Missing you

Shared by Miya Leonard on September 22, 2013
Daddy....not a day goes by that I am not thinking of you. I miss you more than you will ever know. I'm so happy you aren't sick anymore but Lord knows I miss you being here. I can't believe it's been a year and a little over two months since you left us. Sometimes it seems like it's just a dream or that you are away on a work trip and that you will come home in a few days. I only wish that would be true. I remember many conversations we had and everything that you taught me....but I wish we could have so many more. I could go on and on but just know I will never forget you and if I ever have kids I will make sure they know you as well. Loving you always! Missing you like crazy. Love, Miya!

Uncle Cal

Shared by Y H on August 26, 2012

Its been a month and half since you left us and each day we think of you.  I want you to know that today we had dinner with your wife and daughters.  They are doing okay...missing you of course, smiling through the sadness, but coping and leaning on our Lord for strength.  We talk and think of you often and miss you so very much!  Words cannot describe how MUCH we MISS you and will always LOV you!  I will never forget the first time I met you.  You and Aunt Cil had gotten engaged and she introduced me to you...I was six or seven years old, and you guys asked me to be the flower girl in your wedding.  That same day I was introduced to Rick James and "super freak" and we danced a while...me and you.  LOL!  I remember all the holidays and family gatherings where dancing, laughter and your stories kept us all entertained.  Today, we will LIVE on those memories...especially Christmas of 2010 when we celebrated and danced to your favorite, Michael Jackson, like noone has ever seen! :).  The best Christmas EVER!

Uncle Cal, I think of you every day and miss you always!

I LOVE you, we LOVE you and we MISS you!



Shared by Betty Leonard on July 18, 2012

Cal was a man who was loved by his family. He was a true kidder at heart who loved to tell jokes, and loved to cook his famous fried fish.When he talked everyother word that came out of his mouth was "CIL", because he loved her so. Cal will be remembered always. May he "Rest In Peace".

My Cousin Cal

Shared by Kwasi Leonard on July 17, 2012
Cal is the voice of the day, he will light up your space with his presence or his words. Your facial expression would transform into laughter and smiles. So many memories of you will always be around. Your family and friends could share memories year round because you were that type of person. We need to have a special day. Named Cousin Cal Day. I Love you. See you tomorrow.

My Cousin/ Big Brother

Shared by Sophia Johnson on July 17, 2012

I will miss him soooo much.  The times he would come over to mom's house and we would sit around, talk and laugh.  He was a true free spirit that always had a smile on his face.  Now if you asked him for advice well you got what he gave and for the most part he was so right.  I have so many fun memories, I can not put them all here.  I was happy that he brought Cil into our lives I always thought that she was a beautiful person.  And Miya, Yasmine, Dez and Muff(Tavares).  I am sorry for your loss.  I hope the angels can handle my cousin cause I know they are rolling in laughter right now.  Love You Cal!!!!

My Memories of Cal

Shared by Breyone Murphy on July 17, 2012
As a child, I thought of Cal as my COOL cousin. Tall, bow-legs, Big Smile, Big Voice, and always bringing the FUN. I loved when he would stop by the house and would bring by this Beautiful lady from Morris Brown, Lucille. As a kid, I would act as if they were celebrities. I was always happy and excited in their presence, as I have been into my adult years. I will miss my cousin Cal's random phone calls stating "Hey Bre, this is your "FAVORITE COUSIN"! In those conversations, he would always have a story to tell. Cal, you have a special place in our hearts. You will always be loved and missed. You have left behind a beautiful and very successful family. With that said, you have left this world a very wealthy man and STILL COOL.

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