Carol addison fink was the wisest 3 year old girl you will ever meet she was a true angel her favorite color was pink and sometimes green Carol had a younger sister Justine Bailey Fink who was only 1 and 6 months when Carol passed Justine and Carol were very good friends Carol and her mother were very close they had a strong bond. She caught malaria at age 3 and 4 months Carol's malaria was very different they are 4 types of malaria Plasmodium Falciparum is the most severe and life threatening one and Carol caught it Also vasovagal Response. She awoke her mother every night about something wrong there was something wrong here's the side effects she experienced lack of sleep, trauma, dehydration,  hunger, random onsets, Random sight of blood , vomiting, headaches, seizures, light seeming to bright, dizziness, and Can't speak clearly. On March 9th 2014 Carol and her mother went to shopping, waterslids, and so much more . They went to a normal church where she refused to eat the treats at the end which was weird. She took her to the playground where she played with new friends. And she took to the mall. Little did they know it was their last day together. March 10th 2014... Her mom got up for a regular Monday at school. She was telling Carol and Justine how after school they are going to go shopping and then for McDonald's. Carol still seemed unhappy she seemed frightened. She hadn't spoken since March 8th 2014. There has been a lot of changes in Carol. Her sheets and Jackets were all torn up she had been picking at them because she has been quite nervous. She noticed Carol coughing more than often and her breathing became scary heavy. She was also very pale and had purple blotchy hands and feet. Her mother was late for what she needed to do.

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