Sisters and best friends

Shared by Edith England on March 8, 2019

i will always remember the good times we had remember when u tied my hair to the fence cause u got tired of me bug u and followering u around remember when we was working at cleaning office and buildings and u ass send that lesbian bitch to help me clean and the bitch try to grab my butt so i took a plunger to her face or the time me u lonnie jo use to go to Remington park with her aunt and uncle to watch the horse race or time me u lonnie joe her aunt and uncle went to golden corral and i put lemons on u plate and some guy was looking at u and u went to put u fork down and shot a lemon at his face and cused him out and time we had our bedroom all deck out with new kids on the block posters and covers and sheets and telephone and everything of new kids on the block.or the time mom scare me for sneak up watching scary movies so i ran and jump on u in bed or the time on easter when u and mom got in the wrong car thinking it was ours and the list go on and on i miss u

Best sister anyone could have

Shared by Jesse England on March 6, 2019

I can't seem to believe this is real...I want to wake up and just hug you and throw sarcastic remarks back at each other and I feel like I took you for granted.  Growing up youbalways took me everywhere so many olaces and resturants just because ur little bro said so... I remember every year as a kid you would take us to the fair buy us tons of stuff and make sure we had the best of times... I never realized what all you did for me as a child but I did as a grown up and i appreciate you more than you could ever know...   People didn't realise how close we really where... Always a call away...      I miss you and feel like i lost half of myself.  Always said im a loner little did i know how g damn wrong that truly is..     Best sister anyone could have....  Truly broken and I kniw you have my baby boy Matthew up there taking care of him for me like the bad ass you are and dad ia with you but its not fair....     Life.. Or afterlife....Il always be a sign away.... Please watch over us and i cant wait till i see you and ur sarcasm again.       Love you more than words could ever show carrie.... Im sorry i didnt show or tell you more.        You Did a kick ass job raising ur children by the way. .. I know that was ur 1 goal   U over achieved it.    Both are smart caring and just as big of assholes as us... Haha.    Did good big sis.   Proud and hope im half the father in this life as you where a mother in yours.        See you soon...  

Shared by Edith England on March 6, 2019

you are my sister my best friend. Your in a better place now i love u and miss u i wish i could have one more day with u  

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