Let the memory of Carolynn be with us forever.
  • 81 years old
  • Born on July 21, 1937 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Passed away on August 24, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carolynn Ross, 81 years old , born on July 21, 1937 and passed away on August 24, 2018. We will remember her forever.

Carolynn lived the last 7 weeks of her life at Kiko's Cottage. Kiko's was her first choice. They treated her as a loving family member. She liked the food and enjoyed the company of her loving nurses and friends that visited her.

Please visit the GoFundMe link below. Carolynn would have appreciated any donations that you are able to give. The donations will help those who may need assistance during their stay at Kiko's Cottage. 

Carolynn's brother, sister-in-law and Doris of Kiko's Cottage thank you on behalf of Carolynn for the donations that have been made and any future donations.  

Go Fund Me:     https://www.gofundme.com/carolynn4kikos

Kiko's Website: https://kikosassistedliving.com

Posted by Joyce Kurosawa on 12th February 2019
I have no words to say. Anytime when I emailed her, she replied me soon and gave me a long thoughtful letter, that cheered me up. But last year, she did not reply me, so I was worrying. Two years ago I found time to visit US and I really wanted to see her. I had been so busy to take care of my sister and my mother. I had had not time for myself. Do some of the readers of this page know Carina was working as a part-time English teacher at Hiro-o, Tokyo 45 or 50 years back? She was so popular at every place. She was my teacher of English and have been a closed friend. She was not like any other native English teachers. She was honest, powerfull, and sincere. I was working as a secretary for the school head. We worked at the same English school in Tokyo. She, Carolyn, prepared for each class and did not follow the simple directions of teachers' book. Every time she made original teaching materials for each class, using authentic materials and learner-centered teaching style, trying hard to engine the learners' autonomous learning. She remembered all the students names and called the names at greetings or in the class in questioning . Everybody loved to hear her calling their own names. She was the most popular teacher in our school. The memories never ends. We enjoyed home parties, walking in Tokyo and tripped to Hakuba. She told me to come to US. Japanese family relationships were so different from the ones of US and I thought I had to do my responsibility and relayed to move. However when Tokyo Campus of Teachers College, Columbia University was open, I applied and was accepted and I sent my two children to US and Canada and they graduated the colleges there. When I passed the entrance exam of Columbia University, she was very glad. Studying, researching, and working needed hard work. I never gave up as Carina. She was doing the most to do the best. She was my teacher. I miss her much, much, much. Rest in peace, Carina. Fumiko Joyce Kurosawa, from Japan
Posted by Leonard Ruzycki on 21st September 2018
Carolynn, it is so hard to believe that you have been gone 4 weeks. I really miss our long talks that we would have over the telephone throughout the years. However, I could hardly get a word in edgewise. Yes, you were quite the talker! It was so disheartening talking on the phone with you while you were in Kiko's since it was up to me to carry on the conversation. You were only able to say yes or no. That must have been so hard for you, not being able to get out what you wanted to say. I am so sorry but happy that you are now free from your pain and able to talk again. I am glad that I was able to visit you in California, Oregon and Arizona. I always lost a few pounds on my visits since you kept me so busy with your honey-do-list and you cooked healthy meals. Thank you! I will miss you until we meet in Heaven. So long Sis, Love, your brother Whitey.
Posted by Billie Nejedly on 2nd September 2018
Carolynn, How lucky heaven is to have you! I am so blessed that you came into my life. I certainly did not know you as long as your classmates and family, but for the time I knew you, you made an impact on me. Your words of encouragement and your friendship has been a blessing beyond compare. You always cracked me up when you came back after shopping with Mike for the reunions - oh how you rolled your eyes! LOL The reunions were so fun and when we got together for lunch (you, JoAnn, Sandy, Mike & me) we always had a great time and a lot of laughs! You will be missed my sweet friend! Until we meet again - Love, Billie
Posted by Kathleen Ruzycki on 2nd September 2018
Written by James Novotny What a gal! I'll miss the fights we used to have (all good natured); I'll miss the affection I always had for her and sometimes we shared; I'll miss her E-mails, always keeping me up on important stuff (mother Carolyn!); I'm happy that she wrote to me when I was in the Navy, and sent me pictures of some of her modeling jobs; and I'm proud that I knew her. It seems kinda empty, reminiscing after all these years, wishing that we had even more good times, seen each other more often, and shared those good times with others. So I guess I'll tuck away all I can remember, wish her eternal peace and happiness, and, if she were here now, wish that "flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." By Jim Novotny
Posted by Len Ross on 31st August 2018
This wonderful collage of warm memories and beautiful images is a great tribute to "You, my Dear Cousin Carolynn". Yours was a Live Well Lived. Always with purpose, grace and gentle determination. Your unwaivering Love and Loyalty to Friends and Family were your greatest gifts to each of us. Our times together and our many letters are precious reserves that will always be with me. Miss You My Love.
Posted by Elaine Dlouhy on 29th August 2018
I am still in shock that you have passed on dear Carolynn. You did "everything right" in your life style of organic foods, exercise, relationships & love of life. I cherish the weekends you spent at my house in San Diego after your treatments in Tijuana with then Gerson Institute. Had the chance to get to know you better & I was convinced that you were invincible. Go with God...
Posted by Jo Ann Marik on 28th August 2018
Oh my, how I miss our many emails and texts, and how grateful I am for our renewed friendship in the years you lived in Tucson. Our time together was fun, invigorating and always left me hoping our next visit would come soon. Rest In Peace, Carolynn.
Posted by Doris Mcquaid on 26th August 2018
We at Kiko's Cottage were blessed to have taken care of Carolyn the last 2 months of her illness. It was evident from the number of phone calls, cards, and visitors that she not only lived a full life but she also gave much of herself to her friends, family and community. Even though we did not know Carolyn before her illness, her beautiful spirit, confidence and strength came through as she battelled a terrible disease. It is our privilege to be there for her and we miss her dearly. Doris McQuaid (Kiko's Cottage)
Posted by Kathleen Ruzycki on 26th August 2018
Carolynn, I am sorry that you had to endure such pain at the end of your life but happy you are now in heaven - dancing, creating, organizing, playing with your dogs, practicing Martial Arts, soaking in the mineral waters, growing a beautiful garden and relaxing! Heaven is fortunate to have you. Love, Kathy

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