Posted by Victoria Campbell on May 5, 2021
I had Ms. Remington my junior year. That year was one of the worst I’ve had in awhile. I had her the first semester when everything was going on. I was in a really bad place, but she always made me feel better. She was one of the only people to actually treat me like a person, she cared when I needed someone too the most. Ms. Remington would always let me talk to her when I needed too, gave me advice when I was down, and helped pick me back up when I couldn’t do it alone anymore. I’ll miss her dearly, and I love her like family. Rest Easy Ms. Remington
Posted by Ata mo on March 30, 2021
She is in Peace i am sure.
Posted by Brenice Murlette on March 27, 2021
I am still in disbelief of Carrie’s passing. Shock and great sadness still overwhelm me at times. Yet, I am so thankful for the many memories I have of her.
Carrie was beautiful inside and out. A Theta sister with a quick wit and humor who loved to laugh and have a good time. 
I lived with Carrie, Sheree and later Jill at Shangri La in Lubbock. We had the best time. Our neighbors below were sweet Fiji’s that we terrorized. They were in awe of Carrie because she was so beautiful and kind. Carrie was the one that came up with great ideas to fluster them. She would think of things like stuffing raisins in their toothpaste, unscrewing all their lightbulbs and sticking the lightbulbs in their shoes, along with other great pranks. You would think those boys would start locking their door when they left for class, but they didn’t. I will always remember Carrie’s giggle when we would sit there and listen for a scream as a raisin might pop out of their toothpaste on their tooth brush! Carrie’s deep voice was the one we had on our answering machine to take all our calls. It was a great, husky, sexy deep voice. And when we were really cutting up she would turn that deep voice into a vampire laugh. Something that only Bram Stoker could wish for. I hope to never lose the memory of that deep voice or her laugh. 
Carrie was a true artist. She loved music and introduced us to some bands we would never had known. So many songs make me think of her. When I was expecting my daughter, Carrie painted the furniture to go in the nursery with beautiful flowers on each piece. It was so very special. One of her many gifts that she shared with others.
Most people travel to new places. Carrie would move to new places and experience them by living there, meeting new people and having new adventures. I admired her flexibility and courage to do such things. Especially moving to Chicago in the winter. I loved hearing the stories of her out of town adventures. Carrie was caring, brave, and one of a kind. 
More recently Carrie talked about how proud she was of her sons and how her parents were doing as we/they were all getting older. She was always so close with her family. I can’t imagine how devastating this has been for them. Carrie loved them all so very much. I pray for her family’s strength and peace. Carrie will always hold a special place in my memories and heart.  She will be greatly missed.    
Posted by Sheri Basile on March 25, 2021
There are no appropriate words that can match my feelings of sadness and despair about Carrie's sudden illness and passing. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she is gone. It doesn’t seem real, but I know that it is, because I read about it and I am writing about it for the first time. I know my feelings cannot compare to the way this loss must feel to Carrie’s family, her closest friends, and her students that were part of her everyday life. But my heart is especially heavy for the two loves of her life, Ben and Pres.

This is one of those terrible, senseless losses that makes me question the meaning of life and feel more uncertain about the future. It takes away my false sense of security along with the misbelief that we all have more time than we actually do. I miss her so much I could burst! All I feel like doing is crying and hiding under the covers until I wake up from this bad dream. But, Carrie won’t let me, thanks to Laura’s perfect phrase “Carrie on”. This phrase is in my head now, too, and the words softly speak to me in Carrie’s sweet voice.

Of the many people I have known so far in my life, Carrie was (and always will be) one of my all-time favorites. We met many years ago through our mutual friend Roberta, and we lived together during some of her time in Chicago. We often referred to ourselves as "Lucy and Ethel". (The older generations may smile and understand what that means). Carrie’s adventurous spirit, quick wit, contagious laugh, and hilarious sense of humor were a dangerous combination, especially when she met me. I was a willing companion, and together, we were prepared to embarrass ourselves (and/or get into a bit of trouble) if it guaranteed us a higher rating on the “fun meter.” And when the three of us got together, we had more fun than most.

We tried to keep in touch when Carrie moved, but it was difficult to remain as close as we once were. Several months ago, we renewed our friendship vows and Carrie asked me to be her "wedding date". We were excited to launch "Lucy and Ethel-Part Two". We laughed and discussed all of the potential practical jokes we could play at the retirement community where we would end up living as roommates once again.

My friend Carrie was fun, beautiful, creative and talented. Her strength, her unwavering faith, her thoughtful compassion and selfless generosity made Carrie and our friendship a special gift I will always treasure. I can honestly say, she will be part of my heart forever.

I did some research about the meaning of Carrie’s name. There were many different answers that appeared on various sites. A few of the meanings were: Carrie means Free; Carrie means Song or Melody; Qualities -Compassionate, Idealistic    Several were appropriate, but the one I liked best comes from TOP DEFINITION:

Carrie - “She's an independent woman who is always willing to try new things. She's very open minded and adventurous. Very beautiful but doesn't realize it and probably won't believe you when you tell her. She's stubborn like that. Fun to hang out with and easy to get along with. She usually doesn't like conflict and tries her best to avoid it. However, she'll always be the first one willing to defend her friends and family under any circumstance. She is very protective of them. She is very picky when it comes to who she chooses to be friends with, but she is extremely loving and fiercely loyal to those she finds worthy. Be grateful if you have a Carrie in your life.  You'll never find another like her…”

I will always love and miss you, Ethel.

With all my heart,


(Sheri Basile)
Posted by Betty Janelle on March 24, 2021
C stands for compassionate and courageous
A stands for admirable and adventurous
R stands for radiant and real
R stands for religious and respected
I stands for imaginative and inspiring
E stands for encouraging and energetic
O stands for outstanding and organized
N stands for nurturing and nice

CARRIE ON! Carrie was much more than these words that spell out what she would wish for all of us to do.  Carrie had been a dear friend since our Texas Tech Theta days when she was my gran big sis. There are so many more words to describe Carrie including beautiful, hilarious, humble, caring, strong, resilient, adoring, supportive, committed to her wonderful sons and down to earth. The most inspiring description of Carrie is how she handled her situation with such grace, dignity, love and peace which I truly feel was a result of her deep faith in God. We used to always say to each other to TIO (Turn It Over) to God and she truly lived her life like that. She will continue to be an inspiration for me and I know for many loved ones. I pray her sons and her family can find peace in knowing how much she touched all of us in so many ways. Carrie, I love you and miss you tons but will CARRIE ON and try to emulate you until we see each other again!
Posted by Mary Ann West on March 22, 2021
Carrie was my sister and my friend since 1984. I remember being so intimidated by the physical beauty of everyone in the West family. There was a big portrait of Carrie and Michael in their parent’s house, and she looked a lot like Marsha Brady to me (Maureen McCormick from the Brady Bunch) whom I thought was so pretty! I was so scared to meet her in the Fall of 1984, because if she didn’t like or approve of me dating her big brother, then I was history! It was a Sunday dinner with Nana’s famous fried chicken and corn salad and Carrie came to her parents house to meet me. She instantly melted all my fears away and we had fun together from that day forward. Her nickname rhymed with mine. She was Cak and I was Mac. Cak was so warm and welcoming, beautiful and had the best sense of quick witted humor of anyone I have ever known! I still can hear her deep laugh along with her big brother’s laugh...the two of them were so close. I will always remember Cak’s one liners that always made us laugh and smile.  It makes me smile now , just thinking about them. Her sense of humor made her all the more beautiful. 

My favorite memory of the two of us was goose hunting in Houston... the only two women there...we nicknamed ourselves “Lucy and Ethel”!  Who else but the two of us could have so much fun in a field filled with goose poop at 4 am?  My first trip ever to NYC with her in 1986 is a close second fun memory. We covered so much ground in two days and could barely walk by the time we got to our youth hostile where we spent the night. 

When I had heard that Carrie named her illness “pan can” I was not surprised... it was classic Carrie, finding a way to inject brightness into a dark diagnosis. Probably our greatest collaboration of a knickname together, was coming up with the name “the doggy lama” for Grandaddy. She was so incredibly clever, artistic and creative. 

She and I saw each other through the highs and lows of our lives, always with such love and emotional support. Our common bonds were many...our love of family, of her brother, of faith, of dogs, of impressionist art, of travel, of laughter and of being Moms. I was a Mom first, with her being THE BEST Aunt Carrie for Jordan and Aaron and then came her sweet boys Ben and Pres and me being Aunt Mary Ann. My life’s circumstances have kept us apart for the past 11 years, but she has never left my heart. Knowing Cak, I never left her heart either.  We loved each other and our children with all of our hearts. It was one of my greatest privileges to be her big sister and her friend. I’m a better person having known and loved Carrie.

God needed another angel in Heaven and He chose the best faithful servant in her. Thanks Cak, for the cherished memories of love & laughter, shared life experiences, shared Motherhood and especially for being a loving Aunt to our Jordie and Aaron. Now I can talk to you anytime in my thoughts and prayers.  I will see you in nature, in golden retriever puppies, in Renoir paintings, in spring tulips, in beautifully painted skies and in old Saturday Night Live skits that we used to watch together when we were young. Thanks for watching over W and J in Heaven for me. 

I love you Cak   Mac
Posted by Bobby Beard on March 20, 2021
Carrie, classmate from elementary through high school. Awesome friend to her classmates, great smile, fun loving, and talented individual. Thanks for childhood and teenage memories! No contact since high school but I am happy to see you ran your race well leaving an honorable heritage, running the race for an imperishable crown! The Lord said, “a little while longer, and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also! Peace be upon you and your family. Exodus 14:13-14 Do not be afraid.  Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still!
Posted by Laura Probst on March 19, 2021
Carrie was my Theta big sis at Texas Tech. In fact, she was THE reason I chose Theta. We were in the same major, we were roommates and shared a room which led to countless nights of talking in the dark til the wee hours of the morning. Carrie was such a genuinely sweet person. She knew how to lift you up when you were down, help you out when you needed something, and make you feel loved and special. On top of that, she was always up for an adventure and could keep you laughing for hours! We lost touch for a few years, then reconnected later as both mothers of two boys about the same age. I will never forget her, and anyone who met her would say the same.  May her family find peace in knowing the countless people that she touched in her life. 
Posted by Carol Lee on March 19, 2021
Carrie was one of those unassuming souls who probably did not know the half of how beautiful she was. May she now know true peace.
Posted by Roberta Ward on March 18, 2021
Carrie and I were flight attendants, lived together and were the dearest of friends in our 20’s. Although we had not seen each other in many years, Carrie always had a special place in my heart. I carry my memories of her and our fun adventures with such love and gratitude. Carrie’s gorgeous smile, her amazing sense of humor, her contagious laugh and her big heart made everything more special.
I pray that God will provide peace and strength to her loving family and that they will always be comforted by the memories of her beautiful life.
Posted by Alexia Harvey on March 18, 2021
I had the pleasure of having Ms. Remington as my English teacher, my last semester of high school in 2019. Honestly, it's really hard for me to write this but I know she would be so proud of where I am right now. I made sure to try and visit her when I was home on break but her room would always be empty so I figured I would always come back later. I can still see her standing outside of her room smiling, telling us to hurry and get in so we could start on our assignments for the day. This is so heartbreaking and I've cried everyday thinking about her. I would tell all my new college friends the impact she had on my senior year and how she looked out for all of us. The day of our graduation, she hugged me so tightly and I wish I hugged her a little tighter if I knew that would be my last time seeing her. Love you forever Ms. Remington and going to miss that contagious smile and laugh of yours! Especially your acting skills during our Beowulf readings.
Posted by Robin Butchet on March 17, 2021
Carrie my dear sweet friend from elementary, junior high, and high school my best best friend. I’m so glad we reconnected since we finally found one another on Facebook you are a dear angel and a sweet soul, and still have beautiful presents here on earth will never be forgotten . you will truly truly be missed Godspeed I will always have my memory of you and my photographs to look back on.
I love you Carrie Rest In Peace. 
Posted by Karen Manes on March 17, 2021
Carrie was such a sweet person. She had such a brilliant light about her. She was always cheerful and greeted everyone with a smile. My condolences to her two sons and family.
Posted by Leigh Crain on March 17, 2021
We met Carrie right out of college. From the Very beginning she was a breath of fresh air.
We are so grateful that we were able to become such good friends with her over the years. We were honored to have her be the godmother of our oldest child Natalie. She was truly one of a kind. We will miss her so very much.
Jack and Leigh Crain
Posted by Terri Wade on March 17, 2021
Carrie was more than just my cousin. She was my childhood playmate at family reunions - be it: playing dress up, riding horses, playing dolls, touch football, twirling sparklers for Fourth of July or playing canasta with the grownups. She was beautiful inside and out - sweet, caring, compassionate, creative, fun sense of humor and I adored her laugh. Pray for her sons, parents and brother as she will truly be missed.
Posted by Greg Williams on March 17, 2021
Carrie and her family were an extremely bright spot in our lives in Pinehurst/So. Pines for over a decade. She practically helped raise my son, Sam- who spent many a night at their home that was always open to friends and family. Carrie put the "H" in hospitality always hosting with her big beautiful smile and honest eyes. May God wrap his loving arms around her boys and extended family. We love you guys and will be praying for you all!
Posted by teresa chisenhall on March 16, 2021
I met Carrie the last 6 weeks of our freshman year in high school. I had moved to Texas from Louisiana. I was so nervous my first day at North! Carrie was one of the first, if not the first person to speak to me. Her smile was so inviting and that laugh was so contagious! We weren’t close friends but I considered her a friend. She never knew how much that little act of kindness meant. She was special like that. She was one of the rare kids that was friendly to everyone. Thank you Carrie, you will be missed. Prayers to family and friends. 
Posted by Philip Newby on March 16, 2021
I went to school with Carrie since grade school and she was always kind to everyone.
Beautiful smile beautiful lady.
Rest In Peace
Posted by Janie Lowe on March 16, 2021
Carrie was a roommate of mine her last year of college at Texas Tech, along with Laura Probst and Darla Abshire. We had so much fun together, it’s a wonder any of us graduated! Carrie was a good student though- she always got her work done and made it seem effortless. Once the work was done, the playing could begin. I remember nights at “the house” drinking Carlo Rossi wine and watching MTV and listening to records at full volume. I especially remember when the new “Yes” album came out- Carrie and I LOVED that album. When she graduated, we (her roomates) had a going away party and gave her a huge boom box with the cassette John Cougar Mellancamp and “Authority Song” cued up. We all danced in the front yard while that song blared through the neighborhood.

We stayed in touch over the years and when I was going to grad school in New York City, Carrie stayed with me and took art classes at the prestigious Art Students League. Again, we both studied hard so that we could play hard. One of the best memories was going to the Elvis Costello concert at Madison Square Gardens together. 

The last time we lived together before she settled down and had her boys was when she came to San Diego in the mid-90’s. Ginnie, my partner, and I were painting a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and needed extra help. We asked Carrie to come down and help us out because of her artistic talent, but mostly because she was so much fun to be around. It seemed like Carrie got funnier as she got older- in fact, Ginnie and I tried to convince her to take improv classes. We thought if she studied comedy just a little bit, that she could surely get a job at Saturday Night Live. I don’t know where she found them, but she bought some plastic buck teeth and surprised us one night as we were cooking dinner together (see photo). She so easily conjured up different characters and impersonations and would have us rolling on the floor laughing for hours.

Carrie is loved by so many people and touched everyone she met in some way. She held a special light and such a sweet soul. We will remember her and cherish the memories forever.
Posted by Meri Mixon on March 16, 2021
Ms.Remington was the best teacher I’ve ever had throughout grade school. She saw you not only as a student, but a person . She will forever be remembered in my heart because her soul was so beautiful .
Posted by Stuart Bell on March 16, 2021
Mrs. Remington was the sweetest and one of my favorite teachers in high school. Not only was she a great teacher, but she cared for her students so well, and that’s just as important. I remember junior year, on my birthday, she got our class and the class next door to come into our room and sing happy birthday to me. She made every student feel welcomed, seen, and loved. I feel so lucky to have had and known Mrs. Remington as a teacher.
Posted by Justin Brooks on March 16, 2021
After hearing the news, I could only think of her wonderful smile every time I would walk into her classroom. “Hey Mrs. Remington”. “Hey JB”. No matter what day it was, she came in with the same great attitude and beautiful smile that could light up a room. Mrs. Remington you will truly be missed. I appreciate the many smiles and laughs we shared. I love you Mrs. Remington
Posted by Tyra Braswell on March 15, 2021
my heart truly breaks just typing this .. I love you Ms.Remington. The bestest teacher I ever had through my whole K-12. You had such an impactful and beautiful existence just to be in. I’ve never had a teacher love me for truly who I am .. but Ms.Remington you saw the REAL me. It saddens me you weren’t able to read my email but I know you know at heart what I said. Rest in Paradise .. I know you and my mom are watching over me. I love you
Posted by Jada askew on March 15, 2021
Ms Remington was the person you could see anywhere and she brighten your day up. From walking the long hall ways at Auburn High, seeing her outside of school,she would always speak and ask me how my day was. She always kept a smile on her face. I will never forget when I needed help this one time and I asked her and she stayed after school and made sure I understood everything and she never got frustrated or anything. She will truly be missed!❤️
Posted by Kathy Dodgen on March 15, 2021
My beautiful friend, you are already missed immensely. The words and tears I witnessed today are a testament to the joy and love and warmth you brought to school every day. I am honored to have been your friend. I love you, lady.
Posted by Jamie Fry on March 15, 2021
I was a Kappa Alpha Theta pledge sister of Carrie. Although I have not seen her in many years, I will always remember her beautiful deep voice and contagious laugh. She was kind to everyone. My prayers are with her family.
Posted by Arrissa Pugh on March 15, 2021
I will truly miss you and you was one of my favorite teacher. You was the reason why I like English. When I was sad you always made my day. I will miss your smile and I like how u had a smile on your face. I like how you made English fun. Auburn Junior High will truly miss you.
Posted by Diamond Wright on March 15, 2021
As I am crying writing this here I just wanted to say that Mrs Remington was one of the best teachers I had... I love her like a mother everyone did, she was not only a teacher but she was a shoulder to cry on. The hugs she gave me brightened up my day her smile brightened my day. Thank you for everything Mrs Remington class of 2k19 love you and I will forever have you in my heart ♥️
Posted by Comme de deku on March 15, 2021
I've never had ms.remington until now . I've never met her face to face , but she would've been one of the best teachers I've ever had in my entire life
Posted by Alex Campbell on March 15, 2021
I had Ms. Remington my last semester of my senior year. Although I was in her class a short 9 weeks she made her mark on me. When I learned of her passing I was in shock because it doesn’t seem real quiet yet. This wonderful and caring teacher I had is now gone? It doesn’t seem fair but I know that wherever she is now it’s a better place. I left Auburn High in the middle of the pandemic but with only fond memories of my time there and she was one of the best teachers I had. The world lost a wonderful person who became an even better angel.
Posted by Allison Powell on March 15, 2021
When I think about teachers from Auburn High School that I genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to seeing, Mrs. Remington is top of the list. Her class was my first every morning the second semester of my senior year and it was the most stress free, fun, and calm environment I’ve ever experienced as a first block. Mrs. Remington truly always had a smile on her face. She embraced and loved every weird and annoying thing I did while in class. She gave endless amounts of grace and forgiveness towards late assignments, slight tardiness, or whatever it may have been. She truly wanted the best for her students. I am truly grateful to have gotten the chance to know her and it saddens me that more students will not have the same chance. She was so loved and will be dearly missed.
Posted by Jalyn Sinclair on March 15, 2021
I don’t know what to say...I have walked back and forth through my campus still not processing this news.

I knew from the first day i had your class in 11th grade that you were gonna change my life and you did. I was super shy to speak up in your class and that didn’t last long lol. You made the environment feel so welcoming and safe. Everyone called me your teachers pet cause i was always wanting to stand at the front of the class with you and teach. I will never forget all the times you got news of your sons engagement and all the pictures and stories you shared with me. The smiles you presented to me every morning helped me get through the day. I just want to say thank you and that this is not goodbye but a see you later
Posted by Kevia Higdon on March 15, 2021
My heart is truly in pieces as I write this. Ms. Remington was one of a kind and one of my favorite teachers at Auburn High School. I had the privilege of being in Ms. Remington's class my last semester in high school and I looked forward to seeing her everyday. She unknowingly turned my bad days into good days and my good days into even better days. Her smile was so contagious and her stories were my favorite! There was never a dull moment with her in my presence and I'm sure many others can say the same. We still stayed in contact after I graduated high school and hearing from her put a smile on my face every single time. I can say without hesitation that she was one of the sweetest souls I've ever met. Heaven gained a sweet angel. I love you Ms. Remington.
Posted by Elizabeth Merritt on March 15, 2021
I had Ms. Remington my junior year of high school and she is my favorite teacher that I have ever had. I remember being so excited to get to her class every day. She had a contagious smile and an amazing spirit that made my day every time I saw it! She was one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and did everything she could for her students! She even gave every student a cupcake on their birthday. She will be truly missed and I am so thankful to have known her.
Posted by Noah Warren on March 15, 2021
Ms. Remington, first I would like to thank you for being my teacher. You always had that big smile on your face, I would always love to see it because I love when people smile. You always kept things positive you helped out a lot of people. Every time I seen you I would ask you how have you been and everything, I’m going to miss all of that. I’m going to miss you, 1love Ms. Remington
Posted by Madison Farr on March 15, 2021
Ms. Remington made such an impact on me in high school and was my favorite teacher I’ve ever had. I had the pleasure of being in her classes for two years and I don’t think I ever saw her frown. Her joy was absolutely contagious and lifted my spirit every time I walked into her classroom. She was an amazing reminder of God’s love. She showed me that there’s always a reason to smile, even if you don’t think you can find a reason. She taught me to simply just love and enjoy life. She was such a strong and amazing woman, who woke up everyday with a purpose to make people happy. She was instrumental in helping me get a college scholarship by writing me a beautiful recommendation letter. I will forever be grateful. I will never forget the last time I saw her. It was my graduation in 2019 and the teachers were standing as the seniors walked by. The one teacher that waved me onto the next chapter of my life was her. Her warm and proud smile gave me courage. I am so thankful and blessed to have known her. She touched so many lives and God’s light was always shining through her. I will forever remember the lessons she taught me and use them throughout life. I’m so grateful for her and I hope she rests peacefully with God.
Posted by Edith Head on March 15, 2021
Carrie was one of my childhood friends! Cheered together through junior high and high school! I was able to catch back up worth her on Facebook. She was such an awesome person and will truly be missed!
Posted by Sara Hughey on March 15, 2021
If you had the pleasure of knowing Carrie, then you had the pleasure of smiling and smiling often. Her warmth made you feel at home. Her laugh was contagious and endearing, and her pep talks made you feel loved and empowered.

Carrie loved everyone around her with a sincerity that is so rare to come by. She often gushed about her family—beaming about her sons, especially. She endlessly supported and cheered on her friends and her students—never wanting anyone around her to feel discouraged, less than, or forgotten.

She is one the dearest friends I’ve ever had, and I hold on fondly to all that she’s given me: loving words of encouragement, the best, most comforting mom hugs, and belly-aching, good laughs. Her absence is terribly felt, but her memory will always live on in the many lives that she has touched, especially my own.
Posted by Caroline Brandt on March 15, 2021
Ms. Remington was one of my favorite teachers ever at Auburn High School. She was compassionate, intentional, and always had a joyful spirit. She made her class one of the few the classes that everyone was excited to go to everyday. She made learning fun and truly cared about each of her students. She remembered everyone's birthdays and brought us a cupcake on our day. One of my favorite memories was that she forgot my cupcake on my birthday and to make up for it she brought me a HUGE one the next day! I learned so much from her not only as a student, but as a person. I love her and will miss her so much!
Posted by angelic wright on March 15, 2021
Due to covid cutting my senior year short I only had Mrs. Remington as my teacher for 2 almost 3 months, but during those months she made such an impact on my life with her genuine spirit. I absolutely adored her because of how much she cared for me and my fellow classmates !! She was such a beautiful and caring person and i’ll forever miss her ❤️
Posted by Claire Christensen on March 15, 2021
Ms.Remington was the kindest person. She was my teacher, my friend, and my role model. I use to walk her doggies for her that she loved so much and I did as well. I always enjoyed the time we spent together and the happy moments we shared. She gave me the best advice and I will cherish our memories together forever. She was so helpful to me in so many ways and I’m thankful for it every day. I and so many others will miss her so much. I love you so much Ms. Remington.
Rest In Peace ❤️
Posted by Daleya Scaife on March 15, 2021
Mrs. Remington ( or "Remi" as I called her) was the brightest light shining at Auburn High School. I took her class my last semester of senior year and to this day I still look back on the great times we had. Mrs. Remington was not your usual teacher. She cared, she was dedicated and she really wanted you to enjoy learning as much as she enjoyed teaching. There was NEVER a dull time in her class. From us acting out Macbeth, to us doing no red inks, to us getting to buy our snacks with the fake money she gave to us. My heart is so heavy. I will never forget all of the advice and great times she gave me. We even kept in touch as I went to college. May God bless her soul! I love you so much Remi!
Posted by Pamela Brunet on March 14, 2021
Carrie and I were best of friends since 3rd grade, we were inseparable, really truly sisters.
We recently got back in touch ......and it made both of us very happy!
She was a joy, a bright light in this world.
My heart is breaking.....what an amazing mother to her sons.
I am sending all the love I have to Carrie's family.
I am going through my photo albums today, and have cried, laughed and found so many wonderful pics of Carrie & I.
Heaven has added a true Angel, and we left on earth have lost one.
Posted by Raina Cowgill on March 13, 2021
Growing up, she was a wonderful role model to me. I tried to emulate her. Still after all these years, I try to emulate her. I wish I would have told her about the positive impact she had on me.

She was beautiful inside and out and had the ability to make those around her feel beautiful too.
Posted by Laura Sapienza on March 13, 2021
Carrie was absolutely one of a kind - she always made everything fun and beautiful. She always knew what was important - family and friends. She put her time and her energy into those she loved. I could always count on her - she was always there for me. My memories of Carrie span 26 years - I will never forget her being there for us at Duke hospital when Sophie was born too early. She had a vivid dream - a God thing - and told me that Sophie was going to be fine. She prayed for us and encouraged us through the whole ordeal. When Michael was born she took care of Sophie for Dave and me and made her an adorable Big Sister t-shirt that we still have today. We made a huge wedding cake for my parents' 50th, we celebrated her 50th birthday in NYC with my sister, we had countless dinners together with late night talks that could never end before 2am. At "The Farm" I have memories of sunrise yoga, Easter egg hunts, long walks, laughing at the chickens, cornhole, playing with the kids, and cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Laughter, tons of laughter.... In Houston in January when I was there to help, she jumped on my bed one morning saying "are you awake are you awake!!??" She did not feel well, but darn it she made sure we were going to laugh. She is the fairy Godmother to my kids, a sister to Dave, and a soul sister to me. My kids knew they were so loved by her and that is no small thing. She loved Colorado so much and my more recent memories involve hiking and skiing and staring at the mountains together. We were making plans to get her out here a bunch in her future. I will always be sad that we did not get to experience this future plan together. But I will forever be grateful for the gift we had in Carrie being so much in our lives. I will miss her deep Texas voice, her adorable laugh, her constant encouragement of me and my family, her positivity that things would turn out "spectacular", the sound of Carrie texting me, and the long talks. In one conversation we could cover topics from how important mascara is to the meaning of Life and God.  I have a new phrase I am using to ease the pain of losing her - it is "Carrie On". I shared this with her before I told her good bye. She whispered "like the luggage?" with her little smirk. Of course she made me laugh on that extremely difficult day. I will keep living joyfully and lovingly like Carrie always did! We should all Carrie On. And to Carrie - I love you and I know I will be with you again one day. I will watch over your amazing boys and their wives - but I know you are doing that too. Thank you for adding SO MUCH to my life and to Dave's and Sophie's and Michael's. We love and adore you forever!!!!! Til we meet again....... :)

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