Carol was a much adored mum, granny, vet and wife who filled so many people’s life with love, fun and wisdom. She was a ray of sunshine whose 77 years were cut short by cancer. She was a north london legend whose ability to connect with people and make a difference to their lives was remarkable.  We will miss her energy, her friendship and her hugs.  We will remember her forever and would welcome people to share their memories. 
Posted by Trilby Lacey on April 8, 2021
I have such fond and treasured memories of Carol and ‘the Hills’ from a happy childhood in Muswell Hill: our families spent many fun hours/ days/ weekends together at school activities, rugby, chess, down at the ‘Rec, swimming, ice-skating and just hanging out at each other’s houses... Such a lovely, welcoming, fun and positive person, Carol was always at the heart of everything with a fantastic smile and a tray of meringues or fairy cakes! Sending much love to Tony and the family. Trilby xxx
Posted by Susan Downer on April 8, 2021
So sad to hear the news of Mrs Hill we have truly lost a legend. She helped keep my Springer Spaniel Lara going for about 4 years with diabetes. She taught me so much about a diabetic dog. When Lara was going blind she said that won’t be a problem she not going to read any books to which we both laughed. I would phone Mrs Hill if Lara wasn’t well give her the reading and she would tell me what to adjust the insulin too or not to give her the insulin. When Lara had to go to sleep we sat on the floor with her i cried but we sat their with her for about a hour & talked and laughed about Lara . Mrs Hill was so understanding & compassionate . Condolences to all Mrs Hills family and Colleagues at the practice. R.I.P Mrs Hill
Posted by Judy Wheeler on April 8, 2021
I don't really know how to start..what to say..Carol came into my life when I was 16 years old. I am 67 now so that's along time..a lot of memories. Through all that long time Carol was with me.She was the first person outside of family that I told I was pregnant..I was 20years old..unmarried..and a bit of a "black sheep was was the ONLY person..first word she said..CONGRATULATIONS!!..The first present my baby got was a fluffy chick for her pram..from Auntie Carol. and immediately my Claire became a Hill.How blessed and privileged were were..(I still have the chick)..Carol was Claire's godmother.."fairy God mother "as my dad called her..and Claire still calls her..And that's the thing..Carol crossed boundaries with my dad..not an easy man in a lot of ways..but when my mum died 24 ...claire 3..Carol took my dad into her special aura of love..and of course softened and soothed his soul..too too much to say..convey..When MY baby had Her baby..precious Luke.
Carol was His Auntie of the Hills
All I know is that it is far far too huge for me to process that this bright strong constant force of love and strength has left us.Sarah..Peter..Fiona..I've known you all your lives..and I can't imagine what pain you are all feeling..I love you all so so much..thank you for sharing your mum with me and MY babies
Posted by Claire Mcintyre on April 8, 2021
A truly wonderful kind lady so caring towards us owners and so understanding of the importance of the animals she cared for to us. She was always so gentle with our cats and somehow they always knew they were in the right hands. Will always be grateful to Mrs Hill and all at Hills vets for being there at some of the scariest and saddest times of our lives. Sending love and condolences to all her family and those who knew and loved her. xxxxx
Posted by Louise Kennedy on April 8, 2021
Carol, was a regular at the Saturday Gospel Oak yoga class. She was a dedicated practitioner and brought warmth, steadiness and a lightness of spirit to the classes. She will be much missed.
Posted by Vince Cook on April 8, 2021
Carol Hill was a shining light.

Our little Boston Terrier Roxy was diagnosed with a brain disease that devastated the whole family, Carol was there to guide and support us through this extremely difficult time even out of hours Carol would call us to offer advice and check on our little Roxy’s wellbeing.

Carol was warm and showed empathy, a very sincere person and it clearly showed that for her it was more than just a job, we will never forget Carol and know that she will be sorely missed by all.

Where ever you may be, your light will be shinning very bright.

We thank you so much for all you done for us.

Marie & Vince Cook

Posted by Roger Newell on April 8, 2021
Carol and Tony became our neighbour at 98 Blake Road back in 1970 or 1971 (I cannot remember which) when I was a teenager. Carol very quickly became my mother's best friend for the rest of Mum's life. My mother Joan was welcomed so generously into being a big part of Carol's extended Hill family. When our old cat became ill and eventually died in 1977 I know Carol went out of her way to help as a friend as well as a vet and found us two new cats Bella and Donna. After Carol and the Hill family moved to Grove Avenue she came round to see Mum at least once a week for so many years. Carol was so easy to talk to and gave you such good advice almost without realising that was what she was doing. Mum and Carol made so many trips to their shared passions of cinema, theatre and being involved with children and younger people. Carol's ability to relate to all age ranges was truly exceptional. When Mum became ill with Alzheimers and I gave up work to look after Mum, Carol was a fount of advice and wisdom in helping me look after Mum. I looked forward very much to the weekly phone calls over so many years. She was incredible in giving me a break once a week to allow me to go to football (Spurs) and call in on Mum as well as being Granny to her many grandchildren. Frankly I do not know how she managed to multi task so successfully. Carol's cakes and as a host for roast dinners at Christmas time were unparalleled. . Carol was a fantastic neighbour, vet and friend to me and Mum as indeed are all the Hill family. I have found it very difficult to put into words what I feel about Carol. So I will just finish by saying I cherished every moment of my time with Carol and am sure her family will carry on her fantastic legacy.
Posted by Sue Goddard on April 8, 2021
I was so sad to hear the news about Mrs Hill. We have used Hill's veterinary surgery in Crouch End for all our dogs. Our memories are mainly around when it was time for our dogs to cross over that Rainbow Bridge. Rather than make our dogs scared by coming into the surgery, Mrs Hill showed great empathy and compassion and would deliver that final injection with our dogs in the boot of our car. Helped keep them calm. Helped us keep our grief private. Such a lovely and kind lady. Such a huge loss. Sending our deepest condolences to Mrs Hill's family. Love from The Goddard Family.
Posted by Tracy Griffiths on April 8, 2021
It's taken me 3 days to write on here and i still don't know what to say.
Carol was the most wonderful woman.
A fantastic vet and boss.  I felt so very lucky to have worked for her.

I can't imagine the loss that you must all be feeling. 
She was the kind mum that i could only of dreamed of having.
Sleep well Carol, the world is a poorer place without you in it. 
Posted by Nicky Thompson on April 7, 2021
So sorry for your loss. Carol and the team she built diagnosed my cat and cared for him for many years to the end of his life. This was many years ago now but I still think of her fondly and I’m very grateful for her service to me, my cat and to her community. It is clear she was very well loved and respected not just by me but by everyone around her. I send my love to her colleagues, friends and family x
Posted by Chris Hughes on April 7, 2021
Sadly missed. Fondly remembered. A life well lived, indeed! R.I.P
Posted by Heather Boardman on April 7, 2021
I joined Hill’s Practice in 1990 and always tried to book in with Carol (Mrs) Hill. She looked after my three cats and more recently my dog, Bella. Her warmth, kindness and generosity of heart and mind was so special. She was so much a part of what makes living here so wonderful.  I returned to Crouch End after a period of absence a few years ago and in my first conversation with her told her she was a legend!
RIP dear, dear Mrs Hill.
You will be sorely missed.
Posted by Julie Cummings on April 7, 2021
A wonderful lady
So kind and caring.
Every time I had a reason to visit her with my pets I was put at ease. My current Westie really loved her and would refuse to leave her surgery without a ‘Thrive’ treat.
Carol was the BEST VET IN THE WORLD.
I will miss her warm welcome.
God bless , rest in peace you beautiful lady xx
Posted by Judy Manson on April 7, 2021
I have a vivid memories of Mrs Hill on the floor talking to Buddy our dog persuading him to let her look down his ears. She saw him almost every week for about a year and he loved her, always coming in with his tail wagging. She was a wonderful vet and her kindness and compassion shone through. We will miss her so much
Judy Tony and Buddy
Posted by Rachel Platz on April 7, 2021
Carol Hill came highly recommended over 30 years ago from my Aunty Flo She used to travel on the bus from Tufnell Park with her cats.
Carol Hill made you feel so welcome and gave such great care, sound advise and listened. She made heart wrenching decisions bearable with her kindness.
She was also the only vet who won over a very difficult Manchester terrier.
I thank you and feel it was a privilege to have known you.
I send my condolences to your family. We will really miss you.
Love Rachel and Phil
Dogs Leo and Alfie
Posted by The Sly's on April 7, 2021
We moved to this area 33 years ago and signed up at Hill's vet practice. Over the years Carol has helped and advised us in the most sensitive of moments. Carol was an amazing, caring and compassionate woman and vet. Her passing is an enormous loss to not only us pet owners but to the community as a whole. Thank you Carol for everything, we will miss you so very much.
With love from the Sly family
(and a special thank you from Smartie, Humbug, Rolo, Buttons, Liquorice, Bandit, Rocky, Skittles, Jaffa and Echo)
Posted by Rosemary Cook on April 7, 2021
Carol was a compassionate vet for both the animals she treated and their owners. Will be sadly missed. Condolences to her family.
Posted by Claire Lehain on April 7, 2021
I first met Carol with our wedding present kittens 35 years ago. Since then, she has knowledgeably and sympathetically treated all our cats and dogs with her usual common sense often administered from floor level. So sorry for you Fiona, family, Anita and Hill's.
Posted by Mick Farrant on April 7, 2021
So sad - Mrs Hill looked after our cats, one for almost 23 years. She and her practice were second to none and a legend of vet practice in our neighborhood. She will be sadly missed
Posted by Laurie Vanian on April 7, 2021
I was absolutely devastated to hear that Mrs. Hill has passed. My heart goes out to Mr Hill, Fiona, Anita and everyone at Hill’s. I’ve been bringing my cats to Mrs. Hill for almost 35 years. She managed to keep them all going to grand old ages despite many illnesses. I always thought of her as a 'hands-on country vet' who gently cared for animals and humans alike. She always had time to answer any questions despite having a waiting room full of clients. I had to return to the USA for three years with my gang of cats in tow. One of the people I missed the most was Mrs. Hill! I could not find another vet like her. She was a very special person and will be sorely missed.
Posted by Jill Donker Curtius on April 7, 2021
We were so incredibly sad to hear of Carol Hills untimely passing. What a wonderful woman, what a fantastic vet. How lucky we were to have had her looking after all our pets for over thirty years. We will never forget her. Sending our deepest sympathies to all her family and friends at this time. Rest in Peace Mrs Hill.
Posted by Karen Heath on April 7, 2021
Oh, what are we all going to do without wonderful Carol? This is the most devastating news that so very many people were hoping would never happen. We were all so shocked to hear that someone so full of life and energy could become ill like that-it did not seem possible and so many tears were cried but we hoped it would all be ok.

I knew Carol for around 30 years and she was just always there with her indomitable good spirit and common sense with a big helping of great humour on the side! Nothing was ever too much. She was such a huge support over the years with all my rescue animals which amounted to 100s as well as my own beloveds. She saw them come into our lives and and she compassionately and calmly helped us say goodbye. She could make any heartbreaking situation be the best it could possibly be and that is how she always was in life-the best she could possibly be. ❤️

My heartfelt condolences to Fiona and the family, the surgery family and all her many many friends. We will all miss her terribly. ❤️
Posted by Chris Beard on April 7, 2021
Mrs Hill was our vet for many many years. More years than I care to remember. She was truly a wonderful vet and human. it was clear that she loved the animals under her care. Without her loving care many pets would have not had such a wonderful life. Without Mrs Hill we would not have our beloved dog Russet who has made such a difference in my life. Mrs Hill would go the extra mile even if that meant visiting patients home because they were too scared to travel by car or bus. She was truly a legend of London and will be sorely missed.  Mrs Hill will always be the animals hero. May she rest in peace and thanks for all the loving care you have provided to my countless animals companions
Posted by Dinah Gallop on April 7, 2021
A warm person and a wonderful vet with tremendous empathy for both animals and people.
Posted by Gillian Clowes on April 7, 2021
Devastated to hear the incredibly upsetting news about Mrs Hill. She was the best vet ever, always gave wonderful advice with a dash of humour and compassion. I will never forget her wonderful care of Bluey and latterly Pepper, she will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with her family at this very, very sad time.
Posted by Jackie Pointon on April 7, 2021
I was gutted to hear of her passing. I will not only remember the help she gave on our animals but the fantastic meringues she used to make when we were small. A family friend and godmother. Rest in peace.
Posted by Marion Kemp on April 6, 2021
My very dear and old friend was so special, knowing her pre children, we had so many laughs, we even learnt to swim together. I could always talk to her about anything, we had so many laughs, now she is at rest, I can only cry for my dear and lovely friend who I will never see again
Posted by Ann Morris on April 6, 2021
Where do I start to explain how much I will miss her. She looked after all the animals and humans in her care with compassion, humanity and humour. She had the ability to compound your belief that your pet was as unique and special as you believed them to be. She has a place in my heart forever, my sympathies to her family, colleagues, friends and all of us who will miss her. RIP and thank you ❤️
Posted by Helen Betham on April 6, 2021
Carol has looked after all my cats for 30 years since I was 6 years old with the utmost love and understanding for every one of them as individuals. The last time I saw her was last summer, when a friend and former staff member patched together her number from memory to let her know I was looking for an out of hours vet when my beloved 18 year old boy had suddenly rapidly declined on a Saturday night. She rang me immediately, without question came straight round (trusting the care I had taken over the pandemic) and he was able to peacefully leave us in his favourite place, snuggling on my chest at home. It doesn’t bear thinking about how this would have gone for him, and so many she’s done the same for before him, not to mention their owners, without this magical woman. She understood that pets are as much our family as people, and with her wonderful lifelong care she truly was part of ours too.
Posted by pamela marre on April 6, 2021
50 years ago we were regulars at Tony and Carol Hills' place with our cats and those of other people! for 20 years they were our vets until our last cat died. They were truly wonderful wonderful vets who could strike up a rapport with any animal, no matter how wild or flighty or difficult. They were wonderful vets and wonderfully kind people. I will never forget coming and seeing them operating on a dog with the three children sitting round, watching. We haven't had any animals for 30 years but still remember them well and, if we ever get another pet, would certainly come back to the surgery, expecting that it will operate along the same wonderful lines as it is still in the family. So so sorry to hear of the passing of Carol - too young, too young.
Posted by Barbara Lillford on April 6, 2021
Where to start...? I've been taking my animal pals to Carol since 1978. I think that must have been quite soon after the Hills opened their practice. Many house moves later, I now live far from Crouch End, but I wouldn't consider taking my animals anywhere else, and I've always booked to see Carol if possible. She is (I can't say 'was' ) quite simply, extraordinary. Her ability to connect with every animal, as a unique individual, was incredible, and beautiful to witness. She managed to combine wonderful warmth and reassurance, with total professionalism, and was somehow able to convey both good and bad news with love, empathy and practicality. Over the years I grew to love her, and I am devastated beyond measure that she is no longer with us. I have a strong belief that we continue life after our time on earth is complete, behind a veil that we who are still on earth cannot see, and I feel certain beyond all shadow of a doubt that Carol will soon be busy, if she's not already, helping the animal souls who have left this earth! My heart goes out to all her family, friends and colleagues; if I am finding her passing so difficult to bear, I cannot imagine how they are coping. Much love to you all. ❤
Posted by Marjan Debevere on April 6, 2021
Thank you Carol for the unwavering support you have shown me and my animals over the past 25 years. Never have I met another human being as compassionate and caring for animals and people alike. I was in my early 20’s when I first met you and you fast became a hero of mine. You encouraged me to work in animal welfare. When I decided to go back to college in my 40’s to become a cat behaviourist, you encouraged me more than my own mother could. You always took the time to explain medical issues in depth with me. You were an oracle of wisdom and my biggest supporter. You didn’t only teach me how to care for animals but you also taught me how to say goodbye to them. For that, I will be forever grateful. I have no doubt our cats will miss “auntie Carol” as much as I will. My deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved her. The world just lost a legend.
Posted by Helen Poplett on April 6, 2021
We were honoured to call Carol Hill our family vet for almost 20 years. She was, without doubt, the most talented, caring and intuitive vet I have ever met. She greeted each animal like a little friend, and with her pockets full of treats and her complete focus on the wellbeing of her patients, as she sat down on the floor next to them, she made every animal feel safe, loved and cared for. She had a special soft spot for rescues, and as a result our bill upon leaving the practice was always a little light for it.
Both Mollie and Lottie adored her, and I would have chosen no one else to guide them to the conclusion of their lives.
My heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, and everyone at the practice.
Posted by Sally Kiernan on April 6, 2021
Just the kindest , loveliest , empathetic lady there was , she put you at ease and nothing was too much trouble ,the original Mrs Doolittle who genuinely loved animals , She will be hugely missed
Sending love and thoughts to her family and staff x
Posted by Josette Simon on April 6, 2021
Carol was the most amazing vet. She looked after our cat and our dog. I enjoyed seeing her for her expertise, care and attention to our family pets. And also simply because she was so lovely to be around. I always felt uplifted after seeing her. Not just because of gratitude for addressing whatever ailments had brought us to seek her help, but her warmth, good humour and delightful spirit was always a tonic. We will miss you Carol. Thank you for everything you did for our animals and for what your remarkable spirit did to us. Josette, Maisie, Millie and Milo. xxx
Posted by Anthoulla Nicolaides on April 6, 2021
Dear dear Carol, you will be sorely missed, not only by me but also my two cats, the care you took of Joe, who you called “his lordship” was touching and 2nd to none. Thank you for the generous and sincere care of Joe & Ralphy over the years, and for the funny and interesting chats we had together. You will be remembered with love.

Sincere condolences to all of Carol’s family and friends.
Posted by Nikki Diacopoulos on April 6, 2021
Carol was such an amazing vet. She took time to get to know every animal. She had a soft spot for our cat Tiggy. Carol would always have a laugh when I brought in a stray animal. The look on her face when I brought in a chick we had at work was a picture. She will be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Jen Langdon on April 6, 2021
I am so thankful. For you, Carol. For the times you and your family welcomed me into your home. Sarah has been a close friend for 25 years but not once did you ask why I was there at random times. Or if I was staying for dinner. At some of the hardest times in my young life you gave me hugs and said “just sit down”. The Christmas dinner, the random drop ins. Such warmth and kindness. You were incredible. You really were and always will be.
Posted by Marietta Martin on April 6, 2021
It was devastating news hearing Carol had passed. Carol has been our superloving caring Vet for at least 40 years. She has consoled me many times over the years by helped our lovely pets cross over to Pet Heaven. Carol will now be smiling down on us all surrounded by all the animals she has looked after over the years. She will be missed but will always have a place in my heart. Rest in Peace lovely lady.
Posted by Jacqueline Coffey on April 6, 2021
I am truly saddened to hear you have passed. You looked after many of my dogs over 30+ years. You were one amazing vet, one amazing lady, one beautiful soul . Your dedication to your clients 4 legged or 2 is what made you the most wonderful vet and human being the likes of I am never likely to meet again in my lifetime and I wanted to thank you carol from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a safe and peaceful onward journey and my heart and love goes to your family and all at Hills ❤️
Posted by Cathy Philipp on April 6, 2021
I was lucky enough to be another of the stray Kiwis that Carol welcomed into her home when I first moved to London.

I’ll never forget her warmth and kindness in taking me in and making me feel cared for and welcome. From the many Chinese Fridays and Sunday roasts to spending Christmas with the family and being included on a family holiday to Cheddar gorge, her generosity and friendship meant so much to me especially when I was new to London and feeling lonely. I feel so lucky to have known Carol and am so sad that she’s no longer buzzing around Muswell Hill spreading her particular kind of Carol magic to those who come into her life.

My love and thoughts are with Tony, Fiona, Sarah, Peter and the family xx
Posted by Jane Corbett on April 6, 2021
Carol was a life giver, a warm, funny, wonderful friend, an animal whisperer, a wise woman , amazing mother and grandmother, rubber woman when it came to yoga, and so much more. You will be deeply missed, dear Carol. Rest in peace
Posted by Patricia Shaw on April 6, 2021
Carol the highlight of every week was our trip to Lucy’s yoga group. It was a scary drive, but we had such fun. Your love for your children and grandchildren and empathy and interest in mine , was the glue to our friendship. You made time for everyone, friends and animals. Always full of energy and ready to help make their lives better. You will be missed terribly , but I feel privileged to have had a friend like you for nearly forty years.
Posted by Miranda Jokel on April 5, 2021
How lucky am I that my family moved next door to you. You became my Mum's best friend and the go to person for dog advice, man advice and child advice for me. When I left my ex, you just handed me a bundle of useful things for my totally empty, new home. Always on the end of a phone, if I needed help with Banjo. Always a big smile and warm hug when I came back home to visit. You were an exceptional human being and loved by everyone. You will be greatly missed by me and the boys. Thank you for everything you did for us. x
Posted by Pamela Wilson on April 5, 2021
Dearest & most treasured Carole...Just struggling so much to believe & accept your not here anymore...Your amazing uniqueness,I’m sure could never be encountered in any other human being.Your thoughtfulness, kindness & generosity went above & beyond anything I’ve ever known,I look back on wonderful memories you created, just one example, when Mum was coming up to her 60th Birthday, you were on the phone with such splendid plans, tickets to The Lion King, spending the most wonderful weekend at Grove Avenue, your amazing food,I’ll never forget the chicken pie you made us,I’m sure the recipe originated from Claridges! It’s 18yrs on now & I still remember how delicious & the fabulous scrambled egg on the toasted “Dunnery” & on other occasions since, when you would nip out as we were stirring & return with the most spectacular croissants from “Maison Blancs” And showing us all the wonderful London sights, including a trip on “The Eye” & delights of Covent Garden-what an experience for us “country Bumpkins” everything so wonderful to experience & enjoy. I look around my home & garden & even my wardrobe & I’m adorned with such treasures you have gifted me over the years & even in February this year, when you certainly had enough troubles going on-yet another spectacular gift & card arrived in the post for my Birthday.Striding out walking “Star” dog you would call & your energy & enthusiasm was just oozing as always in your conversation...You will be forever be in our hearts & minds Carole, just can’t stop thinking about you...your beloved Warhurst Fold has just sprung to mind & how generous you were allowing us to stay there while we built our new home, we will be forever grateful, otherwise we may of been in a caravan or squashed in with in-laws,it was so perfect to be in your special & sentimental Derbyshire cottage, we could never thank you enough Carole..And finally my thoughts are so much with Sarah,Peter & Fiona & all your wonderful & treasured family, it’s beyond words how much you will be missed Carole, your unique sparkle, energy, love & zest for life & thoughtful care for those around you was truly phenomenal,Love you always, such “sunshine” XXX
Posted by Ashleigh Bartlett on April 5, 2021
Dear Carol,
It is truly devastating to lose you, especially so close after my own beloved Nan. I've only know you a year but we went though the apocalypse together haha, as soon as I started at Hills I felt like I was home; my home from home. All I can hope is that I can help Fiona continue your legacy in the best way I can. You will never be I told you you even delivered my best friends first dog when she was in primary school!! In buddhist belief we dont end we move from one energy to another; your atoms are surrounding Hills and your family forever there and being part of all you care about xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Michele Deneulain-Keene on April 5, 2021
Oh Carol, I never imagined I would be writing this about you. You were so full of life and positivity that I thought you would go on for ever. In the 31 years I have known you, you were always there to give me support and advice. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen. Always a positive reponse when I felt I had a mountain climb and you diminished it to a mole hill. Working with you was such a pleasure as your rapport and empathy with clients and with their pets was so encouraging.
I remember seeing you doing a head-stand in the consulting room practising your yoga or doing your leg stretches on the table. You would breeze in on a Saturday lunchtime and organised chaos would erupt but we all knew that things would be sorted.
I am finding very hard to comprehend that I will not see you again but you will live forever in my heart and memories of which there are many.
Rest peacefully Carol but keep smiling that cheeky smile :)
Posted by Tara Kornhauser on April 5, 2021
Carol was a truly amazing and inspirational person. I have never met anyone who fitted so many things in a day. She was such a positive person so full of energy and enthusiasm. Many times I asked Carol's advice both in regard to myself and my animals and you could always rely on her no-nonsense, honest answer whilst at the same time showing incredible empathy. Her home exuded warmth and happiness and however busy Carol was, she always welcomed you in with open arms and a cup of tea. The world has lost a great soul and I personally will miss her very much.
Posted by Sam Newton on April 5, 2021
Bronwen and I find ourselves in the same stage of life as Carol and Tony when we joined the antipodean gang blessed by their extraordinary hospitality. Grove Ave serves as a model for us of the sort of home we want for our family and friends. We were so privileged to share Carol's love and care as the most amazing proxy Mum imaginable. The years have raced by but our memories of Carol are ever strong and treasured.
Posted by Ricky Knight on April 5, 2021
Mum's are for ever - Carol, once met: for ever loved. A truly remarkable woman who somehow managed to combine all the attributes of a 'successful' woman with being a fantastic mum with three extraordinary children and yet never be short of time, energy and interest in just about any/everybody who entered her/their busy London lives - and make them feel special. SHE was special. For ever in SO many people's hearts. Sarah, Peter, Fiona: all our love to you. You know how we all feel.
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Posted by Shaun Leane on May 7, 2021
As a family we are so saddened by the loss of Carol. She was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. Not only has she taken care of our pets over the decades she took care of us in those sad times when our beloved pets passed on.
For me she was a kind rock who held my hand through some very sad times.
Carol was a truly beautiful Human Being and a soul like hers that shone so brightly, will never dim.
Rest in peace dear Carol
Posted by Indra B on May 7, 2021
Am sure Mrs Hill's beautiful legacy will continue with such a great team of vets and nurses and everyone else who works there. Was so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember fondly when she told me my cat was bossying me at the time. She was so right and it still makes me smile.
Having seen so many people attend the lovely tribute / procession, am sure many will keep her in their heart.

Wishing her family and friends strength in this challenging time.
Indra & Pippa
Posted by Julia Somerville on May 7, 2021
So very sad to hear the news about Carol. A shock, as I didn’t know she was ill.
We’ve been bringing our cats, hamsters and rabbits to Hills Vets since 1982. For all these years Carol has been such a friendly, reassuring and tender nurturer of our pets. She had a wonderfully sunny and humorous manner. You always came out of her surgery feeling that everything was going to be alright.
My deepest condolences to her family and to all you wonderful people at Hills Vets.
I’m sure the spirit of Carol will live on.
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Shared by Lys de Beaumont on May 6, 2021
What sad news. I think I’ve been to Carol and her vets with one animal or other for over 40 years. Lovely to see the photographs. Condolences to Fiona and the staff at Hills. 

A special person

Shared by Vicki Leonard on April 22, 2021
Lovely lovely Mrs Hill. As my husband Peter (Moore) has already written, she was always Mrs Hill to us.
I feel privileged to have known her for the 20 years she looked after our dogs, first Rocky then Ted. She was so unbelievably kind and supportive when Rocky became old and frail and we were guided by her wisdom as to when we should let him go.
We will miss her humour, her humanity, her knowledge. We held her in the utmost esteem, as a vet and as a person. 

A Wonderful Lady

Shared by Lisa McKenzie on April 20, 2021
Carol has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. All those happy childhood years playing on the climbing frame with the Hill kids (Sarah, Peter & Fiona) in the garden at Blake Rd, sleepovers, trips to the zoo, Knebworth House, Broxbourne swimming, endless picnics ..evenings kicking back in the Grove Ave kitchen having a good old chin wag and a good feed.. I was always made welcome; Carol truly was like my second mum. Her endless humour, kindness, and the support she gave both to me and my family over the years, was insurmountable. She was a wonderful family friend and it was an utter privilege to have known her.  My mother Mary and I will miss her dearly.