The most generous of souls in in the most diminuative of packages.
  • 75 years old
  • Born on March 31, 1942 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on November 25, 2017 in Catonsville, Maryland, United States.


My mother's memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 27 at 11am at Hubbard Funeral Home at 4107 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21229. Everyone is welcome to attend a reception with light refreshments at my home afterward, although it is a considerable drive from the funeral home, so please don't feel obligated to attend. My address is 1530 Endsley Place, Crofton, MD, 21114. Feel free to email/text/call me at or 813-390-4604. Also, feel free to pass on this invitation to anyone else you feel would like to attend. Thanks.

This living website is in memory of my beloved mother, Catherine Gabriel, who entered this world on March 31, 1942, and left us on November 25, 2017. While she endeared herself to long-beloved family members and childhood friends throughout her lifetime, Cass also continually sought out and made new friends into her later years. As I grew older, in additional to getting continual updates from mom on people whose names I'd heard since childhood, there were also always new names that mom would bring up, many of which were unknown to me.

This page is for all of the people--family and friends--who benefited from mom's friendship throughout the many stages of her life. I'd love to hear from all of you, learn how you came to know my mother, and connect you with one another. Sadly, mom's life was cut short by a lengthy, cruel disease that took her away from many of you before she could say her ultimately goodbye. I want to use this page as a vehicle for remembering Catherine/Cass/Cathy/Aunt Cassie/Mom as she was before illness took her from us. 

Please feel free to post any remembrances, stories, photos, or video on this page that celebrate my mother and your memories of her. I'd like this to be a living document. In the days, months, and years ahead, I will add to it the images I have of mom from infancy until her final years. Please use this as an opportunity to connect to and find strength in the other people who loved mom. There were many of us.

In January, I am planning to hold a memorial service/wake in honor of my mother for friends and relatives in the Baltimore area who wish to pay their respects in person. As the plans for this event come together, I will post logistical information on this page. 

If anyone would like to remember my mother by means of a charitable contribution, please make any donation in her name to her alma mater, The Institute of Notre Dame, at My mother's sister, Barbara Schumacher, also attended IND, as did I. The school, at which mom made friendships that lasted a lifetime, meant a great deal to her and her family.



Catherine Gabriel, nee Guttenberger, of Catonsville, an irrepressible source of energy and a solicitous friend, died on November 25, 2017 after a long struggle with dementia. She was 75. A graduate of Villa Julie College, Catherine/Cathy/Cass worked for 21 years as a dental assistant at Maiden Choice Family Dentistry, where she was beloved by patients and coworkers for her never-failing humor and spirit. Catherine was the daughter of Margaret and Andrew Guttenberger of Highlandtown, and she is preceded in death by her beloved sister, Barbara Schumacher. She is survived by her husband, Donald Gabriel; her daughter, Barbara Gabriel; her son-in-law, Shawn Woodford; and her grandson, Tristan Woodford. She is the beloved Aunt Cassie of Theresa Taylor, Matthew Schumacher, and Michael Schumacher. A memorial service is planned for January. Memorial donations may be made to her beloved alma mater, the Institute of Notre Dame at


Posted by Pamela Regehr on 8th January 2018
I only met Cassie three times. Her daughter is married to my nephew so those meetings were occasions of celebration- marriage, Christmas and vacation. Cassie immediately struck me as a very warm woman who was easy to relate to. Shawn’s mother (her son in law) and I are sisters. I will always remember the first time I met Cassie. She made a point to tell me to cherish my sister because she loved and missed her sister so very much. She felt sisters had a special relationship. (I took her advice!) It was extremely apparent that she loved Barbara very much. She seemed to light up whenever she talked about spending time with her. Cassie and I shared a hotel room for a week on one trip and her good sense of humor made it a pleasant experience. She was funny and I can only imagine what a good friend she must be to those in her life. While around me she laughed easily and often. I regret that I did not live close enough to get to know her better.
Posted by Andrew Gervase on 31st December 2017
I will never forget the personality and character of Cass. We understood each other's sarcasm and she had no problem stating her opinion! I respected that about her. I remember for a while, Cass would introduce herself to new acquaintances as "Barb's Mom". Barb wasn't thrilled about it, as it type-casted Cass [as her sole purpose in life!] It couldn't be further from the truth. To me, Cass was a special friend and advisor while she was a best friend and beloved mother to Barb. May her memories live on eternally!
Posted by Marilyn Newton on 2nd December 2017
Catherine was a wonderful neighbor and a great friend. Every Easter, we could always expect a gift of Chocolate eggs to be delivered to our door. When my grand children would visit, she always had a special treat for them. She was a loving and caring Lady. I will always remember our afternoon talks.
Posted by Jack Schmidt on 30th November 2017
Cass was my cousin and, since she was slightly older than the rest of us, was usually the "adult" among us. However, that was in name only since Cass enjoyed everything as much as the rest of us did. I remember many happy moments back to the 1950's when our family would get together for birthdays, holidays, crab feasts and dinners. Christmas was always special when we got together to exchange presents and have fun running the train sets in each other's "Christmas gardens". I can even remember trying to sled down Foster Avenue (where Cass and her family lived) on a barely-snow-covered street without much success but many laughs. Oh how the years have flown by and I miss Cass a lot! In February 1973, Cass gave me a very special honor. She asked me to be Barb's godfather with her sister as godmother. That is an honor which I will treasure always. I can still remember the day that Cass called me to tell me about Tristan's birth. I could hear her total excitement and imagine that special smile that Cass had. I can remember Cass's joy in going to a Barry Manilow concert with Barb and doing so many other things with her. As I said, I will miss Cass a lot. I hope to forget about the last couple of years of dementia and concentrate on the great memories from smoking a cigar to saying "give me strength" as well as that special ear-to-ear smile.
Posted by J. Seaton on 27th November 2017
Cass , a wonderful giving person. She will be missed.
Posted by Joanne Kines on 27th November 2017
Cathy would always identify herself to the IND group as: "Catherine Mary, the Secretary"
Posted by Eileen Newill on 27th November 2017
So sorry to hear of Cass's passing. We worked together for about five years at Maiden Choice Family Dentistry. What fun we had! I always remember Cass saying "Give Me Strength" (GMS) if things got a little stressful. She had such a pleasant witty personality. I also remember her greeting me with "Hi I". I was just amazed by her energy. She would come to work in the afternoon and tell us all the things she had done before work. She never seemed to get tired. And what a laugh she had. I feel so blessed to have known Cass. Now there is one more angel in Heaven.
Posted by Joanne Kines on 27th November 2017
I have known Cathy since we were freshmen together at IND. So, when a few years back I introduced her to a crowd of people as "my oldest friend",it did not sit well with her. She, of a million giggles and laughs, was not pleased. But, just momentarily, and she was back to her smiling self.
Posted by Joanne Kines on 27th November 2017
It was the summer of 1964 and I had just graduated from college. Cathy and I decided to vacation together for a week in Miami Beach before I started my new full time job. Things did not go well from the get go. Cue: drum roll. It was a dark and stormy night and the air conditioning did not work during our very long overnight train ride. However, our huge hotel was right on the beach, and we had two pleasant days before Hurricane Cleo decided that it was also time for her to pay a visit to Miami Beach. Howling winds, downed trees, shattered glass everywhere, no electricity and dark as... So we did what every sensible, young Catholic woman would do: we headed to the bar. Obviously Cathy must have been the more proficient swiller because I passed out after two screwdrivers leaving Cathy up alone all night riding out the storm. The remainder of the week was spent delicately navigating our way through and around tree skeletons, broken wires, palm fronds, and shards of glass. No more beach time but a lot of laughs.
Posted by Mary Ann Hernandez-Royer on 27th November 2017
As one of Barb's other college friends, I also witnessed how kind and generous Ms. Cathy was. I remember the care packages filled with all sorts of goodies she would send. In fact, the very first time I've had Peeps and Cadbury cream eggs was from an Easter basket she made for Barb. MANY years later, she helped Barb throw a great surprise baby shower for me. She cared and loved Barb so much that it extended to even her friends. I am grateful for how she has touched my life and for the example she has set as a mom.
Posted by Kimberly Rueden on 26th November 2017
When I was in college with Barb, I was envious of the treats she would bring her daughter--homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and lima beans, or a feast of stone crab legs and butter sauce for dipping. Years later when I helped Cathy throw a baby shower for Barb, she had the best ideas about food, including the Barbie-doll-shaped cake and two types of punch, one spiked and one not (for the pregnant mom-to-be). Cathy showed her love by feeding us all exceedingly well and she sure knew how to throw a party. I will miss her.
Posted by Brenda Dickman on 26th November 2017
What I'll always remember about Cass is listening to her, my mom and (aunt)Barb cackling while drinking fuzzy navels on Barb's front porch when Cass and you would come to Ohio to visit. They even had a little too much to drink one evening before church, and had to much fun during the sermon. She had the most beautiful smile and laugh.

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