Let the memory of Carrie be with us forever.
  • 43 years old
  • Born on September 19, 1975 in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on March 6, 2019 in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carrie England 43 years old , born on September 19, 1975 and passed away on March 6, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Edith England on 17th March 2019
I love u and i miss u every second every minute every hour im so lost without u carrie u are my sister u my only sister i have your my best friend i know your in a better place i love u im sorry i failed u im sorry i failed brittany and christian and mom and everybody im trying im sorry i promised u i would always be by your side that i would never leave u and i promise i would protect u i failed i was always there but i failed u i failed my niece and nephew and family by not being able to safe u i saw u take u last breath i was there by u side like i promise u and everybody i would be u died i couldnt save u i didnt protect u i promised i would and i couldn't im sorry all i can think about is being there watching u take u last breath and i coulnt do nothing to save u to bring u back im sorry i wish i could of i miss u so bad im so lost and empty and dead inside when u died my world came tumble down when u died i died with u i feel like give up but i know i cant i have to make sure everybody ok i love u more than life itself i wish i could bring u back but i cant im sorry love u and always will tell we meet again love always your little sister and only sister i know what u saying bitch shut up better watch over my babys or im come beat u ass i know im trying to. I promise give dad a hug and kiss for me please and please watch over dad and mathew and uncle jimmy and aunt dorthy
Posted by Edith England on 15th March 2019
I love u and miss u i wash your clothes and i have your clothes your phone your jelwelry i have it ready for you i am wait tell its my time to go to bring it to you so please save a place for me it's not fair they say god takes the best i guess that part is true cause he took you im so lost without you i cant eat i cant sleep im so lost and empty inside i feel dead inside. I wish you would take me with you i miss u i sit here every day look at my phone wait and hopeing u go call me and say bitch come get me now and lets go to the casino or lets go to moms or lets go to my house lets drink some coffee and smoke a dam cigerates and bitch about every body and edith get that bitch lets go do something lets go get food baskets lets go get on the boys ass about something i sit here every minute every second waiting on u my sister my best friend to come or call me i wait every day for u to come drink coffee with me to Bitch about the nasty hospital food to smile and have her everyday talk we have i need u so bad you left me i was sapose to die not u i know u are in a better place i will see u very soon promise sis love u love u always u only sister edith
Posted by Brittany England on 15th March 2019
It's been 9 days since you died, 9. I can't help but to feel empty and dead inside. I'm always sad now. I'm trying to be strong for Bubba, but we're both hurting and missing you so much. You'll always be my #1. You were the source of sunshine in my life, now you're gone and everything seems bleak. I love you Momma, always and forever, your little girl. ❤
Posted by Edith England on 11th March 2019
I love u sis more than u will ever know. And i fucking miss u more than life its self im sorry i ant and never will be able to let u go and im so lost i cant eat or sleep im dead inside im empty inside i feel like my hearts gone and broken im sorry i dont care im never go to be able to let go u my best friend my sister i know u are in a better place u can rest in peace now love u always and forever i promise i will never let u go i cant I'm gone inside i need u so bad i hope u are resting in peace now give dad a hug and kiss for me and give uncle jimmy aunt dorthy and mathew a hug for me and tell them all i love them please.
Posted by Edith England on 8th March 2019
I cant believe your gone. Im sorry for never told u i love u that much im sorry that your gone i miss u your my sister im so sorry for give u hell growing up i love u and im go to miss u so much i wish u was still here. Im so lost without u bitch. I cant sleep i cant eat i feel like i fail u like i disapointed u i feel so fucking alone and so lost now i feel like given up im so dead and empty inside love u sis always
Posted by Amber Penoyer on 6th March 2019
Carrie im going to miss you so much. I dont even know how i will tell mason, chance, and chevelle that your gone. Kiss matthew for me
Posted by Samantha Eastep on 6th March 2019
So many memories come flooding back when thinking of you... I love you Carrie, "sister" and friend. Praying for all those that know and love her. Brittany& Christian we are all here for you! Rest in Peace my friend....
Posted by Brittany England on 6th March 2019
I love you so much momma. I miss you. It doesn't seem real. You were so young! You'll be my hero always and forever. ❤

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