Grandma's Discipline (For Kara)

Shared by gayle Dobrosky on August 11, 2012

One afternoon while i felt like being a smartass....I took the key to the backdoor....locked it and went out the front door..locking that as well, then i hid under the front porch, laughing the whole time grandma was looking for me...I waited a few minutes and when i came out she was right there waiting for me. When i let her back in she grabbed a big wooden spoon and chased me into the driveway...she then took a swing and BROKE that wooden spoon over my backside. When that spoon broke all we could do was laugh at each other.   I wish i could hear that laugh again. Love ya gram <3

sunday dinner!

Shared by gayle Dobrosky on August 11, 2012

every sunday after church was the best we had ,pot roast, mashed potatoes and ,carrots!  and gravy! thanks mom your the best!

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