Carol was a much adored mum, granny, vet and wife who filled so many people’s life with love, fun and wisdom. She was a ray of sunshine whose 77 years were cut short by cancer. She was a north london legend whose ability to connect with people and make a difference to their lives was remarkable.  We will miss her energy, her friendship and her hugs.  We will remember her forever and would welcome people to share their memories. 
Posted by Nathalie Bennett on April 28, 2021
Mrs. Hill was by far the most amazing vet I have ever met. She stood out with her knowledge, her kindness, and the down to earth straight up no fuss way. She was a wonderful human being and will be deeply missed by all. My thoughts go to her family and friends and I wish them strength during this difficult time.
Posted by Jackie Caro on April 28, 2021
Words seem not enough and pointless at such a moment ..... Mrs Carol Hill for almost 20 yrs had the privilege of having her as our vet.
Her Consistent Naturally occurring Brilliance , methodical warm approach was always so reassuring and enlightening.She always went above and beyond..... That was her way, without compromise, Always for the animals best interest as well as their family .
Sometimes it was about Watch Wait and See rather than acting and that for me is something that struck a deep chord, as well as Less rather than more and so much logical common sense that only when she spoke did it seem obvious as to what was needed or not ......

Will remember her Always, Her Energy Enthusiasm Amazing Grace and Light that surrounded her - Her Smile and Warmth and deep consideration and care always Zest for life and all she did. Very Powerful Very Inspirational

Shining star A truly beautiful soul. There for others always I can never thank her enough for All she did for all the animals in our life and Hills will thrive and carry forward her immense legacy and indelible Spirit.
Mrs Hill Stood for so much more than Words could ever say ..... A True Warrior Woman A one off, A legend.....
Amazing Human Being. As one writes it feels unbelievable.... It can't be true. Cared For So Many. Thoughts of course for All at Hills, Her Family and Friends.
Posted by Benedict Tiley-Hill on April 28, 2021

My granny

There are no words int he dictionary that describe her. She shone with a light that emitted all around her and made people happy wherever she went. She made the world twice as better and it will be so much worse without her. From her funny comments while watching tv, to her food at Christmas and famous sausages on a Monday evening. When I go to her house and look into a room I think about all the happy memories that had been created there and can’t help but smile because my granny was my everything, she was my all and I can’t even begin to comprehend what I am going to do without her big sloppy kisses on the lips and her hugs that made all your worries go away. I miss her so much and just want to have one last hug with her.
Posted by Julia Hill-Jones on April 28, 2021
Having been clients of the Hill practice since 1993, I felt compelled to write a brief but probably inadequate tribute to Carol Hill, who consistently was the provider of wonderful veterinary care to all our cats. This was particularly evident in the care of our current pair, who within three days of their adoption became so very sick. Throughout the next 18 months she supported them with treatment and care until their immune systems became more robust and they recovered. 

Although this news indeed fills me with great sadness, at the same time I feel that I am lucky to have had the privilege of meeting Carol Hill, and of experiencing her many qualities such as integrity, compassion and warmth and that my cats are fortunate to have received the benefit of the breadth and depth of her knowledge together with her immense skills.

Julia H-J, Michael C. and Wölfie & Issac
Posted by Jane Cain on April 28, 2021
Carol was a very special lady, she was not only a community vet who everybody in the area knew and loved, she was also a person who managed to see the potential in young people. She opened up career possibilities to many young people in this area and gave them the confidence and support they needed to achieve their goals.
She was an amazing mum and gran and a warrior in every way.
Fondly remembered
Jane Cain
Posted by John Crisp on April 28, 2021
I only knew Carol from a yoga classes I attended where she was a regular quite a few years ago. Despite my infrequent attendance she left a lasting impression on me and remembered my family’s goings on in detail. I since moved to the same area as her and from time to time bumped into her, each time revealing her caring nature and leaving me happier than beforehand.

Very sorry to hear of her passing, of such a genuine, kind, positive person.
Posted by Suzanne Sargent Wong on April 26, 2021
We were so sorry to hear about the passing of Mrs Hill, she was an incredible, knowledgable, compassionate vet who treated our pets over the last 11 years. Our thoughts are with her family and colleagues.

The Wong family
Posted by Michael Cahill on April 25, 2021
Mrs Hills was the best vet in the world and we loved her for it. Behind her ability to mend our four legged ones and guide us through the process of one who couldn't be mended, there lay a beautiful soul that was a special find. Carol gave us more than we could have wished for in her care and understanding. Her absence will be greatly missed but we are lucky to have found her in our lives and the legacy will continue with the fabulous team she led. Sending her family and the Hills team all our thoughts and prayers at the saddest of times.
Posted by Robyn Slovo on April 23, 2021
I am so sorry to hear about Carol. She was a truly marvellous vet, appreciated so much by both my cats, and by me. I shall miss her terribly. robyn.
Posted by Jon Hewitt on April 23, 2021
So sorry to hear of Carol's passing and our thoughts are with her family and colleagues. A wonderful vet and human being.

From all at Teleos x
Posted by Gail Romanes on April 23, 2021
I’d been looking for a really good vet and asked many pet owners. Mrs Hill was highly recommended both by dog owners on Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill so I made an appointment to see her.

As soon as I met her I realised why she was so well thought of. Honest, sympathetic, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and utterly trustworthy. Not working for a big company wanting to make money, just a throughly decent animal lover who was also a highly skilled vet.

I know she will be sorely missed.
Posted by Helen Davidson on April 23, 2021
How sad we are to hear of Mrs Hill’s early death. She was a wonderful vet who took the side of the animals always and who we could utterly trust .
She will be missed by so many local people and all the thousands of animals who were safe in her care .
My thoughts are with her family.
Posted by fiona ellis on April 23, 2021
I have just heard the terrible news about our dear Mrs Hill. She was a beloved vet to 3 of my cats over the years, and a truly amazing, kind, and brilliant woman. She has left behind a great legacy, and we shall never forget her. Rest in peace.

Fiona Ellis
Posted by Alice Seferiades on April 22, 2021
Carole was always there, at all yoga classes, with laughter, cheekiness and warmth. Always interested in what was going on for others, always supportive and encouraging. It must be more than 20 yrs that we have attended the same class. There is and will be an empty space in our class now. Her light won't be there but it a tiny bit of it is in each of us. My thoughts are with her family and close friends who must miss her so much. Such a special lady.
Posted by Ann Green on April 22, 2021
We were very sad to hear of Mrs Hill's death. So many memories came flooding back of how wonderfully and competently she looked after our cats for a good many years. She knew exactly how to deal with them and also with us. What a kind and lovely lady. It was good to have known her. She will be missed by so very many.
Posted by Robert Silman on April 22, 2021
I came to the website to see if I could book an appointment with Mrs Hill now that the pandemic restrictions are easing. It was to be for my cat but also for myself and the pure pleasure of seeing Mrs Hill again. So I am deeply saddened to discover she is no longer with us,
She was without doubt the most competent and caring vet I have ever encountered, stretching across five cats and twenty years. Whenever I had friends or family that were ill my regret was that, as humans, we were deprived of her care.
She was an extraordinary lady who will be deeply missed.
Posted by Jean MacGregor on April 22, 2021
I have very fond memories of Carol's help and affection for our three dogs over many years - Timmy and Bramble (long-haired miniature dachsunds) and lately Teddy (Norfolk terrier). She has looked after them with great care and dedication, and we will miss her enormously.
Posted by Cate Warnock on April 21, 2021
Carol is and was so many good words personified—- energy, generosity, family, positivity, good-food, genuineness, understanding, London, love.
Carol created countless amazing memories for me and so many- that is a true gift not many have.
To spend so much time at no. 57 was quite simply a privilege. I truly thank her.
I love how she used to call me Sunshine when really she was the Sunshine in everyone’s lives.
Sending love to Tony, Sarah, Peter and Fiona, partners and her blessed grandchildren, please know that her memory lives on in our lives with pride.
Cousin Cate, Sophie and Tom xxx

Posted by Marcia Saunders on April 20, 2021
I am so sad to hear of Mrs Hill's death. She was a wonderful, exceptional person. I've never known anyone with a greater understanding of animals and cats, and the relationships between, and she brought this to her practice and to us. We were so fortunate.
Posted by Caroline Miller on April 19, 2021
I first met Mrs Hill in, I think, 1992 when I took my new kitten Harvey to see her. Harvey was the first of many cats and Mrs Hill treated each one with care and respect. Over the years I have appreciated her advice and wise council, but most of all I have appreciated her kindness. We will miss her very much and my deepest sympathies go to her family, friends and all of the staff at Hills
Posted by mary harvey on April 18, 2021
It must be nearly 30 years since I took my first cat, Snuggles, to see Mrs Hill.  Her common sense and kindness struck me then and my respect continued to grow over the years.  I am filled with sadness when I think about her passing - such a terrible loss for her family and the community.   My thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, practice staff and all that knew and loved her.  Rest in Peace.
Posted by Jackie Robarts on April 15, 2021
It’s very very sad to think of being without Mrs Hill - Carol - I feel so lucky to have known her for over 30 years. Such a wonderfully kind person, with an extraordinary generous energy about her, an incredible vet who understood animals and humans alike. I always remember how she cared for my cat Dougal, as well as all the others over the years. She somehow remembered them all - she would notice tiny details, characteristics or markings, and picked up on any problems lurking, as well as celebrating the good, healthy times. Like Mr and Mrs Hill, I went to Glasgow Uni and stayed at the Vet school residence, so we used to reminisce about the good times there. I shall miss her very much, and it’s clear how many people she has touched very deeply in so many ways. My heartfelt sympathies to Mr Hill and all the family and close friends, and all at Hills Practice, especially dear Anita. RIP Carol - you’ll always be in our hearts.
Posted by Sarah Rosewarne on April 15, 2021
Having 5 cats made us Frequent Flyers at Hill’s. Carol treated each one as an individual and was very good with people too, providing expert reassurance and advice with humour and humility. She was a charismatic clinician and a thoroughly good egg. We will all miss her very much and send love to her large family and circle of friends.
Posted by Leo Hill on April 14, 2021
Granny is easily the best person I will ever know. The world will never be the same without her loving, protective aura that would take me in at every school pickup and Monday afternoon. Her fabled granny sausages were always ready by the table and were scoffed like lightning. She was an amazing vet and understood animal’s needs like no one else, and kept doing her good work until the day she died. Her tolerance levels were truly incredible, and in my 12 years on this planet I have never seen her truly angry. Her confident, no nonsense attitude always made me feel stronger. She would always make me feel wanted and loved in a way no one else quite could. Granny is the light that brightened up my world, and it will always be darker without her. But the immeasurable amount of good memories she has left behind will always be there to lighten up my darkest hours.
Posted by Sallie PG on April 14, 2021
We have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Carol Hill for almost 40 years and just cannot comprehend life without her. Such an incredible woman and a true legend - always ready and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty with professionalism, care, kindness, humour and a true sense of empathy. The world is most definitely a poorer place without dear Carol, but we are the richer for having known and loved her. Our thoughts and prayers are with all her family and staff at Hills as they come to terms with their loss.
Posted by Christina Stoakes on April 14, 2021
What can I say about the inimitable Carol. She was the mother and person we all hope to be. She really was the best of us and it is horribly unfair that she should be taken from her beautiful family and the world too early. As one of Fiona’s school friends, she was my Muswell Hill mum. Friday nights at Grove Ave were the memorable night of the week. All crammed into the kitchen - sometimes there were a few of us, sometimes a great many. Carol was never fazed. She would just pop a glass of wine into our hands and we would all chatter the night away... her little TV on in the background. She was graceful, generous and warm. She always seemed to know what to say. We all felt safe with her. And later when I went on to have children I would visit with Fiona and her kids and we were all always made to feel part of the family. Her door was always open (literally - we walked in through the unlocked back door) which just sums her up. Carol - you will be greatly missed but the imprint you leave on your corner of the world is immense. Xxx
Posted by Kai Smith on April 14, 2021
Mrs Hill was always so warm, welcoming and compassionate; her never ending love for the animals was so apparent. Reading of her passing is incredibly sad news and I do hope her lovely family can take some comfort in reading these heartfelt messages. She has left an incredible legacy
Posted by Lynda Powell on April 13, 2021
So saddened by this terrible news. What a caring and compassionate person in handling all my pets over the years. My thoughts and love go out to all her family and colleagues. God bless. Lynda X
Posted by Christine Fox on April 13, 2021
Dear Mrs Hill, how sorry we were to hear of your death. You were a wonderful and kind person and an amazing vet. We and our various cats were enormously fortunate to have discovered you twenty years ago. We will miss you terribly. Rest peacefully in that good night.
Christine and David
Posted by Sally Ann Law on April 13, 2021
I was so sad when I heard Mrs Hill, Carol, was sick and dreaded hearing the news that I'd never see her again ever since then. She was an absolutely super person and of course a fantastic vet. A person I'll never forget for sure. I send all my love to all her family, friends and colleagues who I know must miss her so much. x
Posted by John Begg on April 13, 2021
Devastating news; words alone are not enough to express my sadness. Mrs Hill was always so welcoming and genuinely pleased to see us and our dogs. Her warmth, humour, and professionalism has been instilled throughout the practice. That is quite a legacy.
Posted by Pamela Willsher on April 13, 2021
Mrs. Hill has been my vet since 1982 and has looked after all my animals when they were sick with enormous care and compassion. She has always been the nicest and most humane vet and human being. I am extremely saddened by her passing and would like to send my deepest sympathy to her family.
I will greatly miss her.
Posted by Ozlem Yusuf on April 13, 2021
Dear Carol Hills
We will miss you so deeply, im so sad to hear we have lost you, me and chilli will miss you so dearly. The Practice has lost a legend ,such a warm hearted , funny, Devoted to helping animals all these years I’ve known you carol I haven’t seen any other like you . You looked after all our pets for 35 years, always gone out of your way to make my little chilli comfortable because she’s such a Timid , Anxious , scared dog , always thinking of bests ways to keep her calm because of her heart issues.
Your Truly one of the best and will be missed so dearly by the Yusuf family. My Deepest condolences to your family and team at Hills Veterinary your truly a Legend and a one-off person which I for one will never forget everything you’ve done for our pets and family, Comforting us when we lost Binu from car accident and Milas in his Cancer battle. We will never forget you so upset .
Posted by Geoffrey Mills on April 13, 2021
This is terribly sad news and we send our heartfelt sympathy to everyone at the Practice and to all Carol's family.
We first met Carol in a totally non veterinary context but once the connection was made our dogs were never going to be cared for by anyone else, that's Ben (a rescue), Lois a retired Guide Dog with epilepsy and Debbie ( a Guide Dog retired 'for lack of motivation '- that made Carol laugh-)
Carol was a wonderful vet, wise and caring and a lovely person.Anne and I will miss her terribly.
Posted by Susan Davis on April 12, 2021
Jess and I were just talking about Carol this morning because we had not seen her for awhile. Our 6 dogs and 2 cats have all had wonderful care for these past 30 years from her and we are devastated by this sad news. She will be missed and remembered for all the kindness, knowledge, humour and understanding she gave us when we saw her in the good and difficult times. Thank you Carol.
Posted by Holly Soper-Doyle on April 12, 2021
To Carol's family, the Hills team and all her friends. I was heartbroken to hear the news regarding the loss of such an incredible lady. As so many have written before she was the most wonderful straight talking vet, who cared so deeply for all she met. Its an honour to have had you treat our dog and I hope you get to enjoy watching the legacy you have left behind.

Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Holly Soper
Posted by Dorothy Irving on April 12, 2021
So very sad to hear about Carol. She was truly a one-off and will be sorely missed, both professionally and personally. Over 35 years she looked after 5 of our cats and once, memorably, a goldfish. She was generous with her time, advice and help, and good humoured even when a grumpy Horrid tried to slash her. Our love and thoughts are with her family and colleagues. With love from The (Bad) Cat and his predecessors
Posted by jen hunt on April 12, 2021
A fount of knowledge, a common sense approach, a sense of humour, sensitivity and empathy and an obvious love of animals - what more could anyone ask for in a vet?
After thirty years of encountering her reassuring presence on entering the practice we feel such a loss.
Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time.
Posted by Monica Bloxam on April 12, 2021
Couldn’t have wished for a kinder person to look after our many rescue dogs. The best diagnostician, gentle, understanding , no nonsense. We shall really miss you.
Posted by Animal Aid and Advice on April 12, 2021
Carole Hill has been our charity’s vet for many years. She was a no nonsense vet who always told you how things were. Sometimes just a shake of the head and a gentle no, we knew what she meant, as we said goodbye to some poor cat with no hope.
She was sensitive to people’s feelings, to know when to be serious, but also with a wicked twinkle in her eye and a great sense of humour. Carole called us in once and instead of our name she called out the cats’s name knowing that it would raise a laugh with other waiting clients and with her cheeky grin on her face, called out ‘Fat Chops’. Smiles all round.
We would often hear her laughing with a client, she loved her work, she loved the people and the people loved her. 
We are sure that her sense of fun and the laughter at the surgery will echo around the walls for some time to come.
Her kindness, compassion and her humour, will be sadly missed by all who knew her.
Our condolences to her family, from all at Animal Aid & Advice

Posted by Victoria Casey Fierro on April 12, 2021
We are very sad to hear Mrs Hill has died. She was an incredible vet and a human being. We always felt totally reassured by her in every way. She was an instinctive vet that felt what each animal needed. She was truly special.
Our thoughts and love are with her family and colleagues.
Posted by kay grant on April 12, 2021
This is such sad news. Mrs Hill was a wonderful Vet and a lovely, lovely person. when I introduced myself to her as a neurotic cat owner she replied "Good, we love cats here". There was absolutely thing wrong with the cat I had taken to the surgery, Mrs Hill didnt make me feel stupid but understood my love for my for my pet. I am sure she made everyone feel this way and this is why she was unique and will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with her family and friends. You will not be forgotten Mrs Hill
Posted by Jennifer Robinson on April 11, 2021
Thank you for your dedication
Rest in peace
Posted by Katherine Smith on April 11, 2021
Dear dear Mrs. Hill,
I didn't know you as long as so many have but you still made such an impact. I met you just over 13 years ago with a 7 week old black lab, Storm, and was heavily pregnant at the time. I was immediately reassured by your professional and no-nonsense approach. You were definitely my sort of woman! Over the past 13 years you and your team looked after and cared for Storm. We couldn't fault any of you.
Unfortunately Storm was really struggling and I called to say I think it was time to let her go. I was told one of the vets would call me back to discuss. I really didn't want to bring her in to the vets and leave her there. You called me back. It seemed so right that it was you as you were the first vet to see her. 
I started rambling about my reasons for the decision and you kindly interrupted with a 'It's time'. You made it so much easier for me. You also arranged for a team to come to our house and put her to sleep in our garden. You even drove them here. I remember waving to you at the car when they took her away. Your face said everything I needed to hear. And that was just 23 days ago. Thank you , thank you, thank you. It will never be enough and now I will never be able to pass on those sentiments in person. 
Posted by Sue Painter on April 11, 2021
I have known Carol Hills for a quite a few years now as our vet and over the years she has treated numerous family pets and became part of our family safety net. She was always there at times of special need or difficulty and would sort things out for our pets, making us all feel safe, Carol had a special intuition with the animals she cared for, solving their issues in the kindest and most compassionate way. I often bumped into her at Coldfall Wood, she would be standing alone, knowingly waiting for her family's little dog to eventually come back, which it always did! We would discuss living with dogs and good safe places to walk.
This family of humans and pets will really miss her. The Scully family with Cloud and Ollie. ( Lily, Spud, Sky, Jenny, Charlie, Archie, Micha, Precious, Kylie, and Molly whose lives were all the better for Carol Hills. 
Posted by Gillian Sloam on April 10, 2021
My dear friend Carol,
I can’t believe you are no longer amongst us and your beloved family.
You phoned just three weeks ago for a usual hours chat saying how much better you felt and were thinking of going back to work shortly.
We’ve known each other for forty years since meeting at the school gates and shared so many happy times together from children playing together, hospital visits with the boys, rugby tours, chess, yoga and coming over afterwards to ours for one of Brian’s delicious curries.
We celebrated our children’s weddings together.
We even played tennis doubles badly....... roaring with laughter.
Not many people know this. Just as well.
And as for Tony’s legendary Sunday roast barbecue...... with constant open house.
Your qualities as a friend and as a Human Being are too many to mention.
It’s taken me some time to be able to write this as I see your wicked smile, raised eyebrows and laughter.
So many treasured shared times.
Now out of pain. But always in our hearts.
Posted by Anna Beber on April 10, 2021
Dear Mrs Hill,
I met you as a work experience student at when I was just 14. You very kindly welcomed me into your consult room. I had wanted to be a vet from age of 4 and you changed my life by giving me the opportunity to see practice with you. Now over 20 years later I am a vet and still think of things I learnt from you. From your life experience you passed on many pieces of wisdom that cannot be learnt at university or from a textbook. To be a vet like you with your knowledge, clinical expertise and above all kindness was my aim then and still is.
Thank you for everything
Posted by Sue Roach on April 10, 2021
Dear Mrs Hill,

I'm sorry, I always behaved badly when I came to see you, but I'm enormously grateful for all you did for me, with my poorly eyes, etc. My mum (Sue Roach/Freeman) wanted you to live longer than she did so that she could bring all of us to you. You've been an important part of our family's life and well-being for over 30 years. Thank you for everything.

Rest in peace. Biffa and all my predecessors.
Posted by Dee Cullen on April 9, 2021
Very sad to hear of the passing of Carol
Hill what a wonderful vet she was. She was great with us and our various cats over the years and she completely understood that bond we have with them. Sincerest condolences to her family and colleague; such a big loss. Her legacy is great.
Posted by Joan Walker on April 9, 2021
We are so sad to hear of the passing of Carol Hill. The best vet ever. She totally understood our cats and our concerns and always went the extra mile to give the best treatment. Her care for animals and their humans was extraordinary. Our condolences to her family and loved ones.
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Posted by Shaun Leane on May 7, 2021
As a family we are so saddened by the loss of Carol. She was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. Not only has she taken care of our pets over the decades she took care of us in those sad times when our beloved pets passed on.
For me she was a kind rock who held my hand through some very sad times.
Carol was a truly beautiful Human Being and a soul like hers that shone so brightly, will never dim.
Rest in peace dear Carol
Posted by Indra B on May 7, 2021
Am sure Mrs Hill's beautiful legacy will continue with such a great team of vets and nurses and everyone else who works there. Was so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember fondly when she told me my cat was bossying me at the time. She was so right and it still makes me smile.
Having seen so many people attend the lovely tribute / procession, am sure many will keep her in their heart.

Wishing her family and friends strength in this challenging time.
Indra & Pippa
Posted by Julia Somerville on May 7, 2021
So very sad to hear the news about Carol. A shock, as I didn’t know she was ill.
We’ve been bringing our cats, hamsters and rabbits to Hills Vets since 1982. For all these years Carol has been such a friendly, reassuring and tender nurturer of our pets. She had a wonderfully sunny and humorous manner. You always came out of her surgery feeling that everything was going to be alright.
My deepest condolences to her family and to all you wonderful people at Hills Vets.
I’m sure the spirit of Carol will live on.
Recent stories
Shared by Lys de Beaumont on May 6, 2021
What sad news. I think I’ve been to Carol and her vets with one animal or other for over 40 years. Lovely to see the photographs. Condolences to Fiona and the staff at Hills. 

A special person

Shared by Vicki Leonard on April 22, 2021
Lovely lovely Mrs Hill. As my husband Peter (Moore) has already written, she was always Mrs Hill to us.
I feel privileged to have known her for the 20 years she looked after our dogs, first Rocky then Ted. She was so unbelievably kind and supportive when Rocky became old and frail and we were guided by her wisdom as to when we should let him go.
We will miss her humour, her humanity, her knowledge. We held her in the utmost esteem, as a vet and as a person. 

A Wonderful Lady

Shared by Lisa McKenzie on April 20, 2021
Carol has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. All those happy childhood years playing on the climbing frame with the Hill kids (Sarah, Peter & Fiona) in the garden at Blake Rd, sleepovers, trips to the zoo, Knebworth House, Broxbourne swimming, endless picnics ..evenings kicking back in the Grove Ave kitchen having a good old chin wag and a good feed.. I was always made welcome; Carol truly was like my second mum. Her endless humour, kindness, and the support she gave both to me and my family over the years, was insurmountable. She was a wonderful family friend and it was an utter privilege to have known her.  My mother Mary and I will miss her dearly.