Posted by Steven Cohen on July 21, 2021
I have a lifetime of memories in the short time I was blessed with the love and affection of the Ashcraft family. 
Posted by Julie Randall on October 6, 2014
Always remembered with love, today and every day.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 6, 2014
Happy Birthday Mom.

She was the best friend I ever had.

Sorry Dad, I know that you are an empirical rationalist, but she is out there and she is looking over us.


Thank you Helen and Dan, she was a wonderful lady and she lives on in all of us.

BTW, Gid the Kid is going to be 48 in 4 days.
Posted by Helen Buffington on October 6, 2014
She lives on forever in her gardens. The flowers are a part of her.
Posted by Daniel Lindblom on October 5, 2014
Thinking of Kitti on the 2nd anniversary of her death. Can't believe it's been that long. She was an original, and much loved by Dan & Harriet.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 10, 2013
Although my Dad is probably the most interesting person on this planet, he is nothing compared to Mom. She has a depth of spirit and intrigue that no one I have ever met has. She still lives on in my dreams.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 10, 2013
in about 6 1/4 hours it will be 47 years since she brought me into this world. I was not happy about that and promptly pissed on the Doctor. But, she was not only an amazing Mom, but she was a dear friend to me. She and I are both Libra's and we understood each other. We would argue for hours before we realized that we were both playing "Devil's Advocate" and we agreed with each other.
Posted by Helen Buffington on October 6, 2013
Happy Birthday! Mom was blessed with many amazing adventures in her life that she shared with pop, her 4 wonderful sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, great grandchildren family and friends. Our memories of her will help make this day easier to get through. You are forever in my heart, I miss and love you. I was blessed to have a mother-in-law as great as you.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on December 14, 2012
I don't know about a life time of love, but I had a short time with Mom. But, I left 21 years ago and lived an amazing life.

You have no idea how hard it was to be away from her. Dad and I still talk, but...
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on December 14, 2012
Dad, you were an amazingly lucky dude to have found this lady. Also, she did a very good job ensnaring you. I could not have had two better parents. You were always about the details, mom was always about what else?

i miss her, and I still cannot believe that she is gone. In the time I have been away from the family I have be
Posted by Judith Gillespie on October 28, 2012
We were school mates and then went to The University of Cincinnati together. We rarely saw each other over the years, but when we did, it was special. Seeing her was like coming home. Just thinking about her brings great memories. She will always be held in high regard and never be forgotten. Thinking of her makes me feel young again. I'm proud to call her my friend. Judy
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 11, 2012
By the way, all of the pictures of Iris' and African Violets were her creation (as well as the goofball with a goatee)
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 11, 2012
Grief is like a wave (Dad, don't start with Particle Wave Theory). At first I was taken under the waves (like when you taught me how to swim by throwing me into the ocean (I came back)).

Afterwards, I tried to compartmentalize my grief and pretend like it didn't happen. But it comes back
Posted by Donna Cryan on October 9, 2012
I miss Kitti and think of her frequently. We spent so much time together when our children were small, I think of her like a sister. When we do see each other it's as if we were never apart. I will cherish her memory. Much love.
Posted by Helen Buffington on October 8, 2012
Thank you for allowing me the privledge of becoming your daughter-in-law. I will always cherish the memories that I have shared with her. She was my 2nd mom. We loved playing scrabble (it became a competition), window shopping, gardening and great conversations as well as our love for nicknacks and our doll collections. She was a terrific grandmother and mother-in-law. I love & miss you.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
Goodbye Mom
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
She had a strange and wonderful heart that only 5 Ashcrafts could appreciate.

Dad, Potzer, Dede, Jonathan and me.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
It's hardest for me because our birthdays are so close. We thought alike, we would argue for hours about things without realizing that we both were playing the Devil's Advocate to each other and eventually we realized that we agreed with each other on the original premise, but I miss arguing with her.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
OK, the dam has finally broken on my tear ducts.

Sorry Dad, that I couldn't be there to say goodbye to a wonderful lady.

Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
Mom, sorry I wasn't there.
Posted by Gideon Ashcraft on October 7, 2012
OK, she was the only Mom I knew in my life. When I was a kid, she was my best friend during the most difficult times of my life. I am so sorry that I wasn't there for her in her last years. But the thing I remember most about her is the Iris's she bred in her garden (actually more than that but, she had a wonderful artistry about her). I've tried to remember her when she was younger...
Posted by Katherine Ashcraft on October 5, 2012
Grandma kitti is my special grandma! I love the way she laughs and smiles at you! I remember always wanting to be like her and dress like
her. Thank you for all the amazing memories of childhood that I will cherish for a lifetime!

"In my heart and in my mind forever and always"
Posted by Julie Randall on October 4, 2012
My friend for over 50 years...Kitti, you always be in my thoughts and in my heart. 

"There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning." ~~Thornton Wilder
Posted by Clif Ashcraft on October 3, 2012
My love of 55 years. Gone now, but always remembered.
Posted by Faith Knabe on October 3, 2012
I enjoyed Kitti's smarts and wit and telling it like it is. We were both at the NJ State Dept of Health for 5 overlapping years, but in different divisions within the public health sphere. We knew many of the same "characters" and discussed them at length. She livened up our concert tour of England. I was going to add the photo of you both in the Weavers' Inn, one of my favorites.

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