Shared by MOLLIE BROWNE on March 13, 2020
Went back home this weekend. And while sharing stories and memories of childhood, we began looking at and measuring ourselves again in the kitchen door frame to update how tall we all had become. And then I see this! You always just fit in, wherever you went and coming home with me was no exception. You made your mark on our wall, just like my sister and I would whenever we went back home. Seeing your name there, picturing you standing there with your back to the door frame and me marking your height made me smile. Thank you for being a part of my life! I miss you. 
Shared by Alicia Petrinec on February 7, 2020
This is always how I will remember my dear friend Carolyn. Her silliness and fun personality. She was always full of life and positive energy. She always knew how to make her friends and love ones laugh. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts Carolyn. We will live on for you and celebrate your life with kindness and love. Thankful everyday for  your sincere friendship Carolyn. May you be at peace in Heaven and doing what you love most- running and singing. It gives us all comfort to know that you are in the arms of your loving father.

Funeral Bulletin

Shared by Amanda King on February 7, 2020
For those in the Buffalo area please join us tomorrow to celebrate the life of Carolyn Guinn Scheideman.

The Perfect Storm on a Perfect Day

Shared by Sarah Roberts on January 29, 2020
One time Caro came to visit me when I lived in Baltimore. We had a great day of walking around the city and laughing endlessly—we cracked each other up! That evening, we were out on my porch and there was tremendous wind. We could tell a storm was coming and we just both had a feeling we should watch it. All of the sudden, the sky turned a vibrant pink, and purple lightning began splicing through every few minutes. We were both amazed! Caro turned to me at one point, a huge smile on her face, and said, “This is the perfect storm on a perfect day!” I said, “Omg, it is!” And we hugged and giggled. 

I still think about that day and smile. I cannot believe you’re gone. I cannot believe I’ll never get a chance to send silly Snaps to you again. I’ll love you always. Remember the sugar cookie, Caro. Remember the sugar cookie. 

Dance Dance Revolution

Shared by MOLLIE BROWNE on January 28, 2020
Carolyn was on the road, I don't remember where she was heading back in 2011 but her travels brought her to Denver for a brief visit. It was amazing. We cry laughed all night long. Half the night had to of been taking goofy selfies with weird filters and the other half playing one of those dance video games. I'm not sure which made us laugh more, the selfies or her terrible dance moves. I love that girl so much but oh man, she had no rhythm. We would video her turns so we could rewatch them and laugh. Her energy was contagious and she lit up the room always. Love you girlie! 
Shared by Jaimie Terelo on January 27, 2020
My freshman year of college Carolyn lived across the hall. Her energy was contagious and we became fast friends.

Spring semester I was having a rough time and Carolyn came to my rescue. She invited me and another friend from our dorm to go visit Ben with her in Annapolis and go to an OAR concert with them.

That road trip was one of the best of my life. We got stuck waiting at a toll booth for like 10 minutes because the lady two cars ahead of us was "waiting for her ticket" at a booth where you just paid and went, no tickets given. I still always remember that moment every time I go through a tollbooth like that and I'll burst out laughing and say "I'm waiting for my ticket."

I still have the tshirt I bought at that concert, 16 years ago. 

My other favorite memory of you was when you were visiting Owego and we had gone to get lunch, I think from Wendy's. You were upset because they had forgotten to give you saltines for your chili. I told you I had a bunch at the apartment because I'd been on a saltine kick lately. You said what are you pregnant and I said yeah. Which subsequently nearly caused Julie to drive off the road.

I don't have a single memory of you that doesn't involve your infectious laughter and just positive energy, light, life, and fun. The world is a darker place without you in it.

Ombudsman phone

Shared by Ben Scheideman on January 27, 2020
When Carrie took over as ombudsman (family and dependant advocate) for Det Iwakuni, the previous ombudsman never returned the official phone. So John and Cassie Brasher did the logical thing and gave her several comically oversized phones.

Believe it or not, Carrie found a way to give herself a black eye with this, inflatable, phone.

Your incredible ability to give yourself minor injuries in the most unlikely ways is one of the many day to day things I will miss baby.

Angel on Earth

Shared by Marcia Scheideman on January 26, 2020
Carolyn gave my father (Ben's grandfather) and additional five years of life. During a weekend visit to Ben at the academy, Carolyn and Ben stayed with his grandparents in Columbia MD. Sunday morning Dad was "not feeling well" and laid down for a few minutes before going to church. Carolyn (and Ben's) calm take charge demeanor and quick action led to assessing the situation and despite Dad's protests to the contrary, called paramedics which led to week long hospital stay and heart procedure that saved his life. Those additional five years were precious to our whole family. Carolyn was our angel on earth and will remain so forever.

A true Yankee Southern friendship

Shared by MOLLIE BROWNE on January 26, 2020
I remember when I got the card in the mail with your name on it. "New York?! I got a Yankee for my roommate?!?!" Pretty sure those were my exact thoughts. Being from a tiny southern town, I did not expect this to go well. Then you called. We talked. It was a little awkward. But broke the ice enough to calm fears. Then we met at BC. I walked into our teeny tiny closet of a dorm and there you were, smiling, talkative, energetic, maybe even a little hyper, and welcoming immediately. That was it. I had no fears, worries, anything. I knew we were a perfect match. You definitely became my safety net, as I was not as outgoing as you. The memories from our time at BC, even though it was brief, are abundant, hilarious, questionable, filled with so much love. We definitely left our mark on that campus and gave Jones Hall a reason to re-evaluate rules for dorm life.  Even though our lives took us far apart, when we did talk or see each other at random times, after a long bear hug and lots of tears, we picked right back up where we left off. Like no time had passed. You have such a way of comforting people and giving those warm and fuzzy feelings to whomever you meet. You are my first ever "adult" friend. And I will cherish that friendship forever.   I love you Carebear!!!!♥️♥️
Shared by Becca Riopelle on January 26, 2020
I drove by today to drop off your Atticus books, and the neighbor told me what happened. I had just texted you on Sunday. 

I’m still in shock... I put up the Gemini puzzle I made at your house in my room; I think I lost 3 pieces on your lawn. I kept the card from the Marine Corps ball you were going to go to with me, and wear your purple dress the one from the wedding you went to in the states.

I wish I had drove by the week earlier, but that’s not what happened. I got some Freya Ridings songs on my phone now, a couple months ago.

i’m going to practice making my poems shorter like you said, so like people might actually read them. I’m so upset you’re not there. I have more I want to say, but, that’s it for now. This hurts so much.I love you. 


Shared by Jo Ellen Nutter on January 25, 2020
So vibrant, energetic, intelligent, caring. I will always remember you with a smile. Thank you for all of the love and affection you have shared with my family. Especially for all the night time feedings and hand holding during the arrival of H and S, our beloved twinkies.
I just cannot fathom that you are gone. I pray you into a place of peace and joy that is indescribable and immeasurable in human earthly terms. Laugh, Dance, Leap with Joy, be free Carrie.  You are loved and will be forever missed.  

You loved her so well. May you be comforted by our sharing in your grief. Hugging you from afar.

(Jake's Mom, Amanda"s Mother in law)

Sunfire Sessions

Shared by Mary Czaplicki on January 25, 2020
Carrie and I would have "Sunfire Sessions." We both had Pontiac Sunfires in high school, and we would just go drive to nowhere and just talk and vent for hours. Such a simple way to just hang out and be silly or talk about our problems. Man, what I wouldn't give for a Sunfire Session right now.

Japan Adventures

Shared by Kristen Wright on January 25, 2020
Carrie was one of the first people who I met in Japan and part of what became our squad of ladies who all could turn to each other as friends, confidants, shoulders to cry on, and cheering section. There are so many stories that I could tell of late nights in Tokyo and adventures around Atsugi, but in all of them what I most remember was Carrie's enthusiasm and love of adventure. She was a wonderful friend and an extraordinary person. I feel incredibly fortunate to have known her, and she will be deeply missed. 

Meeting Carolyn

Shared by Julie Ruterbusch on January 25, 2020
It was Fall Semester 2003 at SUNY Cortland.  Heather and I were in our dorm room in Alger Hall getting ready to go out on a Friday night with our new friend Colleen from down the hall.  She had invited a girl from one of her classes to come there we were picking outfits and doing our makeup, when suddenly, she made her entrance.  Carolyn came through the door and it was like a typhoon made of energy and fun and a few shots of vodka had arrived.  Our friendship was instantaneous, and I think we all knew that was just the first adventure of many with Carrie.  I wish we had more, and it’s heavy on my heart that it had been so long since the last one.  Cheers to you, my beautiful blue-eyed friend.  We will NEVER forget you. 
Shared by Jennifer Gross on January 24, 2020
      Carrie was one of my first and fastest friends in Japan. She was always up for an adventure, introducing me to many of my Japan firsts. She was that extra-fun friend… the one who owned a mechanical bull because people could always use a laugh. The person who kept champagne in stock, because you never know when you might have a reason to celebrate, a practice she said she learned from her father. She hosted spontaneous movie and guitar hero nights and invited over those of us whose spouses were deployed so we wouldn’t be lonely. Carrie could find a ridiculously perfect meme for any situation. She routinely made friends watch Abby the Spoonlady on youtube and suggested we start our own band complete with a washboard specialist, spoons soloist, and someone to play the triangle. This was the same person who was deeply moved by Halsey’s lyrical ballads and sincerely appreciated complex classical compositions. 

      I knew quickly that Carrie was an enigmatically complex and beautiful soul. She was one of the deepest feelers I’ve ever met; she carried others’ pain as her own. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that made them feel understood and cared for. She was quick to open her heart and home to anyone in need. Anyone who knew Carrie knew that she loved her people and her pug, Buster, fiercely. She often proudly shared pictures of her nieces and nephew, and, if I’m being honest, an equal number of Buster pics. In challenging times she would mention something thoughtful Ben had done and say, “How did I get so lucky?” I think it’s safe to say that anyone lucky enough to know Carrie felt appreciated and loved.

      My heart is filled with gratitude for your beautiful gift of friendship, Carrie. I will miss your silliness and sassiness, incredible facial expressions, your zest for life, scheming with you, and confiding in you. Know you are loved, dear friend. 

So welcoming!

Shared by Sarah Geary on January 24, 2020
Carolyn picked my husband, John, and I up from Narita airport. She brought us snacks, drinks and chu-hi. She shared fun stories of Japan and gave us the run down of the check in process. She made us feel so welcome! She filled our hotel room with food as well. She had a beautiful laugh, wonderful sense of humor, and always wore a smile. Our sincere condolences to Ben and Carolyn’s family. 
-John and Sarah Gear

We Wore Garbage Bags as Shoes

Shared by Jennifer Bhill on January 24, 2020
In Japan you were my person. The one I could share the parts of myself I didn't want to share with others. I was real with you. I can't believe you are gone and that it has been so long since we spoke. You were loved and you will be missed.

For those of you who have never had the privilege of living in Japan I will paint you a picture. Japan is a magical land where day drinking in public (as child-free twenty-something Americans) was as common as Hello Kitty. We had thyphooie (typhoon) parties. New Year's Eve sayonara events and "camping" in houses.

I met Carrie when she and Ben moved to Japan in the fall of 2008. I had been there for a few months already, a seasoned expert. Carrie was instantly the life of the party. With our husbands deployed, we wives were "left behind" and had to find our own fun. We formed our little group and lived life together.

One of our friends was crazy. Our friend (I will allow her to remain nameless) got a coveted spot in the Tokyo marathon. To clarify, she is not actually crazy, but is crazy in the way that all marathon runners are. So our group of girlfriends decided to go to cheer her on. We made posters with insane slogans and stayed over in one of the many Japan "crash-pads". The morning of the race started off moist. And what went from moist got to nasty-wet pretty soon.

Carrie and I were ill-prepared in the footwear department and our feet were getting wet. We, maybe me, maybe Carrie, had the bright idea of putting plastic garbage bags around our feet in order to keep the water away. It quickly became clear that our idea was not born out of genius, but the day drinking mentioned above. Our plastic bags quickly filled with water. We spent at least a half hour walking around with two bags of water on our feet.

Instead of being grumpy, she laughed. We laughed. It was a quintessential Carrie moment. When life was not perfect she always found a way to laugh. 

Love and prayers for Ben and the rest of the Guinn/Scheideman family. Carrie will be missed.

My Birthing Coach

Shared by Amanda King on January 24, 2020
Carrie, being the amazing and selfless person she was, offered to attend the birth of my twins in place of my husband, who was deployed at the time.  This unfortunately meant not being with Ben for Christmas that year, as he would already have made the move to Japan.  They were 100% supportive of the idea and she was able to stay with me and hold my hand throughout the births.  When the babies ended up being transported to another hospital via medevac, she stayed with me at the hospital and eventually drove me to be with them once I was released.  Once home, she scheduled my breast pump times, woke me up, held babies, cleaned up vomit, brought me food, gave me a shoulder to cry on when it was all too much, and tolerated my post partem grumpiness until it was time for her to go.  She did all this with every ounce of support she could muster.  She dealt with being away from Ben for Christmas, leaving him to fend for himself alone in Japan.  She was always ready to give herself to whatever you needed, and you didn't need to ask twice.  She was amazing in so many ways.  She had an endless amount of love to give.  She was the "Mavis" to my "Mable".  I'll miss her so much.  All my love C-Birdie - all my heart.

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