Let the memory of Carol be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carol Riley . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jacqueline Rochford on March 20, 2019
Carol.. I’ve so many nice things to say about you, but where do you begin I met you threw my beautiful sister and you become a friend to me also your door was always open and your heart held a place for everyone you treated me and my kids like family any time we come to visit my best memory of you was when my daughter was a baby and she soiled literally everywhere I was like ‘what the hell’ you just said ‘give her here’ and threw her in a bath never bothered you, your going to be so missed by many, I hope you rest in forever peace sending you lots of love up xxxxxx
Posted by Tata Hinds on March 18, 2019
I had and still have a wonderful nana one who didn't grow old her smile was prettier than anything and her heart was solid gold her eyes were like shinning stars. I still see u standing there thinking make me a coffee you taught me how to look after people and u looked after everyone I am missing u so much but I'm staying sting because u always said not to cry and gave me the best hugs the world isn't the same without u I would give up a million dollies to have u back in this world you were more than my nana u was my best friend and still are u I wish u was still here u will always be here with me anyone that knew u was lucky to have u in their life because u was special u loved everyone but grandad was ur annoying but amazing husband and u adorde him just like he adorde u he still does u would probably give up anything for anyone that was special to u are memories are the best because I had u in them my life is and was the best because I had u in my life I honestly wish this was all a dream but its not u was there when I needed u the most u was the best,funniest,beautifulist woman I have ever met. Tell grandad Keith and cardy and all tge other pets I love them but I love u mostest(don't tell them that I said that) I will always remember u but I want u to remember me and Ruby I want u to remember everyone else who u loved and who love u we could always get through everything even of it was tougth because we had each other I want u to be back in this world more than anything. Fly high my beautiful angel. I love u more than anything and anyone. Until we meet agian my beautiful angel.ps:life isn't gong to be the same and remember that I want u to remember me and I will always remember and love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Daniélla Fiélding on March 18, 2019
Oh Carol, my heart is broke i really cant believe you have gone it just doesn't seem real at all, im gonna miss our chats and laughs your were one of the most loving, caring, funny & kind hearted people i ever got to meet & i was blessed to have met someone like you. I remeber at christmas when grandma didnt like her tree where it was but she didnt want to change it incase grandad started moaning but us girls together decided to move it while grandad and david was at the pub haha funniest part was how he didnt even notice when they came home. Well its your funeral on thursday & oh Carol its going to be one horrible day saying goodbye to you but i know you will have the BEST send off you really do deserve, i wish i could take your place just to bring my grandma her very best friend back & everyone else tbh but i know you will always be there with each and every one of us in spirit. Your memories will forever live on with us & youll always have a place in my heart Carol. You really didnt deserve to go so soon, each and every day you will be sadly missed, r.i.p Carol untill we meet again
Posted by Beryl Goodier Jrn on March 18, 2019
Well carol what can i say you was my friend but u was more a sister than a friend you was always there for me . when we had party's u was there. the girls grew up together it was a honour to have you in our lives the barbie que we had the drinks on a sat nights in ur garden especially the one with the swimming pool carol i cant believe i am not going to hear ur voice over the phone asking is it ok to come over at weekend for dinner or to see you again it feels like my arm as been cut of i am going to truly miss you carol i thought we was going to grow old together and talking about our family and grand kids but it was not to be but u will never be forgot carol we have had our laugh and and sad times but i know carol u will still be there in spirit and there will be a place in my heart and home and tram Sundays  love and miss you carol R.I.P untill we meet again xxx
Posted by Sharon Tomlinson on March 17, 2019
Hi Carol well still can't believe you've gone you was such a great friend and will truly be missed by me and so many People.You always listened to me when I was having my rants stressing as I always did but I'm now sat here thinking you was so right. Me and Geoff will do our best to listen and be there for David and all of your beautiful children and grandchildren x Well where can I start with our memories well one of them was Niagara falls in your front garden I'm sure everyone will know what I'm talking about lol,the lovely holiday I had with you and your family to Benidorm been watching the video of you rubbing the aftersun in as always mikki there with the camera wish we was sat in Benidorm with our strawberry calypos right now well I'm going to go now but I will be back with more memories very soon love and miss you always, poone and if any wants to know where I got the nickname from ask mikki lots of love Sharon Geoff Chris Oliver and of course Caesar and Lenny please give our Geoffrey a massive hug and kiss from us all I'm sure he will love you just as much as we did Delwood will not be the same without you xx xx
Posted by Jean Parker on March 17, 2019
Carol, I still can’t believe you are gone. You were such a prominent part of the family, always there to help and offer advice. I feel privileged to have met you. I’ll never forget our long chats, putting the world and family to rights. You were so kind and understanding and always there for everyone. Rest in peace my lovely x x
Posted by Tracy Pasco on March 16, 2019
Dear carol
I never got to meet you sweetheart but from what I heard you was a amazing person I congratulate you on rising such a beautiful and gorgeous girl in your Stephanie who in turn has raised the beautiful Taia you will live on in these girls may you rest in peace darling xxxx
Posted by Katie Nairn on March 16, 2019
Oh Carol, what can i say.. i love you like the Nan i never had. You was or i was alittle bit of you. I miss you like crazy & it still does feel real, i still look for you sat out in the garden or find my self thinking ill speak to Carol, when im sad, lonely or happy.
you was there for me through the darkest days of my life always supporting me, giving me advice & love even when i did want to be around me Ha. You loved me & my family especially My kids unconditionally. I am forever greatful to have met you & i’ll spend the rest of my days missing you. I only wish i would have told you more how much I appreciated you & how incredibly proud i was of you. I love your family like mine & that will never change.
Look after Jenson for me like you did me until we meet again ❤️❤️
Posted by Cheryl Wozny on March 16, 2019
Grief I’ve learned is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat and in the hollow part of your chest. Grief is love with nowhere to go. Rest in peace my lovely friend xx
Posted by Tata Hinds on March 16, 2019
This beautiful woman was not only my nana she was my best friend she always helped when I needed her I could tell her a ll my secrets and she wouldn't tell anyone she is the best person I have ever met when I found out the news my snapped into two pieces because the best and funniest part of me was gone u are still here in my heart and life isn't the same without u mine, urs and Ruby sleepovers were the best have fun in heaven I love u lots just remember that until we meet agian nan xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Helen Giles on March 16, 2019
Carol, what can I say. I’ve known you since I was 5, you were my second mum and Ju’s nana.
You took me in when I was a teenager and I’ve always been a part of your family.
Over the years we haven’t seen each other as often, but we would catch up over the phone like it was just yesterday.
I will
Never forget the conversations we’ve had, the laughs, the tears and the advice.
Now your gone I realise just how missed you are and want to call you each day.
I have some special memories I’ll never forget and you will be forever in my heart.
Love Helen and Ju x
Posted by Kim Hart on March 16, 2019
Carol you were not only a neighbour but a loving friend/mother figure and always made me and Gracie part of the family. when times were low you picked me up when times were happy you made them better like a mother you helped me grow gave me advice and helped me through my worst and made helped mould me to the person i am today, without judgement you spurred me on and always helped me remember my worth even when others gave up on me for that i am eternally grateful to not only know you but your amazing family aswell, you will always be in mine and Gracies life, you made Delwood and you will always and forever be with us you will never be forgotten rest in peace a true queen and inspiration xxxx
Posted by Rachel Phyllips on March 15, 2019
Carol, amazing heart, soul and person who I am proud to say I known. Someone who shown me no matter what love, care and guidance means so much more. She made me laugh so many times, even when she was telling me off for swearing or telling me a story she 100% always put a smile on my face. I have grown up knowing carol, and seen the love see gives to everyone around her. She turned everything into a positive, I for one am still shocked that she won't be sat in her chat having a gossip and being so straight talking. Which I admired so much about her. I have been to carol for advise over the years and always she has been straight with me and will never forget it. I miss you and I thank you with all my heart for the advise and being there over the years, I will never forget you xxx
Posted by Michelle Koehler on March 15, 2019
When we was 11 Steph and I became best friends, i would stay over at Stephs every day. Carol made me feel like i was one of her own she would feed me, stick up for me and comfort me (mainly when me and steph fell out because she made me do her chores haha). All the kids had chores to do including me but we all done them. There was many fun times had in the house. Carol had lots of love to give and she certainly gave it this is why she was loved by so many. She will be missed greatly but her spirit will live on in all her family. Sleep tight Carol xx
Posted by Michaela Hunt on March 15, 2019
My beautiful Mum. I know people always say that their mum is the best, but you were the absolute best. Your family meant the absolute world to you, that I’m certain of. Thank you for all the memories and for just being you. I miss you beyond belief. I just wish I could bring you back. I truly never learned what the words I miss you were until I needed you and you weren’t there. I have lost count at the amount of times I’ve gone to call you to ask for your advice or to tell you about a tv programme to watch or with something I’m dying to tell you. Does it get easier? I loved you like there was no tomorrow, and then one day there wasn’t.
I hope you’re looking down and see me, and I hope you’re proud of everything I do. Thank you for giving me life and for raising me with morals and respect. I’ll be forever grateful for that. All that I am and hope to be I owe to you, Mum.
I love and miss you so, so much. xx
Posted by James Hunt on March 15, 2019
For anyone who ever met my mum, you will know that her love and kindness was given unconditionally to anyone she met.
I will never need to struggle to think of a moment when you were there for me or anyone who needed you. You were my rock, my world, my best friend and unfortunately for you as you never put your phone on silent, you were also there at 2am when I 0ccasionally may have called for someone to speak to. Not quite yet figured out how I will ever fill the hole I have in my life, I do feel sorry for Steph, she has already jumped up 6 places on my phone to be the 3rd most called number. I will never stop thinking about you mum. I know you will be watching over all of us, and am sure u have already had a few goes at my dad for some reason. Love you x x x
Posted by Stephanie Hunt on March 15, 2019
You was the best mum u brought all 6 of us up with unconditional love we not only loved you we respected you through the good bad hard and happy times as if that wasn’t enough you spread that love to our friends and so many other people I will never forget how happy you was when I told u about tai u was at the scans birth and with me every step of her life you taught me how to be a mum and if taia grows up and loves me half as much as I love you my job as a parent is done ❤️
You was more than a mum my best friend confident and go to with every part of my life no words can express how much I miss you every second of every day until we meet again 
Posted by Gavin Moore on March 15, 2019
When me and Mikki got together, we could not have asked for any more love and support. Carol helped us to have the privacy we needed to nurture our love. Spending time with Carol I soon saw the power of family love, meeting all Mikki’s brothers and sisters, with Carol in charge, it was soon obvious how everyone pulled together.
Me and Mik soon lived together in the caravan and then shared a room in Carol and David’s home till we got our own house.
Any rules or decisions had to go by Carol lol , Mik called her 20+ times a day so we all knew what the latest ‘news’ was in the family circle.
Personally, I will miss her frankness, her devotion to her family, her generosity, her magnetism to others , her stories, her presence and her love,; even though she often didn’t feel the best with her health. Miss you lots x x

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