Posted by heather german on March 24, 2017
MISS YOU Another year has passed i will remember all the fun and laughs never again will there be another person  like you  a true one off hope we meet again one day xX
Posted by heather german on March 29, 2016
Another Birthday Caroline you never liked the though of getting older and you will never be rememberd that way as you left many a good story to tell of your funny mad dramas of life  and  i remember you whisking robert off to Paris by plane for lunch and back in london by supper time and going to france by ferry and could only find a 200 pound glass crystal ashtray to bring back , and the words yes ill have that jumper in blue ,cream , pink as well please you shopaholic you .. i have a smile on my face now thinking about you u nutter xxxx
Posted by heather german on March 26, 2016
Miss you and all who knew you you mad crazy chic x
Posted by heather german on March 24, 2014
caroline many years have passed but memories will never fade you loved the drama and the spice of life i am glad i met you as you taught me anything can be possible if you try and to live life to the full .And to have a good drink and laugh and leave any problems behind as they were not that bad/big anyway you were an interesting character missed by all who knew the real caroline ....ching ching xxxxx
Posted by heather german on March 28, 2013
caroline you are missed so much by many and you have left so many tales to tell of your life by all who knew you , we will have a drink for your birthday today and rememmber some of the times we had ching ching bless you hunni
Posted by heather german on March 24, 2012
hi, caroline still in shock just finding out last year about you,we had good an bad times mostly good but i will always have the memories never will there be another Caroline you were a one off rest in peace the things we used to get up to well you were never boring see you again one day i hope heatherxxxx
Posted by heather german on December 13, 2011
good bye forever caroline the fun times we had will be with me forever iam sorry i was not in contact in your last days of illness to hold your hand and wipe your tear rest in peace babe with all the pets you have loved and lost and people who you have loved and lost including your dad xxxxxxx

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