Her Life

Our Beautiful Sister


Our sister Carolyn would light up a room! She was bright, brilliant, charismatic and oh so humorous! Her laughter was contagious. She was confident in her abilities. Carolyn was known for reaching out to help others. In our family, Carolyn was always drawn to her nieces and nephews and loved children. She surrounded herself with people all her life and was always eager to make new friends. Facebook was a great way for her to keep in touch with family and friends. With being as talented and as intelligent as Carolyn was she explored the many possible career opportunities available to her and decided TV news would be her path. She anchored, produced and reported television news. As a family we have many broadcasting videos and in watching these we are so proud of her professionalism. It was exciting for us to turn the news on and watch her in action from all over Canada.   She was courageous to change her career and move to the US. She embraced new studies and was able to earn her Real Estate Broker’s License and start “McIntyre Realty” in Ft. Lauderdale. She was involved in a large condo complex where she personally sold 11 units. Once again she was in her element; utilizing all the characteristics that made her successful personally and professionally. All her adult life she had interest and was fully conversant in world news. No matter where Carolyn’s career took her she would gravitate towards a beach…..we believe that was her way of always feeling close to her home in Cape Breton Island. Carolyn had a lot of life in her life and we, as a family are sad that her life ended so soon.