Posted by KeyAna Owens on April 30, 2015
Still missing you everyday! It's been four long years and I'm thinking of you daily. I feel so alone as I lost you, Tricia and big Dave! I sometimes wish I can have just one more moment with you guys. Always in my heart "MyAngel"
Posted by Cynthia Beamon-Ramsey on November 6, 2013
Happy Birthday Mo,
I miss and love you so much... I'm sure you're walking around heaven with Patricia. Mo, I know you always that I was selfish when it came to you, and yes you were right, I had a problem when it came to sharing you with anyone; ha ha I didn't even want to share with the other siblings. YOU WERE MY MOMMY ONLY MINES... RIP MOM
Posted by Patsy Cooper on November 6, 2013
Happy Birthday, Aunt Catherine.
Posted by Cynthia Beamon-Ramsey on November 29, 2011
Dear God,
Please tell my mother I love her and I miss her so, tell her I remember her telling me how proud she was of finally giving birth to a baby girl after having 4 Big Head Boys. That baby girl was me; and I wear that crown with honor.
Posted by Cynthia Beamon-Ramsey on November 29, 2011
Remembering - I remember when I was a young girl, my mother could not go anywhere without me crying. I would get on her last nerve as she would put it... I would dislike anyone that would try to take my mother from me I was very selfish when it came to my mother. She would always say girl I'll be back. I heard that she fought a good fight but, God was ready for her, she had to leave me.
Posted by Ieshia Carey on November 29, 2011
Hello Muh, I want you to know that not a day goes by without me missing you. Just the look at your picture makes me smile and cry at the same time (i get that from I Love you. And by the way, I show Joshua your pictures, so that he can know and see how beautiful his Great-grandmother was. I always wonder what nick name you would have given him.
Posted by Ebony Redmond on November 28, 2011
Muh i miss you so much you know how they say as time goes by your heart heels? I'm still waiting for that time to come to past.... A big part of me is gone and will never be filled until the day we are together again... you are my first love see you later
Posted by KeyAna Owens on November 26, 2011
I love you so much Muh, words cant describe how much I miss you. So many days has gone by where I wanted to call you or expected to see you when I came to the house, and you were not there. Life will not be the same without you. Thanks for your prayers on my life and for my baby boy Chase. We love you dearly!!

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