Posted by Roxanne Jimenez on April 16, 2020
On this day my love you would be 38! My time has gone by . Your precious daughter looks so much like you she’s beautiful and your boy’s so strong and handsome.❤️ You will be a Forever Young in my memories and my heart . I know you are up there with my niece Skarlytt♾ I love you both , miss you Happy 38th birthday in Heaven
Posted by Roxanne Jimenez on April 17, 2018
Happy 36th birthday my love up there in heaven. It still stings. Especially days like this but I know ur in a better place. I remember our conversation one day think my 19th B-Day. U told me wait till ur 30!! It's much better.... Well love this June I'm the big 30 and I'm so excited finally. I miss u .miss u and my niece dearly. I love u and happy birthday again up there
Posted by Jessica Weber on August 14, 2014
Not one day goes by that I don't think about you. I stilk feel so heart broken . I miss my best friend, the only person i could always count on. Life sucks with out you.
Posted by Terry Benn on April 16, 2014
Happy 32nd Birthday my precious Angel. I miss you so much Baby Girl. It does not get easier. I hope you like the 16x20 drawing I had drawn of you by a very good Artist. I have seen that Michelle,Shayleen, Rachel , Jessica,Your Brother Bill, your Sister Lori and your Cousin Rachel, and your Sister Heather, your Princess Kombi and Jak and Dom will have a copy. I know you are in their hearts but, like me, it will be wonderful to see you on the wall like really big. I love the picture of your hand on Doms sweater during the boys visit. I know you must be happyknowing you once again showed you were here. I know you are excited your Princess will be 13 on 6/17! I'm sure you will make yourself known when we have her birthday visit. Carrie I love and miss you so much. Please give Skarlytt love from Grandma Benn and give my love to Granny Benn. Please come visit me Baby Girl. Love, Mom
Posted by Terry Benn on January 1, 2014
Carrie precious Baby. Girl. It is a new year today. 1-1-14. My pain only deepens. I talk to you everyday. give my love to Skarlytt and Grandma Benn. Please come visit me. loge, Mom xoxod
Posted by Roxanne Jimenez on December 28, 2013
Carrie not a Fay goes by I don't think of u. U are missed dearly. I have so many memories for that I am so thankful. U were my sister n law yet I looked up to u as my sister. IRS hard that u are not here but I know u are with my precious niece. U both went to fast but its life. I know ur in no pain and ur watching over us all. I love u so much and my love for u will never fade. Xoxo my sister

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