Posted by Catey Dymond on August 12, 2021
Today we celebrate you Mom, and what would have been your 61st birthday. There's so much that's happened, I wish I could share with you. It's difficult not being able to just pick up the phone and chat away, or call today to wish you a happy birthday today! I love you so much Mom, and the world just isn't the same without your positive soul! ❤️
Posted by Doug Larsen on June 24, 2021
Please accept our deepest sympathy at Carol's passing. Rick and Carol were devoted to each other which was always evident whenever we saw them. We know that this will be a huge loss for Rick and all the family and express our condolences. to them. We are sure that he will have the support of family and friends as he faces life without her.
Sincere regards from Doug and Tiina
Posted by Jackie Roche on June 17, 2021
We know how much you loved Carol & how much she loved you ❤ So sorry for your sorrow now. I hope,your happy holiday memories & her smiles for you , always keep Carol close to your heart, she will stay. I remember Carol in good chats at Christmas parties, though not for a few years . Her life was very hard struggle & she was very brave to fight for so long her health battles. May Carole Rest In Peace now. Love & hugs Rick.
Catey that was a beautiful tribute for your mom. She agrees Justin & Jake, Sincere condolences to all of you . Take care . Live. Love. Laugh. After the tears . God bless Carol. Peace . ✌
Posted by Lee Taylor on June 16, 2021
To Rick, Family and Friends of Carol,
I send you all my deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathies for your loss. While I didn't know Carol very well, I always felt the warmth and love of her spirit. Her love for you Rick and the children was obvious in the way she both spoke and behaved. I was often envious of her 'craft room' and so enjoyed seeing some of her creations. Witnessing her strength and consistent positivity in dealing with the health challenges she had, was inspiring to say the least. May your hearts heal in time and memories never fade. 
Sending a huge hug to you Rick. 
Lee xo
Posted by Catey Dymond on June 16, 2021
My mom was truly one of my best friends and I feel lucky enough that I got to spend so much quality time with my mom over the years. From our shopping days, trips to the cottage, to just laying in bed all day watching Sabrina or Charmed. I loved that we could just spend the day together, sharing stories and talking about new crafts we want to try or places we wanted to travel to. It wasn’t always about going out, most days we just enjoyed crafting and listening to music.

I will always be thankful for the sacrifices she and Rick made, so that I got to live with them. My mom was always there for me, through school, boyfriends, parties and even travelling. It was always the three of us. It didn’t matter what I needed, she always had the right advice, or shoulder to cry on, she always did her best to make things right in my life. My mom also taught me how to stand up for myself and the things I love. She was such a passionate person herself, from her love of music, to learning new crafts, even going back to school to learn more. My mom never stopped. But most of all I would say she loved her kids. She was always telling us how proud of us she was. She always said she just wanted to see us happy, and to find someone who loves us, the way Rick loves her. The love Rick showered my mom in, taught me what true love really means. From the first day he's been in our lives Rick has shown us all nothing but love and support. He was there to break up mom and I when we just couldn’t see eye to eye, and he was always there to celebrate in the wins. To watch him embrace every new adventure my mom went on, from tarot reading to card making, he was along to support and encourage her dreams. He truly is her best friend and soul mate.

Most of all I will always be thankful to my mom for bringing me out of my shy shell & embarrassing the crap out of me. I may have hated it as a kid, but eventually I realized there was really nothing to be embarrassed about and to just enjoy life. My mom always lived life to the fullest and pushed us to do the same. From belting out her favourite songs while driving, to making sure I tried on dresses, so I could remember to be a princess even when I didn’t want to. My mom made sure I got to experience the fun things in life; like going to a Stevie Nicks concert on a school night, or taking me to New York City for my sweet 16, I always felt like a princess in training in my moms eyes. I will be forever grateful for all the memories I have to share.
May you be at peace.
I love you so much Mom.
Posted by Rebecca-Lyn Williston-Ali on June 16, 2021
We are so very sorry for your loss. The love you had for Carol and your commitment to her were so touching. May she rest in peace.
Love, Rebecca-Lyn, Riaz and Shay
Posted by J R on June 15, 2021
My auntie Carol was an incredible woman who left an indelible mark on this world. Carol’s exuberance and kindness shone bright like the sun, and lit up the world of those around her. I will miss my auntie Carol dearly, and cherish the times we spent together (from waiting out a massive sandstorm together to our candy-fueled week-long sleepovers when she visited Calgary). Although Carol is no longer with us, surely her lively spirit will live on within her loved ones.

To all of Carol’s friends and family, I extend my sincerest condolences.
Posted by Trish Roche on June 15, 2021
I am so sorry for the loss of Carol, especially for her loving partner Rick, her children and all her extended family. I admired Carol's strength and fortitude in good and bad times. Carol fought the good fight to extend the quality of her life despite the many hardships and setbacks she faced. Rick you were always by her side. What an incredible comfort that must have been during those very tough times. The dedication, friendship and love I saw between Rick and Carol was remarkable and beautiful. Rest in Peace Carol.
Posted by Carrie Roche on June 14, 2021
Carol was such an incredible spirit and a beautiful person. She was passionate about the things she cared about and had a fun and playful attitude about so many things in life. I have many memories of road trips as a teenager when we'd go for a drive to Port Stanley listening to Madonna and singing at the top of our lungs! She was curious and creative and had many talents and so much love for her family.

Rick, the love you both shared was so incredibly strong and you always spoke of and treated each other with nothing but kindness and respect. Your love is a true example to us all and I'm so sorry for the loss you're feeling right now. Just know that you're in the hearts and minds of so many and we will continue to share in the memories of Carol and keep her beautiful spirit alive.
Posted by Ken McEachern on June 14, 2021
Time and distance has been a regrettable element for precluding me from knowing my sister better. This I do know, she had a sense of humour, and was fine a lady with a kind heart, towards those close to her. The best memories for me are the numerous family road trips to South Carolina in the 60's and the crazy times that came with those trips. I will miss her, as I am sure, will her closest friends and family.
Posted by Kristin Cribbs on June 13, 2021
I am so thankful for the beautiful memories I have of my friendship with Carol.

We met 15 years ago and worked side by side for for over 10 years. We had a million conversations, shared a million laughs and cried a million tears.

Carol was always there to offer her advice, share an opinion, and offer her support. Carol cheered for me in the good times, and helped me get through many tough times. Carol would often call us ‘soul sisters’ because we just ‘got each other’.

Carol’s positive energy was contagious. When she was happy, I could feel her joy. I couldn’t help laughing and cheering right along with her.

I will always cherish the activities and adventures we shared. Carol loved community theatre and soon got me hooked. We took art and cooking classes together. Splurged on spa days. Had dinners out at fabulous restaurants. And we made an annual tradition of girl’s weekend at the cottage in Bruce beach. The long drives and stops in the small town shops we often the highlight of the weekend.

Though It won’t be the same without my dear friend Carol, I will honour her memory, and follow her lesson that life is about living and not just being.

I’ll be forever grateful to Carol for sharing her life with me. She will always be with me in my heart.
Posted by Harry Boutilier on June 13, 2021
So sad to hear of Carol's passing. I worked with Carol at Bell Canada in London in the early 1990's. We always had fun conversations about Madonna.  My deepest condolences to you and your family, may she rest in peace.
Posted by Mary Wallis on June 13, 2021
My heart breaks as we say goodbye to my niece Carol Roche way early, just shy of her61st birthday. Carol dealt with her health issues over the years with a great deal of courage .

Fred and I were happy to have Carol as the flower girl in out wedding.I remember how adorable she was on that day .

Over the past 6 years ,it was so nice to spend time with her chatting over the phone or on a visit at my home .

I will cherish these memories forever and will hold them close to my heart .

Sending love and healing thoughts to her loving husband Rick and her three children Justin, Jake and Catey .
Posted by Catherine R on June 12, 2021
My beloved Sister, who
- Saw the world as a positive, hopeful place
- Always had a kind word and connected with those she met along the way;
- So proud and deeply loved her children and grandchildren and cherished  each visit and outing she shared with them
-Shared each time we talked that Rick was the love of her life
-Loved her family more than they will ever know
-Was loyal and loving to her close friends and held them in high esteem
-Cared and was concerned more about others welfare than her own
-Was not afraid to laugh and be silly - in fact thats who she was
- Although sensitive, was incredibly strong and stood up for what was right and true
-Was brilliant - yet humble
-Made me laugh when I was down and supported me on days I was struggling
-Loved the Beatles, the Simpsons, singing along to tunes and being creative
-Who dreamed of better days ahead where we could all travel and have fun

Has now ended her journey here on earth. Sis I miss you more than anything, but we will see you in our next life......

Golden slumbers fill your eyes, Smiles await you when you rise
Sleep pretty darling, do not cry, And I will sing a lullaby

My sincerest condolences to Rick, Justin (Gloria and kids), Jacob and Catey.
Posted by Joy McDonald on June 12, 2021
To Rick and Family, our sincere condolences for your loss. May the love and caring of each other help you through the sadness of losing your
Beloved Carol. 
Ian and Joy
Posted by Andy Bell on June 11, 2021
Rick My deepest condolences to you and your family.
You are in my thoughts.
Posted by S. Hammink on June 11, 2021
My sister had a challenging life, no doubt about it, but later in life she fell in love with a man who absolutely adored her and treated her like a princess, which allowed my sister to feel safe and loved and free to be herself. They adored one another and it was so wonderful to see this and I feel so grateful to Rick for loving her.

Carol loved her children and grandchildren and constantly talked about them whenever she called. She loved eating at good restaurants, going to the theatre, she cheered for the Blue Jays and was a big fan of the Calgary Flames. She got excited about the Calgary Stampede making sure she brought her cowboy hat when she came to visit. She really liked living in Toronto and she enjoyed gloating to family when it was nice and warm in Toronto and bitterly cold here in Calgary.

Carol was funny, smart, artistic, eclectic in her beliefs and she was always a loving and kind soul. She had some pretty strong opinions about life, politics and religion. She and I would have discussions that often ended in, agreeing to disagree, but she helped me see that there is more than my own perspective in life and to be mindful of that.  I loved how silly she was at times. I saw her as someone who was bold enough to be herself and do what she wanted. I think my sister Carol lived a good life after she met Rick, and even with all the the medical restrictions and challenges, she seemed to make the best of her situation and live life her way, and that, in my eyes, is courage.

Your loving soul and joyfully silly, but endearing ways, will truly be missed Sis.
Posted by Sandra Roche on June 11, 2021
Rick your sorrow is mine as I contemplate all that Carol has meant to me for the last 23 years. Seeing the loving relationship the two of you have had is very heartwarming and as well as that the care you have given her all these years has been so remarkable. The two of you together have brought you so much strength and as witness to it I can only be in awe. Her resilience under duress and your never complaining or giving up are a beacon to anyone who has ever experienced any kind of suffering. And the kids have always been very special to us even though we don't see them often but a wonderful tribute to both of you. Love you forever. Mom
Posted by Rick R on June 10, 2021
Carol was the love of my life, my best friend and my partner in battle against all the challenges we faced. I loved her smile, her laugh and her free spirit. She was always interested in the spiritual, including visits to Lilydale, training at the Transformational Arts College and enjoyed doing Tarot readings for friends. Carol loved live theatre, and enjoyed many professional and student productions. She was a maker and was always looking for the next crafting idea. She made many greeting cards and decorations that we will continue to enjoy as a family. We loved to travel and perhaps our favourite trip was a cruise to the Mediterranean with my parents. She loved big cities and we enjoyed Toronto as our home and visiting London, New York, Barcelona and Paris and more. When she was able to visit Carol cherished Banff and of course the cottage at Bruce Beach! Carol was happiest when we just wandered with no destination or timeline. 

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