beautiful angel. I'm just missing you so much. 2 months have gone by that I've missed you! -Addison!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 4th May 2014
Were just missing you so much today, Carol. Tomorrow, 9 weeks without you our precious baby. I miss you so much angel. Come back please!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 30th April 2014
Carol, thank you for visiting us last night on Woody's birthday. You really made me believe in miracles. You are so beautiful now sweetie. Never forgotten my angel.
Posted by Morgan Blue on 30th April 2014
Precious child. oh what an angel Carol was. I am extremly sorry for your loss of beautiful Carol. Let her spirit fly free in heaven. She isnot sick anymore. Very touching story. I am now getting my son who is american's malaria shots for Carol! THANK YOU CAROL ANGEL!!!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 12th April 2014
Sorry I haven't been here in a while, Carol. Things just have been hard lately, but luckily I have you to keep my head held high. Thanks so much, angel Carol. I wrote a poem for you and I made a picture for you! Love and Miss you forever and ever!
Posted by Eunice Pickett on 12th April 2014
I am so very sorry for baby Carol. She sounded like one of a kind. She is in a better place now
Posted by Addison And Woody on 11th April 2014
Missing you in Heaven today angel. I feel broken and hurt without you. See you again one day.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 10th April 2014
A candle to you in Heaven to sleep through the night. We miss you Carol. Have a good sleep in Heaven my beautiful angel girl. -ADDISON!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 9th April 2014
Hey Carol, I miss you. Things just aren't the same. You were everything to me. I miss you my little angel. You being gone for a month, it never gets better sweetie. I love you. -Addison
Posted by Addison And Woody on 9th April 2014
I miss you Carol. Nothings the same. We all miss you dearly. -Woody
Posted by Portia Williams on 9th April 2014
I heard all about you Carol. Addison misses you. so do we all
Posted by Addison And Woody on 7th April 2014
Goodnight in Heaven Carol! Justine misses you and so do I! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Have a good sleep tonight angel girl. Miss you and love you with my heart. Never leave my heart angel. LUV YOU ANGEL! -Addi!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 7th April 2014
Another beautiful flower up to you in Heaven my little girl. MISS YOU!!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 7th April 2014
I miss you little Carol! You would enjoy today's first day of official summer weather. Addison and I both know that you would have. You were the first thing we both thought when we stepped into the summer breeze
Posted by Addison And Woody on 7th April 2014
I miss you Carol Addison Fink. 1 month without you sweet Heavenly Angel. I love you to the ends of the earth and will never forget you were here.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 6th April 2014
Dear my beautiful baby in Heaven, Carol sweetie, I miss you so much. Ever since March 10th, I've been so hurt and broken. I've never felt so terrible in my life. Seeing you everyday is gone. Justine misses you so much. She cries lots. Carol, I just want to hold you once again. I miss you waking me up every night. I liked be woken up by you. There isn't anyone else I would want to have woken me up. I just miss you. I love you. It's been a month since I've lost you. One month without Carol Fink tomorrow. I miss you sweetie. Have a great day! -Addison :)
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 6th April 2014
Hey Carol, I am just stopping by, I couldn't go a full day without leaving you something! Love: Bailey!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 6th April 2014
Hey Carol, I am just stopping by, I couldn't go a full day without leaving you something! Love: Bailey!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 6th April 2014
Hey Carol, I'm really missing you today. I love you with all my heart. I love you and Justine more than anyone in the world! I miss you!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 5th April 2014
Little Carol, remembered forever
Posted by Annabella Froghorn on 4th April 2014
Carol is beautiful. The first picture I saw of her!! So adorble! God bless this angel in heaven and good night
Posted by Addison And Woody on 4th April 2014
Another flower to you in Heaven today, Carol. Love you so so much. My life has changed now that you're gone. I miss you!!
Posted by Curing Malaria on 4th April 2014
Malaria will one day be cured in Carol Fink's name. Malaria is a very serious case that this little one didnt deserve to go through. Though, it is very unlikely for an american child to be diagnosed with malaria. A cure in Carol's name would be precious for the world because she is known so well she could be known better. Carol's name will be heard for this disease. It will be for her when malaria find's it's offficial cure. Scientists have tried but never suceeded. Disease transmission can be reduced by preventing mosquito bites by using mosquito nets and insect repelent to prevent it from your other young child. in 2010, there were 219 million documented cases of malaria. That year, the disease killed between 660,000 and 1.2 million people. Please keep going Addison and Woody Fink through this tough balanced road and go for Carol and Justine Fink.
Posted by Annabella Froghorn on 4th April 2014
Hey Carol, I am just hear passing by, sayin hi! We love and miss you. KISS KISS HUG HUG! OOXX!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 3rd April 2014
I miss you Carol. Life isn't the same without you. Everyone has changed. Nobody feels the same. Everyone is lost. I love you. Woody loves you. Justine loves you!!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 3rd April 2014
A flower up to you in Heaven Carol Addison Fink.
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 3rd April 2014
Angel Carol, I miss you so much! You hold a special place in my heart and that will never change. I miss you my little angel! You were the closest thing I have ever had as a child. I love you very much and will never forget you!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 3rd April 2014
This flower is for you my Carol Addison Fink! You are the light of my day and night! Miss you forever my little flower
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 3rd April 2014
As I write this note, your description lyes in my head. I miss your face and I miss your personality. I miss you Carol!!

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