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Shared by Lys de Beaumont on May 6, 2021
What sad news. I think I’ve been to Carol and her vets with one animal or other for over 40 years. Lovely to see the photographs. Condolences to Fiona and the staff at Hills. 

A special person

Shared by Vicki Leonard on April 22, 2021
Lovely lovely Mrs Hill. As my husband Peter (Moore) has already written, she was always Mrs Hill to us.
I feel privileged to have known her for the 20 years she looked after our dogs, first Rocky then Ted. She was so unbelievably kind and supportive when Rocky became old and frail and we were guided by her wisdom as to when we should let him go.
We will miss her humour, her humanity, her knowledge. We held her in the utmost esteem, as a vet and as a person. 

A Wonderful Lady

Shared by Lisa McKenzie on April 20, 2021
Carol has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. All those happy childhood years playing on the climbing frame with the Hill kids (Sarah, Peter & Fiona) in the garden at Blake Rd, sleepovers, trips to the zoo, Knebworth House, Broxbourne swimming, endless picnics ..evenings kicking back in the Grove Ave kitchen having a good old chin wag and a good feed.. I was always made welcome; Carol truly was like my second mum. Her endless humour, kindness, and the support she gave both to me and my family over the years, was insurmountable. She was a wonderful family friend and it was an utter privilege to have known her.  My mother Mary and I will miss her dearly.
Shared by Della Chivers on April 18, 2021
In 2004 just before Easter weekend the stray cat Tinkerbell I had been looking after had 4 beautiful kittens in my flat.

My life changed.

I was told by a friend that Hills Vets was the best place to take care of my cats. On my visit to Hills Vets I met the amazing Carols Hills and her beautiful daughter Fiona, also a fantastic vet. I thank God every day for the wonderful care and love given to my cats and me. So our Carol ‘Dolittle’ was an angel put on earth to help every animal who went to Hills or crossed her path and needed help. My last year has been one of praying for spiritual healing every day and texting Carol to keep in touch so Carol knew how much she was loved. I am only one of many who will always hold a special place in their heart for her.

Love for ever
Soo Tebbutt 

An exceptional vet and a lovely person

Shared by Peter Moore on April 12, 2021
Carol Hill, always Mrs Hill to me, as a sign of respect. She was our rock in a sea of innocence, always knowing she was someone reliable to cling to in the uncertain moments of our pet’s health. We will miss her dearly comforted only in the knowledge that her daughter Fiona will carry to torch of excellence exemplified by Hill’s Veterinary Practice.

The one and only Mrs Hill

Shared by Ruth Seglow on April 12, 2021
I had cats before we came to live in North London 33 years ago, but the only vet I remember is Mrs Hill. She was the kindest, gentlest, most sensitive cat lover and vet ever. It feels beyond belief to have to think I and my cats will never see her again. The last time I saw her was in July this year when she needed to put my beloved little grey cat, Indie, to sleep. Without a moment's hesitation, in the middle of the pandemic, she agreed to come and do this in my garden, because I said I couldn't bear to bring Indie to the surgery. And she did it in the most tender, gentle and loving way possible. Then, when she came out of hospital and had to relearn to walk, she phoned me out of the blue, and to my delight, ostensibly to talk about my cat's arthritis. She gave me sensible advice about my new half-Bengal kittens too and arranged for me to check in with her over the phone the following week. "Oh my god!" were her first words when she heard my kittens were half-Bengal! "Why?", I innocently enquired and she tactfully explained that they were very demanding of human attention. I've often thought since of those words of hers, and how very right she was! I shall miss her more than I can ever express.
My heart goes out to her family- it's lovely to see all the photos of her with them here- and to all the staff at her practice, whom I felt were her second family. She leaves a huge hole. Thank you, Mrs Hill, for everything- for all your care over so many years, and for the legacy you have left. 

Best vet anywhere

Shared by Cheryl Young on April 9, 2021
We will always have fond memories of Mrs. Hill, standing hands on hips, shaking her head as our Newfoundland Ruari dragged us towards her door, and straight to the drawer where she kept her biscuits.  She was brilliant with him, and when his time came (age 15 - a good age for a Newfie, due in large part to her care) she eased his passing with gentleness and compassion, for him and for us.  There will be a lot of people sad today who have reason to be very grateful to her professionalism and kindness.  

Compassion and dedication

Shared by Jacqueline Coffey on April 6, 2021
I remember 2 occasions I was at Hills waiting to be called in well my dog being called in using their full name I just tagged along. One occasion I was asked if I minded if an emergency could go before me and of course I said that’s fine. The emergency was 2 young lads (7 or 8) who had brought their Hamster in as it was not moving or would not wake up. The time she gave these lads to say their good byes the compassions and love shown was beautiful and I also remember her climbing in to the boot of an estate car t tend to a sick rottie dog who suffered with agoraphobia and could not come in to see her. That is true devotion and love for her job and the people she encountered every day

Wednesday the granny day.

Shared by Sam Hill on April 3, 2021
Come out of school tired annoyed when I see granny at the gate snack in hand my heart rejoices. Running to her every Wednesday go to Dunn’s get a quiche
I love them. She’d all ways get one she cheered me up all the way up so when I came home I was as happy as ever before.

Forever in our memories

Shared by Emily DeAbaitua on April 2, 2021
It is telling that my kids, who live in Manchester, know Carol too. She has been a second mum through my teenage years and I have so many happy memories of hanging out at Grove Ave. I don't have one story to share as it is just snippets of so many moments in my life. But pretty much most Friday nights from aged 15-18 were spent with/around Carol - the Chinese food arriving and then the Indian a bit later. Chatting, being open and not ever feeling judged. Laughter and tears. When life felt anxious and unknown, I always knew the safety of Grove Ave and everything Carol represented was there to catch us. Forever missed and always remembered. Emily x

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