Let the memory of Catherine be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on February 22, 1959 .
  • Passed away on December 26, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Catherine Herring, 55, born on February 22, 1959 and passed away on December 26, 2014. We will remember her forever.

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A memorial of Catherine's life will be held on Jan. 17, 2015, at Settlers Bay in the Legends Banquet Room. The address is: Knik Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654. The service will start at 12 p.m. Flowers may be sent to the family.  If you need the address please call:  907-232-4609 or 206-718-2840.

Posted by Jarlath Hendee on 22nd February 2018
Thinking of you Cath and all the fun we had celebrating your and Mike's birthdays together. Missing you and your big smile and big heart. You were a sunbeam and I know you are still shining. ❤️
Posted by Chrissy Robirds-ruiz on 22nd February 2017
Thinking of you Cath, miss you so much every day! Wishing you were here. So many good memories of growing up together, never dreamed you would leave so soon, time is precious and I wish we would have had a lot more of it together, always in my prayers, love you so much!
Posted by Leslie Jensen Buning on 22nd February 2017
Thinking of your beautiful Spirit today. Thinking of how strange this existence is and where you are now. Thinking how you were my age and how the older I get the more I feel I know nothing. Thinking these are crazy times at Earth School and wondering if you Angels have anything to do with us now? What is your "life" like now? I think you'd like to know your earthly presence was comforting and uplifting to me. Witty Girl!! You were very smart and you seemed to carry a burden of pain somehow. Whether we carry past lives forward, reincarnate, or wing it....the question of why we come and go will always prevail Until we know, as you do now I suppose. What's it all about huh?? I guess I'll just try to be beautiful in your honor and love as if it's my last chance. I hope you'll visit me and whisper wisdom in my ears from time to time.
Posted by Chrissy Robirds-ruiz on 27th December 2016
Thinking of you this Christmas and missing you everyday. Mama Dog passed away yesterday on your 2 year anniversary and I pray she is with you now too, watching over you and protecting you. Love you so much Cath, you left us much too soon and I will forever miss you
Posted by Chrissy Robirds-ruiz on 22nd February 2016
Happy birthday Cath! I miss you so much, and think of you every day! The Newport Seafood Festival is this weekend and I know how you used to love to go. A couple weeks ago I drove by our houses on Queen Anne and it made me so sad that you are not here to share the memories with me. I wonder if the tree in the turn-around still has the heart I carved that says Cath Loves Egghead! You were ready to kill me for that, but at the time I could climb higher than you, and you couldn't get to it. I was almost going to climb up there to see if it was still there, but figured no one wants to see a crazy old lady climbing a tree. I miss you so much I cant even tell you--just took for granted we would be crazy 80 year old ladies together--rest in peace my sister, my friend, forever...
Posted by Kim Lamborn on 27th December 2015
I miss you. I miss the laughs we hadn't had yet. Miss your smart humor and kindness, but most of all I just miss being able to catch up.
Posted by Trish Drew on 26th December 2015
Today Catherine has been gone a year. I trust she is in a very good place but I miss her terribly. It is very selfish on my part. I miss my best friend with whom I confided almost everything, my partner in crime, my advocate and my voice of reason. I have felt insanely lost. But grateful too for having had such a great friend... no sister...for so many years. Thank you sweet pea!
Posted by Jing Magpantay on 22nd February 2015
Happy Birthday Cathy...though your presence will be surely be missed here on earth, you will be dancing and celebrating with the angels and your loved ones that are already up in heaven. Enjoy beautiful lady for you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Jing, CJ and Shelby
Posted by Jarlath Hendee on 22nd February 2015
Catherine and my husband Mikal shared the same birthday. The past several years we celebrated together. Many fond memories of birthday adventures; bonfires, bed and breakfast in Girdwood, limousine rides staying up late listening to good music and much laughter. We will treasure these special memories.
Posted by Christine Ruiz on 28th January 2015
Cath was my first friend when I moved to Seattle in 1968. She showed me the routes to walk to St. Annes, through vacant lots, through the gully, in the trails behind the buildings on Queen Anne avenue, I grew up with Cath and will always remember her as my best friend and affectionately as my little sister. I smoked my first cigarette with Cath, took my first drink with Cath, and we got in all kinds of fun trouble together. I know that all of the neighborhood gang, Trish, Pam, Laurie, Lisa and Kathy, Mike and many others will remember the great times we had at the bulkhead, under the gully bridge and in Trish's basement. Cath was a very loyal friend and so much fun! I remember cruising with Cath, Sue Langdon, Michele Anton, and Mary MacDonald in the big Gran Torino and piling in the trunk to sneak into drive-in movies. I remember the great times I had with Cath and her family at the cabin and the snowbunny beige lipstick that Mrs. Cooper bought for me and Cath--we would smear that crap all over our lips and we thought we were so hot!!! Cath was a huge part of my life and now a huge part of my life that is missing...I love you so much Cath, you were such an inspiration and I will miss you forever!!!!
Posted by Jarlath Hendee on 20th January 2015
I am so sad to lose such a good friend. Catherine was always so gracious and generous, and fun and funny. We have very special memories of great times with Cath and Paul and Neal. She always welcomed us with open arms and great meals. We always wished we had more time than just a weekend overnight. Sharing your sorrow and sending caring thoughts to all who loved her so.
Posted by Wendy Miller on 19th January 2015
I just learned of Catherine's passing today, words cannot express how shocked and saddened I am to hear this. I live in Ketchikan and have come to know her through her employment over the years. She was a wonderful caring person who was always a joy to talk to. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to Catherine's family and co-workers. Rest In Peace Catherine.
Posted by Gail Hemstead on 5th January 2015
The reality of Catherines passing just has not sunk in yet, she was so full of life and such a "true" friend. I have worked with Catherine for a few years and always enjoyed our conversation. She always found humor, no matter what. On a recent trip to Seattle to see her mom, she made time to come meet me and we had lunch together, laughing and sharing stories. One day i was working on scheduling trucks for her and she kept telling me to take a break and have lunch, but i couldn't stop because i was determined to cover the loads. Next thing i know a pizza arrives at the front desk from her. Catherine always said life is too short not to laugh and enjoy, she was right. My condolences to the family and many friends. RIP Catherine, you will be missed.
Posted by Pamela Wardlaw on 5th January 2015
We were very shocked and deeply saddened by Catherine's untimely passing. Our family has spent many evenings over the years at her home having a blast with fireworks, bonfires, snowmaching/4 wheelin and countless crazy antics all on her frozen lake. Catherine your laughter and witty sense of humor will never be forgotten! Our condolences to Paul and Neal.
Posted by Rosie Simpson-Feeney on 3rd January 2015
I went to St. Anns with Cath and used to walk home with her & Trish and the Stanglands. We used to hang out after school sometimes too, at the Gully Bridge and at her house & Trish's house. My memories of her is that she was always cracking up about something and was really fun. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, especially Trish Drew. Rest in Peace Cath.
Posted by Lauren Ferriby on 2nd January 2015
What a terrible shock. I've known Cath since high school. She lived across the alley from me and we would often sneak over to each other's house at night. Learned later her dad often watched us, but he never got us in trouble. She was smart and sassy and was willing to befriend the new kid. I'll always remember her generosity of spirit.
Posted by Kim Lamborn on 31st December 2014
Catherine was an incredible woman and wordsmith, unfiltered and beautiful all wrapped in a sense of humor that would leave you stunned. I spent much of my twenties, thirties and some of my forties working along side of her at Ocean Beauty and having fun when we were not working. I will miss her. Her friendship and our experiences helped define the person I am. My thoughts, prayers and love is with Mr. Paul and Neal.
Posted by Jing Magpantay on 31st December 2014
I was shocked and very saddened of Catherine's untimely passing. I've known Cath for more than 20 years, though we are not that close due to personal circumstances...I can say that she was a great wife and a mother to Paul and Neal. She will surely be missed by many including me. Love and prayers goes out to Paul and Neal. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Shae Taylor on 31st December 2014
Catherine hired me to be her assistant at Alaskan Industries and we quickly became friends. Cath was smart, witty , a lot of fun and she had a dry sense of humor I appreciated. She was always generous with her time and knowledge. I admired her very much and am thankful for the time I knew her. I will miss her.
Posted by Leslie Jensen Buning on 31st December 2014
After I moved to Seattle and graduated from Queen Anne High School, Cath and I went off to Western WA University in Bellingham WA in 1977. We were room mates in a small dorm room in Fairhaven. I always enjoyed Cath's humor. It was the core of her, a comical view and sometimes jaded, time with Cath was full of laughs. We had some GOOD times!! Over the years we have stayed in touch and I promised myself I would visit her beautiful home in Alaska. Recently I got a long newsy message about everyone in the family, and I felt her great love and loyalty. Rest in peace Cath. A piece of my heart is with you. My thoughts and loving prayers for all the family.
Posted by Valorie Howard on 30th December 2014
Such shocking and sad news. I was so happy to reconnect with Cath on Facebook. Enjoyed growing up with her and have many a fond memory. As we stated recently, oh the stories we could tell. Rest in peace Cath, you will live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Leslie Justice on 30th December 2014
I met Catherine in Cordova, she was the office Manager at Ocean Beauty and I was office Manager at Norquest Seafoods. The fishing industry was going through a lot of changes, IFQ's being the biggest changes with the reporting and regs we had to follow, including armed NOAA officers looking over our shoulders. To make a long story short I don't think I could have gotten through a lot of it without her. She loved her husband and son so much and when they moved to the valley she was truly missed. RIP Catherine, fly with the Angels.
Posted by Amanda Lovett on 30th December 2014
Fly high Aunt Catherine! Your personality and laugh will never be forgotten. You have alot to share with mom, give her all my love! Until we meet again RIP
Posted by Clara Popelka on 30th December 2014
I was shocked and saddened by Catherine's passing. She was so full of life and made sure she shared that with her friends. She had a wonderful story about my son that still makes me laugh until I cry. She was one of the very few that put him in his place and he had the utmost respect for her. Me, I just loved being around her. We will miss you Catherine.
Posted by Janice Warga on 30th December 2014
What a woman she was ! Love her wittiness, kindness and thoughtfulness she has for all of us. She truly Love her family and friends with all her heart. Will miss her deeply but knowing what she has given us will alway be in our hearts, she taught us how to love each other. My family is blessed to have mama Cath in our life. We Love you and will miss you.
Posted by Vicki Blackler on 30th December 2014
Catherine was our neighbor when she worked for ocean beauty here in Cordova. This comes as such a shock, our thoughts are with her entire family and all who knew her.

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