Teenage Years

Shared by ShayleenAnd Todd McTavish on September 6, 2013

I don't really know where to begin with this. I have so many fond memories with Carrie. We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same elementary school, Jr. High, and High school. I have years of good memories. There are definitely some that stand out better than others. I regret not standing up to speak at her funeral service, I just couldn't seem feel my legs enough to get the strength to hold me up. One of my memories that stands out so vividly is going to Grad Night in 2000. Money was always tight growing up and I knew my family couldn't afford tickets. It was so close to my birthday and anyone who knew Carrie knows how she is about making someone feel special on their birthday. She purchased my Grad Night ticket and we spent the whole night together at Disneyland. This was also the first time I ever went on a roller coaster. I remember the guys in front of us being foreign exchange students who thought because it was my first roller coaster ride that Carrie and I should be in the first seat. Oh boy, this is a ride I will never forget. I haven't been on one since. 

Carrie always liked to feel pretty. She was the first person I ever got my nails done with and was somehow able to talk me into buying a dress for our Winterball dance in high school. I still have all my pictures. She was so beautiful that I night. I swear she looked like Cinderella in her dress. I think of Carrie every time I go to get my nails done. Another first that I will never forget.

I'm thankful for my friendship with Carrie. She was one of a kind with a heart of gold. I could write a novel of just my memories. The last time I got to see Carrie was a magical moment that I will never forget. All of us girls got together at Chuck-e-Cheese but this time was different than any other because at this point we were all moms. We got to have all of our kids together and it was such a great blessing. The only person missing that day was Jessica. Although she didn't have her beautiful daughter at the time, we all still wished she was there. I could go on and on with memories but will close this for now as I can hardly type through the tears. Carrie, I love and think about you always.

Your friend for life,

Carrie Marie Googins Benn "My Baby"

Shared by Terry Benn on August 27, 2013
What a beautiful baby, little girl, teenager, young lady, loving Daughter,Loving and faithful Wife, and loving Mother to Kombi, Jak, Dominik and Skarlytt . Carrie was such a fun kid, always happy and bbubbly and so loving and caring. She idolized. big brother Ronnie. He was 11 yrs. her senoir and joined the US Army when she was only just turned 7. She has a sister Heather who was 4 yrs older than her. Carrie has a sister, Toni, who died at five days old from left heart hydroplasty after having survived open heart surgery. Carrie's youngest Daughter, Skarlytt, preceeded Carrie in death 4-7-10 at the age of 61/2 mos. I dont feel Carrie really got over loosing Skarlytt but a braver Mom was never found. Her children were. her life. Carrie was my heart, my life. She was the one person in my life that loved me. I love you Carrie. Forever Young. Mom

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