Let the memory of Catherine Francis be with us forever
  • 78 years old
  • Born on February 18, 1934 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on November 6, 2012 in Canada.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Catherine Francis Goldman, 78, born on February 18, 1934 and passed away on November 6, 2012. We will remember her forever.

If anyone was interested in donations, please give to your local kidney and or diabetes society.  Thank you.

Posted by Mike Goldman on 19th February 2019
As always mom you are missed. Mike and Al.
Posted by Patricia Heath on 18th February 2019
Hi Fanny, I was just enjoying looking at these photos of you again. It is such a beautiful, sunny day here in Toronto, with gentle falling snow. I'm remembering your birthday with fondness. Love, Tricie, Ron and Julian
Posted by Patricia Heath on 11th November 2018
Fanny, Remembering you today as I often do, with many happy memories. Love, Tricie, Ron and Julian
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 8th November 2018
Time passes but wonderful memories remain.Sweet dreams Fanny
Posted by Virginia West on 7th November 2018
I think of you most days Fanny. You and mum are in photos on my desk, by the bed, on the shelves, on the walls... You have a beautiful grand-daughter now who (like you) will be her own strong lovely character! Miss you and mum all the time, all my love, Ginny xxx
Posted by Mike Goldman on 6th November 2018
On this anniversary mom I would like to say how much it would have meant for you to have met your granddaughter. In her I see you and Kitty. She would have loved you like you would have her; and though her is a happy reminder of all that you both meant to us.
Posted by Mike Goldman on 18th February 2018
Mom we miss you every year. I wish you can have been here to enjoy time with your granddaughter, who reminds us of you in so many ways. We will carry that in our memories... love Mike
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 18th February 2018
Fondmemories of you Fanny surrounded by your books and your cats.Sweet dreams. Ken
Posted by Rose Heath on 8th November 2017
Cherished friend for over 40 years, you will never be forgotten. Rose, Gerry and family.
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 8th November 2017
Fanny You are in my thoughts today.Sweet Dreams
Posted by Virginia West on 7th November 2017
Still thinking about you often Fanny. One image of you and mum in Toronto where she was at her happiest being with you - both giggling so much about something - mum was crying with laughter, you with an innocent smile as if to say "It wasn't Me" xxx
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 6th November 2016
Al keeps your memory alive with pictures, candles ,stories and graveside visits.Sweet dreams Fanny -Ken and Sandra
Posted by Patricia Heath on 6th November 2016
Fanny, it is hard to believe that it has been four years...thinking of you and of many fond memories.
Posted by Virginia West on 6th November 2016
Lots of happy memories have come to mind this year, of you in Toronto and crossing the Thousand Island Bridge. Meeting Keira was wonderful, she's a lovely granddaughter Fanny xxxxx
Posted by Patricia Heath on 18th February 2016
Thinking of you, Fanny, on your birthday. Remembering so many of the good times we shared.
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 18th February 2016
Fanny -how will Al handle being a grandfather?He can barely handle the cats!Sadly this darling baby girl will miss not having you for a grandmother. Sweet dreams.Ken and Sandra
Posted by Rose Heath on 23rd November 2015
Dearest Fanny, Three years have gone by but the lovely memories we have of our holidays and family gatherings will always be cherished. Love, Rose & Gerry
Posted by Patricia Heath on 18th November 2015
I wish you were still with us, Fanny. Now that we have a son, it would have been nice for you to have met him. Thinking of you. Love, Tricie and Ron
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 10th November 2015
Fanny I'm sure the cats miss you! Al does his best but he lacks that special touch you had. He does speak harshly to them at times.Sweet dreams. Ken
Posted by Virginia West on 10th November 2015
I miss you and mum Fanny. All the time that passes makes me realise how even more special you both were than I knew at the time xxx
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 9th November 2014
Posted by Rose Heath on 23rd February 2014
Fanny, we wish you were here to celebrate your milestone 80th birthday. Sadly this was not to be. Our consolation is to recall happy memories of the good times we shared with you, Al and Michael. Forever missed, Rose & Gerry
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 18th February 2014
Always a caring hostess when you arrived and when you left.I miss that wave from the upper window.Happy birthday Fanny.Ken
Posted by Patricia Heath on 18th February 2014
Thinking of you on your birthday, Fanny. I remember spending many special occasions together over the years.
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 16th November 2013
Fanny was a great travel facilitator for me.Over the years I had the great pleasure of enjoying the fine hospitality of her sisters in both England and Jordan!She enriched my life at home and abroad.Sweet dreams Fanny.
Posted by Mike Goldman on 16th November 2013
Mom, you will always be in our thoughts. After a year it seems like no time has passed. You were so very special. Love Mike & Al
Posted by Virginia West on 16th November 2013
Miss you Fanny and mum all the time and realise more every day how special you both were to me and each other xxx
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 18th February 2013
Fanny was such a generous soul-My mother lived alone in Goderich after my father died.Fanny called her every Sunday night for years! What a friend to have.Sweet Dreams Fanny
Posted by Diana Collingridge on 22nd November 2012
Fanny was a loyal & caring Godmother to me for more than 50 yrs even though I live in the UK. She was the midwife who delivered me in a little village in Hertfordshire all those years ago, & she & my mother were friends for life from then on. F never forgot my birthday or stopped caring about me, even after my mother, Hetty, died in 1989. She was dear, kind, big souled.I am truly grateful.
Posted by Janet Moncrieff on 15th November 2012
Dear Al and Mike, Barry and I feel very fortunate to have met Fanny. There could not be a more genuine, warm person. Without her, the world is a sadder place and our thoughts and prayers are with both of you. We hope you find comfort in all your many memories. Janet and Barry.
Posted by Rose Heath on 15th November 2012
A kind and gentle soul, our dearest friend for more than 40 years. Fanny we will miss you. Rose & Gerry
Posted by Kenneth Smith on 13th November 2012
Fanny Thank you for sharing your life with me for over 40 years.Your warm and generous friendship enriched my life.
Posted by Sue West on 13th November 2012
Fan - to me, and to others, you were always warm and kind and gentle. As I was growing up it was inspiring to think that you cared for the world as an elegant feminist with a social conscience :). So thanks Fanny for being you. You are missed. xxxxxxxx love Suze
Posted by Virginia West on 11th November 2012
Fanny, I am glad that in the end you were able to choose when to join Anna, Mike, Tony, Gerry, mum and Kitty, as well as other friends and loved ones. On behalf of mum who couldn't say goodbye herself - she wanted to be with you so much in the months before she died. She missed talking to you every day as her twin and special soulmate.A big hug and all my love always, Ginny xxxxxxxx
Posted by Ann Tait on 11th November 2012
I join Fanny's family and friends in mourning a very special and dear person. Ann Tait
Posted by Pam May on 10th November 2012
Fanny, It was my privilege to have known you and called you my friend for 35 years.You were such a kind, gentle and loving woman. I will miss you, Sleep peacefully. Love, Pam.
Posted by Oliver Heath on 10th November 2012
Fanny, you will be greatly missed...however, there will always be the cherished memories of all the good times that stretch back a very long time; RIP Love, Oliver, Melissa & Madeline
Posted by Jeanne Marie Thomas on 9th November 2012
Fanny You were the most beautiful,tolerant and kind person in the world. I and your Sydney Australian friends are all richer for having known You...my life took shape...when I met You almost 50 years ago
Posted by Ed Quigley on 9th November 2012
To Al and Family! Though Al, I only got to know Fanny through the bridge club, I will always remember the respect that she showed me as a person! We had a mutual like for each other and everytime she would come to bridge at our house, we had a bond that was natural. I will miss her and God Bless you and your family!
Posted by Jocelyn Myles on 9th November 2012
Fanny was a very special lady, in every sense of the word. She was sweet and kind, interesting to and interested in the people around her and always ready to listen to problems and offer thoughtful suggestions. Fanny was one of a kind and she will be very missed by me and all her many friends.
Posted by Patricia Heath on 9th November 2012
I have many special memories with you as I grew up...you were always so kind and gentle. We will miss you, Fanny. Love, Tricie (and Ron)
Posted by Mike Goldman on 8th November 2012
Mom, now more then ever I wish we had spent more time together. You will always be to positive voice in my life. RIP Love Mike
Posted by Jeff Bricker on 8th November 2012
The most gentle and genteel woman I never knew. A privilege to have known you. You will be sorely missed. The world needs more Francis Goldmans.

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