Learning to drive

Shared by Amanda Grace Simmonds on October 29, 2011
Learning to drive.

When my mum was learning to drive i used to put the L plates on my car & mum would drive to collect my son from nursery. On one occasion mum wanted to continue practising her driving, we started the return journey to her house & everything was fine until a pheasant darted into the road. Mum was driving so slow & being so careful that the pheasant had enough time to change course of direction, it could have run back to the bushes where it had come from but it chose to run in front of the car in the middle of the road. I can still clearly see a pheasant running in front of the car, almost as if it was challenging my mother to catch it if she could and it actually outran the car. There is an everlasting memory of mum & myself laughing so much we had to park the car until we had stopped, only then could we continue the journey home but with me driving because every so often mum would burst into giggles again. My mum had a warm affectionate smile accompanied by a laugh that was infectious to all who heard it, mum could literally light up a room & lift another persons spirit just by smiling & laughing. This story probably isn't that funny to those who read it but it is a memory i have of my mum that lifts my spirits when i remember the day she lost the race to a pheasant, the bright smile & the infectious laughter that we shared in a precious moment together.

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